Here's Which Sign Each Zodiac Will Marry And Will Most Likely Divorce

When it comes to the zodiac, some signs are compatible and some signs aren’t. While some pursue the same things in life, understand each other and fulfill each other’s needs like nobody else can, others can’t strike that magic chemistry, no matter how hard they try. Whether it’s because they’re too different or too similar, some signs just weren’t made for each other.

Because of this natural compatibility, some signs end up happily married together, while others rarely last as spouses. Some zodiac combos have a proven track record of successful marriages, and others have a history of splitting up before long.

We’ve compiled a list of the one sign everybody in the zodiac is most likely to marry (and stay married to!), and which sign they’re most likely to divorce. It’s only common sense that the natural personality tendencies of a person would affect what kind of marriage they have, but these predictions for marriage compatibility between the signs are more guidelines than rules—we are all still individuals, after all!

Read on to find out which sign the universe wants to set you up with, and which sign could end up being very hard work for you!

24 Aries Will Have The Most Fun With A Gemini Spouse


You might not have thought that Aries and Gemini would end up tying the knot, but they usually end up being pretty happy when they do. These two signs share a lot in common, including a love of adventure and a passionate, fun-loving spirit. Aries is slightly more aggressive, though Gemini can be fiery at times too, but overall, these two understand where the other is coming from.

Aries should marry Gemini because they’ll basically be in for a lifetime of excitement. Things in this household will always be light-hearted and happy, and neither partner will ever feel bored. Together, Aries and Gemini have a ton of friends and a million parties to attend, and when they are alone together, the jokes don’t stop. Laughter and smiles aren’t the complete recipe for a happy marriage, but they do count for a lot!

23 The Marriage Between Aries And Scorpio Won’t End Well


How happy an Aries will be married to a Gemini is how unhappy an Aries will be married to a Scorpio. Though Scorpio shares Aries’ fiery nature, this sign differs too much from Aries in values, desires, and approaches. Aries likes to leap with closed eyes, whereas Scorpio likes to plan and always remain in control. Scorpio gets jealous, and Aries can’t stand anybody trying to control them or dictate anything to them. Factor in how angry each of these signs can get when they don’t get their way, and you’ve got a recipe for divorce.

Even if Aries and Scorpio weren’t to divorce, it’s likely that they would spend a lot of time bickering. Because they can’t understand where the other is coming from and don’t empathize with their wants and needs, they can also grow resentful of each other pretty quickly.

22 Taurus And Taurus Get Each Other Like Nobody Else


As it turns out, Taurus doesn’t have to look very far to find their soulmate! Not every sign can find happiness with others of that same sign since the same desires and personality traits can be a cause of conflict. But Taurus has the kind of laidback personality where being with another Taurus nearly works every single time!

Taurus-born people are big on loyalty, consistency, and comfort. A marriage between two Taureans will be based on trust and loyalty, which are two key elements of every successful marriage, no matter what sign you are. A Taurus and a Taurus know how to take care of each other like nobody else does, and become so comfortable with each other that they wouldn’t think about leaving in a million years, even when a slight problem does arise.

21 Taurus Might End Up Divorcing Aquarius, Who Is Too Wacky For Their Conventional Ways


Taurus is compatible with Taurus, but not so much with Aquarius. The main issue that stops Taurus and Aquarius from being happily married is their different personality types. Aquarius is hugely creative and at times, can be unconventional. They think outside the box and don’t have a problem expressing their ideas, even when others don’t approve.

By contrast, Taurus tends to walk away from the wild side. They like to keep things safe, which can feel boring to a sign like Aquarius. Taurus is naturally social while Aquarius values alone time and isn’t concerned with the opinions of others, and those two different perspectives can lead to a lot of fighting. Because of that, a divorce between Taurus and Aquarius isn’t the rarest thing in the world.

20 Gemini’s Marriage To Leo Will Be Fast-Paced And Fun


Fun is the underlying theme in the marriage between Gemini and Leo. An extroverted and curious sign, Gemini needs to be with someone who can fulfill their need to live a fast-paced life. They need to be part of a couple who’s always busy, always traveling, always trying something new and always on the go. And who better to meet those demands than the life of the party him/herself, Leo?

When Gemini marries Leo, they end up having more fun than any other couple in the zodiac. Alone, they make each other laugh and have long conversations, and out, they’re the golden couple who always make the party come to life. Neither sign is great at responsibilities, routine, organization and anything else that might be considered “adulting”, but the beauty is neither sign cares.

19 Gemini Is Likely To Divorce Their Polar Opposite, Virgo


Marriage between Gemini and Leo works so well because the signs are similar in their zest for life and need to always be stimulated. For the same reason, the union between Gemini and Virgo hardly ever works because Virgo can’t accommodate those needs. You could say that Virgo is Gemini’s total opposite, and the two just don’t have natural chemistry.

What would a marriage between Gemini and Virgo be like? Gemini would crave excitement and new experiences while Virgo would crave routine and safety. Gemini prefers fun and Virgo prefers hard work. Gemini would be the child and Virgo would be the adult. Gemini’s philosophy is to live in the moment while Virgo’s is to plan for the future. Both would get fed up and resentful. If you’re going into this union anyway, it might be a good idea to get a prenup!

18 Cancer And Libra Will Have A Solid And Healthy Marriage


Cancer’s dream spouse is definitely someone like Libra. The scale of the zodiac, Libra is a master at providing balance and stability in the lives of others, which is just what someone with a turbulent personality like Cancer needs. Libra is a source of comfort for Cancer and helps them to stay afloat when they feel like they’re drowning in their own emotions.

Libra also happens to be a natural people-pleaser, since they don’t appreciate conflict. It takes a patient, sensitive and aware person like this to make Cancer happy since this sign often needs to vent and needs an understanding companion who won’t blurt out anything insensitive. In return, Libra loves to be pampered and taken care of, which just happens to be Cancer’s specialty.

17 Cancer Is Too Different From Aries To Have A Lasting Marriage


While Cancer needs to be with someone like Libra, who understand their needs and is there for them to lean on, they should probably steer clear of someone like Aries. The Ram happens to be one of the most loyal and loving signs of the zodiac, but sensitivity isn’t exactly their strong point. Instead, Aries is all about speaking the truth, no matter how ugly it is. They value taking chances, embracing change and challenges, and living life to the fullest. This can all cause some serious stress for Cancer, who prefers the comfort of home to seeking out adventure off the beaten track.

Since Aries is so emotionally strong, they might fail to understand why Cancer gets overwhelmed by their feelings, or that something like the wrong tone or a few words could upset this sensitive sign.

16 The Fun Won’t Stop When Leo Marries Sagittarius


Not every sign can handle an intense personality like a Leo. The Lion of the zodiac loves to the be the center of attention, cares about the way they appear to others and wants the party to last forever. They also don’t like losing or not getting their own way and aren’t strangers to the odd temper tantrum. But they do have huge hearts and are capable of a whole lot of love, not to mention their charm is out of this world.

So who should Leo marry? Someone who understands their fun-loving nature but doesn’t steal the spotlight. Someone who can hold their own in a relationship, but doesn’t have their own hot temper. Someone who is likable and charismatic, just like Leo. Basically, someone like Sagittarius.

15 Leo Needs Too Much Attention To Satisfy (Or Be Satisfied By) Taurus


When it comes to happy and successful marriages, Leo and Taurus aren’t the best combination. These signs differ greatly in the way they live their lives and the things they believe to be important, which can result in some major conflict.

Leo wants fireworks all the time, while Taurus is most comfortable when things are considerably cooler. Leo needs attention, adoration and an ego-boost every now and then, which they will admit to your face. Taurus avoids drama, theatrics and anything too OTT at all costs. This sign probably won’t give Leo the focus and attention they crave from a partner and will be annoyed when they go out to get it elsewhere. Before long jealousy will become a serious issue that could lead to the breakdown of the marriage.

14 Virgo Will Be Happiest With A Capricorn Spouse


Virgo and Capricorn happen to be one of the most successful combinations of the zodiac, and when they get together, they not only win at their relationship but also at life. Both of these signs have traits that might annoy other signs, which is why it’s a good idea they stick together. They are both relentlessly hard-working, ambitious and critical of themselves and others. Virgo should marry Capricorn because this is one of the only signs who will understand their need to work themselves into the ground, and their dedication to their goals.

These two signs usually positively influence each other and motivate each other to work harder, which results in one or both of them becoming successful in their careers and raking in that money.

13 Virgo And Libra Will Drive Each Other Up The Wall Pretty Quickly


Libra is a relatively easy sign to get along with, but that doesn’t mean they’re the perfect choice for Virgo to marry. If Virgo does end up walking down the aisle with a Libran, they could end up walking into a family law office at some point in the future.

One of the major character traits of Libra that Virgo can’t stand is their indecisiveness. Libra tends to take quite a while to come to decisions, whereas Virgo expects decisions and plans to be set as quickly as possible. Libra is a little more carefree than Virgo is used to, and is also more concerned with appearances and having the finer things in life than the quiet achiever Virgo is. These two are just too inherently different to be a dream couple.

12 Libra Balances Out A Scorpio’s Life And Will Find Wedded Bliss


Polar opposites don’t always work out, but in the case of Libra and Scorpio, they do. Scorpio is a sign Libra should seriously consider marrying one day because they are everything Libra isn’t and will fulfill any areas in which they’re lacking.

By nature, Libra is light-hearted and carefree, and it takes someone with that kind of personality to handle someone intense, emotional and serious like Scorpio. Although they are different in that sense, both signs are in love with the idea of being in love and will dote upon each other to no end once their relationship is strong enough, which will leave them both feeling satisfied. Scorpio is great at showing affection and revealing deep emotions, which is exactly the kind of thing Libra craves from a marriage.

11 Libra And Sagittarius Just Want Different Things Which Leads To Conflict


In a marriage between Libra and Sagittarius, the same fight will rear its head again and again, and that is the fight between stability and freedom. Libra is a carefree sign, but at the same time, they enjoy having a stable home life and consistency within a relationship. Sagittarius is carefree too, but Sagittarius needs freedom and a break from routine to survive.

Divorce might not come quickly between these two since Libra is great at diffusing tension and Sagittarius has a lot of patience. But their differences could cause a rift eventually, which could lead to a split. Libra is better suited to someone who’s not afraid to commit to them and give them the stability that they crave, whereas Sagittarius needs someone who’s not afraid to run free with them.

10 Scorpio Will Be Happily Married To A Cancer


On the surface, Scorpio and Cancer tying the knot sounds like a disaster in the making. But although Scorpio appears to be much fiercer and more aggressive than Cancer, Scorpio usually only turns to that behavior because their emotions get the better of them. Being ruled by emotions is something that Cancer understands better than anybody else in the zodiac, so these signs were made for each other.

Once these two get to a certain point in their relationship, they will open themselves up to each other and things will get about as real as they possibly can between two people. Scorpio doesn’t appear to be sensitive because they often put up a front, but they’re actually one of the most sensitive signs—another reason why they’re a perfect match for Cancer.

9 The Marriage Between Scorpio And Gemini Will Get Toxic Really Quickly


Like Cancer, Scorpio won’t do well with someone who’s insensitive. Now, insensitive is a strong word, but if there’s one sign leaning toward that path, it’s Gemini. While Gemini does care about those that they love, they’re usually too excited and enthusiastic about basically everything around them to worry about the emotions of others. They can often say and do things that might upset someone sensitive like Scorpio, without even realizing it.

Both Gemini and Scorpio love to talk, but the kinds of conversations they like to have are completely different. Scorpio needs someone who will talk with them about deep topics and open up with them, while Gemini needs someone who will talk about things that are light-hearted and fun. The fundamental differences between these two can lead them to fight and get pretty nasty.

8 Sagittarius Needs Someone Emotional Like Pisces


Sagittarius is an emotional sign, even though they are usually fine being single. They still fall in love hard and wear their hearts on their sleeves, so they’re best suited to someone who understands that kind of intense romance and who can match their many emotions. Pisces makes a great spouse for Sagittarius since this sign is very similar in the way they approach love.

Pisces also tends to give all of themselves in a relationship, which can leave them feeling very hurt with the wrong person. But if Sagittarius marries Pisces, the relationship will be built on a mutual understanding of passionate love, and feelings will always be up for discussion. These two signs tend to be in tune with what the other is feeling, leaving little room for misunderstanding.

7 It Probably Won’t Work Out Between Sagittarius And Capricorn


Sagittarius needs someone emotional, so Capricorn is off the table. Capricorn is a sign that has many good qualities, including a strong work ethic, but they don’t do the whole feelings thing. When a Capricorn does get in a relationship, they aren’t likely to be overly affectionate, and won’t pour out their love in public or private. Unfortunately, Sagittarius feels the most comfortable with someone who is able to do that with them.

There are other personality traits between these two signs that seem to contradict each other and ignite tension. Sagittarius will feel like Capricorn should lighten up and live a little, while Capricorn might think that Sagittarius gallivants around too much and should settle down and get to work. These two don’t have a lot in common, and that can lead to the breakdown of a marriage.

6 Capricorn Has A Different Nature To Aries, But They Can Be A Power Couple


If Capricorn wants to be part of a power couple, they should think about marrying Aries. When these two get together, they are as strong a partnership as you can get. Both signs are extremely hardworking and don’t give up under any circumstances, so if anybody is going to take over the world together, it’s them.

Though they can lock horns from time to time, they tend to complement each other nicely. Aries is initially attracted to Capricorn because Capricorn is reserved and wary when it comes to getting to know someone new, but Aries loves a challenge and a chase. Aries stands up for Capricorn, who’s usually too quiet to do it themselves, and Capricorn is a great example of self-control to Aries, who needs a reminder every now and then.

5 The Differences Between Capricorn And Leo Might Blow Up And Result In Divorce


Aries complements Capricorn and the differences between these two signs tend to work for them, but the opposite is the case with Leo; the Lion is just too different from Capricorn to make a marriage last.

The differences between Capricorn and Leo aren’t on the surface—they’re right in the soul and essence of each sign. Capricorn is quiet, while Leo is loud. Capricorn prefers to achieve quietly, while Leo wants everybody to look at them. Capricorn prefers staying in, and Leo needs a party. Though Capricorn is a reserved sign, they can still get irritable when things have been bothering them for long enough, and an altercation between these two signs could be in the cards if they spend enough time around each other.

4 Aquarius Should Cut To The Chase And Marry Another Aquarius


Aquarius is one sign who has no problem being single. When this sign does get into a relationship, they need space and boundaries, so they don’t feel overwhelmed, controlled, or smothered by the other person. That’s why Aquarius would never suit a Scorpio, Cancer or Libra. They might even get annoyed by a Leo or Aries. The best partner for Aquarius is, in actual fact, Aquarius.

Only another Aquarius will understand their need for space and time alone. They also tend to keep each other stimulated mentally and aren’t put off by their own unconventional ideas, whereas other signs might not understand their point of view. When these two get together, the spark never dies, no matter how many years pass, and they’re in for a long and happy marriage.

3 Aquarius Won’t Handle A Pisces And Their Emotions For Long


Not one for too much emotion or romance, Aquarius’s nightmare partner would be Pisces. When in a relationship, Aquarius needs time alone and needs to keep things light so they don’t feel like they’re losing themselves. After too much time with Pisces, they could feel like their relationship is overruling their life, and they could be overwhelmed by the desire to break free.

Aquarius won’t understand Pisces like a more emotional sign would. Because they don’t express their feelings openly and aren’t big on affection, they don’t relate too well to people who do. In truth, Aquarius would probably find someone like Pisces exhausting before long and will just want to be left alone. A Pisces, who’s always seeking strong love, won’t appreciate how distant an Aquarius is, and it’s not likely to end well.

2 Pisces Can Happily Marry A Virgo, Even Though They Seem Like An Unlikely Couple


An emotional, sensitive and creative sign like Pisces doesn’t seem like a great match for the logical and critical Virgo. But strangely enough, these two usually have very happy marriages. One trait that both these signs share is the ability to understand other people on a deeper level—both signs are intuitive, meaning that they won’t often misinterpret each other’s actions.

Virgo might get on Pisces’ nerves with their criticism, but after a while, Virgo can learn to filter their comments so they don’t hurt Pisces. Pisces will teach Virgo how to love themselves, while Virgo will help Pisces to abandon their daydreams and make their goals a reality. These two are everything the other is not, and once they get over some initial hurdles, they can have an amazing marriage.

1 Pisces And Cancer Are Just Too Emotional Together


It’s good for Pisces to end up with someone who’s emotional, but marrying someone as emotional as Cancer could end up in disaster. Although these two understand each other and are both sensitive to the other’s needs, there are just way too many emotions at play here. Feelings will get hurt left, right, and center and the marriage would be in desperate need of someone stepping in with some logic.

Pisces and Cancer can have a lot of fun together and usually make great friends, feeling satisfied once they’ve vented all their problems to each other. But with the added passion of romantic love in the mix, both can get carried away by all the emotion, which will lead things to blow up sooner or later.


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