Here's What You Need To Stop Doing In Relationships In 2018 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You're crazy in love with your boyfriend and everything is going super well. You're on top of the world, walking around in a total fog, daydreaming about the love of your life and how amazing he is. It feels like life can't get any better... and it probably can't. They say that love makes the world go round and it's definitely something that everyone is obsessed with. Just look at all the movies with happy endings that involve the main characters finally locking lips and all the songs about heartbreak and the one that got away.

Chances are, you love being in love, too. But even if your partner is the best person ever (which you definitely think that they are... or at least you should), the truth is that relationships are always full of ups and downs. They can't be perfect all the time, no matter how much you might want that to be the case. There is probably always something that you do in your relationship, and it might feel like you just can't help it. Guess what? You really can't... because it's all about your personality type, and it's all about your zodiac sign.  Now that the holidays are here and it's almost New Year's Eve, let's take a look at what you can change in a relationship. Read on to find out what you need to stop doing in a relationship in 2018 based on your zodiac sign!

PLUS, Bonus: Here's How You'll Get Dumped In 2018 at the bottom!


15 Aquarius: Not Talking About How You Feel

If you're an Aquarius, then you have a lot of cool traits -- you're a unique person, you're really smart, and you're compassionate. But you're also really horrible when it comes to telling people how you feel about them. And as you can probably tell, that's not great news when it comes to romantic relationships.

Your New Year's romantic resolution should definitely be to finally tell someone how you feel about them. If you've currently got a crush, why not tell them that you like them and that you want to go out with them? If you're in a relationship, why not open up to your boyfriend and tell him just how much he means to you? It might feel strange at first but it'll be totally worth it.

14 Pisces: Getting Emotional AF


Being a Pisces means that you're a naturally sensitive and emotional person. It's honestly super normal for you to cry at the drop of a hat and to feel things super deeply. It's just the way that you are and it's not something that you can help.

This means that when you're in a relationship, you get emotional... like really, really emotional. You might jump to conclusions and get really upset even when you don't need to, and you might take things way too seriously. Your resolution is to stop getting so emotional about your relationship. You probably don't need to worry as much as you do and things will definitely work out whether you stress or not, so it's much better to be in a good mood and calm down.

13 Aries: Jumping To Conclusions And Getting Mad Quickly

You've got a bit of a quick temper if you're an Aries sign... and that spells trouble when you're in a relationship. You can see how this would happen, right?

It's not great to get mad when there really isn't anything to get mad at. Your boyfriend probably always means well but whenever he says or does something, you freak out and get really pissed off. He's definitely sick and tired of that, and you probably are, too. So it's a good idea to stop doing this in 2018 and start seeing things from a more chill, balanced perspective. It can't hurt, can it? At the very least, this will stop small, silly, petty arguments from happening... and at the best, it'll make your relationship stronger than it ever was before.

12 Taurus: Refusing To Learn The Art Of Compromise


Compromise is a fact of life... and a fact of romantic relationships. You can't be in a relationship without compromising sometimes. You have to compromise on everything from what TV show to binge on Netflix this weekend to what to make (or order in) for dinner.

If you're a Taurus sign, you really hate to compromise. You hate it so much that you basically refuse to do it and that ruins your relationships. Your boyfriend probably can't understand why you're so stubborn and why you won't see things from his POV. You can try telling him that you're a Taurus so of course you're stubborn (you know, like a bull...) but that probably won't go over super well. Instead, vow to compromise, and you'll both be happier.

11 Gemini: Stop Getting Bored So Easily

Being a Gemini is pretty cool. You're the sign of the twins and you're said to have two different personalities at different times. You tend to get bored really easily, which can make it hard for you to sustain a relationship. Sure, you're super excited when you've got your eye on someone, and you love the beginning of a relationship since it's new and thrilling. But beyond that, you get bored and want to look elsewhere.

If you care about finding everlasting love, then you definitely want to stop your habit of getting bored so easily. And there's no better time than to vow to do this in 2018. Who knows? You could find the love of your life, all because you decided to stick things out and really get to know someone.

10 Cancer: Keeping Things Close To Your Chest


It's great being a Cancer sign. You're said to have an awesome imagination, you're creative,  you're a good friend to have since you stick around, and you really understand when someone is going through a tough time. The worst thing about you is that you don't like to talk about the things that you're dealing with. You keep things super close to your chest and won't talk about your thoughts and feelings.

This is pretty terrible if you're in a relationship. Your boyfriend is going to wonder why you never open up and he's going to think that it's something that he's done. If you can stop doing one thing in relationships in 2018, it should definitely be this bad habit. Start opening up and your love story will keep going strong.

9 Leo: Only Caring About Yourself

Are you a Leo sign? If the answer is yes, then you tend to be kind of selfish in relationships and only think about yourself. That's never a great thing, but it's even worse for your love life than the rest of your life. Your boyfriend will always wonder why you don't care more about him and why you feel the need to always get whatever you want.

If you can change one thing about the way that you are in relationships in 2018, it's a good idea to stop only caring about yourself. Start being more compassionate and seeing things from your partner's perspective. Sorry to be super harsh, but this is honestly something that you should have been doing all along, so it shouldn't be such a big deal. Just saying.


8 Virgo: Never Asking For Help


You're smart, independent, and you love to read. You're a loyal friend and always do the right thing. You're also pretty clean. While it might sound super boring to be a Virgo because people associate you with being a neat freak and being an overall smart, nice person, you should be proud because these are really positive traits. The only problem? You don't like to ask for help.

This makes it hard for you to sustain a relationship. No man (or woman) is an island. You need to lean on your partner and ask them for help sometimes. It's okay. It doesn't mean that you're a loser or that you're not smart or that you can't take care of yourself. It just means that you're human. For 2018, start asking for help, and your love life will be lucky once again.

7 Libra: Not Being Able To Fight Fairly... Because You Don't Like To Fight At All

Being a Libra means that fighting is definitely not your middle name. You hate fighting. You also hate things that are unfair... with a passion. You just can't even when someone is being treated unfairly or badly.

In 2018, you should change the fact that you don't fight (ever) in a relationship. You should embrace the art of arguments, even if it pains you. While you never want to be in a situation where you and your boyfriend are fighting 24/7 and about everything under the sun, you do need to talk out things that are bothering both of you. Sometimes that means fighting a bit, but as long as you fight fair and figure it out, it's going to be okay. There's a trick to it.

6 Scorpio: Being A Green-Eyed Monster


Yup, if you're a Scorpio sign, then you tend to get really jealous of your boyfriend. You even get jealous of people (okay, usually women...) that you know you have no reason to feel that way about. It's kind of crazy and he's definitely told you that you're being super annoying and ridiculous, but you can't seem to stop. Well, at least now you know that you can't stop because this is all thanks to your zodiac sign.

But you can stop... because you should. And it should be your 2018 love resolution. There's no reason to keep acting this way. It's not doing you or your boyfriend any favors and it's only going to lead to trouble (and probably a break-up). Learn to trust him and things should be fine.

5 Sagittarius: Thinking Your Partner Is Too Clingy

If you're a Sagittarius, there's one thing that you hate with a fiery passion and that's clingy people. That means that you probably tend to think that your boyfriend is clingy even when he's not. You can see how this would be bad news for your relationship, right?!

Make a change for 2018 and stop thinking that your partner is super clingy. You'll both benefit. It honestly just means that you still need to feel a sense of independence in your relationship and that you want to keep up the hobbies and interests that you had before you got into the relationship... and that's totally cool. There's nothing wrong with that. But there's nothing wrong with your boyfriend wanting to spend time with you, either.

4 Capricorn: Being Too Negative


Being in a relationship with a negative person is annoying AF. Most people won't do that, so consider yourself lucky if your boyfriend has stuck around this long and he's still with your super negative self. But you should think long and hard about why you act this way and why you can't just be in a good mood all the time.

Sure, life can be hard and no one is happy 24/7, but that's very different from being a Debbie Downer. Change this about yourself for 2018 and save your relationship... and you just might find that you like being positive and cheerful. People always talk about that whole "New Year, New You" thing and this is totally something that you can embrace for 2018.

Bonus: Here's How You'll Get Dumped In 2018

3 Gemini: He's Going To Break Up Over Text Message

If you're a Gemini and your relationship is going south in 2018, you're going to get dumped via text message. How come? What did you ever do to deserve such a horrible fate?

It might be because you tend to be a bit of a nervous person that has trouble making decisions. It's possible that your boyfriend doesn't think that you really love or care about him and that he just can't tell how you feel about him. If you seemed to have a tough time admitting that you loved him or even committing, he might be feeling those vibes. And that would make him break up with you. Why wouldn't he tell it to your face? He might be so done with the relationship, it's impossible for him to work up the nerve to do this face-to-face. Kind of a cowardly move for sure.

2 Leo: You'll Get Ghosted


Are you a Leo sign? That's usually pretty good news since you're confident and secure and a great leader. You know, it's the whole "Leo the lion" thing. That can make dating tough since you tend to think that you're the best ever and that you're so much better than anyone... even the guys that you date.

And that's exactly why you're going to get ghosted in 2018. You won't even technically get dumped. You'll just get ghosted. Yeah, that sucks, and it's one of the worst things that can happen since it's confusing AF. You're going to wonder what you did wrong and if you could have done anything differently, and the truth is that you probably could stop being so cocky all the time. Just being honest.

1 Cancer: You'll Be Let Down Easily Over Dinner, And You'll Still Be Friends

Why would this be the way that you get broken up with in 2018? Because as a Cancer sign, you're a loyal friend and a good person, but you just don't like to share your feelings.

Since sharing your feelings and talking about things is such a big part of being in a real, mature relationship, it makes sense that this is why your boyfriend would realize that you're just not the right person for him after all. If you can't change, then this is just what's going to happen, and you can't really blame him.  He's going to take you out to dinner and let you down easily, but don't worry -- you'll still be friends after. He'll still care about you as a person and still want you in his life. There are worse things, right?!


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