His TWO Biggest Dating Pet Peeves, According To His Sign

Everyone has their pet peeves, especially when it comes to dating. There can be many elements of the date, and the relationship, that are going well, but there are always deal breakers - those little or big things that stick out and can ruin a relationship before it's had a chance to take root.

When it comes to the male half of the dating equation, there may be no real warning signs that things are heading south. Society may have changed in many ways, but many men are still very reluctant to talk about anything related to relationships or feelings, and they aren't very open about what they really want. When the relationship starts to disintegrate, they may very well walk away without saying a word about why.

That's where the stars come into the picture. Whether or not he wants to talk about his reasons, his horoscope may reveal why a once-promising date took a turn for the worse. The stars can help point to what might really be going on behind the excuses - or lack of them - and whether he's really worth pursuing in the first place.

Each sign has its own focus and energy, and sometimes those tendencies aren't obvious from the outside. Here's a look at the pet peeves that drive him crazy.

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24 Aries Doesn’t Care For Her Critique

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Aries is like a blustery day – full of energy! In all honesty, he’ll seldom stop to reflect on his actions, and he’ll dislike it if you do – especially if you dwell on his shortcomings. He expects you to be in his cheering section, and if you’re the right match, he’ll be in yours too.

Even if it's your first date and the criticism in question is a mild joke you made about his tie-dyed t-shirt, he'll react instantly, and that hot wind will blow cold. If he's in the right mood, you might get a spiteful quip in reply. No matter what, he will make his displeasure known.

23 Aries Expects Her To Keep Up With Him

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A typical Aries dude is constantly moving from one project to the next, whether that involves his professional or personal life. It may be a passion for snowboarding, or a business deal he's putting together. It may be both!

If you’re something of a permanently relaxed – even lazy – type whose idea of the ideal weekend is lounging around eating chocolates in your underwear, then he’ll take his energy elsewhere pretty quickly. He's restless, and anyone he hangs with needs to be able to keep up the pace.

22 Don’t Try To Turn Taurus Into A Club Kid

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Taurus is social, and most people born under the sign of Venus usually love music and dancing. But, unless there are other strong planetary forces at work, you’ll never turn a Bull into a nightclub regular. He won’t be the one spending every single weekend dressed up and on the dance floor, because he loves his home life too much.

He takes care to create a comfortable home for himself (and maybe you too) and he likes to enjoy it. If you can keep nights out to a maximum of once or twice a month on weekends, then he’ll be happy to join you, but he needs his home anchor, and a tight circle of friends.

21 Taurus Turns Stubborn If She Bosses Him Around

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His symbol is the Bull - Taurus boy just can't help himself on this one. Stubborn is his middle name, and he wants to be the one in charge – not the one being bossed around and told what to do. Now, as modern women, we have every right to expect to be treated like equals...but equal is about as far as Taurus will take it.

Turn into a domineering diva expecting to be waited on hand and foot, and your dinner date will end with you eating dessert by yourself. He will be that straightforward about it, and probably as abrupt.

20 Gemini Can’t Stand The Silent Treatment

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This man is the definition of mercurial – ruled by Mercury, the messenger. He's constantly changing, and constantly talking about it. He can no more remain silent than you can stop breathing, and if you’re expecting him to sit still and be quiet for long periods of time on a regular basis, he’ll lose interest in your relationship pretty quickly.

You may think of the constant flow of chatter as superficial, but you'd be wrong. Listen and try to follow him on his flights of imagination, and you'll see what he's really about. The question is, do you have the patience?

19 Gemini Doesn’t Like To Stay At Home Every Night

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Gemini is very sociable, and he’ll always be involved in a whirlwind of visits, nights out, reunions with friends, parties, and many other social events. Even if you can persuade him to stay in and chill with you on the odd night, his phone will constantly be lit up with text messages and phone calls.

If your ideal date is a couch and Netflix, he’ll be restless and bored in no time. He'll start to fidget, and then probably start a conversation about something that has absolutely nothing to do with the movie you're trying to watch...A stationary Gemini is a miserable Gemini.

18 Cancer Will Leave If She Ignores Him

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Cancer might fool you. He isn’t a macho dude who needs to proclaim his masculinity every chance he gets. He’s more of the quiet and assured type, and he generally gets along well with women. But, don't let that trick you into thinking you can ignore him, or expect him to take a permanent backseat to your BFFs. He will take it as a personal insult if you ditch him to go socialize with friends for too long, and too often.

If you’re a flirty social butterfly who needs the attention of a throng of friends, you’ll likely find that your Cancer date has slipped out the back door while you weren’t looking.

17 Is She Too Cold For Cancer Boi?

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Cancer isn’t hugely demonstrative, and may not go in for PDA depending on his own background. But, he does have a warm heart beating underneath that fine chest of his, and he wouldn’t be spending so much time with you if he didn’t have at least some feelings for you.

If he gets the idea that you’re determined to keep things very, very cool and casual, he’ll pull a sideways crab move and be gone forever. It's not that he's necessarily heartbroken, especially if you've just started dating. It's more like risk avoidance. He'd rather not go down that road.

16 Leo Seldom Shares The Spotlight

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Leo is a natural leader, and people will flock to him like bees to honey. You’d think that would be enough for your Lion and his ego, but he needs to be reassured of the love of his fans on the regular. That means, he gravitates towards the spotlight, and he doesn’t really like to share it.

Now, having said that, he can and will be generous and share – as long as it’s his choice. If you keep stealing the spotlight from him, he’ll lose your phone number pretty quickly. It's a bit of a balancing act with him - he does want a Queen to his King, but he won't be your subject.

15 Leo Won’t Forgive Her For Making Fun Of Him

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You can think of your Leo in terms of a good king/bad king vibe. He is the Sun King, after all. When he feels loved and appreciated, he will be the good king – generous, kind, good-hearted. But, let him feel unappreciated and disrespected, and he can turn snarly and vindictive. No one likes to deal with an angry Lion, whether it's the furry or the human kind.

Mean-spirited comments between you in private will cause a split, and he'll make sure any contacts you made through him are lost. Make fun of him in public, and you’ve made an enemy forever. Watch your back!

14 Virgo Won’t Hang Around Surrounded By Clutter

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Virgo, we have to acknowledge, does judge. It's an essential part of his character, and it's the part that makes him wonderful - and annoying. You may have other sterling qualities that attracted Virgo’s attention and kept him hanging around for a while, but if your place is a pigsty – or worse, if you are untidy – he won’t be there for very long.

He can't help it: he's a neat freak. It will bother him more than he’d ever care to admit that you can live in the middle of what looks like chaos to him.

13 Flashy? Life Of The Party? Virgo’s Already Gone

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Virgo has a fine mind, and a discerning kind of personality. He can tell real quality from cheapness, and that goes for people as well as things. He takes care about how he dresses and looks, and he likes it if his dates do too, but Virgo prefers subtle charms and a classic look rather than the latest trends.

In terms of behavior, his preferences follow the same lines. If you absolutely must have the shortest skirt and lowest cut top at every party, you love to talk and laugh really loudly with your pals, and you’re dancing on the table after two bevvies, he’s already planning his exit.

12 Don’t Talk Too Loudly Around Libra

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Libra has the kind of charm that often wows people when they first meet him. It can also lead to some misunderstandings. He's not as easygoing as he seems. Avoiding loud noises might seem like a petty grievance, but Libra really can’t help it. That smooth, laid-back charm of his will turn into the cold shoulder before you know it.

Think of Libra as the scales – always swinging back and forth in search of harmony. Loud, abrasive noises – such as constant loud talking – spoil that sense of harmony, and he’ll slip out while you’re mid-sentence.

11 Her Impatience Turns Libra Off

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Libra gets a lot of flack for being lazy, but that’s a misconception. He’s not lazy – not exactly. He has a very relaxed energy. He'd rather meander through life than charge through from goal post to goal post. That’s what you love about him, right? That, and his smile that lights up a room. Just don’t expect him to be, well, punctual, or 100 percent reliable all the time.

Worst of all, don’t be impatient – this man needs to take his time with everything. If you can't put up with a pace where 1pm actually means "sometime this afternoon...or evening" then you should really give this one a pass.

10 Scorpio Won’t Like Being Questioned Too Much

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Scorpio is a Water sign, and in him, those waters run deep. He is often said to be manipulating events behind the scenes, and likes to work from the shadows rather than under the spotlight. He’s on the secretive side, you might say, and that includes everything – but it doesn’t necessarily mean he has anything to hide. He just likes to keep his cards close to his chest.

He also has a stubborn streak that is sure to show up as soon as you start asking a lot of questions about where he goes and what he does when he's not with you. You certainly won't get anywhere. He just won't answer, and will be packed up and gone as soon as he can manage it.

9 Scorpio Craves Substance

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The Scorpion is a real all-or-nothing kind of dude. When he goes in – whether it’s a job or a relationship – he never goes halfway. If he gets the impression that you’re all fluff and flirts, with no substance – and worst of all, not much in the way of thoughtful intellect – he’ll turn cold. This can come off as a little confusing.

We won't say Scorpio is a hypocrite, but his attitude seems a little strange when you consider that Scorpio is also very fond of parties and socializing. The reason for this is that Scorpio wants it all - a partner who can keep up with him in brainy conversations as well as at the nightclubs.

8 Constant Complaining Turns Sagittarius Off

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The Archer is the true optimist, and no matter what his circumstances, he’s likely to greet each day with a smile. What he can’t stand is someone who is constantly negative, and who feels the need to criticize and complain about absolutely everything.

That's not to say that he can't be compassionate with friends and loved ones who are going through depression or other issues. It's not that he shies away from anything bad in life. It's just that he can't deal with someone who chooses to bring that negativity into their lives by tearing down everything they come across. He looks on the bright side all the time, and hopes that you can too.

7 Don’t Expect Sagittarius To Sit Still

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He may not come across as particularly active or athletic, but Sag is a restless soul, even if that only means walking around the block. Sitting still, literally or figuratively, is just not his strong point, so expecting him to spend his weekends, his holidays, or his life all in one place sitting around is just not realistic.

If he's in front of a screen, he's playing a video game, or searching out strange and new ideas - he's always expanding his horizons. Once your date nights become boring and predictable, he'll drift away fairly quickly.

6 Capricorn Needs Her To Behave

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Capricorn is image conscious, no matter how cool, hip, or sophisticated he seems. That may be confusing if you've met him in a private setting. Behind closed doors and in private, the Goat can let down his hair, and he certainly knows how to have a good time. But, in public, his behavior will be impeccable, and he’ll expect his dates to behave themselves too.

He'll be uncomfortable if you're making loud and OTT jokes at his office Christmas party, let alone dancing on the table. There may be an open bar, but he'll expect you to keep a lid on yourself. He does!

5 Don’t Keep Capricorn Waiting

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Capricorn often has an artistic side, and may even make a living as a musician or artist of some kind. But, don’t ever expect him to display that classic artistic trait of lateness. The flip side of the coin when it comes to his personality is that the Goat is also a superb businessman.

For him, that involves a certain amount of self-discipline. Among other things, he will always be punctual, and expects his dates to be too. Wasting his time by keeping him constantly waiting for you is unforgivable in his book, and he won't tolerate it for very long before moving along.

4 Aquarius Can’t Deal With Clingy

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Many people see Aquarians as unemotional and even aloof. That’s not the whole story, but they certainly aren’t renowned for their openly affectionate nature, either. As a Fixed Sign, Aquarius is capable of deep, and even lifelong, devotion. It's just that they'd prefer it if you didn't really show it.

The surest way to get rid of this dude is to be clingy and constantly in need of his attention. He may actually feel flattered by your attention, at first, but that will rapidly change to horror. The next step will likely be ghosting, and you may never get an answer as to what you did wrong.

3 Never Deceive An Aquarius

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The Water Bearer doesn't reveal his true self except to his closest friends, and they will always be few in number. He doesn't mind if he's underestimated as a result, and will even see it as a test of character. Do you treat him well? Or, do you assume he's dumb, and that you can take advantage of him? He may never let you know that he caught onto your lie, but make no mistake – he did.

An Aquarian has an almost uncanny nose for the truth. He will see that slight twitch of your left eye, and correctly interpret it as the stress of telling a fib. He can forgive many things, but lies don’t make that list. He'll be gone, and he probably won't tell you why.

2 Dating Pisces Is Never 24/7

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The Fish is dreamy and in love with the idea of being in love. He may write you poetry, or at the very least, long texts that describe his warm feelings for you. The untidy, day-to-day reality of a relationship, however, may be a little much for him, at least full-time. It's part of the Pisces paradox.

That's not to say that Pisces can't be a devoted boyfriend or even husband and father. But, he will always need time to himself, and some part of his life that he keeps just for him. Too many demands, especially if you've just started dating, and this Fish will turn slippery.

1 Pisces Needs His Dreams

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Pisces doesn’t live in the real world – not 100 percent. There will always be some part of him, of his mind, that is in a dream world of imagination. Anyone dating a Pisces needs to respect that. You don’t need to be a dreamer too – in fact, it’s probably better if at least one of you has some hard-headed qualities just so you can show up on time for dinner reservations!

But, you can’t go around pricking his dream balloons with cruel, cold logic, and expect him to stick around.

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