Hidden Gems In Taylor Swift’s New Delicate Video

As usual, Taylor Swift has included a bevy of easter eggs in her latest music video.

With Swift, finding the hidden messages in her music videos is turning into a sort of sport. Every single one has nods to her fans, either in clear text or in subtle imagery, to the point where watching a Taylor Swift music video is more like watching a video journal of her life.

Take her latest work for “Delicate” off her 2017 album Reputation. The video is mostly about how Taylor Swift can sometimes feel down about the whole “trappings of fame” thing. It starts with her looking morosely at the floor while the camera pans out and reveals she’s actually on a red carpet. Nobody seems to notice her glance as the cameras flash and she’s ushered inside a luxurious hotel.

A short scene with Swift taking selfies with fans is interrupted by an over-eager hotel staffer being taken away by Swift’s security detail, which follows her precisely while walking down the hall.


But then she ducks out to the bathroom and reads a magic note that was handed to her outside the hotel. Suddenly, nobody can see her, and we see the true Taylor Swift: a goofy girl that loves to dance even though she’s not the greatest at it. But it’s the heart she shows that shines through.

There’s of course way more to Swift’s video, and we have Lisa Hiser to thank for spotting a bunch of easter eggs for “Delicate”. She’s done this sort of thing so often one can only assume her full-time gig is analyzing Swift videos from her bedroom.

via Taylor Swift VEVO on YouTube

The first thing Lisa points out is the snake that’s in every Swift video. In this case, it’s the ring on her finger. Next up is the hotel itself, which in actuality is the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in LA, but in the video is Hotel Delicat-- self-referencing the music video.

As with most Swift videos, the self-referencing happens a bunch. While Swift is dancing in the rain, we see the phrase “it’s delicate” spray painted on the side of a garage, along with the word “reputation”, which is the name of the album “Delicate” is on. There’s also the phrase “echoes of your footsteps” spray painted, which is one of the song’s lyrics, along with a sign for “Joe’s Deli”, referencing Swift’s boyfriend, Joe Alwyn.

In the subway, there’s the words “track 5” spray painted, which is the song’s place on Reputation, and the dive bar that she eventually stumbles into at the end is yet another lyric from the song.

We couldn’t find a “13” anywhere, which is another Swift standby, but it’s sure to turn up sooner or later. In the meantime, enjoy a bit of “Delicate” before you go.

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