20 Hilarious Pics Of Celebs Who Weren’t Ready For Heels

You would think that the famous women of Hollywood would be pros at two things: acting in films and strutting around in six-inch stilettos. Their jobs require them to be on set all day long and then put on fancy high heels in the evening hours. Getting jazzed up comes with the territory for the beautiful women of Tinsel Town.

Some of these ladies, talented as they are, don't seem to have the whole red carpet walk down pat. All it takes is a twist of an ankle, and down they go like a ton of bricks. When you're famous, cameras are always watching, and falls don't usually go unseen. These are professionals we are talking about. They just get right back up and continue being awesome.

20 Mariah Carey: Songbird Down

Mariah Carey does very little without her high heels, so it is no great surprise that she takes a tumble every now and then. Mimi loves looking like a million bucks, and while she would be safer in tennis shoes, she is clearly willing to take her chances on a sky-high pair of Louis Vuitton.

19 Easy There Jessica

Get a few beverages in this mama, and Jessica Simpson is probably going to hit the pavement. She loves her high heels so much that she even has a line of them by her same name. We wonder if the culprits behind this fall are Simpson designed. Perhaps she should take to creating flats?

18 Not Even Madonna Gets It Right All Of The Time

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If you have ever seen a Madonna performance, you know that she really puts on a show and hold nothing back. Madge often wears outlandish outfits and very high shoes. Sometimes those shoes fail her, and she goes down in a blaze of glory. Alas, she always gets back up and finishes the set. The show must go on.

17 Gaga Gets Tripped Up Too

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When it comes to wildly high shoes, Lady Gaga is the Queen. The taller the heel, the better for this pop performer. While most of the time, she manages her dangerously high shoes like a boss, sometimes they do her wrong, and she ends up with skinned knees and pictures of her splayed all over the sidewalk.

16 Jen Lawrence's Ball Gown Got The Best Of Her

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most talented actresses on the planet. When she walks the red carpet, no one can help but stare at her beauty and grace... well, maybe not grace. Our girl Jen has been known to tumble down at the most embarrassing moments. Nothing like having the world watch you fall down the stairs as you walk up to accept your award.

15 More Than Once

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Jen Lawrence is becoming a bit of an award show misfit. She hasn't fallen just once while strutting the red carpet, Jen trips over her high heels and dresses fairly frequently. While she could be totally mortified every time she takes a spill, she always comes up with a sense of humor about it.

14 Taylor Swift Made A Swift Recovery After A Tumble

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Look What You Made Me Do Shoe! Sometimes Pop Princess Taylor Swift gets so in the zone, that she makes a misstep and bites it big time. When you are as busy as this lady, and always dressed to the nines, you are bound to miss a move every now and then. We bet Tay just, "Shakes it off."

13 Gigi Hadid Couldn't Handle The Heels

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Sometimes stars look hilariously bad when they trip on their heels and fall to the ground. Bella Hadid? She cannot look bad, no matter how hard she tries. Here we see her going down in heels and still looking absolutely wondrous. Falls don't seem so bad when you're covered in glitter from head to toe.

12 Her Sister Bella Seems To Be A Bit Wobbly On The Stilettos

Gigi Hadid isn't the only one to hit the sidewalk when trying to walk in heels. Her sister Bella Hadid also seems to struggle with staying upright while the cameras are filming. Those knees of hers are going to be really skinned up once she gets back on her feet.

11 Emma Thompson's Shoes Showed Her Who Was Boss

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Seasoned actress Emma Thompson rarely makes a misstep while cameras film her performing her, walking the red carpet in heels though? Well, that is a whole different story. Thompson really tipped over at the wrong time and likely turned as red as the carpet that she was strutting down.

10 Helen Mirren's Dress Was A Little Too Long

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Timelessly elegant actress Helen Mirren looks absolutely stunning in this floor-length, green gown, but the extra-long dress paired with high heels threw her for quite a loop when she attempted some red carpet stairs. She looks like she needs a bit of assistance getting inside of the building.

9 Sarah Hyland Could Have Used A Hand

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Sarah Hyland probably didn't see her moment on stage ending quite like this. There has to be nothing more embarrassing than taking a fall in front of all of your esteemed colleagues. Thank goodness this professional lady has a background in comedy work. She probably laughed the whole thing off.

8 Kimmy K. Went Down In Her Stilettos

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Mogul and reality entertainer Kim Kardashian doesn't do anything without cameras present, so when she leaves the house in high heels, she certainly takes the chance at falling and having it all caught on camera. You simply can not be perfect all of the time, Kim. A for effort, though!

7 Cara Delvingne Took A Friend Down With Her

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Fashion-forward Cara Delvingne always looks like a million bucks when she goes out, but sometimes those high fashion apparel choices turn against her and create falls and blunders while she's out. Here, Cara managed to not only fall in her heels, but to also take a friend down with her.

6 Helen Flanagan Couldn't Stay Upright

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English actress and model, Helen Flanagan, wanted to get all dressed up for a night out on the town, but those shoes of hers had other plans. Those bad boys are pretty, but not made for walking around town in. They sure showed the Coronation Street star who was boss here.

5 Demi Moore Should Know Better Than To Walk Through The Snow In Heels

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Demi Moore looks about as cool as they come, but walking through that much snow in high heeled boots? Well, come on, we all knew what was coming here. Moore didn't stand a chance against the wintery conditions when she left the house in this selection of inappropriate shoe wear.

4 Someone Save Lindsay Lohan

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Oof. Someone, please give everyone's favorite Hollywood star, Linsday Lohan, a hand. It seems she has left the house in shoes that are far beyond her evening capabilities. Lohan's boots are cute, but probably not practical for a party girl like herself. She would be better off in slippers and sweatpants.

3 Donatella Versace Should Design Fall Proof Shoes


Designer Donatella Versace was made famous because of her fashion sense, but that doesn't mean that she and fashion don't have their tedious moments every now and again. The fashion mogul let the cameras catch her totally tanking in her shoes. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice safety for beauty.

2 Fergie's Ankle Is Going To Hurt In The Morning

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Oh man! Check out that ankle position. Fergie meant to rock those black stilettos while enjoying a night on the town, but one slight misstep had her splayed out all over the ground. We hope she got ice on that foot right away. It's going to be sore in the morning.

1 Snooki Should Lay Off The Platforms

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Reality television star Snooki has certainly cleaned her act up over the last few years. After her reality television work on Jersey Shore, she got married and added three children to her brood. Before wedding bells and babies, however, Snooki was falling all over the place in her extra tall shoes.

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