Here’s Your Supernatural Characteristics, Based On Your Sign

Whether you are feeling a little witchy, far out like an alien, two-faced like a siren, or like you’ve got some Dracula in you, there’s a reason...

Did you ever wonder why you tend to have supernatural abilities in certain ways? You always felt slightly different, and you can’t quite put on your finger on why. Given that the Halloween season is just around the corner, you feel that these supernatural abilities are really hitting a climax and you’ve got to figure out what’s behind them. Well, truth be told your Zodiac sign is the main culprit behind these feelings. Whether you are feeling a little witchy, far out like an alien, two-faced like a siren, or like you’ve got some Dracula in you, there’s a reason as to why these supernatural beings and you are linked.

Every sign has their own set of values and believe it or not, so do all of the supernatural beings that we found too. Whether it is simply survive, go from world to world, stay fed, or listen to their family, they do have a set of rules that they live by. Which supernatural being do you feel most drawn to? Do you feel like your sign is directly represented by one of these supernatural beings? We compiled a list of supernatural creepers that closely relate to each sign. Take a look to see which one relates to your sign.


15 Sagittarius: The Ever So Famous Werewolf

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You do what you want whenever you want. It’s pretty much your manta and you do it well. You aren’t tame by any means and anyone that thinks so is in for a rude awakening. You like to travel and roam on your own and you’re not known to be a pack animal either. Yeah, you like to party and have a good time, but that is reserved for when you are your human side. You fit into the crowd pretty nicely actually, but when the moon strikes right, you become a whole other beast entirely.

Many people get very caught off guard when this side of you comes out because you are so charming, but when you get detached and take off people just don’t understand it. But you know what’s going on, it’s just that alignment with the moon and your need to be a lone wolf.

14 Capricorn: Hannibal Lecter And A Side Of Fava Beans

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You are known to be cold and calculated just like Hannibal Lecter. You put your work above everything, and, in Hannibal Lecter’s case, that was killing people. Although killing people might not be the number one thing on your mind, people’s needs definitely aren’t on the top of your list either just like Dr. Lecter would have that on the top of his list as well. When you put your mind on something, like Dr. Lecter, you will follow through with it.

The only thing I have to say is, loosen up a little bit Capricorn. You and Hannibal Lecter need to take some lessons in loosening your trousers a bit and just letting your hair go wild and free. Maybe take a step back from work and enjoy the finer things, at least Dr. Lecter did that.

13 Aquarius: The Ever So “Dreamy” Freddy Krueger

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You are creative, therefore you don’t only work during the standard hours like everybody else. You work like Freddy Kreugar and find interesting times of the day to get your work done. Freddy works within dreamtime for example. Although that time might not be when you’re working, it might be when you get your inspiration because your dreams are pretty darn out there. You likely write your dreams down and use them as inspiration for the many projects you are working on.

Like Freddy, you are unexpected and you show up at odd times. Many people see you as somewhat aloof, but that doesn’t seem to bother you all that much because your work and your endeavors seem to keep you pretty occupied though. You definitely would never be called boring though, that’s for sure.

12 Pisces: The Flamboyant Doctor Frankenfurter

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Truth be told, you aren’t that scary Pisces, but you do have a ton of showmanship just like Doctor Frankenfurter. Give you a costume and a couple of show tunes, and you keep everyone well entertained for hours. You like when all eyes are watching you, even if you aren’t performing the most PC of pieces, but here’s the thing you steal the show no matter where you go. You have the best voice, the best movies, and are the most on point actor around.

When it comes to Halloween, you are the one that is putting on all the performances. If there is a show tune to be sung or a recital to be danced, you are the one that is the mastermind behind it just like Doctor Frankenfurter was. Just stay away from his costume choices.

11 Aries: A Far Out Alien

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You are naturally one that travels to different worlds because you are so intrigued by them. One could naturally assume that you once came from one of these crazy places because you feel more at home trekking around the strange pink Lake Hillier than in your own house. It never felt odd to pack up your stuff and just take off, in fact it always felt natural to you. Some of your friends and family look at you with their eyebrows raised because they can’t understand how you take such comfort in adventuring so often, but you do and you can’t explain it.

Just like an alien, you feel like a foreigner in your own skin when you are home for too long. It’s like you haven’t done what’s natural to you and explored what is around you begging to be trail blazed.

10 Taurus: A Wacked Out Serial Killer Like Jason Voorhees

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Well, a Taurus is known for hanging on to some grudges just like the ever so famous Jason Voorhees (queue lightning). Yeah, no one should ever make the mistake of screwing you over because you will never let them forget about it that is for sure. Not to mention that you don’t go away either. You might have gotten in a few hits on this person, but it still isn’t enough for you, you need more before you lay off. They need to truly feel what they have done to you and learn their lesson.

Jason Voorhees never let his victims off easy just like you don’t let those that have hurt you off easy either. You’ll chase them down and wait ever so patiently for the right moment to strike. They will never forget what they did and they will never ever do it again.

9 Gemini: A Two-Faced Siren

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You are capable of coming across as very appealing and very attractive to others. You have you little song and dance the draws other in, but can be very destructive if they aren’t careful. You know how to get what you want and bail the moment you are over this person. You can really leave a trail of tears streaming behind you and jump to your next victim pretty quickly. Since you are so social, you have no problem find where to pull from either.

Like a siren, you are very convincing when you approach your target and your victim would never suspect the danger they were about to be in because of your wit and charm. You can switch from a “misunderstood victim” to the master manipulator in a matter of seconds.

8 Cancer: Leatherface…Is Your Middle Name

You are all about the family life in a sometimes crazy kind of way, just like Leatherface. You would do just about anything in your power to keep your family safe and you would also listen to just about anything your family were to tell you. Imagine some crazy kids came meddling on your farm and you didn’t want them there, now maybe you wouldn’t go on a murder spree but you would go out of your way to protect the ones that you hold near and dear and that is a fact.

Leatherface was a character that was also misunderstood, he had a lot of care for his family, but he was only violent because his family told him to be. If his family wasn’t so insane, he probably wouldn’t have been so crazy himself. However, you have to give the guy points for his dedication to his gene pool.

7 Leo: You’ve Got Some Dracula In You

Okay, let’s be real for a second here. Vampires are the vainest bunch of them all and Dracula is the leader of them all. Who hasn’t seen Dracula portrayed as a character that is completely full of himself? Enter the slightly overconfident Leo. Oh Leo, how you love looking at yourself in the mirror and unlike Dracula who doesn’t have a reflection, yours is always smiling back at you. Your vanity can slightly suck the life out of those around you, but everyone still loves you anyway just like viewers love Dracula.

Now Leo, don’t get yourself into some of the stick situations that Dracula does because of is hubris. Sometimes you can be a little big for your britches and it’s a good idea to keep yourself a little more down to earth than Dracula does.

6 Virgo: You’re The Spitting Image Of Norman Bates

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You look so sweet and innocent, Virgo, but there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. You have a hard time letting go of the past and that also means the people that have crossed your path in the past as well. In a menacing way, you can and will dig up information on said people long after your relationship has been dead and stalk them in ways that aren’t so great in their eyes. Since you are so intelligent, you have no problem sneaking around and not getting caught while tailing them either.

Virgo, you really need to let these relationships go because there is nothing healthy left to hold on to, but you continue to latch yourself on to the hope that they will come back to you much like Norman Bates did with his mother after he killed her.

5 Libra: The Small But Mighty Chuckie

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You’re an underdog Libra. Normally, you like people to get along and no one would expect much out of you when it comes to a bad side, but you have one and Chuckie is the best way to describe it. You can trick people into believing you are completely innocent based on your looks and intentions, but man can you come to play when push comes to shove and it isn’t a pretty picture when you do. You can be dangerous because you take the time to consider all of the outcomes like many people do not.

You might come off as harmless during an argument, but you might have your own agenda at the end of the day and will become the ultimate victor if people take your advice. People better watch their backs because you could be the most dangerous person they’ve ever come across.

4 Scorpio: The Misunderstood Frankenstein’s Monster

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Oh Scorpio, if there is one word to describe you it is misunderstood. It’s not like you want to see people get hurt, it just seems to happen. When people come at your first, you aren’t going to sit back and take it, but you aren’t ever the one to throw the first hit, yet you are always pegged as the bad guy all the time. It’s survival when you really think about it, just like Frankenstein’s Monster, the townspeople came at him with fire and he fought to defend himself.

It doesn’t seem fair that you are always deemed as the crazy one who is always plotting against everyone when it simply isn’t true. Yeah, you might be part of the drama, but it was only after it was brought to your doorstep first.

3 Bonus: Taurus Can Get A Little Witchy

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Taurus is known to get a little wicked in the kitchen, that much is true. Taurus can whip up pretty much anything with the help from their favorite cookbook. Magic can truly happen when you watch a Taurus step behind the stove and effortlessly throw together your favorite meals. There is no way any other sign would be able to achieve such a delicious flavor without much more effort. A Taurus can bake or cook just about anything with the snap of a finger.

Just like any competent witch, a Taurus always has their favorite cookbook near by with all of their favorite recipes so they can conjure them up in no time flat. A Taurus loves making their old favorite recipes or diving into a new challenge as well.

2 Bonus: Cancer Has A Side Of Mummy In Their Lives

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Cancers don’t like being out in the open, vulnerable for all to see. They just aren’t that type. Like a mummy, they like to keep themselves and their feelings more under wraps so they feel safer among the crowds rather than exposed to the masses. A Cancer love to be at home during their down time, wrapped up in their blankets rather than dressed in club clothes out on the dance floor, it’s just their MO. Mummies, similarly to a Cancer, like to hang out in their wraps inside of their sarcophagus just like how a Cancer stays bundled up in their home.

It’s hard to get a Cancer out and about just like it is hard to get a mummy out of their forever resting place as well. There are a lot of similarities here.

1 Bonus: Scorpio Can Be A Little Headless Horseman

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Scorpio is know to lose their head a little when they get a bit ticked off, kind of like the Headless Horseman. Although a Scorpio might not be the initiator of drama, they are definitely the ones to finish it when it comes knocking at their door step, and you better believe that the Headless Horseman finished off many jobs by cutting them off a head of the game plan. A Scorpio is also very dramatic like the Headless Horseman, so all the theatrics with riding away into the fog on a black horse totally plays up to the Scorpio.

The Scorpio also likes to stand up for themselves when they have been wronged, just like the Headless Horseman. They will never simply sit back and allow things to happen, they will get back at whoever did them wrong.

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