Here’s Which Celebrity Bad Boy He Is, Based On His Sign

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Here’s Which Celebrity Bad Boy He Is, Based On His Sign

There is just something about those bad boy types that make us women swoon. They give us a thrill of unpredictability and since they have other options when it comes to women, we feel flattered when they have shown interest in us. Bad boys keep us on our toes through their adorable charisma paired with roguish tendencies. We never know when a bad boy is going to text us back; but when he does, our heart starts pumping at twice the rate. These bad boy types come in many variations and degrees, from mild mischief makers to straight up criminals. Hopefully, your selection lies in the former category more so than the latter. Though a bad boy is almost guaranteed to break your heart, the rollercoaster ride of the fling will be something that you will never forget.

The allure of a bad boy comes from the fact that he has unusually high amounts of testosterone and pent-up aggression that needs to be unleashed. Being involved with a bad boy gives a woman a sense that she too is just as wild and rebellious as he is (even if she isn’t). Different zodiac signs exhibit different bad boy tendencies that we just can’t seem to resist. Here are some shining examples of bad boy celebrities and signs they were born under.

20. Aries: Charlie Hunnam – April 10, 1980



When it comes to the prerequisites for achieving bad boy status, it does not get any more ‘bad’ than a long, haired, tatted up dude on a motorcycle running his own biker gang. Enter Jax Teller, the lead role on FX’s hit series Sons of Anarchy. The show had its run and has since ended, but ladies tuned in specifically just to ogle the angelic face and jacked body of Charlie Hunnam. Jax Teller was a bad boy with a heart of gold which is what make him so appealing. To love this man, you must learn to love the club. To love an Aries, you must love their bold personalities. Secretly, he made us wish that we could be his old lady with those endless shirtless scenes. Sons of Anarchy made us think about splurging on leather gear, getting a few tattoos and maybe even hanging out at some biker hang outs. Of course, we would be disappointed to find out that none of them are as hot as Charlie Hunnam in real life.



19. Also an Aries: James Franco – April 19, 1978



Jame Franco is a bad boy with a devious smile, IDGAF attitude and a devil-may-care personality. He is known for playing creepy characters like Alien in Spring Breakers where he bails out a group of college party girls (played by Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson) from getting in trouble only to be getting them into even more trouble. Even with his gold teeth and cornrows, we still can’t help but find him adorable since he is the only human being in the world who can pull that off. Aries men have a childish charm to them that James Franco clearly demonstrates.

On top of being a bad boy on screen, he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar in real life. In 2014, he was caught sending some flirty Instagram messages and texts to a 17-year-old British fan. All of secret bad boy fans have to wonder, “where was James Franco when we were in high school?” That girl must be the envy of all her friends, no doubt.



18. Taurus: Iwan Rheon – May 13, 1985



We all know Iwan Rheon as the bad boy, Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones. Ramsay is sadistic and cruel to those who cross his path and pretty much anyone in general (even those who are supposed to be on his side.) The Welsh actor would like to have the entire world know that he is not a villain in real life. In fact, he sang about it in a cameo with fellow actors Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi (both who are known for playing villains). Still, there is just something edgy about Iwan Rheon that makes us think that maybe he has a bad boy streak to him deep down. His piercing stare, and sinister confidence he exudes when he plays Ramsay Bolton makes us guilty that we have a crush on a terrible GoT villain but we just don’t want to admit it. Like a typical Taurus, Ramsay’s temper is understated and only comes out when he gets the perfect opportunity.

Still, there is just something edgy about Iwan Rheon that makes us think that maybe he has a bad boy streak to him deep down. His piercing stare, and sinister confidence he exudes when he plays Ramsay Bolton makes us guilty that we have a crush on a terrible GoT villain but we just don’t want to admit it. Like a typical Taurus, Ramsay’s temper is understated and only comes out when he gets the perfect opportunity.



17. Gemini: Colin Farell – May 31, 1976



Gemini men are known to have unpredictable antics and erratic behavior. Colin Farrell is both a bad boy on-screen and in real life. On top of that, he has that endearing Irish accent that we can’t just help but overlook the fact that he is a bad boy. In the press, he lives up to his reputation of being a hard-partying skirt chaser and has even been dubbed “the lusty leprechaun” as his nickname. In the early ’00s, he would be spotted numerous times by paparazzi running around with models and starlets under influence. No matter how bad his behavior, ladies love him all the more.

Though lately, he has eased up on his bad boy behavior, Colin Farrell still remains to be a no strings attached kind of guy. In a 2015 interview with Digital Spy that he had not had a date in four years and his passion for yoga substitutes the lack of his love life.



16. Also a Gemini: Mark Wahlberg – June 5, 1971



Formerly known as Marky Mark back in the ’90s, he was more of a loose cannon than he is today. Even now, he still plays characters with an edge because he is an edgy dude in real life. Like fellow Gemini Colin Farrell, he is an ageless bad boy that time and time again just DGAF when it comes to what other people think of him. He has been frequently photographed in nothing but his tighty whities yet somehow manages to look like dapper and not like a dork. This Boston bad boy attitude doesn’t hold much back when it comes to expressing himself. He is frequently photographed by paparazzi wearing hardly anything but showy colors and a ripped upper body. Not to mention he plays the hard-ass cop type of role in movies he stars in today now that he is older.



15. Yet Another Gemini: Johnny Depp – June 9, 1963



These twin Gemini men just can’t seem to keep out of trouble. Recently, Johnny Depp has faced much public scrutiny when his most recently divorced ex-wife Amber Heard filed a police report for physical abuse. This has disheartened many of his adoring fans who believe that Johnny Depp is just a bad boy with good intentions. He has played a wide array of roles with all of his characters having one thing in common: they are eccentric and light up a room with the most ridiculous facial expressions. Johnny Depp was big in the ’80s and early ’90s but then made a huge acting comeback in Pirates of the Caribbean. Our former high school selves were ecstatic while our moms were delighted that he was back in the game. No matter how old he gets, this bad boy just ages like fine wine.



14. Dear, Lord. Another Gemini: Shia LaBeouf – June 11, 1986



Ok, we promise. This is the last Gemini bad boy we will have on this list. Seriously though, what is it with this sign that makes them act so…bad? It must be the fact that Gemini is the sign of the twins where one is the stand-up guy you can take home to your mom and the other one is none other than a bad boy. Shia LaBeouf fits this bill of Gemini bad boy behavior with his eclectic range of roles that he plays and the fact that he has been arrested in almost every major US city when he is not on the film set.

The most hilarious bad boy story about Shia was probably when he was arrested on 6th Street for having one too many drinks and being loud and obnoxious. He was arrested for public intoxication and here is the kicker: he was smiling in his mugshot. Granted he has the bank account to bail himself out of petty misdemeanors, but taking pride in your bad boy behavior puts Shia in a league of his own.



13. Cancer: Tom Cruise – July 3, 1962



Ahhh…Tom Cruise. Where do we start? Well first off, he is a Cancer which means that his mood swings are off the chain and his emotions change with the tides. Secondly, there is the Scientology thing that he has going on. This legendary bad boy is known for his perfect bone structure that makes him look 15 years younger than he really is, those intense eyes and the fact that he is always saying intense things. Tom Cruise shamelessly states his opinions in interviews and doesn’t seem to care who he may be offending. On top of that, there is that infamous incident of jumping on Oprah’s coach after landing Katie Holmes (who went on to later divorce him). Tom Cruise is our all-American bad boy who got his start playing roles of the cocky young guy. Unfortunately, he is no longer young but he is still cocky, which makes him a reigning bad boy.



12. Another Cancer: Conor McGregor – July 14, 1988



There is just something about those Irish boys. Maybe it’s their rough accent or maybe it is their feisty temper that makes them give zero rips about anything. UFC fighter Conor McGregor is a fan favorite of not just women humoring their boyfriends by watching these fights, but by countless men who wish that they could be him. Conor McGregor is a bad boy because he fights with relentless vigor and has no problem trash talking any of his opponents. No matter whether he wins or loses, he never loses confidence in himself that he will win the next fight. Not to mention his crazy chest tattoo of a silverback gorilla wearing a crown and holding a heart in its mouth both frightens us and titillates us at the same time.



11. Leo: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – July 27, 1970



Nikolaj Coster-Waldau aka Jaime Lannister on Game of Thrones plays a role where he switches back and forth to play the knight in shining armor and then back into villainhood. Oh yeah, and he also is in love with his twin sister on that show. We can safely assume that he is not incestuous in real life since Leo men have too much pride to act on any impulse that would give them a bad public persona. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has a debonair demeanor about him that hints at something more naughty underneath the surface. His dashing mannerisms and always knowing the right thing to say could allow him to get away with murder. It is funny he is a Leo seeing as though the house symbol for Lannister is the lion. Coincidence? I think not.



10. Also a Leo: Jason Momoa – August 1, 1979



Everything about Jason Momoa just screams stud in every sense of the word. Just like his fellow previous Leo, he is another shining star on the hit series Game of Thrones. As Khal Drogo, he was the leader of a nomadic clan of exotic people who lived a primitive life wandering through the desert. This exotic prince was rarely seen with a shirt on Game of Thrones, and none of us were ever complaining. He has a bad boy past that gave him his trademark scar on his eyebrow. Back in the day before he became famous, Jason Momoa was involved in a bar brawl where a glass bottle was chucked across his face giving him that gash. Looks like it worked out for him because it looked like a bad boy scar in all those battle scenes. Looks like he got the last laugh.



9. Virgo: Tom Hardy – September 15, 1977



If a Virgo man is to be a bad boy, it would be a low key bad boy who operates behind the scenes. Enter Tom Hardy. This British hunk is the badass hero that we all need in our lives. Even when he is playing the good guy in his movies, he still seems like he is just up to no good. He was a hero in real life when he chased down two moped thieves in London back in April. He helped chase them down after they ran through a red light and crashed into another vehicle. One has to wonder what it must be like to have Tom Hardy return your stolen moped to you. It makes us wish our mopeds would get stolen just to see such a sight.



8. Libra: Zac Efron – October 18, 1987



Zac Efron has come a long way from his days on High School Musical to that gym rat beach bod on the modern remake of Baywatch. Libra men are consummate flirts and just can’t seem to make up their minds when it comes to the women that they have in their lives. If you think that you are dating a Libra, chances are that he is probably playing the field unless he declares it official. Zac Efron has made a name for himself as being a Hollywood playboy. He is rarely if ever seen with an actual date on the red carpet, which means that he likes to keep his option open. His ultimate bad boy role was when he played an obnoxious frat boy in The Neighbors. We would like to think he is nicer is real life, or at least we can hope.



7. Scorpio: Leonardo DiCaprio – November 11, 1974



If you have never had a perpetual crush on Leo since his breakout role in Titanic since childhood, then you are simply not a red-blooded heterosexual female. Leonardo DiCaprio fits the textbook definition of a Scorpio bad boy with his unshakeable passion and an intense stare that pierces right through your soul. From an endearing heartthrob to a sophisticated gentleman, Leonardo DiCaprio still has that bad boy edge to him that screams “mess with me, and I mess you up.”

His despicable antics as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street made us wish that we could be one of his mistresses, but definitely not his wife. Even as an OCD nutcase as Howard Hughes in The Aviator, we can’t help but wish that we could get sucked into that isolated mental cave with him. No matter how old us millennials get, Leonardo DiCaprio will be the bad boy Marlon Brando of our generation.



6. Also a Scorpio: Ryan Gosling – November 12, 1980



Forget all about The Notebook because that does no justice to the bad boy image that Ryan Gosling carries with swag. Just like Leo, our boy Ryan is a mysterious Scorpio where you can never tell what he is really thinking. Ryan Gosling is a bad boy with a special edge to him since he is not classically handsome, which makes us girls love him all the more. When he smiles, it’s a half smirk as if he is checking us out but slightly mocking us at the same time. If you look close enough, you will notice that he has a lazy eye, but the fact that he can still remain attractive makes him a bad boy fan favorite.

Lately, Ryan Gosling has shredded his do-gooder Notebook image and has taken on edgier, bad boy roles. The best examples are Drive, Crazy Stupid Love, Blue Valentine, The Big Short and The Place Beyond the Pines.



5. Sagittarius: Jake Gyllenhaal – December 19, 1980



Jake Gyllenhaal has come a long way from his October Sky days as an all-American boy with a dream. Now, he has taken on bad boy roles as he gets older. His high energy and lively personality personifies a Sagittarius man. Jake Gyllenhaal seems to never want to stay in the same place for too long with his quick movements. In real life, he has never been known for having a serious girlfriend (besides a brief fling with Reese Witherspoon) even though he could have any Hollywood starlet that he so chooses. His boyish charm and adorable smile make us want to let him get away with murder.

In his latest hit movie, Nightcrawler, he plays a bad boy who makes a living by filming crime scenes and selling them to news stations. The only reason why it doesn’t come off as creepy is that he is the cute bad boy known as Jake Gyllenhaal.



4. Capricorn: Jude Law – December 29, 1972



Jude Law is that clean cut bad boy who borders on the line between being a GQ British dude to being a snob. Capricorn men are known for taking pride in their appearance and put-together presentation to the public. That is until they get caught with the nanny twice (oops). Jude Law is that bad boy where we can forgive indiscretions since he has that naughty gleam in his eye and likable charisma that we can’t help but look past.

Not only has Jude Law played a philandering bad boy in real life but also in the movies he has starred in such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, Alfie, and Closer to name a few. Then again, you can get away with so much more if you have a British accent.



3. Aquarius: Christian Bale – January 30, 1974



So what makes Christian Bale a bad boy, you ask. Watch American Psycho. Enough said. His character Patrick Bateman is a Wall Street yuppie by day and serial killer by night. Aquarian men are known for their eccentric personalities and unpredictable ways. Most of them would be flattered to be labeled as a bad boy since that makes them different from the rest of the crowd.

In 2009 on the set of Terminator: Salvation, Christian Bale lost his cool and went on an expletive-laden rant on the director of photography (there are many hilarious YouTube remixes of that incident). Though most will never want to admit this, a bad boy losing his temper can be kind of a turn-on, as long as it doesn’t escalate too far.



2. Also an Aquarius: Jeremy Allen White – February 18, 1991



Jeremy Allen White’s portrayal as Lip Gallagher has given us a reason to believe that one can be a genius and a bad boy at the same time. Though he is no Channing Tatum when in the looks department, many of us would pick him over Magic Mike because of those icy blue eyes. The way a cigarette hangs from his mouth takes us back to our high school days when we were freshmen crushing on that senior who always skipped class (usually to go smoke in his car). Jeremy Allen White in Shameless embodies that rebel from the wrong side of the tracks (Chicago’s South Side) that we secretly wish would come in and corrupt us. Aquarians are known to be the rebels of the zodiac, and bad boy Lip Gallagher brings the heat.



1. Pisces: Jon Hamm – March 10, 1971



Last but not least, we have none other than the leading man himself. Jon Hamm (also known by his career-defining role as Don Draper) is not a bad boy, he is a bad grown man. To anyone that has watched the hit series Mad Men, they know that Don Draper escapes any problem he finds himself in by fleeing the scene. This is the typical behavior of a Pisces man, which coincidentally is Jon Hamm’s astrological sign which couldn’t be more fitting to his character. There is just something about a well-dressed ’60s businessman who hides his wedding ring in order to get away with hitting on you at the bar. Though it is a taboo sin, it is flattering when a “married” bad boy like this shows you some interest. If only for the short term.



Source: Digital Spy

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