His Mind Decoded: 10 Signs She's Girlfriend Material To Him (& 10 She's Anything But)

There are so many differences between men and women that it's nearly impossible for one gender to fully understand and appreciate the other. That is not to say that men and women can't be on the same wavelength, but it can take a little extra time and effort to truly see the how the other feels. Still, there's a saying that men and women can't be friends, that at least one person in the friendship is romantically interested in the other.

If you find yourself in a friendship and you're not certain whether he likes you or not, take a minute to step back and think about things. Does he ever go above and beyond for you? Then again, does he go above and beyond for everyone in his life? You may really have to get down to the nitty-gritty to figure out how he truly feels. How can you really tell if he's looking at you as just a friend and how can you tell if he's hoping for something more?

There are always signs to indicate whether he wants to date you or if he's already set you firmly in the friend zone. Here are ten signs he thinks you're girlfriend material and 10 he thinks you're anything but.

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20 He Loves Me: He Goes Out Of His Way To Help When You Need Someone


When you're having a bad day and you're messaging your friends to see who's available to help you out of your rut, he's the number one person you think of. He's helped you out in the past and he's ready to be a shoulder for you to cry on again.

When a guy takes time out of his busy schedule, or even out of the comfort of his relaxing time, to help you, he's telling you he likes you.

He appreciates being the person you can turn to and he's likely hoping you aren't going to friendzone him. Take the plunge and ask him on a date!

19 He Loves Me Not: He Always Has An Excuse When You Need Him


Sometimes a girl really wants a shoulder to cry on and sometimes she wants that shoulder to be broad, manly, and loving. If you reach out to him (and it isn't all the time!) but he's quick to come up with an excuse to get out of helping you, he's not interested.

The signs he's sending are pretty clear and he's wondering why you're not taking his hints. If a man loves a woman, he's going to make time for her - even if it's to do something he considers unpleasant. Take his actions into consideration because a man who avoids you definitely doesn't love you.

18 He Loves Me: He Remembers What's Important To You


When you love someone, you tend to remember their likes and dislikes. The same goes for guys. If he remembers the shirt you pointed out at the mall last month and suddenly he's giving it to you for your birthday, it's not just because he's a great friend and thinks you might like it - it's because he might be secretly in love and he wanted to make sure he got something you 100 percent love.

He didn't take any chances on something you may or may not appreciate - he remembered and he acted.

That's true love right there! But if that isn't enough to convince you, consider the following...

17 He Loves Me Not: He Forgets Your Birthday And Dates You Set Together


You two may not be a couple yet and you still might be feeling him out, so you make a few casual dates to just hang out. There's no pressure, it's not a "date" date and you're up for whatever - at least on the outside. Inside, you're hoping everything goes so well it ends with a goodnight kiss! Unfortunately, every time you try to meet up, he's always got an excuse or he forgot entirely.

Honey, his mind isn't spazzing, he didn't forget accidentally. He flaked because he wasn't looking forward to meeting you and he's not interested in you in that way. The kicker? He didn't even remember your birthday!

16 He Loves Me: He Always Responds To Your Texts - Even If It's A Little Late


It's 3 am and you just snuck back into your room. You're feeling excited and you're not ready to get to sleep yet so you clean up, throw on your favorite PJs and you snuggle into your soft warm bed. You whip out your phone and text the guy of your dreams. He responds fairly quickly and you ask if you woke him. He says, "Maybe, but don't worry about it. What's up?"

Now that's a guy who is in love!

He likely fell asleep with his phone on hoping to get a surprise goodnight message from his dream girl! If he's willing to reply regardless of the time, he's not just interested in talking to you - that's for sure.

15 He Loves Me Not: Your Calls Always Go Straight To Voicemail


Does he have his phone off or is he just sending your calls straight to voicemail? When you leave voicemails, does he get back to you? Are you worried about leaving too many before he responds? Odds are you're not just calling at bad times - he's ignoring you. Either he doesn't really want to talk or he doesn't really want to talk specifically to you.

Does he answer for other people? For other women? Yup, you've been gently pushed aside. He didn't even friendzone you - he's straight up ignoring you and for some reason, he's not outright asking you to stop calling. Take the hint: he's not interested.

14 He Loves Me: When He Surprises You With Little "Thinking Of You" Gifts


Do you ever sit down at your office desk and see a little box of your favorite chocolates? Maybe you meet up for lunch and he happens to bring along something he says you might like? These little presents aren't just nice things he buys spur of the moment because they happened to remind him of you, they're likely gifts he spends hours picking out and even more time thinking about.

He had to find the right way to present them without making it seem like he's head-over-heels.

He casually mentions he thought of you and hands it over as if he didn't just spend the last week planning this moment out to a "t." Listen, lady, he's got the hots for you.

13 He Loves Me Not: When He Never Seems Interested In Hanging Out


If you're up for a group outing and think it's the best way to get your crush to come along, you'd be right! But what happens when you try to hang out one-on-one? Does he always have an excuse? Does he try to invite as many other people as possible? Maybe he outright tells you he isn't interested in hanging out.

As obvious as it may seem, some women seriously don't get it. Don't be one of those women. If he isn't interested in hanging out with you, then there's no way he's interested in a romantic relationship with you.

12 He Loves Me: He's Single And Drops Little Hints


So your crush is single and you're single. You have so much in common already! Okay, but seriously he keeps dropping hints that he's looking for the right girl to stay by his side. He misses being in a relationship but he just isn't sure who he should be with.

He lists the qualities he's looking for and you think he's definitely describing you - but what if he isn't?

What if you say you fit that description and you two should go out this weekend, only for him to laugh in your face? The truth is he's trying to drop hints and he's hoping you'll pick them up. Do both of you a favor and ask him out!

11 He Loves Me Not: He's Single And Asking For Your Friends' Numbers


No, he isn't trying to pretend he's not interested when really he is but he's too afraid to drop hints. If he's asking for your friends' numbers, he isn't interested in you. The best you can hope for is his happiness at this point because he's made it clear that he's single and ready to mingle - with other people.

You may have been friend-zoned or he may think of you as a mere acquaintance. However he's thinking of you, if he's asking for other women's numbers, he's not thinking of anything romantic suddenly blossoming between you two. Sorry sweetie, you've gotta face the music with this one.

10 He Loves Me: Conversations With Him Last Hours


It's a Friday night and you've got nothing to do so you call up your crush and make small talk. He makes small talk back and pretty soon you're both laughing and three hours have magically gone by.

You can't hold those kinds of conversations with guys who don't care about you.

They just don't have the time to invest in someone they aren't romantically interested in. To be honest, your crush may not have the time either and he might set aside his study time or work time just for a few quick convos with the girl of his dreams. If you two talk non-stop and are always excited to see each other, odds are he's hoping for more than friendship.

9 He Loves Me Not: He Doesn't Really Contribute To The Conversation


You run into your crush at the mall and you have to approach him! You try to strike up a conversation but he keeps looking around, his body language suggests he's uncomfortable, and he's not really opening up. You ask a few icebreaker questions but he's keeping his answer short and to the point. He isn't asking you anything in return and you're heart is slowly sinking as you realize he isn't interested in the conversation.

You say goodbye and hope that he was just really busy but was too polite to say so. We know and deep down you also know that the reality is he just didn't want to talk to you. That should be evidence enough of his disinterest.

8 He Loves Me: He Makes Excuses To Make Slight Physical Contact


Maybe he tries to brush past you and your arms graze or he reached to pull something from your hair. When a guy is interested in you, he'll make excuses to touch you. He isn't going to tackle you and try to wrestle, he's going to be subtle and kind. He's going to make it feel natural and you're going to want to touch him back in small ways as well.

These subtle hints are indicative of the bigger picture.

He's in love with you and he wants to be your everything so you can be his. Pick up on his hints and let him know how you truly feel.

7 He Loves Me Not: He's Always Out Of Reach


You're both watching a movie and you place your arm on the armrest. His is already there and you're hoping he won't mind the side-by-side touching. Nope, he cares. A lot. Or at least he cares enough to move his arm and even slightly lean to the side so he's a fraction of an inch further from you.

He isn't trying to give himself space because he appreciates the personal bubble - he's trying to tell you that he doesn't want your touch and he definitely won't be reaching out to touch you either. If he keeps his distance, there's a reason.

6 He Loves Me: All Of His Friends Know Who You Are


When you love something, you talk about it. If he loves art, you'd better believe his friends know about it. If he loves a girl, his friends know about her too.

Even if he keeps her name a secret, they know he's interested in a girl who matches your description and personality.

If you meet his friends for the first time and they say, "Oh, so you're [insert your name here]," then he's been talking about you and he's probably told them how much he likes you. Bonus points if they tease him about you in your presence - it's their way of saying, "He likes you!"

5 He Loves Me Not: None Of His Friends Have Ever Heard Of You


As previously stated, when you love someone you talk about them. If you meet your crush's friends and not a single one knows who you are, then your crush hasn't mentioned you at all. If his closest friends have no idea who you are, then it's time to face the fact that you're not as special in his eyes as you want to be.

It's usually at this point that some women think they just need to try harder. Don't do it. Try backing off because he obviously wants some space and isn't interested in anything romantic between you two.

4 He Loves Me: He Isn't Afraid To Open Up


When a guy likes a girl, or when anyone likes anyone else in general, they tend to be a little less secretive and a lot more open. They share their likes and dislikes in hopes of you sharing yours. It's all part of spurring conversation and opening up to reveal who you are to one another.

He's definitely interested and he's trying to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If your crush doesn't keep any secrets from you, he's trying to tell you that he wants something more than mere friendship. Take his hints to heart and drop a few of your own in return!

3 He Loves Me Not: His Life Is A Mystery


You don't know what his favorite food is, have no idea what his favorite color could be, and you've never once heard him talking about himself. Some might say he's just the strong quiet type while others might think he's just not an open person. But the bottom line is if you've known him for a substantial amount of time and still have no idea who he is despite trying your best, odds are he's keeping his life a secret because he doesn't want to let you in.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he isn't interested - but you'd be surprised at how many women hold onto futile hope. Just make sure you're not one of them.

2 He Loves Me: He Treats You Special - And Everyone Sees It


Does your crush treat you differently than he treats other women? Does he show all of the positive signs listed above? Do people tell you that they notice how he looks at you or how he treats you like you're something special?

When he's treating you differently and is so obvious about it that everyone else can see it too, it's a sign.

He's practically screaming, "I like you! Please make the first move because for whatever reason, I'm too afraid to do it!" Don't worry about losing the friendship - he's too good of a guy to walk away from a friendship anyway. Take a chance and tell him how you feel!

1 He Loves Me Not: He Treats You Differently - But Not In A Good Way


Does he go out of his way to avoid you? Maybe he makes a point of not speaking with you. He isn't too shy to speak with you - he's giving you as many obvious signs as he can. Just short of being cruel, he's doing his best to let you know he's not interested. What's worse is his friends, and your friends as well, all know that he's treating you differently.

They see that he's not interested and they're trying to tell you. Don't hold onto false hopes and don't try to play some weird game. If he's trying to tell you he's not interested, listen to him.

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