Here's Which Kardashian/Jenner "You'd Rather", Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been on for like a million years, and I’ve totally lost track of how many spin-offs the show has had between all of the siblings and their random coast swapping situations. Though it’s hard to believe that after over ten years of following them around, this crazy family still keeps us entertained. Am I right?

Even if you’ve never been an avid viewer of the show, it’s like, the only thing that’s ever on E! So, you’re stuck watching it whether you like or not. The countless marathons only prove that we can’t get enough of the Kardashians. Why is that?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they’re a rather large family of super-rich people. What exactly do they do for work? Who knows, but if you haven’t giggled once at Kourtney’s offhand comments, or Khloe’s ability to shoot her sisters down in a flash, then are you even human? You have to admit, scripted or not, this reality show has had some crazy moments from past pictures of Kourtney leaking—which later almost involved the FBI—to the hiding of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy.

PS: congrats Kylie!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is what American TV is made of, so why not have some fun with the stars, and see how your zodiac sign aligns with the energetic Kardashian/Jenner tribe?!

16 Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Most Likely To Have Helped Kylie Jenner Cover Up Her Pregnancy


Earth signs are known for their “real” demeanors. This includes Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. They’re productive, grounded, practical and most importantly, empathetic. An Earth sign is the perfect person for someone like Kylie to turn to when they’re in need. Kylie chose to go through her pregnancy in private, and this is something that the Earth sign couldn’t definitely understand.

Being in the spotlight can be quite the headache. And of course, we know that Kylie has suffered from anxiety for a while. So of course, she decided to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible because of this. Introverted Earth signs can suffer from anxiety too, so they know what it’s like to want to do certain things alone without being under the watchful public eye.

15 Virgo: Most Likely To Get Advice From Kourtney Kardashian


Virgo, you are probably looking at a list of pros and cons ten times a day, but I’m telling you to put down the pen and look to Kourtney Kardashian instead. The stern eldest sister has always let her dry sense of humor shine throughout the series. But you have to admit, she’s got some great pearls of wisdom, even if they don’t always sound nice.

Often times, Virgos are huge people pleasers. That’s why you need someone like Kourtney by your side to urge you to say no every once in a while. You’re not the best at making decisions, so having someone in your corner who will nudge you in the right direction is essential. Someone like Kourtney Kardashian can definitely be your confidante.

14 Taurus: Most Likely To Work For Kris Jenner

Taurus is a workaholic, and they have finally found their spirit animal inside of Kris Jenner. The momager is constantly in the hot zone with her family because she works way too much. But how else do they expect to make the millions of dollars that they have without mama Kris looking out for their wallets 24/7?

It takes one to know one; the Taurus would adore Kris, and probably see a lot of themselves in her when it comes to working style. There’s a good chance that they would be an assistant or intern and carefully work their way up the latter to match Kris’s success. Taurus tend to have an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit so it only makes sense that they would start small to learn from the best and go on to own their own successful company.

13 Capricorn: Most Likely To Personally Train Kourtney Kardashian


If you’re a Capricorn, then there’s a good chance that you are very athletic. Capricorns are drawn to adventures, and you can bet that many of them are the ones jumping out of airplanes and climbing impossible mountains. They like to go through various experiences and don’t really take much comfort in routines. In fact, routines can make them very uncomfortable, as they may fear of getting stuck in a cycle.

That’s why the Capricorn would do best as Kourtney Kardashian’s trainer. Khloe may have her own show, Revenge Body, but Kourtney has always been the sister that went out of her way for a good work out. She rarely repeats routines and likes to change up where and who she works out with. The Capricorn would have so much fun training someone like Kourtney.

12 Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Most Likely To Survive A Long-Term Relationship With Any Kardashian/Jenner


Water signs include Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. They are usually highly intuitive, emotional, intense, sensitive, and independent. The latter is the most important factor to surviving a relationship with a Kardashian or a Jenner. It’s clear from what we see in the series and their social media accounts that all of these ladies are constantly busy.

Between traveling for work, photo shoots, and events it’s easy to get lost in all of the fuss. This calls for a partner who can entertain themselves and keep busy. The ladies don’t need someone who will wait at home for them. They need someone who has their own things going on as well so they don’t feel like they’re constantly letting the other down. Water signs can usually handle this kind of responsibility without trouble.

11 Cancer: Most Likely To Fall For Kendall Jenner

Does anyone else feel like Kendall is kind of a mystery to them? It’s her Scorpio ways! She rarely makes appearances on camera anymore. She tends to fall into cycles of endless work and social gathering, which can be typical for any Scorpio. Her unavailability will probably draw a Cancer in, and keep them there, even if she doesn’t show interest.

The Cancer will be drawn into her ability to seem so casual, yet mystical all at once. Plus, the Cancer’s worth ethic is very similar to Kendall’s. It can usually be all work and no play for them. The Cancer is very sentimental, and highly emotionally intelligent, which could help them overcome the obstacles of a long distance relationship with a busy supermodel like Kendall Jenner.

10 Scorpio: Most Likely To Party With Kris Jenner


Can we all get a momager like Kris Jenner who will skyrocket our careers of being talentless into all new levels of wealth, please? Kim may be the star of the show, and frankly the reason anyone even cares about the Kardashian name, but it’s mama Kris who shines above all. She has always loved the spotlight (the very few times her daughters allow her to have it).

Scorpio, you will definitely find that partying with Kris Jenner is to party like a rock star. She knows everyone who is anyone, and has no problem introducing you to them to expand your network…and your party invites. Plus, Kris can smell a good deal from a mile away. This mom of (um, how many kids are there again?) six can really teach a Scorpio to loosen up and have fun.

9 Pisces: Most Likely To Nanny For Kim Kardashian

Kim has three kids now, and though she loves being a mother I’m sure she could definitely use some help. Throw kids into her crazy work schedule, and you’ve got your hands quite full. She needs someone who she can trust, but also someone that her kids would truly adore and love to be around. That’s where the Pisces comes in.

Pisces are arguably one of the most likable signs in the zodiac. They are caring, faithful, doting, loving, and kind. Need I go on? They are also one of the most selfless signs and tend to go out of their way to help others in need. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect nanny candidate?! Kim needs the Pisces to help her manage her kids while she’s on the road or just heading into a very busy workday.

8 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Most Likely To Plan A Kardashian's Birthday Bash


Air signs tend to lean toward the creative and adventurous side of things. This consists of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. They can usually come up with wild ideas for various project types. There’s a good chance these projects include potential parties and gatherings. Seeing as every season is filled with various birthdays, showers, and other glorified events we can’t even keep count of, there’s got to be some designated party planners on the Kardashian payroll.

One thing we know for sure is that no party or event is ever the same. Every one of them has a theme and some pretty cool wow factors. This is something that Air signs would dominate: coming up with cool and unique features to keep partygoers guessing.

7 Gemini: Most Likely To Be Personal Assistant To Khloe Kardashian

Have you ever seen Khloe’s pantry? It is incredibly organized, and everything is labeled. It’s almost too pretty to use. I wonder if she actually eats anything in it or just has it in her home for show. Lately, she’s also been traveling a lot since she follows along with her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson’s basketball schedule. So, chances are that she could use a hand.

Personal assistants are nothing new to the Kardashian clan. Many of them make appearances on the series as well. The Gemini would be the ideal assistant that Khloe needs. They are of course quick-witted, which they need to be since, let’s face it, Khloe has hilarious comments for everything that the Gemini can join in on. Plus, communication is key in assisting, and the Gemini is a great communicator.

6 Libra: Most Likely To Side With Caitlyn Jenner In The Whole Family Feud


If there is a sign out there that understands Caitlyn Jenner’s side in the recent family drama, it is most definitely the diplomatic Libra. Since her ongoing, confusing feud with the Kardashian sisters, Caitlyn has been lying low and away from the spotlight. The Libra hates to see anyone in the corner by themselves because they are very objective and are the best alternating points of view.

They can see both sides of any argument clearly, and really hate bullies. The Libra is the kind of sign that would stick by Caitlyn’s side loyally throughout the whole ordeal. They recognize and respect the strife that other go through, even if they’ve never experienced anything like it. Caitlyn, I hope you have a fierce Libra by your side!

5 Aquarius: Most Likely To Style Kylie Jenner

Hi Fashion Magazine

Kylie Jenner has often been deemed the most stylish in her family. Even Kim enjoys her little sister’s ability to adapt her personal fashion style to fit her moods. Kylie enjoys trying new things whether it’s a sexy, tight dress, or the latest luxe sweatpants. She is ready to take it all on and show it off to her social media followers.

The Aquarius is a unique sign when it comes to fashion. They often change up their personal fashion statements daily and enjoy experimenting. They are usually trendsetters and are known for their quirky accessories. I’m sure Kylie could not resist an Aquarius’ unique tastes. There’s a good chance that if Kylie is looking for a stylist, she’ll lean toward the funky Aquarius who wouldn’t be afraid of color and accessories.

4 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Most Likely To Betray A Kardashian/Jenner


Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. They are passionate and energetic, but they can also be temperamental and tend to have a habit of self-destruction when they’re not mature enough to let things go. And the latter happens more often than not. It makes sense that these signs would be attracted to powerful women like the Kardashians.

But if they are too sensitive, things could go downhill fast. Fire signs can definitely end up burning bridges, and that’s one thing that this high-profile family can’t afford. These ladies are always in the spotlight so they need someone who is loyal no matter the situation. Unfortunately, Fire signs can be unpredictable even to themselves at times. They need to remain level-headed at all times otherwise they will do something that they regret.

3 Aries: Most Likely To Become Business Partners With Kylie Jenner


At 20, Kylie is the riches of her sisters. Okay, I think Kim actually takes the cake, but Kylie has only been working on her brand for a few years. Her cosmetics line has jumped in popularity, and her fashion line with her sister Kendall has also resulted in extreme success. While the rest of us normal people had to get mall jobs, Kylie was making tons of money promoting products on her popular social media accounts.

The Aries is an enterprising sign and has a great gift for business in various aspects. They make great business partners, so signing a contract to work with Kylie is practically in the stars! Maybe they could afford to build a mega-mansion next to Kylie’s latest home as well.

2 Leo: Most Likely To Get Along With Kim Kardashian


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the brattiest of them all? Thankfully, Kim Kardashian has grown up a lot since her TV debut. But we will never forget how much she just adores the limelight. And who better to understand that the Leo of course? Shockingly Kim is a Libra, but she carries herself like a Leo woman.

The Leo doesn’t just desire the spotlight, but they are also kind-hearted, loyal, and headstrong. Of course, they would totally get along with Kim. She has her bratty moments, but in the end, she always does the right thing and realizes her mistakes. Plus, the Leo and the Libra make a perfect combo that can really balance one another out. Leo, if it hasn’t been told to you yet then here it is: you are probably the Kim Kardashian of your group.

1 Sagittarius: Most Likely To Be BFFs With Khloe Kardashian

Khloe is the baby of the Kardashian girls but acts like a mama bear to her Jenner half-sisters, Kendal and Kylie. She is fiercely loyal, very outspoken, and pretty much the most hilarious of the family. There is nothing outrageous that she won’t say or do. These kinds of things would be perfect for a Sagittarius to embrace.

The Sagittarius is a huge extrovert and would totally get carried away with Khloe’s charm and ability to get sucked into countless shenanigans. They can also tend to seem like they’re all over the place. So, Khloe’s over-organized tactics could really help the Sag out a bit. If Khloe doesn’t already have a Sagittarius BFF, then you better get over there right now and claim your spot.

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