20 Hilarious Driver’s License Photos We Can’t Stop Staring At

No one loves getting their driver’s license renewed. It always seems like waiting in line takes forever, no matter how early you were to the DMV. Then there’s the annoying paperwork and oftentimes we forget something necessary. But perhaps the most anxiety-inducing part is when you have to take your photo. Rarely anyone looks good in identification photos.

The lighting is horrible, you don’t have a chance to check your hair, and there are scarcely any re-dos. But we promise that you’ve likely never taken a driver’s license photo as bad as the ones that made this list. Some of these folks looks like they went out of their way to look extra bad during their special day. All we know is they probably get a ton of laughs whenever they’re carded.

20 He Had To Sneeze

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For serious ID photos, like a passport, you’re often not even allowed to smile. So, we’re seriously questioning how this guy got away with making such a cringe worthy face. It looks like he either had to sneeze or got scared by something right before the camera’s flash went off.

19 Shave It All Off At This Point

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If we walked out of a barber shop with a hairstyle this tragic, we’d just go bald. But clearly this guy thought the perfect next stop would be to the DMV. We bet John was practically unrecognizable when he shaved this beauty off completely (I mean- we’re hoping he did!).

18 Sure, You're Totally Justin Bieber

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If you’re going to make a fake ID, don’t use a photo of a famous person. No one is going to believe you’re Justin Bieber, especially not if you use a picture of him before he was famous. It’s been a long time since The Biebs had that hairstyle and a long time since this ID expired.

17 Surely No One Will Question This

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This ID isn’t only sketchy because the guy was allowed to wear a sombrero while taking the photo. It’s also questionable because it claims to be from a state called ‘Mexifornia.’ Something is telling us that place doesn’t exist… And the fact that the ID expires tomorrow isn’t helping it, either.

16 There's Definitely A Good Story Behind This

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You have to get yourself seriously injured to end up in any kind of casting, let alone a neck brace, so we’re curious as to how this guy got hurt so badly. And we’re also hoping it’s not driving related considering he had to renew his license looking like this.

15 He Better Drive A Batmobile

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There are a lot of unique names in the world, but none are as heroic sounding as Batman bin Suparman. While we doubt we’d name our own kids something this, um, interesting, it’s definitely a conversation starter. On a side note, we’ll be seriously disappointed if this guy doesn’t drive a Batmobile.

14 Hopefully, It Was A Glow-Up

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When this guy says he doesn’t look anything like his old driver’s license photo, we’re hoping that means he’s improved his look. The choppy facial hair, outdated mullet, and all-around unkempt look was doing him no favors. In fact, it kind of makes him look like a character from a movie, no?

13 He Wanted The Best Of Both Worlds

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Deciding how to groom your facial hair can be a big decision for a man. After all, your beard says a lot about you. Clearly, this guy was undecided on what to do. So, he only shaved half his face. Unfortunately, we don’t think this meets the definition of the best of both worlds.

12 It's Easy To Mistake A Colander For A Hat

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When getting a photo taken for an ID, most of the time, you’re not allowed to wear a hat or any sort of accessory that makes your face less visible. So, we’re not sure how this guy got away with his, um, hat. But an even better question is how or why this man decided to wear a colander instead of an actual hat?

11 Can She Even Reach The Gas Pedal?

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Even though this girl was supposed to be born in 1998, she doesn’t look a day over 5-years old. Yeah, if you’re going to make a fake ID, make sure the photo is at least of a person who’s of legal age. Even though there’s typically no refund on fakes, we’d definitely demand our money back after such a tragic mistake.

10 He Clearly Loves His Mom

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Our first thought is how did a 13-year old leave the house wearing such a cringe worthy shirt? Surely, his mother didn’t approve. But then the better question is probably how did a kid this young get to sit for a driver’s license picture? The world is a messed-up place.

9 It's The Best Of Both Worlds

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Here’s another guy who couldn’t decide how to style his facial hair. But not only did he take a razor to his burly beard, he also did the same to the top of his head. So, he rocked a semi-bald, semi-shaven look to take his driver’s license and the employees somehow let him go through with it.

8 You Won't Be Able To Unsee This One

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While most of the IDs that made this list did so because of their, well, unflattering photos, we can’t say anything negative about this picture. Ashlee doesn’t only look normal, but she actually looks good in her photo. What’s the problem, then? Well, take a look under her name and see for yourself.

7 Clearly, Modeling Is His Thing

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Some people just have worse luck taking photos than other people. Clearly, this California native has never had much luck in front of the camera. His last three driver’s license photos are all tragedies. We only hope this guy didn’t move ll the way to LA to pursue a career in modeling!

6 Let's Give Him A Moment Of Silence

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Everyone’s worst nightmare when taking a photo is that they’re going to have to sneeze and ruin the shot. But evidently, we should also be worried about bugs landing on our faces. A devious fly is to blame for this epic photo. We’re surprised they didn’t let him take a re-do.

5 There's No Chance This Is A Fake

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We’re unsure if this person just lucked out and wound up with an unfortunate sounding name in English or if this is the result of a poorly made fake license. Either way, this unusual name (it’s pretty easy to think what "Phat Ho" sounds like in English) is definitely unbelievable.

4 Someone Get Him To The Barber Shop

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Here’s someone that we wish had just shaved their entire beard off before ever heading to the DMV. This ridiculously kept beard and handlebar mustache are doing no favors for the guy in the photo, and the same goes for his array of neck tattoos. Better luck next time, buddy.

3 Well, They Said To Smile...

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Not everyone is blessed with a picture-perfect smile, so sometimes this is the result of flashing your pearly whites. This California driver probably wasn’t expecting to look so, well, creepy in his license photos. If he was ever pulled over, we’re sure he gave the police officers a good laugh.

2 His Girlfriend Didn't Want To Be Alone

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We all know that one couple that can’t stand to be apart for more than a few minutes. Clearly, this couple is a bit too clingy for their own good. So much so, the guy’s girlfriend wouldn’t even let him stand alone to take his ID picture. We wonder how long this relationship lasted!

1 She Was Running Late At The Salon

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Many people stress over how their hair looks right before taking an ID photo. We imagine this lady falls into that category and made an appointment at the salon before stopping at the DMV. However, it looks like the appointment ran late since she had to get her photo taken with her curlers still in.

Sources: Pinterest, Ranker, Buzzfeed, Reddit

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