Here’s What These 20 TGIF Actors Look Like Today

Television has changed and evolved so much in recent years that it's hard to understand just how important a strong programming block was back during the height of network TV. Now, streaming is the norm and even when people do enjoy network sitcoms, they seldom know when they actually air on television. Television and convenience have progressed to a whole other level.

However, back in the '90s, ABC found major success around their Thank God It's Friday programming block of family sitcoms. This rotating collection of shows was ABC'S guarantee of quality and many stars were born out of the various sitcoms that where showcased. TGIF sitcoms still carry a lot of nostalgia for audiences, but the cast and stars of these shows have changed in so major ways over the years. Accordingly, Here’s What These 20 TGIF Actors Look Like Today.

20 Tia And Tamera Mowry

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Identical twins aren't exactly the norm, so when you encounter a set that are also performers, it's only natural to try and bottle that magic. Sister, Sister coasts off of the chemistry and shenanigans of the Mowry sisters. The two have pursued different paths over the years, but they could still impersonate each other and cause more twin mischief.

19 Nate Richert

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Nate Richert played Harvey Kinkle, Sabrina's human heartthrob on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Richert did great work in the Prince Charming-esque role, but as the show evolved, Harvey was slowly phased out. Richert's age is definitely showing now and he’s got a lot less hair, but it looks like he could still sweep a witch off of her feet.

18 Jaimee Foxworth

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Jaimee Foxworth may have experienced a premature exit from Family Matters, but her character, Judy Winslow, was still an important part of the series. As the youngest member of the Winslow family, Judy's innocence was paramount and she was the most impressionable member of the group. Even though she's moved more towards philanthropic efforts, Foxworth is a smokeshow.

17 Heather Langenkamp

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Heather Langenkamp is most famously known as her starring role as Nancy in the A Nightmare of Elm Street horror film series. Langenkamp turned away from guts and gore and embraced sitcoms during the late '80s and '90s. Langenkamp played Marie Lubbock on Just the Ten of Us, which was an offshoot of Growing Pains. Langenkamp has aged very gracefully and it's still very easy to recognize her.

16 Caroline Rhea

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch is the family dynamic that was provided by Sabrina's aunts. Both Hilda and Zelda Spellman fulfill different purposes, but Caroline Rhea brought a real energy to Hilda. Rhea definitely looks older as she gets up there, but that youthful flair is still very much present with her.

15 Rachel Blanchard

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Back before it was hip to turn every movie that's out there into a television show, ABC found success with a TV adaptation of Clueless. Rachel Blanchard wonderfully portrayed Cher Horowitz and she's kept that fancy, socialite look. Blanchard doesn't look very different and she's been at the forefront of recent productions like Fargo’s second season and Legion.

14 Rider Strong

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A big component of Boy Meets World was Cory's friendship with Shawn Hunter. It was a realistic portrayal of friends that come from different circles and the strain that can create. Rider Strong tapped into Shawn's bad boy look, but it was also a very '90s vibe. Strong has maintained his appearance, but pulls it off way better now that he's not tethered to such a character.

13 Christine Lakin

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Step By Step featured a huge family of characters, which meant that there was probably somebody in the Foster family that you could relate with. Christine Lakin was beloved as the tomboy of the bunch, Al Lambert. Lakin pulled the look off well in her youth, but she looks even better now that she can embrace her looks and not have to hide behind a character.

12 Tahj Mowry

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Smart Guy was definitely a very out there premise and it's a show that was created to monopolize the popularity of Tahj Mowry. Mowry was very little back on Smart Guy, so it's unsurprising to hear that he's considerably grown up. That being said, you can still recognize the scamp inside of him. He also voices young characters in cartoons, so that youth is still present.

11 Scott Winger

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Full House started with what was already a, well—full house—but as the series went on it added even more characters into the mix. Scott Winger's Steve Hale felt like a natural addition as DJ's longtime boyfriend. Hale carried that picturesque quarterback look on Full House. He's lost that over the years, but still carries that Steve charm.

10 Constance Marie

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George Lopez has been fortunate enough to experience a number of different sitcoms that tried to put his skills as a comedian to good use. ABC'S George Lopez wasn't the most popular of his shows, but it featured an impressive supporting cast. One of George Lopez’s secret weapons was Constance Marie. She looked great back then alongside George, and the same is still true now.

9 Angela Watson

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On Step By Step, all of the Foster children were constantly vying for attention. This allowed for some fun character dynamics to blossom between all of these different personalities. Angela Watson did memorable work as Karen Foster. She always stood out on the series and her look is just as magnetic now.

8 Danielle Fishel

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Danielle Fishel played the love of Cory Matthews' life, Topanga Lawrence, on Boy Meets World. Topanga's character grows and changes throughout the show's run, but Fishel always delivers. Audiences see Fishel grow from a child to an adult throughout the series. Now, years later, she doesn't look that different from where she ended the series. Both her and Ben Savage haven't missed a beat on Girl Meets World.

7 Kellie Shanygne Williams

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Even though Family Matters had a tendency to cater to the antics of Steve Urkel, that doesn't mean that the Winslow family still weren't deeply important. The children in the Winslow clan were often in need of guidance and this was perhaps best personified in the precocious Laura Lee Winslow, played by Kellie Shanygne Williams. Williams has obviously grown up a ton since then and she's only grown a certain confidence and radiance.

6 Staci Keanan

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It's not easy being the oldest child, but that is even truer when you have the equivalent of a herd of siblings. Even though Dana Foster isn't the head of the family, she often has to take the reins as the eldest sibling. Staci Keanan did a wonderful job with that duality and she hasn't lost any of her spark as she's gotten older. Keanan looks wonderful and could easily play the head of some new family sitcom.

5 Will Friedle

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Will Friedle's Eric Matthews experienced a bigger change than any other character on Boy Meets World. Eric started the series as Cory's brainy, mature older brother, but he's later turned into the show's comic relief. Friedle's age is showing and he's not as svelte as he once was, but his goofy personality is still present and shines through.

4 Ben Savage

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In many ways, Boy Meets World was the anchor of ABC'S TGIF block. Audiences got to grow up alongside Cory Matthews and his friends. Ben Savage's Cory Matthews had quite the boyish look, but it helps that viewers saw him age within the series. Now Savage just looks like an older version of that same boy. The roles that he continues to take reflect that degree of innocence that he conveys.

3 Melissa Joan Hart

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Melissa Joan Hart basically spent her teenage years on television between Clarissa Explains It All and Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Hart may no longer be a teen, but her look really hasn't changed much. She's stayed in the spotlight and so her appearance reflects that. Or maybe she's using magic.

2 Jaleel White

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It's funny to remember that there was a time when Family Matters wasn't just "The Steve Urkel Show." Urkel's presence in the series ballooned and it largely had to do with Jaleel White's iconic performance. On Family Matters, White was nerdiness personified, but now he looks considerably more normal. Take away the glasses and suspenders, and White is practically a whole other person.

1 Ryan Reynolds

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ABC really didn't know what they had on their hands when they turned out Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place. Not only was it an above-average sitcom, but its cast was packed with ultra talent who had yet to be discovered, including Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds looked a little more baby faced in the series, but it's not a far stretch from his current look. There's a reason that he's become an A-List movie star.

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