His & Hers: 20 Couples Tattoos To Get With Boo

For many people, getting fresh ink is almost addictive. To others, it is at the top of that bucket list. And when it comes to couples, many turn to tattoos to show off their love.

Yes, matching tats are a total trend, and they can be a really neat way to deepen a bond, to become linked further with someone special, and to feature something that is special between partners.

Some matching tattoos are on the silly side, like a piece of bread with jelly for one significant other and a piece of bread with peanut butter for the other. Some examples of matching ink are sweet, like the same quote on both halves of a couple. And often, these tattoos have a really deep meaning, such as a wedding date stamped on the ring finger or tattoos made out of the other person’s fingerprint.

So whether couples are into goofy or gorgeous, there is something here for everyone. And even people who are not couples can truly enjoy browsing through these 20 tattoos, which seem perfect to get with that special someone. And who knows... Someone here today could find just the right thing to get with his/her boo!

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20 For A King & Queen


If a man makes a woman feel like a queen and if a woman makes a man feel like a king, this could be the perfect tat for that couple. This would work well on that power couple, the people who have successful jobs, busy social calendars due to matching levels of popularity, and responsibilities and who still make time for each other.

These could also work well for people who enjoy playing cards together or a couple that met in Vegas!

So if there are any kings and queens together out there searching for the perfect ink, this could be it.

19 To Show Off A Geekdom


As mentioned, some people get tattoos in order to show off a shared interest, and one thing that many turn to when searching for an interest-turned-ink is a geekdom. Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Lord Of The Rings, Mario... There are several stories and worlds out there with movies, shows, games, merchandise and more, and if a couple already owns all of that, there is only one thing left to do: put it permanently on their bodies! That couple that loves the Wizarding World could take the relationship a step further with this Deathly Hallows tattoo. It is so cool!

18 For A Sun To A Moon

Dope Wope

Sun and moon tattoos are common, but they have a different meaning for everyone. Some people just love looking up at the sky.

Others like the symbolism it has: a masculine sun and a feminine moon equaling a match made in heaven.

And, of course, many just get ink simply because it looks cool. Whatever the reason, this is another great matching set to consider when browsing through tats to get with that special someone. Plus, there are so many variations that could happen with either shape, but we really like these cute little ones pictured here.

17 To Show Off That Perfect Fit


Puzzle pieces are perfect to get with a boo thing! They literally fit together, completing each other, just like a couple does. And this example is sort of a bonus one; the puzzle pieces could be blank, they could be colored in, or they could have a picture or a scene on them like this one. If there are complimenting couples out there who also enjoy playing video games together, turn to these puzzle pieces that feature pixelated hearts, which are super adorable and which give off vibes of those classic games that many of us grew up playing.

16 For A Connected Lifeline

Tattoo Models

Ink is not for everyone, but the people are into tattoos have good reason for the passion. Tattoos are personal. They are works of art. They are unique. They start good conversations. And they can connect us further to people... and this one literally does just that.

This lifeline mimics the line seen on a heart rate monitor, so it is showing that these two are everything to each other.

The fact that these tats can be placed next to each other, starting where the other one finishes, is truly beautiful. Seeing these on a couple would be proof of their love!

15 To Make A Promise

Earth Porm

Pinky promises are legit, and we can just imagine the two people who would get this next tattoo. They met. They fell in love. They decide to get married. They even pledge their devotion to each other in front of everyone at a wedding where they sign a marriage license, say vows, and place rings on each other’s fingers. But say they want to take it all a step further... A commitment can be shown off in a fun and unique way with these matching pinky promise tattoos. And just think of all the cute photos that could be taken with this ink and with wedding rings!

14 For The Yin To A Yang

Best Pickr

So far, we have seen several tats that compliment each other well, like a sun and a moon and like puzzle pieces. Well, nothing says cohesion, unity, and completed love like a yin and a yang symbol. This is a wonderful image of two people coming together.

They bring different personalities, backgrounds, quirks, traits, and interests, but together, they form a working unit that learns and grows together.

This is the perfect tat for people like that! The couple could both get a full symbol, or they could each get one side like these people did.

13 To Celebrate Nature

Earth Porm

When it comes to tattoos, there are no rules. It is whatever works for each individual person. Therefore, a couple does not necessarily have to get the exact same image inked on both of their bodies. These people, for instance, could enjoy soaking up nature together. Perhaps they met at a bird sanctuary. Maybe they work as forest rangers or have a pet owl. Whatever their story is, they are sharing a piece of it with these nature tattoos: a tree for one, a bird for the other, and both pictures permanently placed on that lovely ring finger.

12 For Lovers Of Disney


Disney ink could fall under the “geekdom” category, but we are giving it a section of its own.

This magical world is so special to so many people and in so many ways.

It has been around for years and years, it brought about some of the most memorable films of all time, it has exciting theme parks, and its songs, quotes, and characters are near and dear to many. Therefore, the Disney lovers out there can get matching tattoos that say a phrase, sing a song, feature a character or two, and show off love for each other even more!

11 To Wear Matching Initials

Tattoo Journal

Here is a sweet one, and it is pretty simple, too. If anyone is considering getting a coordinating tattoo with someone, they could always just get each other’s initials. The people pictured here even added a little heart, which is a good reminder that there are no rules. One initial or the initials of the first and last name... A shape included or not... Uppercase or lowercase... Cursive or bubble letters... A font comprised of each other's handwriting... Letters placed inside a balloon or a star or a cat’s head... The options are endless, so pick anything!

10 For A Simple Statement


Another simple statement would be matching geometric tats. Now, remember, there are literally endless possibilities when it comes to ink, and this is just one example. And with this specific example here... We like that these are in the same place on the couple's bodies. We like that one is filled in and one is hollow.

We like to think that this is a hipster couple or people with creative jobs like graphic design.

These simple statements could work for anyone, though, which is a super neat option for anyone looking for the perfect thing to get inked together!

9 To Show Off A Passion For Pizza


As mentioned, some of these examples of matching tattoos are sort of silly, but some people are very into that. And some people are very into pizza! Another fun and special way to show the world that a couple is in love would be for said couple to get a pizza tattoo; they could both get a whole pizza (cheese for her, supreme for him, pineapples for neither maybe), or one significant other could have a slice out of the other person’s pizza! That option, which is pictured here, is another one of those that symbolizes some more of those complementary traits.

8 For A Unique Wedding Band


We have seen ink on the ring finger, but many couples choose to get an actual ring printed onto that finger. Perhaps they could not decide on a real ring. Maybe they were afraid they would lose or break a real one.

Or they may just want to make their commitment to each other permanent.

All of these instances and more could lead to two people getting these unique wedding bands. With this, we like that the bands can be the same or that the couple could design their own tattoo rings, with as much or as little detail as they wanted.

7 To Wear A Part Of Each Other

Tattoo Journal

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, and some wear their partners' fingerprints on their bodies! How unique is this: it is a heart tattoo (which is already sweet and romantic), and it is created out of fingerprints. The lines on our fingers are unique and special and all different, and that is how love is. We all look at it differently and show it in different ways, and this couple decided to share theirs with the world by inking literal parts of their bodies to each other. And while a fingerprint could be used to create any shape, we adore that this is a heart.

6 For The Peanut Butter To Jelly 


Ah, here it is: the peanut butter and jelly tattoo! As usual, we are going to imagine the people who selected this ink. Perhaps this is their favorite food. Maybe on their first date, one of them made these. They could have met at a sandwich shop.

Or they could just know that PB and J go together like they do:  perfectly!

So, see... Whether a couple wants a pretty way of sharing their love through ink, like with initial tats, or if they want a quirky way like with this one, there is a tattoo out there for every couple.

5 To Help Each Other Find The Way

Tattoo Journal

Another common tattoo that is seen quite often is an arrow, but once again, there are limitless possibilities with these little guys. They can be thick or thin, colored or black and white, by themselves or with another shape,  and we love this version. We also like the idea behind the arrow tattoo; arrows move forward and point people in the right direction, and that is similar to a couple. They move forward together, and they help guide each other through life. How sweet! So, remember, anyone who is looking for matching ink can consider this one, too.

4 For A Date


The day two people met. The day they were married. The day they brought a child into the world.

There are so many dates that are important to people, and that leads us to our next example for tats: a matching date!

This particular couple went with Roman numerals, and they both got their ink in the same place, on the wrist. Traditional numbers could have been used, as could have words. This tattoo could be big or small and in the same place or not. The point is that they are forever remembering and reminiscing on this important day in their life.

3 To Finish A Thought

Wrist Tattoo Pictures

Next up, we will discuss quotes, because many turn to words when it comes time to get inked up, and it can be a sweet option. For instance, one person here is reminding everyone that his/her partner is his/her whole life. And the other person pictured here is telling everyone that his/her partner is his/her whole world. So find a thought, lyric, phrase or quote that has meaning, and think about how it could be applied to a beautiful matching tattoo. And it does not even have to be beautiful; it could, of course, be a silly or weird quote, too!

2 For A Matching Image


We have seen lifelines come together through ink, phrases complete each other and puzzle pieces match up, but imagine that cohesion being shown off through a whole, big image.

That is what is going on here, and while this shape is an ornate one, it could be anything. 

When a couple is narrowing down ink to get together, they can consider images that could be split in half (images that are special to them). They could each get a half, and they could then place their bodies together to complete this awesome photo. And it doesn't have to be feet, either; you could easily match up hand, arm, or leg tattoos. How fun!

1 To Say “This Is My Cup Of Tea” 

Dope Wope

Alright, everyone, it is here: our last example of a matching tat to get with a boo! We have heard about couples going together like peanut butter and jelly, and now, we have a couple that is saying, “This person is my cup of tea!” This phrase is used often; shopping is my cup of tea, sports are not my cup of tea, and so on. So it makes sense that it could also be used as a way to show off love and commitment. So if anyone out there has found their cup of tea in the form of a special someone, hopefully this is an inspiration to go out and show the world your love!

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