25 Hilarious Memes Only Real Gamers Will Understand

Oh, this is always a fun sort of article to dig into. Who doesn't love to look at some of the truest and most ridiculous gamer memes out there on the web? Of course, we have pulled some more of the tame ones as opposed to the very savage, deep dives out there, but these are still fun and true all the same.

Those out there who stay away from the gaming world still just won't understand what is going on in this article. And that's just too bad for them. We know that we've got something special and we can always pick a gamer out of a crowd (if they ever find themselves in a crowd...)

25 Turn That Noise OFF!


This is a pretty ridiculous and way too frequent an issue when playing games online. It seems to be especially during COD, for whatever reason. We guess people just need to have their dose of country or ACDC  while camping out on the map. We don't need to hear it. We need to hear who is coming up from behind!

24 Noobs!


Oh, the noobs who are such a pain in this regard. How many people here have had a squad together in a game of COD or WoW or LoL, detailed what everyone should be doing and how to get through the game...and then have so many people forgetting what to do during play?

23 I'm Just Trying To Be Responsible


It is amazing just how many parents and authority figures in general out there really think that video games are horrible for kids. We are pretty sure that this is why kids have greater imaginations and better-adjusted attitudes. And hey, if someone is going to go out of their way to play Skyrim to be able to care for a family...just let them play!

22 I'm Totally Listening


The number of guys who seem to lose their minds when a girl noticeably hops online and actually wants to seriously play a game is mind-blowing. Girls can game too guys, and sure, it might suck to live in mom's basement, having never seen a girl in person before but that's no excuse to drool over a voice online.

21 Time To Rock And Roll


There are very clear differences between normal people and gamers. Of course, a lot of the gamers who are out there who would jump right up to take on a zombie apocalypse are likely to be the very first to get turned in zombies themselves, but there are plenty who likely have and are fairly skilled with guns.

20 Oh, Come On Mom & Dad...


It is amazing the number of parents who just do not know the difference between a PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or other gaming device. Somehow, everything is a PlayStation or everything is a Nintendo and what even is an Xbox in the first place? Come on. We know who Elvis is and what a VCR is so please learn the difference between these consoles. Christmas is coming, after all.

19 Very Real Gamer Types


These are two very accurate types of gamers, for sure. Some like to play a little defensive and work stealthily and stay out of trouble and others just love to break down the door and make as much noise as possible. What is scary is the person who really knows when to play both. They are dangerous.

18 We Don't Get It Either


We have never understood this, we have to be totally honest. GTA San Andreas was really bad for this. Haircuts were a fun thing to be able to get in the game but when customizing, the main character would go from just about bald to any other hairstyle and we're pretty sure that's not how it works in the real world.

17 Proud Of These Kids!


There is really a place for the classics, make no mistake, and the fact that there are kids who decide to spend their weekend playing Pac-Man versus rocking whatever brand new system they might have is wicked! Gamers should know the classics so they can better appreciate the games of today!

16 But...HOW!?


We are pretty sure that this is a real strategy of gaming called "Button Mashing". The number of first-time gamers who have managed to just annihilate their "skilled" well-versed opponents is incredible. We think it's because they have less to prove and aren't focused on hitting all the special moves.

15 Oh, The Good 'Ol Days


There are a number of us who still have the old notebooks full of cheat codes so we can rock God Mode in DOOM or GTA or whatever other game we want to fun in without consequences. Now, paper is ancient history in the gaming world. If only kids today knew what we had to go through.

14 Oh, The Truth...


Sure, Macs are great computers for audio and video editing but let's be completely honest here...they are not gaming computers by any stretch of the imagination. There is no real customization available and they cost a fortune before even trying to custom build one.

13 Good Game Nintendo


This is so unbelievably accurate. However, we do have to say that the Switch has managed to do a much better job than its predecessor, without a doubt. There is something to be said about a completely mobile version of the Wii U. It will still never touch the power of the PS4, but it's also a fraction of the cost of a premium console.

12 We Love Our Khaleesi!


This is so unbelievably true for those gamer girls out there. This can be a great thing and can be an awful thing. It just really depends on how exactly a gamer girl can handle the attention. Essentially, they could get just about anything they want if they play the cards right, but they have to deal with some pretty ridiculous behavior.

11 Relax...No Wait!


Every time. It's so easy to get into a lull when gaming (depending on the game) and the posture usually drops and sitting back into an almost sleeping position is a very real thing. Especially in RPGs and racing games when the player thinks they are easily miles ahead. However, as soon as someone passes, it's adrenaline and player 1 is face right into the screen!

10 Red Light! GREEN LIGHT!


Why not!? We are certain that this is true. Everyone, at one point or another, who has played Grand Theft Auto has gone out of their way to drive like a normal person. It's hilarious to try and far more difficult to do. Especially when in territory that the player isn't supposed to be in. Car-jacking is pretty frequent in those cases...and the lights just change so quickly!

9 We Had A Connection...


This is a very real and saddening feeling. Playing Diablo or COD or any game online, it is pretty common to meet up with some random person in a game who will run the dungeons or levels and be great support and once it seems like this dynamic duo will always be kicking butt together...the other guy just leaves...

8 I Don't Want To Lower The Difficulty!


Yeah, this is a thing that definitely happens too often for some people. Not most of us here but it definitely is a common thing among gamers and it really depends on which difficulty the player starts on at the outset. It's always a good idea to err on the side of being able to beat the game before upping the difficulty.

7 Just Hanging Out


Here's the thing...no pro player out there really needs to worry when playing alongside the plebes of the online world. They can just sit back with their sidearm and no even care that they don't have the new fancy rifle with the extra ammo because they know every angle and have perfect accuracy and so on...basically, the biggest nerds who stand to actually make money playing games.

6 Where'd You Get That Armor Bro?


This is a sad truth in the gaming world. Or, at least this is the way gamers will take things when being compared to some guy that their girlfriend says they don't need to worry about. The guy is always going to worry about their standing and if they are up to the level of this other guy they are worried about. Whether they need to worry or not.

5 We've Got This

Imgur .com

This is always a scary moment. It's like when people think they've finally beaten Sephiroth (Which was scary enough) and then he shows up in One-Winged Angel form and that can really startle a lot of gamers going through FFVII for the first time...or even Kingdom Hearts gamers. We say "bring it on" if we're good gamers anyway.

4 Thanks Mom!


If only these were moms back in the day. Thankfully, there is a whole generation of gamer girls out there now and they understand the trials and tribulations of gaming with parents who don't know any better so they will be able to navigate their kids' time way better when it comes to gaming! Thanks, Mom!

3 We Really Love You!


Everyone knows this is true. Or everyone should know it, anyway. There is something about showing prospective marriage material a favorite game or even picking a game that he thinks she might like that is just very touching (if the girl is willing to notice that). Gamer guys do really try to bring their girls in to game...if they're smart.

2 Because PC Rules


It can be rather difficult for PC gamers to not lose their minds when they haven't talked down to consoles and their gaming population for too long. There is something about the hardcore PC gamers that makes them instantly arrogant. It could be the amazing power that a true PC gamer can wield compared to the average console gamer.

1 Anakin...Hardcore Gamer


Who knew that Anakin Skywalker was such a hardcore gamer. Not only did he have a headset, could crack his knuckles, and didn't have a girlfriend (eventually), but he actually went out of his way to make sure he didn't have a girlfriend. That is some true hardcore gaming right there.

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