Here’s Your Fave Trashy Entertainment Of Choice (Him & Her), Based On Your Sign

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Here’s Your Fave Trashy Entertainment Of Choice (Him & Her), Based On Your Sign

Guilty pleasures—we all have them. In fact, from dirty bedroom fantasies to the types of movies and TV shows we like, we are all guilty of watching some of the trashiest stuff on TV. Just consider for a second what secret TV show you love to consume when no one is with you. All alone on a Friday night, are you more prone to binge an entire Keeping Up With The Kardashian marathon or Law & Order: SVU? Well, now we can turn to the stars to help us discover our own personal guilty pleasures when it comes to what we all watch on TV.

Our zodiac signs can reveal a lot about ourselves. In fact, whether we like to admit it or not, our zodiac signs are a gateway into our guiltiest pleasures. As a result, we’ve crafted this handy guide to determine the TV shows that would make most people cringe if they found out you watched them! Sit back, relax, and try to indulge in these simple generalizations about the viewing preferences of everyone simply based on their zodiac signs!

If you have any doubts about this list, remember that these are just generalizations and not meant to be taken too seriously.


24. Gemini Guys Are Likely To Sit Around With No Pants On Watching Big Brother

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Some say that Gemini men are free-spirits. Therefore, it should come as absolutely no surprise that they love to relax without the confines of their pants. In fact, Gemini guys are notorious for getting bored very quickly. As a result, they can always be found watching the latest episode of Big Brother. Trying to keep their interest is extremely difficult in every area of their lives, including the entertainment shows that they choose to watch. An hour-long drama is simply too much for them to bear. Instead, they need something silly and loose to watch to match their carefree personality. That’s why they prefer the stupidity and absurdity that ensues on every single episode of the reality show Big Brother. It allows them to have an escape from their lives and brings them closer to their center.

23. The Gemini Woman Watches The Royals Because She Secretly Wants To Be Kate Middleton

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Gemini women need validation from others to feel content. In fact, The Royals have become the latest respite for many Gemini women seeking to indulge in their fairy tale fantasies. Flash back to the year 2007: when Kate Moss and Reese Witherspoon were sporting the perfect bang haircuts, Prada made turbans chic again, and Gossip Girl was released. Ever since Gossip Girl ended in 2012, Gemini women have been seeking the same drama and luxurious lifestyle from a TV series. And that’s where The Royals comes into play. The first ever scripted show on E!, it turns tabloid fodder into plot lines. Consider a princess’s dalliance with a bodyguard? Or two redheaded cousins battling it out for the throne? The drama is there. And so is the luxe factor, which Gemini women simply can’t get enough of.

22. A Taurus Female Can Be Found Laying Around Binge-Watching Scandal On The Regular

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The biggest Scandal fans just so happen to be Taurus women. This Shonda Rhimes-created political drama has everything a Taurus girl could want, love, politics, and scandal. Taurus women need some scandal in their lives, which is why they tend to gravitate towards the show Scandal itself. The show has been confirmed for its seventh and final season. Scandal is the show that Taurus women can’t wait to watch. The sensual Taurus needs to feel the emotions portrayed by every single character on the show. Just the insane storylines are exciting for the Taurus women because they constantly keep her guessing. As a result, if not just for the Kerry Washington wardrobe, the stylishly dramatic Taurus needs to have her fix of Scandal on the regular.

21. You Can Usually Find A Taurus Guy Binge-Watching Wayward Pines

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A Taurus guy needs his sci-fi fix on the regular. Wayward Pines is one such show that provides a Taurus man with the exceptional story lines he loves combined with excellent acting. The concept of the show is killer, to begin with for a Taurus guy. On the surface, Wayward Pines resembles a cross between Twin Peaks, The Prisoner, and The Village. However, it takes the best elements of those shows and puts it into one mega television mini-series. Since binge-watching is so popular these days, in particular among the Taurus guy, Wayward Pines is perfect since it’s a miniseries that doesn’t have a plot that extends over too many seasons. At the end of the day, Taurus men really like Wayward Pines because it has an ending that is concrete, leaving them satisfied with their guilty viewing pleasure.

20. Aries Women Can’t Get Enough Of Reality TV, Which Is Why You Can Catch Them Watching The Latest Episode Of KUWTK

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Who doesn’t love some good ‘old fashioned reality TV? Aries ladies, as the ultimate go-getters, you are notorious for craving some much-needed relaxation at home at the end of a long day at the office, being the hustler that you are. In fact, zoning out to an entire marathon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is the only way you can stay sane in your hectic everyday life. As a result, the trashier the reality TV show, the better you end up feeling about your life. There should be no shame in wanting to give your brain some rest by indulging in a few hours of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Because we all know, once you start watching, it’s challenging to stop!

19. Aries Guys Are Likely To Binge-Watching Superstore On The Regular

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Aries guys, you are known to hit the reefer on the regular. As a result, your taste in TV shows and entertainment verges on stoner comedy. However, you tend to diverge just a little off the beaten path when you can’t stop watching Superstore on a loop at the end of your busy day. In fact, with your easy-going personality, it’s no wonder that you find a sitcom comedy about working at a large Superstore so hilarious (it’s probably your current gig). Finding a show that resonates with you is tough, so when one does come along, you can’t help but connect with it and watch it religiously. Therefore, don’t let your friends make you feel uncool for liking a show that their moms watch on the regular.

18. Pisces Women Will Secretly Lounge On The Couch Watching Catfish When No Ones Home

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While a Pisces woman loves relaxation and a spa day, she can also indulge in some TV watching when the time is just right. Pisces women have an incredible imagination which allows them to get deep with a television show that they love. That’s precisely why it should come as no surprise that Pisces women get enthralled by Catfish: The TV Series. Being highly emotional and sensitive, Pisces women can feel for everyone involved in the show itself. As a result, these artistic and spiritual beacons of hope lean on Catfish: The TV Series for comfort during their more emotional periods in their lives. Therefore, if you happen to be a Pisces lady or in a relationship with one, know that it is okay to watch a little Catfish: The TV Series when needed.

17. You Can Often Find A Pisces Guy In Bed Watching MacGuyver

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The sensitive and charming Pisces man! One of the most romantic guys out of the entire zodiac, Pisces men rely on MacGuyver to get them through a rough day on the job. In fact, if you have got a thing for a Pisces guy, be prepared for a lot of MacGuyver reruns in your near future. Since Pisces guys are incredibly altruistic and charitable, it should come as no surprise that they relate to those same character traits in MacGuyver. While MacGuyver can do a lot of cool action sequences and fix things, at his core, he is a gentle soul, which every Pisces man can relate to immediately. Therefore, give your Pisces man the time he needs to watch MacGuyver and be his genuine, sensitive self!

16. Aquarius Dudes Can Always Be Found On The Couch With His Family Watching Wheel Of Fortune

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Have a crush on an Aquarius dude? Obviously, you should know his guilty pleasure TV show before you commit to a long-term relationship with him. Aquarius guys love to hate Wheel of Fortune. Since they are always coming up with brand-new ideas for just about anything and everything, Aquarius men can’t get enough of the puzzle that is Wheel of Fortune. In fact, they love using their impressive analytical skills to crack the word-puzzle faster than all the other contestants on the show. As a result, their competitive nature reigns supreme whenever they get a chance to catch Wheel of Fortune on the air. It should not surprise anyone when the Aquarius man is notorious for skipping on hanging with the boys for happy hour in favor of spending half an hour watching his favorite puzzle TV show, Wheel of Fortune.

15. Aquarius Females Need Scream Queens In Their Lives In Order To Survive

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Aquarius women can be some of the more pro-feminist people out there in the entire zodiac. In fact, it’s because of this female empowerment that they feel the need to share with others that they become drawn to the TV show Scream Queens. If you haven’t seen the show, you really might not know what to expect or why Aquarius ladies are so attracted to the show itself. However, after watching just one episode, you too may be hooked. It seems like the Aquarius females have caught on to something that may be connecting with a lot more people in general. With the combination of laughter and chills, Scream Queens is a combination of a variety of genres that suits the Aquarius woman well after a long day at the office.

14. Capricorn Women Can’t Live Without The Bachelor, Bachelorette, And Bachelor In Paradise

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One of the greatest guilty pleasures among both Capricorn men and women are all the Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise shows. In fact, Capricorn women will be the ones hosting wine nights with their friends to watch these various shows on a weekly basis. Whenever the Bachelor or Bachelorette get announced for a brand-new season, you can be sure that the Capricorn women will be getting the invites ready for her premiere party. These shows are the perfect guilty pleasure for the Capricorn woman because they give her a respite from her busy day. Although cheesy, it’s an excellent way to unwind after a hectic, busy day. Who doesn’t want to look at attractive people making out with one another at the end of the day?

13. Capricorn Dudes Are Guilty Of Being Enthralled With Secrets And Lies

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Got your eye on a Capricorn dude? While he may not keep secrets or lies from you, he is most definitely watching the show Secrets & Lies religiously. Serious, dependable Capricorn males rely on Secrets & Lies to escape from their lives. In fact, since everyone relies on the Capricorn man to get everything done on time, he needs his little guilty pleasure like Secrets & Lies to indulge every so often. No one is infallible, and getting a glimpse into the lives of the people on Secrets & Lies invigorates a Capricorn man to no end! Piling up all that overtime can take its toll. As a result, a Capricorn dude needs to relax with drama to feel at peace with his own hectic and busy life. Seeing the craziness unfold on the screen provides an enormous amount of comfort to the Capricorn man.

12. Sagittarius Women Need To Watch The Biggest Loser To Make Themselves Feel Better

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Sagittarius women are notorious for being Positive Polly’s no matter what. But, we all can get in a health rut sometimes. When it comes to Sagittarius women, they are the eternal optimist- nothing can keep them down. However, if they can’t seem to get those last five pounds to come off, they will likely to turn their good ‘old friend, The Biggest Loser to get them over that final hurdle. Being incredibly witty and sarcastic, Sagittarius women don’t take this show too seriously. They watch The Biggest Loser as pure entertainment after a busy day handling their business. As a result, whenever they feel annoyed with someone or just plain ‘ole tired, flipping on the TV to catch an episode of The Biggest Loser will surely put a smile on their face.

11. Sagittarius Men Hide Their Need For Once Upon A Time From Their Girlfriends

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Do you suddenly find yourself crushing on a Sagittarius dude? Are you a Sagittarius guy who loves anything and everything relating to Once Upon A Time? Whether you believe in astrology or not, there is always something to be said about the Sagittarius male and his penchant for watching Once Upon A Time on the regular. In fact, since the show is predominately geared towards women, a Sagittarius guy will most likely be super embarrassed if you ever speak his secret out loud. As a result, your Sagittarius guy will try and hide it from everyone, even those closest to him like a significant other. These sensual and passionate men become drawn to the romance and passion that drives Once Upon A Time to be such a success.

10. Scorpio Women Are Notorious For Spending An Entire Sunday Watching House Hunters And House Hunters International

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Scorpio women have the purest pleasure when it comes to watching anything related to House Hunters and House Hunters International. In fact, Scorpio women may be the only ones on this list who are unashamed of their love for the HGTV reality hit. Based on their love of life, Scorpio women simply don’t believe they have any guilty pleasures. They simply have preferences, which they will gladly share with anyone who will listen. As a result, House Hunters and House Hunters International are both real estate havens that Scorpio women can escape to while simultaneously cleaning the house or baking brownies. Typically, you can find a Scorpio woman rooting for an incompatible and self-absorbed couple who can’t decide between a McMansion or an outlandish estate on the coast of Riviera Maya.

9. Scorpio Dudes Find Life In Pieces To Be Comedy Gold, But They Wouldn’t Dare Tell Anyone About It

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Crushing on a Scorpio dude? Scorpio men can be quite humorless in their regular lives. As a result, they turn to a basic sitcom like Life in Pieces to make themselves feel better after a long day at the office. This comedy has made a mark on CBS audiences, in particular, those Scorpio guys who just want some wholesome humor at the end of a very long day. A show that embodies all that is fundamental and real about family values with hilarious undertones, Scorpio men are drawn to the hilarious antics and sincere heart that lies beneath every single joke. As a result, while they will never admit it to anyone, a Scorpio man is on the couch watching the latest episode of Life in Pieces on the regular!

8. Libra Women Need Project Runway In Thier Lives In Order To Survive

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As self-proclaimed shopaholics and some of the most fashionable people in the entire zodiac, Libra women have a penchant for being able to style themselves to a ten daily. As a result, it should come as no surprise that they flock to Project Runway to get their wardrobe inspiration. In fact, the newest season of Project Runway features women of all shapes and sizes, making the Libra women even more intrigued with her already favorite show. These days, with size diversity reigning supreme on all things related to fashion and beauty, it’s no wonder that Project Runway has embraced women of every shape and size. Now, Libra women of all shapes and sizes can turn on their favorite guilty pleasure TV show and see themselves reflected in the models.

7. Libra Men Rely On Watching Daredevil To Get Them Through The Day

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Got your eye on a super-sexy yet super-nerdy Libra dude? When it comes to Libra guys, having a superhero to look up to is a must. In fact, Daredevil is essentially the epitome of what every single Libra man wants to be like. As a result, when Libra men come home after a long day at the office, all they really want to do is escape from their hectic busy lives by watching someone like Daredevil tackle bad guys like a boss. Right from the get-go, Libra men are entranced with Daredevil. Since most Libra men are notorious for being massive comic book fans, it should come as absolutely no surprise that they unwind from their busy lives by watching Daredevil on the regular.

6. Virgo Ladies Are Guilty Of Not Showering Just So They Can Watch Another Episode Of Bob’s Burgers

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Are you a perfectionist Virgo female who is enthralled by the antics on Bob’s Burgers? Do you have your eyes on a Virgo woman? Virgo women can relate to Tina from Bob’s Burgers on a soul level. In fact, Virgo’s can relate to the exhaustion that Tina typically exhibits in every single episode of Bob’s Burgers. As a result, if you are a Virgo female or dating one, you probably have sent or received at least one Tina gif or meme daily. Tina Belcher and the entire Belcher family depicts the inner monologue of every single Virgo female. Therefore, it should come as absolutely no surprise that every single Virgo woman will forgo showering just to stay up to watch one more episode of Bob’s Burgers!

5. Virgo Men Adorkably Watch New Girl Every Single Week

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Do you happen to have your eyes on a Virgo dude? Be prepared to have him force you to binge-watch New Girl on the regular. This guy is a super-nerd and needs to unwind with some antics like those that the gang in New Girl usually endure. Similar to Friends, New Girl shows the life of twenty-somethings living life in a loft and all that comes with growing up. Whether relationship drama or career dilemmas, New Girl embodies the life of a Virgo man. Every Virgo man can relate to at least one of the main guys- Schmidt, Nick, and Winston. In fact, your Virgo dude probably has a favorite guy character (Nick) and wants to find his perfect Jess in real life.

4. Leo Women Spend Their Days Off Sipping Coffee While Watching Maury

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Have a thing for a fiery and feisty Leo woman? Are you a strong Leo woman who has a soft spot for raunchy morning television? On a day off from work all a Leo woman wants to do is wake up later than normal, sip some black coffee, and watch her favorite morning show: Maury. A Leo woman simply can’t get enough of the trashiest talk show nonsense that occurs on Maury. Leo women particular favor the episodes where Maury reveals paternity test results to various couples. It’s this drama that lures Leo women in and makes them want more and more, every chance they can get to watch it they are sure to be there, sitting in front of the TV, laughing hysterically at the wild stories that come from the show.

3. Leo Dudes Seek Comfort In The Trials And Tribulations Of The Lion Family On Empire

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Got your eyes set on a Leo dude? Are you a Leo man who finds himself watching Empire on a weekly basis? Whether it’s the mere fact that the central family on Empire are the Lions or if it’s all the drama, Leo men can’t help but find themselves enthralled on the weekly happenings of the Lion family. In fact, Leo men will be sure to make everyone they know a fan of the show, just by gushing about the great storylines. However, they usually only reveal this guilty pleasure to people that they trust. Typically, Empire is a show relegated to female viewers who love a family drama. But Leo men can’t help but find themselves watching the show every single week, waiting to see what insane remark Cookie throws at her current nemesis.

2. Cancer Women Are Typically Found On The Couch With A Pan Of Brownies Binge-Watching The Real Housewives Of Any City

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Crushing hard on a quiet natured Cancer lady? Everyone knows that the sensitive Cancer woman needs food and reality TV to put her in a good mood. In fact, a perfect Sunday for a Cancer woman is staying home, baking some brownies or other desserts of choice, and watching a Bravo marathon of any Real Housewives franchise. The Cancer lady likes her TV to depict the luxurious lifestyle that she hopes to live one-day. At the end of the day, a Cancer female wants to be a housewife of her own city. If you were to ask a Cancer woman her dream job, she might give you the response you want to hear, but secretly she just intends to be the best housewife she can be!

1. Cancer Dudes Get Their Dose Of Drama By Secretly Watching UnReal

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Inevitably you will fall head over heels for a sensitive Cancer man. Just like their female counterparts, Cancer men are sensitive souls with hearts of gold. In fact, comfort is key for the Cancer dude. As a result, instead of taking any risks with their lives, they rely on UnReal to bring them the drama that they lack in their real lives. The idea of living a comfortable and stable life is something the Cancer man needs to feel sane. However, when it comes to watching television, the Cancer man wants to step away from his real life and enter a world of drama and pure chaos. That’s why their greatest guilty pleasure is just drowning themselves in comfortable sheets, pillows, blankets, and turning on the newest episode of UnReal!

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