Here's Which Kind Of Pajamas To Wear, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Pajamas are one of the small joys of life. They're safe, they're cozy, and they usually indicate that you're about to curl up and sleep. You never know how much you love pajamas until something like school or work forces you to get out of them. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as peeling off our warm pajama bottoms and sliding into tights, leggings, or jeans. If only we could sleep forever, right? We all relish Sunday mornings in our jammies for a very good reason! There’s something satisfying and calming about getting to stay relaxed all day. It’s hard to feel stressed when you’re wearing bunny pajamas or a hamburger-patterned nightdress! That’s the magic of pajamas. Are you wearing the best pajamas for you, though?

Since they’re such a crucial element of our nightly happiness, we need to be sure that we’re really investing properly in our pajamas. Your zodiac sign can tell you all you need to know about your silky set, your fantastic flannel, or your modest, monogrammed pair. Read on to find out if you need to update your pajama game or if you’re exactly in line with what you need. Your zodiac can tell you what kind of pajamas to wear, and we’ve got it all recorded here!

16 Water Signs: You Like Your Big T-Shirts 


There’s something about swimming in fabric that you water signs love. Whether it’s an abundance of soft sheets, blanket forts made of polar fleece and pillows, or sleeping in oversized shirts doesn’t matter. You love the feeling of being engulfed, surrendering yourself over to the complete relaxation of soft fabric. As an emotional sign, it’s very comforting. Oversized shirts are perfect for feeling safe and cozy, two traits that are important for water signs to have in their life. Not to mention how many varieties of shirts there are! You can have a different shirt for every mood! Variety is important, as water signs hate to stagnate. You’ve always got one handy, too. Any big old shirt can become a pajama shirt in your books, which highlights your resourceful nature. So, what type of big shirts does each sign like?

15 Cancer: You Almost Exclusively Sleep In Your Partner's Clothes


Leave it to Cancer, lover of love, partnerships, and the home to want to wear their partner’s shirt every night. While we can’t guarantee just how oversized it is (partners come in all shapes and sizes, after all!) we can guarantee that the safety element is there. You love the feeling of being wrapped in love. Reassurance is something you like, whether you admit it or not. The physical reassurance of having your partner’s favorite shirt carrying you as you drift off to sleep is incredibly important for your peace of mind. There’s no better trick for having good dreams than going to sleep happy! If you’re without a partner right now, don’t worry. Cancers are good at being their own safe space. Grab any of your own favorite shirts and let them carry you into dream-world. The safety element is there just the same.

14 Scorpio: You're ALWAYS Too Warm, So You Stick To Crop Tops And Shorts 


You’d think the fire signs would be the ones to get too warm. But no, it’s you, Scorpio. No offense meant, but you can be a bit of a hot-head. Like all water signs, you’ve got a high level of emotional response. This is awesome because it means you get overjoyed at the smallest things, like any time you see a dog walking towards you on the street. Unfortunately, it can also mean that you get caught up thinking about negative things too. Crop tops and shorts are an easy way to cool off. It also means you can dive into a pile of pillows and not get too hot. For a sign that likes convenience, the chill factor is super important. The last thing you need to worry about is waking up sweaty in the middle of the night!

13 Pisces: Oversized Sweaters Are More Your Speed 


We’re not going to call you sensitive or gentle, even if all the zodiac references say that that might be true. Pisces is very intuitive, which means you usually spend more time listening than talking. As one of the more introverted signs, you aren’t afraid of sitting alone for a few minutes and being with your thoughts. It doesn’t necessarily mean you like to hide, but you don’t mind being wrapped up in yourself. This is why oversized sweaters are your favorite sleepwear. You like the pajamas that are cozy and a little overwhelming. That way you can drown out any worries you might have by focusing on your awesome, comfortable pajamas. We know that you love being warm too, which is why you’ll usually pair your sweaters with some cozy pajama bottoms. It’s a perfect pair!

12 Fire Signs: You Love The Luxury Of A Silky Set


You’re all about the passion, fire signs! No matter which one of the three signs you’re classified as, you all share a love of texture, grandeur, and romantic ideals. While Aries might be more focused on going for their fantasies, Leo is definitely dead-set on having that perfect bedtime experience; warm milk, cookies, and all. And Sagittarius? You’ll take whatever comes your way. The silky sets are a perfect match for all of you because they’re all about luxury. They make you feel like the queens you are, and that makes for a very good sleep. Not to mention the texture! Treating yourself to some silky PJs every night has to be a form of self-care. You really appreciate yourself and believe that you deserve it when you get used to treating yourself to luxury and kindness.

11 Leo: You Like To Turn Heads, Even When It's Bedtime


Leo is the queen of slaying, and you need a pair of pajamas to match! It’s not enough for you to turn heads all day, you also need to keep that image up at night. And for good reason! You’re a powerhouse of a person, and looking your best makes you feel your best. You love the fact that you can slide into a silky dress and look effortlessly beautiful. If you don’t feel like that right now, we definitely recommend you try it once. There’s something powerful about giving yourself permission to be beautiful and to embrace the luxurious things. Take a step towards being your own cheerleader and let yourself sleep in all those lovely little silky dresses you see hanging in the store windows. It’ll be worth it.

10 Aries: Your Preferred Silky Set Is A Soft Romper


You might be luxurious and powerful but you’re also very practical, Aries. You know that bedtime is for sleep. Fun pajamas aren’t necessarily your thing, even if you like to be a little bit of a style standout in your waking life. You aren’t afraid to forge your own path, and appreciate people that stand with you as you're walking into your future. We’re with you on this choice; a silky romper or onesie is your absolute ideal when it comes to sleepwear. It’s comfortable, luxurious, and so easy. It hardly takes much time to put on or take off. Why waste precious morning time changing out of pants AND a shirt? Stick to the one-piece and you’ve all of a sudden got whole minutes extra to spend conquering the day.

9 Sagittarius: The Best Pajama Set Is No Pajama Set 


Oh, Sagittarius! The free spirit of the zodiacs, and the best person out there when it comes to starting new trends. You love your fashion sense, even if you’re not the biggest fan of clothes. You like to follow your impulse and do what feels good. When it’s sunny and warm out, that might mean spending all day on the beach. When it’s cold and rainy, a book by the fire is your jam. We’ve put you in this category because, even though you might not wear pajamas a lot of the time, you like the luxurious ones when you do. Anything that makes you feel good is your goal. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to not have to worry about wearing or washing pajamas. You’ve really got this living thing down! Happiness and less laundry? Yes, please!

8 Earth Signs: Matching Flannel Is Calling Your Name


 Matching flannel just screams “Earth signs”, doesn’t it? There’s something about the sensibility and the groundedness of flannel that matches really well with Earth sign traits. Earth signs are down-to-earth (pun intended), which means you’re not necessarily going to be tempted by the luxury of a silky set or the whimsy of an oversized shirt. You like comfort and reliability, both of which flannel has. Flannel doesn’t tear or wear through easily, and it stays just as soft as when you first bought it… No matter what happens to it. Not to mention how there are so many unique patterns! Even though you’re all about practicality, it doesn’t mean you’re boring. Earth signs like to have fun, which we can see through the pajama choices that are matched to each of your specific signs.

7 Taurus: Something Classy And Timeless Like A Monogrammed Set


For example, Taurus. You’re a strong-willed sign that doesn’t do things halfway. You always complete your responsibilities and take a lot of pride in that. Your happiness comes from the satisfaction you get doing a job well. You’re always one of the most successful signs, even if people don’t notice right away. You just keep your head down and work, and reap the benefits at the end… Without bragging about it! That’s classy, which means you need a classy pajama set. Something monogrammed is perfect for you. You can state clearly and calmly “these are mine” without having to shove it in people’s faces. Not to mention the timelessness! Monogrammed PJs are always in style, and always make you feel classy. It’s perfect for you, a timeless and classic hardworking beauty.

6 Capricorn: You Like To Wrap Yourself In The Biggest Blanket You Can Find 


Okay, we know that this isn’t necessarily pajamas. But it’s definitely what you prefer to sleep in, Capricorn. Because you can get wrapped up in the negative, you need to let yourself be engulfed in positivity. This will help to balance out your energies and will let you sleep soundly. You’ll also get the benefit of waking up happy, which is inevitable when you’re swaddled in cozy blankets. You can match these blankets with anything, too. Flannel pajama bottoms work well because they’re sensible… Like you! You’re not one for frivolity. You like the essentials, and you’re happy with those. Let yourself live a little, though. Splurge on a deluxe blanket to make you feel special. We think that waking up happy is just as important as going to bed happy; if you can achieve that, you’re golden!

5 Virgo: You're Old Fashioned And Stick To Classic Patterns


You’re often called one of the most intelligent signs, which we won’t deny. What a lot of people don’t know though is that you’ve also got a traditional side too. In the same way that you can write an outstanding essay, calculate those problems, and come up with solutions to complex problems your friends have, you can always figure out what’s getting you down when your mood dips. Often it’s feeling disconnected from yourself. Tradition is a good way to reconnect back to yourself. Classic patterns are comforting, and they feel good to slide into at the end of a long day. You’ll be happy to stick with tartan, stripes, or polka dots. They’ll always be there for you, and it’s hard to mess up matching them to other things. That type of order is much appreciated in your busy life.

4 Air Signs: You Basically Live For Cute Pajama Bottoms


Of course, the sign that’s all about laughter and positivity is going to go for the cute jammies! It doesn’t matter what’s on top; as long as your pajama bottoms are cute there’ll be a smile on your face! Air signs like to live in their imagination a lot of the time, which isn’t ideal when we live in a world that pushes focus and productivity. Your airiness is a special quality that needs to be nurtured! By inviting whimsy into your personal life, you’re able to retain those special, bubbly qualities that make you, you. It might seem silly to equate pajama bottoms with a sense of self, but trust us… It does have an effect. The more whimsical the pajamas, the happier you’ll be at the end of a long, productive day.

3 Aquarius: You Love Hilarious Patterns


Of course, Aquarius is the sign that opts for fun animals over classy stripes. You’re a bit of a free spirit in your own regard, Aquarius. You know how to have a good time, even if your idea of fun is more in the passionate-conversation-and-food realm than the wild party realm. There’s no shame about that, though. You feed your mind, body, and spirit through conversation and humor. It’s a way to recharge yourself, and your pajama bottoms reflect that. By opting for fun patterns and hilarious joke pajamas, you know that you’re always going to have a smile on your face. Plus, have we mentioned how much you love your pajamas? You’d stay in them all day if you could. Embrace that PJ love and invest in some pants that make you giggle!

2 Gemini: Bright Colours Give You Good Dreams


Part of you might be scoffing at the idea of having fun pajamas, but a part of you is also gushing over how fun that colorful pajama set is. You might put on the face of determination and strength, but deep down inside you’ve got a quirky nature that aches to come out. You’re an ideas person, which means you need to let your creative side flourish. If this means some silly pajamas, go for it. Nobody but you will know, and it’s a small price to pay for happiness. You tend to look good in colors anyway. Plus, all those patterns will keep your busy mind happy. Focusing is sometimes a challenge for you, which is why having several projects going at once is good since your thrive in multitasking. Having several patterns on your pajamas is almost the same thing… Right?

1 Libra: You've Probably Been Wearing The Same Pajamas For Years


How much do you want to bet that you’ve had those pajamas you’re in for more than a couple years? We would bet a lot on that fact, which is why we have to applaud you for your commitment. You’re not one to waste anything, including your pajamas. Once you find something that works you’ll stick with it, keeping yourself on that track until it’s time to gently shift off of it. This isn’t a bad thing. You’re rational, and often know when it’s time to move on from something that isn’t giving you what you need. If you want to keep wearing your classic, comfortable, reliable pajamas, please go right ahead. We understand that they’re like an old friend by now; you can always count on them. That’s what pajamas should be. An old, reliable friend that helps you drift off to sleep each night.

Reference:  astrology-zodiac-signs.com

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