His Bad Habits: The TWO She’ll Ignore (According To Her Zodiac Sign)

In the dating pool, a woman has to have her standards and stick to them. There are always deal breakers, and it's a good idea to figure out where that line in the sand is placed before heading out with someone new. But, along with the deal breakers, there are those faults and social misdemeanors that aren't so serious. In fact, for the right woman, a man's faults can even become pluses.

Astrology can be a good guide as to which of his faults she's likely to ignore, and may even celebrate. It's all about character, after all. Everyone carries their own set of values, and what they consider to be important - or not. Astrological signs point to major character traits and tendencies that shape those preferences in life.

Is chronic lateness unforgivable? How about an annoying tendency to talk non-stop? For every fault that one woman can't bring herself to tolerate, there is another woman who finds it not only forgivable but downright cute - maybe even a bonus. Love and attraction are a mystery in many ways, but our list of his character faults that she's likely to ignore based on her sign might offer some clues.

24 Aries Won’t Mind If He Brags Now And Then

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Truth be told, the Ram is not above stretching the truth – just a little, of course – now and then, especially when it comes to her own accomplishments. Other people might call it bragging, but she gets that it’s just talking, just getting enthusiastic, and she’ll understand if he brags sometimes too.

After all, he’s just trying to make a good impression, isn’t he? And she can certainly get on board with that. Aries, male or female, will usually see bragging as a sign of self-confidence, and your average Ram is very much turned on - not off - by a show of self-esteem.

23 Lack Of Plans Or Ambitions Won’t Drive Aries Away

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This may come as a surprise, since your average Aries lady is full of plans and ambitions of her own. She may seem soft and traditionally feminine on the outside, but make no mistake - inside, the Aries woman is made of steel and ambition. But, that’s just the point: two people who are too similar can make a particularly bad match.

When it comes to her partner, she needs the support of her man, but she’d also rather not compete with him. If she remains the only ambitious party in the partnership, that’s perfectly fine with her. She’s got more than enough drive for two.

22 Taurus Doesn’t Need PDA

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Governed by Venus, the goddess of love, Taurus does need to feel loved. But, there are many ways to feel loved, and PDA doesn’t necessarily have to make the list. If he shows up on time, proves to be a solid BF on a regular basis, and helps with the grocery shopping, those concrete actions will go a long way towards making her feel secure about his feelings.

Slobbering over her in public isn’t going to make her heart beat any faster. That's not to say she'd rule it out entirely, but if it's not in the cards with a dude who is otherwise 100 percent solid, she is more than likely to give it a pass.

21 He’s Not Too Much Of A Homebody For Taurus

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Some ladies would get annoyed if their BF constantly turned down invitations to parties and nights out, and regularly stood the gang up on club nights in favor of an evening at home chilling with movies. That group of women, however, would not include your average Taurus.

In fact, Taurus loves the idea of curling up with her favorite man in her favorite place in the world – home. If she's a typical Taurus, she's gone to a lot of trouble to make her place a haven of comfort, so providing he's not pining for wild nights out with the gang, her partner will be treated to the true comforts of home on a regular basis.

20 Gemini Can Overlook Last-Minute Changes Of Plans

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Maybe other people call him flighty or even flaky. He’s constantly changing plans at the last minute, and throwing everyone else’s schedule into limbo on a regular basis. Everyone meets up before opening to get into the club or concert on time, but he's the dude who's always coming in late and missing half the show.

To many potential girlfriends, this would be a deal breaker, or at least something that could lead to a deal-breaking situation. But, not so for Gemini. Gemini thrives on change and adores surprises. She may just see this as the deal maker! Put these two together and they'll be off having secret adventures while everyone else is stuck in the same old, same old.

19 He’ll Never Talk Too Much For Gemini

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Sure, other people – perhaps many other people! –  are annoyed by this dude’s constant stream of speech. You could call it chatter, stream of consciousness, or all of the above. It seems like anything that pops into his head comes out of his mouth. He could be charming and funny, but eventually, most people will have had enough of it.

The Gemini girl will be the exception to the rule. She is likely to find him downright fascinating. Finally, someone who can keep up with her! This pair will talk their heads off day and night, and love every minute of it.

18 Cancer Actually Likes It If He’s Overly Sentimental

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Dating can be a bit of a minefield nowadays. In this modern day, when everyone is supposed to be so casual, it’s hard for a dude to really express his emotions. Those emotions are often seen as something unwelcome - even creepy to people stuck on the idea of keeping everything cool.

But, those sentimental expressions will find a sympathetic heart in a typical Cancer lady. She will enjoy his affectionate words and actions, even if others might find it too much, too soon. This is something that Cancer, both male and female, has to be on guard against, because falling for someone too quickly can also get them hurt. Sometimes, it really is too soon.

17 Cancer Loves His Family Pics – Really!

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Many women really love it when their date, boyfriend, or significant other is focused only on them. They want to be number one at all times. To these women, a dude who pulls out family pics at any time, on any date, is just spoiling the mood.

Cancer, though, will have a soft spot in her heart for the guy who pulls out his nephew’s cute birthday pics, or wants to take her on dates to family occasions and events. Far from being bored or feeling like she's being overlooked, the typical soft-hearted Cancer will thrive in the family environment.

16 Leo Understands Why He Takes Big Risks – And Sometimes Loses

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The Lioness dreams big, and as anyone who dreams big knows, sometimes that means losing big too. Sometimes, you just have to take a gamble on a good thing, even if the odds aren’t so much in your favor. That's the motto she herself lives by. Other women might find it unnerving if their BF was into high stakes wheeling and dealing, but a Leo lady thrives in that kind of atmosphere, even as she understands the risks.

Now, the idea is that eventually he will win, and win big - but she'll be more than supportive of missteps her partner may make on his way up the ladder.

15 Leo Appreciates A Flashy Dresser

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The average business man look is still, even in 2019, very conservative in terms of colors and styles. Whether they’d admit it or not, most women expect their men to conform to that kind of aesthetic. They also expect to be the eye candy of the couple.

Leo is one of the few women who will truly appreciate sartorial flair, even if it crosses over from high fashion to flashy glitz. She certainly won’t mind her man being the center of attention for the way he dresses. She loves confidence, and she already expects him to be at least as well dressed as her. If he goes above and beyond to conspicuous flashiness, she'll be on board.

14 Virgo Won’t Mind If He’s A Little Obsessive About Planning

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He’s the guy who’s always planning the outings, even if it’s just the gang going out to the club. He drives everyone a little bit nuts with his attention to detail and insistence that everyone gets with the program.

Virgo will be the one cheering him on, with or without the proof. Far from bothered, she’ll admire his managerial skills. She's also been planning everything, although her efforts are often overlooked (it's Virgo's curse). If her man is also an obsessive planner, it will give her some peace of mind. At least someone else gets how important it is!

13 Virgo Doesn’t Think Saving Money Is A Bad Thing – Even If It’s On Her Dates!

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Virgo knows quality – real quality. If he's spending money, whether it’s on a new outfit or a date with her, then she’ll appreciate if he's spending it on something worthwhile. She’s definitely not impressed by a dude who spends money just to spend money, and in fact she’ll turn pretty cold if that’s all he’s got to offer. Virgo will see someone who throws around money carelessly as not only irresponsible, but not so smart, either.

Who wouldn't save money if they could? She’ll greatly admire the dude who can take her out for a good time on a budget, and wince at the one who takes her to an over-priced, pretentious restaurant or night club.

12 Libra Understands If He Changes His Mind...About Everything

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Libra’s own mind – and that includes opinions, feelings, and thoughts – is in a constant state of flux. Nothing is every really set in stone until it’s already happened. That’s why she won’t mind if he changes his mind, and not even if that happens on a regular basis. She’ll just see it as another sign of their compatibility. That can include everything from where to go for dinner, to whether or not to sign on the dotted line for a condo.

Most people would at the very least resent someone who pulled the rug out from a deal at the last minute. Libra, though, will be the one woman who gets it. He just thought it over, and realized it was all wrong. She'll see him as courageous - and not a hopeless flake.

11 Libra Doesn’t Mind His Laid-Back Style

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Let’s just be frank about those rumors – people already say that Libra is on the laid-back side...even the lazy side. Those hyper-ambitious types will fascinate her, but more as something to be viewed at a distance. Too much agitation and movement is just not her style on any level. She won’t get into a snit if her date or even her BF isn’t the first in line for promotions at work, and she’ll understand if the dishes sit for two days when it’s his turn.

As long as there is a certain minimum attention to personal hygiene and maintaining a reasonable living space, Libra will let it slide. It’s just that, in this relationship, someone will have to do those dishes, sometime...

10 Scorpio Turns A Blind Eye To His Obsessive Fandom

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The football/golf/hockey/video game widow is an old stereotype about women who spend their weekends alone while the boys obsess over their sport of choice, whether that means watching the games, obsessing over the video game version, or actually playing them in real life.

Scorpio, though, is the one woman who not only won’t mind – she truly understands that level of obsession, and that will extend to any pursuit. There’s just one caution for the man in question: don’t leave her alone for too long, or you’ll find your Scorpion has found herself someone more willing to pay her the attention she deserves.

9 Scorpio Loves A Good Mystery

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Many people – men or women – in relationships feel insecure if they feel like there are parts of their partner that they don’t truly know. That might involve character traits that seem odd or out of place, or parts of their lives and history that aren’t clear, and seldom spoken about.

The Scorpion, though, loves a good mystery, and will find any secretive parts of their partner a reason to be fascinated. They will pull out that detective’s magnifying glass of theirs, and ferret out the source of the mystery. If they're typical Scorpio, they'll be completely non-judgmental about whatever they find.

8 Sagittarius Honestly Won’t Care About His Wardrobe

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We live in an image conscious era. Most women feel that. They don't necessarily expect their dates or partners to be super stylish - in fact, understated is probably more common and socially acceptable - but they do expect a minimum attention to what he wears.

The Archer may be the one real exception. A typical Sagittarius won’t care at all what he wears, or even if it’s suitable for the occasion. They have a guileless disregard for appearances that is a rare gift in this world, and their true partner will love the freedom that gives them to dress however they want to.

7 Sagittarius Won’t Mind Time Alone

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Sagittarians are very affectionate people, whether they are men or women. But, they are also constantly curious, on the move, and full of enthusiasm for the next project, the next obsession, the next big thing.

So, while they’ll adore their SO of choice, they will never mind if he has to go away for the weekend, or has an engrossing hobby that keeps him busy every Thursday night. They’ve got plenty to keep them occupied. The only caveat to the situation might be that the dude in question needs to check in on a regular basis just to make sure she hasn't wandered away for good.

6 Capricorn Understands His Busy Schedule

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Capricorn does expect her man to treat her with respect, and act with dignity – at least in public. She expects that appointments will be kept, and commitments will be upheld on his end. But, if he’s busy with important things like landing that next big deal, or a worthy project at work – anything substantial and worthwhile, in other words – she will be very understanding.

If he breaks a date just to watch a game with the boys, that’s unforgivable, but if he was called in to complete an important project for work, she’ll be totally on board. In fact, he'll earn her respect for getting his priorities straight.

5 Capricorn Won’t Blink At High Price Tags

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Capricorns are typically very responsible with their money. But, they also have a love of luxury, and an appreciation for the finer things in life - true quality rather than expensive window dressing. Buying quality is an investment. They resolve the issue by knowing how to play the long game, and save up for those luxuries no matter how little they make.

That means that, even when the money comes from a joint bank account, if their man splurges on good quality clothes or a dinner in a fine restaurant, a Capricorn woman is likely to find the budgetary indiscretions easy to forgive.

4 Aquarius Will Let It Slide If He’s Not Always On Time

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Let’s be honest here: if Aquarius lets his lateness slide, it may just be that she didn’t notice he was late because she showed up even later than he did. An Aquarius has many good qualities, but punctuality will never be one of them, and you can probably get her to admit that she just doesn’t think it’s important.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and she’ll consider his arrival time negotiable too. The only problem might be that, given the way that Aquarius' life is marked by sudden events and plot twists, if he's too late, she may have gotten swept up into another drama, and he'll just have to catch up with her somewhere along the way.

3 Aquarius Will Forgive Him For Making A Scene In Public

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Many of the astrological signs – perhaps even most of them – are pretty image conscious. Make a scene in public, and it’s likely a deal breaker, or at least something that will require a heartfelt apology and a period of penance. An Aquarius lady is likely to be the one exception.

Now, it will depend on the nature of the scene. If he’s getting into a physical altercation with the doorman at the club, that’s boring and obnoxious. But, if he’s jumping on the table to belt out a song that he loves, she’ll probably think it’s funny and she might even join him up there.

2 Pisces Won’t Care If He’s Not Very Practical

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Pisces is a dreamer and lives at least half her life in a fantasy world. She’s not big on those annoying practical details, and she’ll be very forgiving if her beau, date, or boyfriend forgets names, dates, places – even bills and payments.

The only thing that will matter to her is how he treats her, and if he’s a romantic and gentle soul, she’ll forgive him for just about anything else. The only problem will be getting at least one of them to pay their bills on time if they end up cohabiting. Someone's got to care about the rent, preferably sometime around the first of the month.

1 Pisces Will Get His Moods

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A hard-headed Aquarius, Virgo or Leo will be annoyed by shifting moods and emotions, if they’re typical to their sign. That's true of many women, especially if it involves a casual date rather than a boyfriend.

A Pisces understands emotions better, and will get his up-and-down moods. Her gentle affection will be just the ticket to lift any dark mood, and she’ll bask in his high swings. While many would turn away, she’ll be the one to stand by him, and will likely not mind them even in a casual situation. Just hanging out with her might brighten his day no matter what else is going on.

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