Here’s The Thing That Brings You To Tears, According To Your Zodiac Sign

With the kind of world we have today, it’s impossible to hide something, anything… and that includes that one dumb thing you have cried about. Maybe you even still cry about it to date. Okay, so we’re all emotional people. Especially women… we cry over the smallest thing and we’re so good at making everything seem like a big deal. It’s practically in our nature. But of course, that doesn’t mean we’re not strong. Heck, we’re so strong! We can deal with one heartbreak after another, we can survive this crazy world on our own, and we’re the strongest ones out there! Still, we need to discuss the dumb things we've cried about because, well, we’re too serious. This is the time to laugh at ourselves, and at our pals. So, what was the dumbest thing you cried over that you’re trying so damn hard to hide? We’re revealing all of it.


15 Taurus – Being Ghosted

Taurus are all about loyalty. You’re the kind of person who strongly believes in the saying “if there’s a will, there’s a way” so when someone decides to ghost you, this is when you feel super emotional. You will find yourself wondering if you’re worth loving, because he will get in touch with you no matter how busy he is, if only he has a will… right? This will lead you to asking yourself what you did wrong. You will rewind and try to figure out what happened before he ghosted you. We all know that being ghosted sucks, but there are times when we should be happy too. There times when the person who suddenly vanished isn’t really a nice person. But with Taurus, you often cry when someone vanishes even if that someone is an a-hole. Girl, you can simply blame this to being a Taurus. The next time your pals ask you why you’re so emotional about that douche suddenly disappearing on you, just say it’s because you’re a Taurus.

14 Gemini – Whenever You Meet Someone You Think Is Better Than You


Geminis are people of versatility. With all the twins and stuff, you know you’re a highly versatile person and so far, it has served you well. That’s probably the best thing about Geminis – they know they are versatile but they’re also good at managing it. Well, that’s until you meet someone who is more versatile than you, or someone who knows how to handle versatility better than you. That’s when you unravel. That’s when you cry like it’s a big deal. Remember, woman, you’re not the only versatile person in this world. And most certainly, you’re not the only one who know how to handle it. So suck it up and move on. Stop crying because it won’t do you any good. No matter how hard you try, uniqueness is a thing of the past and you can’t really achieve that today... just be the best version of your versatile self.

13 Cancer – When Something Doesn't Go Your Way

If there is one sign obsessed with control and perfection, that would be Cancer. You hate it when you cannot control something. You hate it when you did everything you could but still, it didn’t end up perfect. You easily get depressed when people around don’t understand your obsession with control and perfection. Thus, when something goes wrong, no matter how small that is, you cry like it’s a life and death situation. You cry like you’re going to lose your job. For the love of all holy, please learn to control your emotions. Stop taking too much control on other things and start focusing on yourself. It’s about time, woman. The crying part should’ve been over a long time ago. You’re so much more than a crybaby, you know…

12 Leo – When Someone Doesn't Like You


Because Leo folks are natural social butterflies it’s a big deal for them when someone doesn’t like them. Be it a man or a girl friend, when you know that the person doesn’t really like you, you act like she is your life-saver. Like if she doesn’t like you, you will die. Girl, stop all this crying, will you? Just accept the fact that no matter how pretty and kind and rich you are, there is no such thing as being liked by every single person you meet. There will always be that someone whom you cannot please. There will always be that someone who would settle being acquainted with you rather than good friends. Just accept this, okay? The sooner you do, the sooner you drive stress away from your life.

11 Virgo – When Someone Insults Your Appearance

Virgo folks are also all about perfection. And you’re also obsessed with material things. You literally do everything in your power to have every material thing you like. If you have a wish list of these things, it would be very, VERY long. So when you finally bought the shoes you love and you wore it at work, but someone did not like it, chances are you will find yourself in the bathroom crying like it’s the end of the world already. Girl, it’s really not a big deal! No matter how much you spend on those material things, you cannot please everybody. You can’t expect all of them to appreciate the things you love. And most certainly, you cannot expect people to shut up when you wear something they don’t like. People will always talk and there is nothing you can do about that. When a colleague would say she hates your shoes or your bag or your skirt, give her the finger (if you need to) and leave. Don’t f*ckin cry about it!

10 Libra – When He Thinks You're Invisible


Now because Libra folks are great at flirting, it is that one thing you usually take pride of. You’re proud of this skill and really, there’s nothing wrong about it. We’re now a more open-minded generation and the only mistake most of us can do is to not stay true to ourselves. So your flirting and social skills? Your friends love it! Even some of your family love it! So there’s no problem here. The only problem is when you flirt and he doesn’t notice. This kills you easily. For real. Apparently, Libra folks are too sensitive when it comes to their flirting skills and when you come unnoticed, you burst into tears and you feel like you’re a useless crap who won’t achieve anything. Please, stop. You’re amazing, he’s just not paying attention.

9 Scorpio – When Your Friends Are Trying To Box You Out

If there’s one great thing about Scorpio, it is that they are super loyal. If you belong to this sign, you know how important your tribe is. With relationships, you find it easy to trust your partner and you don’t give him reasons to doubt you. With friends, you trust them your life and you hate it when people take sides because for you, tribe is all about unity. And yeah, it sure is. Thus, when you realize that your gal pals (or at least, some of them) are keeping a secret from you, you hate it. You hate it so bad you cannot control your emotions and you usually lock yourself in one room and cry about it, day in and day out. Woman, please grow up. Accept the fact that some people don’t value honesty and unity and transparency. Also, please know that they are not like you, so don’t expect them to be.


8 Sagittarius –When Someone Calls You Immature


Despite the fact that you know you’re immature and all, you still hate it when someone calls you immature. You secretly hate it that when in public, you act like it’s not a big deal but when you’re alone at night, or when your roommates are gone for the day and you have the apartment all for yourself, you rewind back to all those times someone called you immature. And you cry about it. As in, real tears! Good lord, this is so immature. And now I bet you’re about to cry! See, this is basically how the world works, in case you haven’t gotten the memo. Sometimes, people will call you names. Sometimes, they won’t... but regardless, the least you can do is appreciate those who call you something you truly are, even when it’s negative. It’s better to be called immature than promiscuous, anyway…

7 Capricorn – When Someone Doesn't Get You The Gift You Asked For

Materialistic but generally a good person, Capricorns are all about gifts. If this is your sign, you know that gifts matter. A lot. And it doesn’t have to be your birthday or any special holiday for someone to give you a gift. Your gal pals know that whenever something good happens, to you or to them, when they remember you, they should automatically send you something. Which is not really a problem since you don’t care about the price tag. You don’t demand expensive items, and you yourself are a huge, HUGE giver. But every single time you receive something lame, you just don’t have enough words for it. So you end up crying, mainly because you feel like you’re not worthy of something cool anymore. Oh woman, please remember that you’re in you 20’s already. This isn’t really the time to cry about gifts.

6 Aquarius – When Someone Insults Your Hard Work

Aquarians are not necessarily people pleasers, but you work hard on everything, partly because you want other people to notice and appreciate your work. Sure, you pour your efforts on something because you believe in it and you value it, whatever this project is. But at the same time, you also want other people, especially your friends and family, to notice your work and to be pleased by it. Sadly, not everybody understands your work. A natural artist, Aquarians often produce unique and out-of-this-world works and projects. So whenever someone becomes honest and tells you she isn’t really pleased mainly because she doesn’t understand your work, this hurts you like hell. And yeah, you cry. We have one genuine question for you, dear Aquarian reader: when will you stop crying about this? Because really, this is so dumb. You should know by now that your work in general is too special to be understood by everybody.

5 Pisces – every time someone intentionally tricks you

Being tricked sucks, we all know that. And sadly, it happens to all of us. Really, there’s no stopping this world to trick us. You cannot be trick-proof, if that’s what you want. But because you’re a Pisces, a sign that is all about honesty and having someone’s back, you hate it when someone tricks you. And you hate it even more when that someone is a friend or someone you know. And when you realize that this person did it intentionally? Well, that will make you explode into tears. You cry like someone stole your husband. Girl, you should know by now that no matter what you do, no matter how honest of a person you are, someone and someone out there will do something stupid like trick you. Stop crying about it because it’s not worth it.

4 Aries – Every Single TV Series That Ended


Aries are highly sensitive people. If this is your sign, you would’ve known that by now. For you, everything needs to be discussed thoroughly before letting it go. But sadly, that doesn’t happen all the time. Take those great TV shows for instance… no matter how good Grey’s Anatomy is, it will still come to an end. And if you love the show, chances are you will cry like a kid once it needs, like how you cried when your other fave TV shows ended. You can keep this a secret all you want but we all know about it, or at least, most people. We know how Aries become when one of their fave TV shows end, or when a really good movie ends. Woman, please stop. We’re not saying crying over a TV show is wrong, but maybe you need weigh things. Ask yourself, is this TV series or movie worth your tears?

Signs we just can’t blame

3 Cancer – anything and everything that goes wrong

Okay Cancerians, please know that we’re on your side. I’m not a Cancerians but I do understand where you’re coming from. With the kind of world we live in, where everything can be controlled with just a click or a tap, it’s pretty understandable why your sign is becoming more and more obsessed with control. You’re not really a control freak, but when you work on something, you do everything in your power to be prepared for all the scenarios that can possibly happen – positive and negative. So when something happens that was totally out of your wild imagination, and you haven’t prepared for it, normally, you cannot take control of it. You just have to let go. And by let go, we mean let those tears go run down your cheeks. Crying is healthy, woman. But at least, know which situations are worth crying for and which situations are just plain stupid.

2 Sagittarius – whenever someone calls you immature


Being called immature sucks. Yes, we just have to mention that. Because we do understand you, dear Sagittarius reader. But please, for the love of all holy, don’t cry when someone calls you immature. It happens, you know... being called names. Sometimes, they’re true and sometimes, they’re not. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is for you to handle the situation as maturely as possible. You’re an adult now, remember? Start learning how to act like one, so those people calling you immature would realize the big mistake they’ve been making. And then you will get the chance to call them immature, because they are. Stop crying over petty things, girl. There’s a lot going on in this world and being called immature isn’t really that much of a big deal.

1 Pisces – every time someone intentionally tricks you

And then we have the sign that just hates being tricked, so much. And yes, we get it. And I’m pretty sure your gal pals also hate it when someone tricks them. So instead of crying about this, go do something about it. Either cut communication with the person who tricked you because obviously, she’s a toxic person, or go confront her. But when you do, be sure you know you’re right. Be sure that she did really trick you. This will just show her you’re strong enough to deal with being tricked, and chances are, she isn’t strong enough to deal with a confrontation. Because that’s the thing with people who love to fool and trick others: there only good at one thing. Tricking others. When it comes to real adult stuff, like dealing with confrontations, they would flare up to show you they can “handle” it too. Be prepared, and be the brave person that you are. Crying time is over.


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