20 Hilarious Reasons Kids Threw A Temper Tantrum

Any parent will be familiar with the terrible twos; a whole year when a kid's behavior becomes erratic and unpredictable, making life impossible for moms and dads who are just trying to keep their lives together!

Tantrums can happen anywhere and at any time but, as any parent will attest, the worst ones usually take place when you’re out in public, and often with a crowd watching. Of course, the youngsters are not acting out just to be difficult, but because they are trying to express their needs while lacking the proper communication skills with which to do so.

Looking back, many parents can see the funny side of the worst tantrums – especially when they happen for the bizarre and often hilarious reasons like those listed below.

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20 He Couldn't Get Rid Of His Shadow

Via themomfriend.com

Kids should love sunny days and the chance to play outdoors, but one youngster had his day in the sun completely ruined when he spotted his shadow for the first time. The meltdown came when he realized that he couldn’t escape his shadow, no matter how fast he tried to run away from it.

19 The Banana Wouldn't Go Back In Its Peel

Via lincolnshirelive.co.uk

Bananas are a healthy, delicious, and easy snack for stressed-out moms to give to their toddlers. Not all kids have quite worked out exactly how bananas work, though, and one toddler freaked out when her mom started peeling her banana for her, only to realize that she couldn’t go back to the beginning and try again.

18 Not Allowed To Play With A Raw Egg

Via fullcircleparenting.com

There are some foods that are perfect for toddlers, and others that are just a bad idea all round, such as raw egg. To be fair, this youngster didn’t want to eat the raw egg, but simply play with it. Of course, while that might not have poisoned them, it would still have ended up making an awful mess, which is exactly why mom said no.

17 Found Out That Mom Had Another Name

Via aroundtheworldwithahighchair.com

The terrible twos are a confusing time for kids. They are starting to explore their own sense of self and become more independent, while at the same time exploring the world and finding out new things every day. One kid found it all a bit overwhelming, however, when they found out that their mom also had another name.

16 Met Iron Man Out Of Costume

via gawker.com

One toddler’s tantrum went viral when he was photographed having a meltdown while meeting Robert Downey Jr. The problem was that he had been told he was meeting Iron Man, and quite reasonably expected that he was going to be meeting the superhero himself, and not the actor who plays him.

15 Because She Couldn’t Have A Unicorn

Via peachandpumpkins.com

It isn’t just movie superheroes that little kids adore. One girl had an obsession with unicorns and was desperate to have one as a pet. Naturally, her parents told her that this wasn’t possible as unicorns aren’t real, which led to an epic meltdown. Not even the cutest unicorn costume would stop this tantrum.

14 Stopped From Inflating Himself With A Bike Pump

Via theconversation.com

Often, temper tantrums are over the most ridiculous things – like not being able to have a pet unicorn – but sometimes, parents have to step in to stop their kids hurting themselves. One mom had to take a bike pump off her child when he tried to inflate himself with it.

13 Her Balloons Wouldn't Stop Floating

Via youtube.com

Balloons are great fun when kids are in a great mood. But when a toddler is in the tantrum zone, even fun things like balloons can spark an outburst. One youngster broke down in tears because her balloons wouldn’t stop floating – which, as older kids and adults know, is kind of the point of them!

12 His Sister Smiled At Him

Via youtube.com

Sibling rivalries can cause problems in families for years, but during the terrible twos, everyone can find themselves walking on knife-edge. One young toddler starting sulking simply because his sister had the audacity to smile at him. Not all kids are happy to find that they are going to be a big brother!

11 Not Allowed To Get A Tattoo

Via youtube.com

Getting a tattoo is not something that most parents have to worry about until their child is a rebellious teenager, but one family had to deal with this crisis earlier than expected when their toddler got it into his head that he wanted to get inked and was very firmly told that it wasn’t allowed.

10 Because She Asked For A Nugget And Got One

Via 9now.com.au

Food can be a major tantrum trigger – and not just for toddlers. Even adults have been known to get “hangry” when they haven’t eaten for a while. One youngster managed to have a two-stage meltdown at the dinner table when she first asked for a chicken nugget and then continued to sulk when she was actually given one…

9 He Wasn't Allowed To Lick The Toilet Brush

Via jukinmedia.com

The terrible twos are a time when youngsters are exploring the world around them and are trying to push their own boundaries – which means that moms have to keep an even closer eye on them than usual. One inquisitive young boy had a meltdown when his mom stopped him from licking the toilet brush.

8 Because His Dirty Nappy Went In The Trash

Via babycenter.ca

Potty training is another stressful time for toddlers and parents, and many children find it emotionally difficult to say goodbye to their nappies and hello to the bathroom. One little boy had a very unnecessary tantrum when he realized that his mom had thrown his dirty nappy into the trash.

7 She Didn't Get To Go To Her Parents' Wedding

Via parents.com

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to set off a major toddler tantrum, it is having someone tell them that they can’t do something. This becomes especially difficult if the thing they are asking to do is dangerous or impossible – such as the little girl who ended up in tears because she didn’t get to go to her parents’ wedding several years before she was born.

6 Not Allowed To Eat A Candle

Via dailymail.co.uk

Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters, and the dining table is fertile territory for sulks. So, parents should be delighted when their child decides that they want to eat something new, right? Unless, of course, the toddler is trying to eat a candle and ends up throwing a tantrum because he gets told no.

5 The Trees Were Taller Than Their House

Via stuff.co.nz

Parents like to think that they can talk their way out of even the worst tantrums, but toddlers don’t always respond to calm explanations, especially when the reason for their sulk is so bizarre that there is simply no explaining it away. One toddler pitched a fit simply because the trees in their garden were taller than the house.

4 Because She Couldn't Marry Her Daddy

Via directadvicefordads.com.au

Children spend the first months of their life literally joined at the hip with their moms, but as they grow older they start to develop new relationships with other members of their family. Daughters often tend to become daddy’s girls around this time, which led one toddler to break down in tears when she found out that she couldn’t marry her father.

3 The Cat Cheated In The Game They Were Playing

Via youtube.com

You might think that only children would have less opportunity for throwing tantrums; no siblings to annoy them and the undivided attention of their parents. However, they do have to find more unusual playmates, and they are not always reliable, as the young boy who was playing a game with his cat found out when his pet kitty apparently cheated.

2 The Sun Was Following Him

Via thismummyrocks.com

Like the youngster who discovered that he could never escape his shadow, a sunny day was also the cause of a major tantrum for another toddler when he freaked out because he thought the sun was following him. He’ll learn in science class that it is actually he that is following the sun.

1 He Wasn't Allowed To Go To Work

Via metro.co.uk

Kids these days are far too keen to grow up, but one toddler took that a step further than most when he announced that he wanted to get a job and threw a major tantrum when he was told that he was too young to work. He’ll change his mind about that in a few years’ time!

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