21 Hilarious Skyrim Mods That Totally Change The Game

One of the greatest things about the massive and iconic game Skyrim is that it has a massive database of mods that really change the entire face and playability of the game. "It has endless user-created content which means it has virtually infinite playability", says one avid gamer. And that is most definitely true, in fact, some of the most extensive mods have been created on this platform. Along with some of the most hilarious, insane, and whacky.

It's the whacky ones we're interested in, and you for clicking on this article. There are some truly crazy and creative ones out there, the sky really is the limit. Let's take a look at some Skyrim mods that completely change the entire game.

21 Well This Doesn't Seem Standard

via dorkly.com

This is most assuredly never in the original game, though it is quite a hilarious sight to see, a crazy cowboy type figure with a dragon tail while screaming in the wilds of Skyrim. Very funny, totally random, definitely entertaining. Mods are crazy.

20 Don't Think That's Whiterun

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These mods are really crazy, there's nothing like a strange mod in a video game, like this giant pile of sweet rolls that's somehow actually the way to open Whiterun, a city in this game of Skyrim where mods really define gameplay at times. What a wild mod.

19 Who Knows What's Happening

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There sure is a lot in this photo that doesn't belong in the original programming of Skyrim, which is what these mods are, modifications to the game itself, where Spiderman can wear gear from Zelda, where a frog can have a six pack. Boy that sure is entertaining.

18 Choo-Choo Watch Out

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This one sure is hilarious, isn't it? The main character in the main quest line is an ancient talking dragon. But no more, dear Paarthurnax, you have been turned into a train with a creepy face, just like that childhood show. What a wild time mods are, aren't they?

17 Just Let It Go

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Who would have thought that there would ever be a Disney princess crossover in the bleak world of Skyrim? Not any developers, but that's why Skyrim is so great, you can just make any mods, the sky is the limit, anything you want it can be programmed, an endless world of creation at your fingertips.

16 Meme Moon

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This sure is a funny one, whoever made this mod had a great sense of humor when they decided to make this mod. The moon, as glorious as could be, has a derpy face on it, in classic meme style, watching over the whacky modded out world of Skyrim. Too bad real life can't be modded like that.

15 Not Another Disney Crossover

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Most people don't know that Disney owns Marvel, they also own National Geographic, as well as a lot of property, and they own several news stations, where they must be honestly informing the people about what's really going on in the world. Or not, but that's okay because we'll just have fun modding Deadpool into the wrong universe.

14 What A Whacky Shark Man

via impremedia.net

The minds of these gamers really is a wild and scary one, who knows what those crazy dudes will come up with next. This is a crazy one, a weird shark man with fins tail and shark fave, but some human appendages too. Who knew this would ever be possible, not me.

13 What Next, A Talking Chair Head?

via joyreactor.com

Indeed that is what's next, folks, this mod is about as absurd as it can get when it comes to modding out things and people in the land of Skyrim. A man who can talk and has eyes but instead of a head he has a chair, now that's something you don't see everyday, or at least not in the modded game of Skyrim.

12 Godzilla But Different

via ecosia.org

Borris seems to be a really big creature, way too big to make any sense in a real universe. But this isn't just any universe, this is the infinite land of Skyrim, where with a push of a button you can create this giant Godzilla of a werewolf, and he can trample an entire town under foot.

11 Who Even Knows?

via nexusmods.com

It's kind of hard to understand what's happening hear, but it looks like a strange wolf humanoid creature is decked out in army, ready to kill some living things in some sort of video game fashion. I don't know what kind of mod it is, but it's definitely a mod for Skyrim.

10 Here Comes The Train

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The fear on this trains face really is a strangely worrying and somewhat comical sight. These crazy programmers create these mods for Skyrim and publish them online so crazy gamers can enjoy having a pointless train able to exist in a world that doesn't exist. Isn't that just neat?

9 A Truly Giant Giant Horse

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Riding horses in Skyrim is a really awesome thing to do, they gallop across the countryside so you don't have to. But this horse is different. How did it get so big? It's just a matter of some crazy guy who likes to mod having enough time to program it into the wide world of Skyrim.

8 Don't Smash Me, Hulk

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This is a mod in Skyrim where instead of having a normal sidekick, you can have a not normal one, a giant Hulk to follow you around. Why would anyone want that? You might be asking, but maybe it's because someone was bored with the game, so instead of moving on they modded the game to be more entertaining to them. Fun stuff.

7 These Are Not The Peasants You Are Looking For

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A full fledged Jedi battle in the stone age? That seems highly unlikely in a real world scenario. But this isn't no real world, no sir, this is in fact the magical land of Skyrim, where not only magic and dragons exist, but literally anything can exist, given the right programming codes and mods. That's super neat.

6 Giant Head So Scary

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There really is no end to the crazy wild things that mod experts can come up with when it comes to making changes and customizing their own Skyrim universe. Apparently someone thought it would be funny to put a giant head on a normal body. They were right, it's downright funny for sure indeed.

5 Oh No, The Train-pocalypse

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At the beginning of the game you are introduced to Alduin, a very scary dragon who mercilessly destroys an entire town while you are in it. If that's too scary for you, or alternatively too boring, you could, if you wanted to, make a mod where Alduin is just a cute little choo-choo train.

4 Cat At The Wheel

via reddit.com

Instead of being a real person in this fake world of Skyrim, why not instead be a strange humanoid creature or device that is controlled by a cute little kitty? It's what this mod does to the universe, and isn't that just crazy. What a wide, whacky world of mods.

3 Truly Disturbing Mod

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There's no shortage of weird, perverted, and strange mods out there for Skyrim, it's just a fact that if allowed to and if it's possible, people will be the worst versions of themselves, guaranteed. Or the zaniest. Like this zany horse shaped human, contorted and distorted like some sick science experiment, being ridden by a horse of all things.

2 Here Comes A Man In A Costume

via thepcmasterrace.com

It's a bit harsh but that's all Batman really is, just a rich white dude in a costume. At least the costume isn't a banker's business suit and tie. But look at him jump, flying through the air in the modded out world of Skyrim, where you never know what you'll see around the next bend or turn or carbuncle.

1 Noodly Sonic Zips To Town

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What a wild and strange looking Sonic character crossover fusion into the world of Skyrim. That's not canonical for sure, no doubt about that. And why does he look like that? What's really funny is that this strange Sonic still looks better than the atrocity in the new movie.

Sources: Nexus Mods, YouTube & Reddit

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