Hippie Dreams: 25 Lush Beauty & Skincare Products That Are Super Trendy

Every woman who has ever walked past a Lush store knows how hard it is to resist walking inside once the aroma hits you. Sure, it's a little overpowering — but you know that there are tons of amazing smelling natural products inside just waiting to test out. The scents, the colors, the piles, and piles of bath bombs — there's just something about the environment. Sure, Sephora is incredible, but it's a whole lot more glossy and mirror-packed and glam — Lush is a little more relaxed, a little more natural.

However, that doesn't mean that they're just creating products which are outdated in any way. In fact, Lush has been keeping up with the trends in a major way, continuing to impress us with the great products they come up with. While they don't have a ton of actual makeup available, they do have a ton of incredible things that will help you look and feel your best, from masks to cleansers to hair products and much more.

So, next time you find yourself walking past — and then into — Lush, keep these 25 trendy products in mind — trust us, you won't regret it. While they have certain staples that are constant successes, they're not afraid to mix it up and try new things.

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25 Sleepy Lotion For Perfect Beauty Sleep

via: byrdie.co.uk

This product has become a total cult favorite amongst insomniacs everywhere — or, even amongst those who just have a tough time getting their beauty sleep because of the constant stress of modern life.

The lotion itself is stunning, the almond oil and cocoa butter will make your skin incredibly soft and moisturized.

And the mix of lavender and tonka scents will have you drifting off in no time.

Forget warm milk, forget counting sheep — this should be your new solution for an amazing night's rest.

24 Feeling Younger Skin Tint To Highlight Your Life

via: youtube.com

Lately, it seems every brand is trying to get into the highlighter game, and Lush is no different. And, while it may not come in glimmering unicorn-colored packaging, it's definitely effective.

The mix of cocoa butter and jojoba oils help to soothe and moisturize your skin — something that not a lot of highlighters bother to consider — and the highlighting pigment will give you a soft glow. They suggest to either apply it straight as a highlighter or if you're looking for a natural glow all over, mix it with a bit of moisturizer. Amazing.

23 Emotional Brilliance Mattifying Powder For A Flawless Finish

via: makeupalley.com

There are some days when you want to look dewy and fresh. And then, there are some days when you need to just make things a little more matte.

Perhaps you're prone to getting a little shiny mid-day, or maybe you have a new favorite foundation that's a bit too dewy for your taste.

This is the perfect solution.

The powder has a bit of jojoba oil mixed in, which means you'll look matte and flawless rather than chalky — and that's exactly what you want.

22 Seanik Shampoo Bar For A Beach Experience In The Tub

via: whatlaurendidtoday.blogspot.com

Even if you're not yet a convert to solid shampoo bars, you should give this particular bar a try, because it'll make all your mermaid dreams come true.

The volumizing shampoo bar has Irish moss seaweed and Japanese nori seaweed to make your locks soft and silky, some floral oils to add a great scent, sea salt to give you that perfect beachy volume, and a bit of lemon oil for shine.

Basically, you'll have the beach hair of your dreams — just from your shampoo. What's not to love about that?

21 Coalface Cleansing Charcoal Bar For Clear Skin

via: pinterest.com

From charcoal lattes to charcoal ice cream, it seems we just can't escape this particular trend — and now, thanks to Lush, you can incorporate it into your beauty routine as well.

While this may not be the best choice for those with super dry skin, if you have oily or combination skin, this just might be your new best friend.

The mildly exfoliating facial soap helps zap excess oil so that your skin just looks fresh, clean and matte. And, in order to make things a bit gentler, Lush has also incorporated rosewood and sandalwood oils.

20 Eau Roma Toner Water To Add A Little Luxury To Your Routine

via: kirstywrites.com

If you look at the most popular toners and facial mists on the market, a lot of them have one thing in common — they have rose water. And no, it's not just because everyone loves the floral scent (although who doesn't want to smell like roses?).

It's because rose water helps calm and soothe your skin. This Lush product adds lavender into the mix as well, which makes this an intoxicating product that will leave your skin hydrated and happy. Every spritz is like your own private spa day.

19 1,000 Millihelens Mask To Give You A Greek Goddess Glow

via: pinterest.com

We love a good mask, and this particular one promises to have you glowing like the Greek goddess Helen of Troy.

As with all their products, this mask has a line-up of natural ingredients designed to perk up your skin, including green tea, witch hazel, and apple juice. The end result is supposed to be skin that's detoxified, toned, fresh and glowing.

What more could you want?

Plus, even though she probably wasn't putting on luxe face masks, who doesn't want to channel the legendary Helen of Troy in their beauty routine?

18 Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask For An Antioxidant Packed Glow

via: blushandflush.wordpress.com

Everyone knows blueberries are an amazing antioxidant — so don't just stop at putting them on your plate, put them on your face as well! This mask is packed with blueberries, calamine powder, rose absolute and chamomile blue oil.

This is a great pick for those with really sensitive skin, as the ingredients are gentle and will keep your skin feeling it's best. Plus, there's just something about the incredible smell that we can't get enough of. If you love blueberries, you absolutely need to try this one.

17 Honey Lip Scrub For A Perfect Pout

via: pinterest.com

Every woman who loves lipstick knows the frustration of trying to apply a perfect bold lip and being thwarted by chapped, peeling lips.

So, what's the solution? Lip scrub, obviously.

This gentle scrub with honey, white chocolate, jojoba oil and vanilla will have your lips exfoliated and ready for any beauty product you want to toss their way. However, we have to warn you — it smells so delicious you just might be tempted to eat it straight from the jar.

16 Creme De Menthe Mouthwash Tabs For Fresh Breath

via: gingerbreadbuttons.com

If you just can't handle the alcohol-packed liquid mouthwash options on the market, but you really want to ensure you always have fresh breath, this unique product might be just the ticket.

The solid tabs fizz, almost like a mini bath bomb, when you pop one in your mouth — and you just have to sip some water, swish it all around, and spit it out to get some minty fresh breath. It's also a great option for if you're traveling and don't want to deal with too many liquid products.

15 Shimmy Shimmy Bar For Gently Glowing Skin

via: laurasallmadeup.com

If you're looking for a product to add a little luxury to your life, this is definitely it.

It's basically the most extra moisturizer you could imagine.

Rather than applying lotion or serum or anything of that nature, you rub the bar across your skin and get a subtle shimmer all over — as well as baby soft skin thanks to the actual bar product itself. It's the perfect way to get a bit of all-over glow without looking like you soaked yourself in glitter.

14 Madame President Bath Bomb For Boss Babe Baths

via: lushcrazymad.blogspot.com

Every boss babe out there knows that self-care should be a big part of your daily routine, and there's not much better than an amazing bubble bath. And, when you're taking a break after your long day to soak in the tub, what better bath bomb to use than Madame President?

The vibrant hued bomb has grapefruit oil to leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world, cornflour for silky soft skin, and petitgrain oil to tone your skin. If you pair this with some inspiration in-tub reading, you'll be unstoppable.

13 Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb To Channel Your Inner Khaleesi

via: makeupalley.com

We blame our Game of Thrones obsession for this one, but after seeing Daenerys Targaryen kick butt and take names for seasons on the show, we're all about everything dragons.

So, you know this bath bomb is one we had to try.

The scents of lemon and bergamot are super crisp and refreshing, and the exterior is totally gorgeous before it erupts into a fizzle of sunshine yellow. It may be a bit cheerier than the bath bombs we can picture Khaleesi soaking with, but it's pretty amazing nonetheless.

12 Ro's Argan Soap For Silky, Scented Skin

via: ifiwerequeenoftheworld.wordpress.com

Argan oil is an absolute staple in every constantly dry woman's beauty routine, whether it's for applying on the skin, the hair, anything. It just adds a huge hit of hydration to wherever you need.

In this soap, it's mixed with rose jam and rose oil to pack a scented, hydrating punch. Given how many soaps on the market totally dry your skin out and leave it feeling less than ideal, it's great to find one that actually leaves your skin looking and feeling a little bit better.

11 Pink Fun Bubbler For Millennials Everywhere

via: makeupalley.com

For a while, it seemed like millennial pink was absolutely everywhere. And, while it takes a brave soul to dress head to toe in the bold hue, everyone can indulge in an on-trend bat, right?

This pink fun bar is scented with vanilla and tonka, and it smells like something that came straight from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

You can mold the tube of product into fun shapes and crumble it under your bathwater for bubbles so pink and perfect they almost don't even seem real.

10 Cloak Of Invisibility For A Luxe Bath

via: mylushandstuff.wordpress.com

If you prefer your baths exotic rather than sugary sweet, this bath oil just might be your perfect product. Not only will this make your entire bathroom smell like jasmine and rosewood, it'll also cause the water to shimmer — hence, the cloak of invisibility!

And, if that weren't enough, it's also packed with cocoa butter that will have you emerging from that tub with ultra-soft skin. Plus, who doesn't want to feel like they're bathing in some kind of mystical concoction? We totally dig the shimmer and vibrant orange hue.

9 T'Eo Deodorant For Those Looking To Go Natural

via: whatlaurendidtoday.blogspot.com

A lot of people have very strong opinions about natural deodorant. But if it's something you're looking to try out, this Lush option is pretty amazing.

The triple citrus bar is packed with essential oils — juniper berry, tea tree, and lemongrass, to be specific — that will have you feeling fresh all day.

Natural deodorant definitely isn't for everyone, but if you're looking to make the switch, why not do it with such a gorgeous, amazingly scented bar? It's way nicer than all that plastic packaging.

8 Caca Rouge Henna Hair Color For The Perfect Cheryl Blossom Red

via: makeupandbeauty.com

Obviously, henna dye won't pack the same kind of punch that straight up bleach would, so you're not going to get a hugely dramatic transformation if you've got darker hair.

However, Lush assures users that your darker hair will have a stunning auburn glow, and if you've got lighter hair, you can expect some major pigment coming your way. The cocoa butter will keep your locks moisturized, and the henna will give you a total color transformation without all those harmful chemical dyes.

7 Sea Spray For Flawless Beach Waves

via: krystelcouture.com

We're pretty sure every woman has dreamed about having the perfect beach waves at some point in her life, and this product can make that happen.

The sea salt helps add some major texture to your hair — very surfer girl chic.

And the blend of orange flower, neroli, and rosewood will make your strands smell absolutely amazing. If you're the type of person who loves to rock a low maintenance style, this is the perfect product for you — just a few spritzes and you're good to go.

6 Marilyn Oil Treatment To Protect Your Blonde Bombshell Locks

via: pinterest.com

Whether you're a natural blonde or your pigment comes out of a box, one thing is for sure — it can be tough to keep blonde locks looking their best. Given the light shade, your hair color can easily get a little dull or brassy.

This hot oil treatment is the perfect solution. The lemon juice and chamomile brighten your hair and add shine, while a hint of saffron makes your blond even more intense. It'll have you channeling your inner Marilyn in no time!

5 Cup O' Coffee Scrub To Pep Up Your Complexion

via: klairdelys.com

You probably pour a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to wake up and get into gear for the day, so why not treat your skin to the same?

This scrub is like giving your skin a piping mug of freshly brewed coffee.

Tthe scent is incredible, and the ground coffee works as a scrub to help gently get rid of all that dull, dry skin and reveal the radiance underneath it all. Plus, who doesn't want to smell like an amazing cup of coffee?

4 Foot Soak And Fancy-Free For Sandal-Ready Feet

via: allthingslushuk.blogspot.com

Summer means one thing for many women — sandal season. And, unless you've been diligent about scheduling your pedicures, you may very well have feet that aren't quite ready to see the world yet. This is the perfect solution.

The Epsom salt and Irish moss powder will help to soften the tough areas on your feet, while the lavender oil and jasmine will have you feeling like you're relaxing in a spa. You'll be dying to dig out your cutest sandals to show off your pampered feet after using this!

3 Milky Bath For Soft, Pampered Skin

via: alifyalifestyle.com

If you're not really the type to go for bright colors and super strong scents, don't worry — there's still something for you. This bath bubbler has cocoa butter, soy milk, and olive oil to get your skin the smoothest it's ever been.

There's also just a hint of orange oil to give a subtle scent to your bathwater.

However, don't worry — thanks to the addition of plastic-free glitter in the bottle's cap, your bath will still be pretty special, even without the crazy colors many of the other bath products have.

2 Herbalism For A Complexion Boost

via: jessoshii.com

Having super dry skin that needs to be constantly hydrated is tough enough, but oily, troubled skin is a whole different issue.

Thankfully, Lush has a product for that — this herbal wash has rice bran and kaolin clay to help get all that excess oil soaked up, and a blend of toning plants — rosemary, nettle, and chamomile.

It may not be quite as pretty as some of the other products (unless you totally love everything green), but it will leave your skin clear, balanced, and super happy.

1 Ocean Salt For Skin That's Beach Ready

via: raisethewaves.com

If you can't actually go to the beach, the next best thing is having the beach brought to you — which is exactly what this scrub does.

The citrus scent of limes will have you feeling refreshed, the coconut oil and avocado butter will hydrate your skin, and the mixture of sea salts will exfoliate you.

It'll make you look so good, people will think you just got back from a beach vacation.

And you definitely don't need to reveal your secret!

References: lush.ca

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