Hidden Details In Boy Meets World Fans Totally Missed (20 Points)

Boy Meets World is still a favorite show for people who grew up in the '90s. We watched it weekly, discussed it with our friends and family, and basically thought that Topanga was the coolest person ever. We probably wanted her long, gorgeous hair, too... and her hair is still #goals to this day! We loved the relationship that Cory and Topanga have and hoped that we could have that ourselves once we were old enough.

Boy Meets World was on the air for seven seasons from 1993 until 2000. It's been almost twenty years since then but we're still so invested in this series that was all about Cory, his sweet family, his adorable friends, and his love interest, Topanga. We got to watch Cory grow up, which makes Boy Meets World such a classic, wonderful show.

We've seen each episode and talked about it, we've watched re-runs, and we've wished that the show would come back. Thankfully, we got the spin-off Girls Meet World, which lasted for three seasons from 2014 until 2017.

Do we know all that there is to know about Boy Meets World? Maybe not. Here are 20 hidden details in Boy Meets World that fans totally missed.

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20 Cory Says That He Knew Topanga Was The One For Him A Few Different Ways

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We know that Cory and Topanga have a real love story. But did we know that Cory says that he knew that she was the one for him two different ways?

According to Boy Meets World Fandom, "Cory's explanation of when he fell in love with Topanga changes from when she kissed him in Cory's Alternative Friends, to when they were catching fireflies as kids, to when they were playing at a playground as toddlers."

The post continues, "However, this could be explained by young children having notoriously bad memories." That's definitely true, but this is still a hidden detail from the show that we should hear about.

19 Cory Says His And Topanga's First Kiss Was At 11... And Also 13

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When did Cory and Topanga have their first kiss? We could be such big fans of this show and still not know the answer to that question since it's been such a long time since it was on the air.

Boy Meets World Fandom says that Cory says the first kiss happened at age 11... and also 13. These types of things happen all the time on TV shows, and sometimes it's only when we go back and rewatch that we notice them at all. This is another hidden detail of the show, although it's a small one (and we still love Cory and Topanga so much).

18 Everyone's Favorite Teacher, Jonathan, Is Gone After Season 4

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Boy Meets World Fandom also mentions that Jonathan Turner, our favorite teacher on the show, was gone after season four. We knew that he had an accident but probably wondered what was going on.

Thankfully for fans, he was on the spin-off, Girl Meets World, so we could watch him again. According to Buzzfeed, "After surviving his accident, Mr. Turner became the superintendent of schools in New York City. And he even hired Cory to be a teacher." Aw, that is just so cute.

Don't we all wish that we had a teacher like Mr. Turner in his cool leather jacket?!

17 Cory Had Another BFF At The Beginning (But Then It Was Just Shawn)

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Another hidden detail on Boy Meets World is that Cory had another friend at the beginning.

According to Mental Floss, "In the first three episodes of the show, Cory has a second friend, in addition to Shawn. The show was originally going to feature Cory’s friends as a group, rather than a duo, so the showrunners kept rotating in new friends. But the characters didn’t stick."

Are we shaking our heads because we can't imagine anyone other than Shawn being Cory's best friend? Of course, right? Those two characters are such a wonderful duo and they really prove that real friendship is the best thing ever.

16 Topanga Wasn't A Major Part Of The Show At First

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Ranker says that Topanga wasn't a major part of the show at first and Topanga was going to have a smaller role. The website says, "Ms. Lawrence was originally a fringe character, to be used as a foil for the main characters, but she was too popular for her own good and became one of the stars."

This is amazing to hear since we can't really picture a Boy Meets World without Cory and Topanga as the major couple. It's so strange to think about that. So many people look back on this show so fondly because of this character.

15 Cory's Sister Morgan Is Played By Two People

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One of the best elements of Boy Meets World is the fact that Cory had such a nice family. It was definitely a wholesome show. We loved watching Cory with his sister, Morgan, and with his brother, Eric.

Someone pointed out in a thread on Reddit that Morgan is played by two different actresses, making this another hidden detail that we might not have noticed on the show.

The actresses are named Lindsay Ridgeway and Lily Nicksay. If we watched Girl Meets World, then we'll know that these actresses were in the season three finale, which was really fun for fans.

14 Shawn's Sister Only Gets Talked About One Time

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Mental Floss says that Shawn's sister is only mentioned one time on the show, making this a hidden detail that we might not have noticed.

It's true that Shawn didn't have a family life like Cory and Eric's. We might not even really remember much about his family set-up except that he didn't have the perfect nuclear family with the mom and the dad and the siblings. Maybe he was supposed to have a sister and then they couldn't cast her so they moved on from that idea? Or maybe there was no reason to bring her onto the show at all?

13 Two Different Actors Portrayed Cory's Dad And Eric In The Pilot (Then Were Replaced)

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Sometimes, actors will be in a TV show's pilot and then be replaced, and that was the case on Boy Meets World. Both Cory's brother, Eric, and his dad, Alan, were played by different actors in the pilot than the rest of the show.

According to Ranker, "For some reason, Boy Meets World had trouble finding actors that were a fit for its characters. The show not only recast Topanga and couldn't decide on Cory's missing BFF, but they also recast Eric and Alan Matthews after the pilot episode. Originally, Eric and Alan were played by Harry Barandes and Matt McCoy. They were replaced with Will Friedle and William Russ respectively."

12 Mr. Feeny Is Actually Married To The Actress Who Played His Love Interest On The Show

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Mr. Feeny is such a beloved character and the actor who played him, William Daniels, just celebrated his 92nd birthday. On Boy Meets World, his love interest is Dean Bolander. As it turns out, William Daniels is actually married to Bonnie Bartlett, who played Dean. According to Ranker, they have been a married couple since 1951.

Isn't that so adorable?! They also have two kids, which is even more adorable.

It would be impossible to watch Boy Meets World without wanting to have a real-life Mr. Feeny around so we could turn to him when we were feeling down or wanted to hear his wise words, so it's nice to know "Dean" was really his true love.

11 Danielle Fishel Tells The Story Of Her Character's Name, And It Was Based On Topanga Canyon

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Let's face it, Topanga is a strange name. We all know that and yet we're pretty used to it since we're such big Boy Meets World fans. But another hidden detail is about Topanga's name.

Mental Floss quotes Danielle Fishel who told the story of the name: “Michael Jacobs says he was driving down the highway when production called and said, ‘We need a name for this character!’ He happened to be driving past Topanga Canyon, so he said, ‘Topanga.’ He says that if they had called him two miles later, I would’ve been named Canoga, which is the next exit.” This is such a fun story to hear.

10 Shawn And Cory Are In All 'Boy Meets World' Episodes

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It would be easy to assume that every character would be in all episodes of a TV show, but of course, that's not possible. Sometimes storylines only involve a few of the major characters, or in the case of a show with child actors, they have to go to school or can't be on set all the time.

Fame 10 says that Cory and Shawn are in all of the Boy Meets World episodes: "Only Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) and Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) appear in every single episode of the show. In a close second however is Will Friedle (Eric Matthews) whose only absence was season 4, episode 9 “Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred Pound Men.”

9 There Was Another Girl Playing Topanga (Which Is Hard For Fans To Picture)

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We may hear actors say that they don't want to "typecast" and that they play characters other than the one that made them famous, but hey, it's tough to imagine certain actors and actresses as other people. We would also have a tough time picturing other actors playing those roles.

Can we see someone else playing Topanga on Boy Meets World? Definitely not... but another actress had the role before Danielle Fishel did. According to Insider.com, the actress said in the book that she wrote, "To this day, I don't know why Michael gave me another opportunity to audition for Topanga, although I suspect it was because it was easier than having to do a whole new casting call, but he did."

8 Rider Strong Took The Leather Jacket His Character Was Known For Wearing... And Then Someone Took It From Him

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Ranker mentions this interesting fact about Rider Strong: he took the leather jacket that Shawn is famous for wearing... and then someone took it from him. Oh man, what a story.

Ranker says, "Strong continued shooting Boy Meets World while attending classes, and his beloved jacket was stolen out of his car. It was never supposed to leave the set, so to avoid getting into hot water, he replaced it with a look-alike. Disney execs never knew the difference."

We're so glad that Shawn was able to continue wearing this jacket. It would be weird to see him without it.

7 Shawn And Eric Are Besties IRL... Which Meant They Couldn't Be In The Same Scenes Very Often (As They Were Too Silly)

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Don't we want to hear that actors and actresses are so connected while working on the same TV show that they become good friends? It's always great to get this behind-the-scenes scoop.

In the case of Boy Meets World, two of the cast members were extra tight. According to Ranker, Rider Strong and Will Friedle were really good pals... and that meant that they couldn't be in the same scenes much because they would act so silly. They would start giggling and not be able to stop. We love hearing this and it's too cute. Hey, we can relate: we definitely giggle watching Eric and Shawn, too. All the characters on this show are so funny.

6 Topanga Gets Emotional In The Finale... Because The Actress Did

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According to Fame 10, Topanga is super emotional and very teary-eyed in the series finale of Boy Meets World because Danielle Fishel couldn't help but act that way.

This is such a sweet and refreshing series finale story to hear. Loyal fans who watch a favorite TV show's series finale can't help but cry (even if they say that they don't) so we can only imagine how hard it is for the actual cast members. We love hearing about this hidden detail of our beloved  Boy Meets World... and now we want to revisit the finale (and, yes, we'll definitely cry).

5 Cory And Topagana Dated IRL (But Said They Were 'Like Brother And Sister' After One Evening)

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Many couples met when they star on the same TV show or work on a movie together, so we might wonder if any of the stars of Boy Meets World dated each other. Of course, what we really want to know is if Cory and Topanga (or Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel) dated.

According to Insider.com, Cory and Topanga did date IRL.

The website quotes Danielle Fishel: "We were like, 'Hey, do we really like each other or do we just pretend we like each other five days a week?' So we went out to dinner one time," Fishel said. "It wasn't like a real date or anything... We just ended up joking like we always did, like brother and sister, and realized at the end of our dinner date that we're more like family."

4 Shawn Almost Left Because Rider Strong Was Interested In Heading Off To College

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Mental Floss says that Rider Strong was interested in going to college and so Shawn almost left the show. Thankfully for us fans, that didn't happen, and Shawn was still one of the main characters.

The story is so interesting: as Mental Floss says, "Strong approached the showrunners about quitting to focus on his studies, but Jacobs convinced him that it was possible to do the show while attending college. Strong took all morning classes and then went to work. He even had a dorm room, as the school required, though he didn’t stay there every night." Rider Strong has a Columbia University degree and he also got his MFA at Bennington College.

3 When Cory And Eric's Parents Have Another Kid, He Seems To Be A Baby One Minute Then Grow Up Super Fast

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Buzzfeed story mentions that Will Friedle once joked about Cory and Eric's brother, "And our little brother — in one episode he was a baby and four episodes later he was like 14."

It's definitely true that when Cory and Eric have a younger sibling, it seems like he's a baby in one episode and then seems to grow up super fast. This is a hidden detail that we might have missed since we get invested in whatever is happening on a show and don't always stop to look at the tiny details. But now that we are more removed from the show, we can say "Oh yeah..."

2 We Might Not Remember That Brittany Murphy Was Actually On The Show

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Do we remember that Brittany Murphy was on Boy Meets World? We might not remember this, but she was, and it's another hidden detail that we might not have noticed. According to Fame10, Brittany Murphy was in several episodes of the show.

The actress played a character named Trini Martin who is pals with Topanga. In fact, Boy Meets World fandom describes her as "An annoying friend of Topanga."

The late Brittany Murphy was full of so much talent and we loved watching her in anything, including of course her iconic role on Clueless. We definitely want to find her Boy Meets World episodes and re-watch them.

1 It Was Actually Viewers Who Said Topanga And Cory Should Tie The Knot

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A final (and interesting) hidden detail about Boy Meets World is about Cory and Topanga tying the knot. It was actually viewers who said that this should happen.

According to Insider.com, "ABC actually did an Internet poll for if they should get married. Michael Jacobs, the creator of the show, pushed for that," Rider Strong said in an interview with Vanity Fair. "Because he said that we were going to get them married, and ABC was like, 'You can't do it. They're too young.' And he said, 'Put it out on the Internet and do a poll.' And they did and people wanted them to get married."

Sources: Boy Meets World Fandom, Mental Floss, Buzzfeed, This is Insider, Ranker, Fame10

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