Here's What The Teen Mom Kids Look Like Now (22 Pics)

Remember Teen Mom? Teen Mom 2? 16 And Pregnant? These shows had their moment in the MTV spotlight nearly TEN YEARS AGO. If that makes you feel old, you're not alone. A lot has happened since they aired.

16 And Pregnant is the oldest of them all, premiering way back in June 2009. It was a revolutionary look at teen parenthood from real, unfiltered teenage perspectives. Maci, Amber, Caitlynn, and Farrah captured our hearts (or raised our eyebrows). We watched them struggle and overcome the social problems, finances, teen relationships, gossip, and everything else that comes along with becoming a mom at just 16.

That show was so successful that it earned the spin-off series, Teen Mom. By 2011, Teen Mom 2 was a thing. Viewers met memorable mamas like Jenelle (and Jenelle's own mother), Kailyn, and Chelsea. That show is actually still around, keeping up with its young moms and baby-daddies for its eighth year now.

In all this time, teens have become adults, marriages have fallen apart, new relationships have begun, and the babies who once kept their Teen Moms up all night are now full-on little kids. They've all grown into their own personalities, interests, and in one special case, celebrity feuds.

That's right: one of the Teen Mom kids got into a celebrity feud with Nicki Minaj on Twitter. We couldn't make this up. Read on to catch up with all your favorites from the shows and see exactly what they're really like today.

22 Mackenzie's Son, Hudson

via InTouch Weekly

Mackenzie is known by Teen Mom fans as the girl Maci Bookout's ex-boyfriend Ryan ended up with. This mom has now been Ryan's wife for years, and mama to an adorable son, Hudson.

You might think of Hudson as a little tiny baby, but these days this kid is a solid five years old. According to InTouch Weekly, he comes from a relationship that Mackenzie had before marrying Ryan, and he's been in the middle of a custody battle (kind of a common thing among Teen Mom kids). According to the latest reports, Mackenzie and Ryan have his sweet smile all to themselves with full custody of Hudson.

21 Amber’s Daughter, Leah

via The Hollywood Gossip

Amber's temper has made for some great TV. It's also gotten her into trouble with the law, and caused plenty of drama in her family. On Teen Mom we watched her become so angry with her then-boyfriend Gary that she got physical. At some point in the past, these two must have liked each other enough to make Leah, but we can't remember it.

Amber now shares custody of Leah with Gary and loves her daughter more than anything. In a 2016 interview with Cosmopolitan, she said that Leah has helped her become the "happiest version of herself."

20 Kayla’s Son, Preston

via The Ashley's Reality TV Roundup

On 16 and Pregnant the world met Kayla when she was pregnant with little baby Preston. Believe it or not, now this boy is nine years old. He lives with his mom and little brother Cedric, who Kayla welcomed into the world in 2016. She didn't introduce Cedric to any cameras, though.

That's because even though Preston ended up having a safe and happy childhood, Kayla has big regrets about letting the 16 and Pregnant cameras into his life. In 2017, she tweeted that her choice to go on the show was "the worst decision I've ever made." She went on to explain that the show edited her life to make it seem worse than it was. Yikes.

19 Nikkole’s Daughter, Ellie

via The Hollywood Gossip

You might remember Nikkole from 16 and Pregnant for having a truly turbulent and dramatic relationship with then-boyfried and baby-daddy Josh. Thankfully she and her kids have moved on to what looks like a happier lifestyle, including a recent trip to Disneyland. Her youngest daughter, Ellie, especially loved it.

Ellie is just as dramatic at three as Nikkole was at 16. As Nikkole tweeted last month: "Ellie no longer calls me mama. My new name is Anna... as in Anna from Frozen. And if I call her Ellie, she corrects me and says her name is Elsa." Two peas in a pod.

18 Nikkole's Son, Lyle

via Teen Mom

Lyle is Ellie's older brother, and he's now clocking in at a nine-and-a-half years old. He's one of the oldest baby alumni from the Teen Mom series because of Nikkole's early appearance on the franchise way back in 2009.

Sadly this boy has had to deal with a lot more family drama than any kid should. After his dad, Josh, was arrested, Nikkole did everything she could to keep Josh and Lyle apart - including filing an official order of protection against Josh in 2017. As Nikkole tweeted about Josh in the fall of 2018: "Lyle is doing really well and hasn’t spoken to him in over a year."

17 Chelsea’s Son, Watson

via OK Magazine

Another toxic relationship from the Teen Mom franchise was between Chelsea and Adam. Since their troubles were aired to the world on 16 and Pregnant, this couple split and Chelsea made a new life with a new man named Chris. In 2016, Chelsea and Chris got married, and then they had this little guy, Watson.

You'll already know Watson if you've been keeping up with Teen Mom 2. That's where you'll find this family these days, as well as on their popular IG accounts. You might not have seen how big he's gotten in the past year, though! What a cutie.

16 Chelsea’s Daughter, Aubree

via The Hollywood Gossip

Aubree came from Chelsea's relationship with Adam, but these days she is much closer to her stepdad and her little brother than to Adam's side of the family. She proved it when she asked her mom if she could change her last name after Watson was born so that they could all have the same last name, according to People magazine.

This adorable brown-eyed girl is now nine years old. She's growing into a beautiful young girl, and a very caring big sister. If we were Chelsea, we would be proud of how this kind little sweetheart is turning out.

15 Jenelle’s Daughter, Ensley

via People

The girl who once put feathers in her hair for a Ke$ha concert (and cried to her lawyer about missing that concert because she was arrested) now has a little girl of her own. If you've watched any of the currently-airing Teen Mom 2 series, you might have caught a glimpse of this girl as a baby when she was born to Jenelle about two years ago.

Ensley is turning into a beautiful little girl, with pale blue-green eyes and dark hair like her mama's. You can watch her grow with her mom by her side on MTV, but you won't be seeing her dad there anytime soon. He got banned for his angry tweets.

14 Jenelle's Son, Keiser

via Twitter

Kaiser is Jenelle's middle son, and the only son she has full custody of. This cutie is growing up to be a playful little blonde dude. He recently made the news for having a minor surgery with Jenelle by his side.

Kaiser had ear surgery to implant small tubes into his poor little ears. This is a simple procedure that helps kids with mild to moderate hearing impairments to correct their quality of hearing while they're still young. We hope he's all healed up and still smiling! As the middle child of Jenelle's dramatic family, he has lots of excitement to look forward to.

13 Jenelle’s Son, Jace

via New Idea

Jace is all grown up! You'll remember this 10 year old from Jenelle's start on the franchise as an original cast member on Teen Mom 2. Her life was so dramatic and out of control that when Jace was born, he was put into Jenelle's mother's custody.

This kid has been raised by Jenelle's mom for his whole young life. In one strange parenting (or grandparenting) choice, audiences of the Dr. Drew Show learned that Jenelle's mom actually has let Jace watch Teen Moms 2 as he grows up. We can only imagine what he's thought about what he's seen.

12 Kailyn’s Son, Lux

via InTouch Weekly

Like Jenelle, Kailyn is one of the moms we met on Teen Mom 2 who is still onscreen today as a recurring character on the Teen Mom 2 revival series. She's had three kids now, and the latest of them is this chubby little dude.

It actually took a long time for Kailyn and her then-boyfriend Chris Lopez to name Lux. According to People, they didn't end up deciding on a name until eight weeks after Lux was born. We're guessing it's because they needed names to go with the two other sons Kailyn had with two other men. No shade!

Finding names that mesh is tough, even when you get to choose them with the same partner every time.

11 Kailyn’s Sons, Isaac and Lincoln

via Wetpaint

Isaac was born to Kailyn all the way back in January 2010. He's now a nine year old big brother of two! Lincoln is the little brother he's closest to in age, a sweet brown-eyed boy born in 2014. These boys are athletic, photogenic, and the apples of their mama's eye.

You can spot these kids on Teen Mom 2 or between IG posts of sponsored content on their mom's IG feed. We don't blame Kailyn for the hustle! Get your discounts, girl. Anything she's doing to support these growing boys has got to be right. They are so precious.

10 Briana’s Daughter, Stella

via Distractify

Teen Mom viewers recently saw Briana's mom get so angry with her boyfriend Devoin that she threw a lamp at him. Thankfully no part of that incident seemed to hurt sweet little Stella. This girl is growing up fast!

Check out that earring and those eyelashes. We bet Stella is on her way to being as beautiful as her mama. Let's all cross our fingers that her home life just gets more and more peaceful, and that she chooses a future partner that nobody will want to throw a lamp at.

9 Briana’s Daughter, Nova

via Teen Mom Talk Now

Nova is Briana's first daughter, and the reason she was a part of Teen Mom. This sassy girl is now eight years old and a familiar face on all her mom's social accounts. She even made the tabloids recently for needing to undergo surgery - but don't worry, Nova is totally fine.

You might remember from the show that Nova was born with a heart defect. She's been in and out of the hospital a few times since then, and finally had to have heart surgery just a few days before her birthday last September. Briana tweeted that she felt "sooo bad" for her daughter, but she was there for her every step of the way.

8 Leah’s Daughter, Addie

via Pinterest

Look at this precious face! Addie is the youngest daughter of Leah, who you might know from Teen Mom 2. Leah opened up on the show about her struggles with depression and addiction, and how difficult it was for her to overcome the drama and emotional issues of raising daughters as a young mom. She even had to go to rehab, according to InTouch Weekly.

She's pulled through and worked hard to be the mom that her kids need, and it seems like her girls are thriving. Addie is add-orable. We can't get over those big blue eyes and tiny teeth. SUCH a cutie.

7 Leah’s Daughter, Aleeah

via Teen Mom Wiki

Aleeah is one of Leah's twins. That's right - this teen mom became a mother of not just one, but TWO KIDS while she was still basically a kid herself. We have to give big props to this mama for getting it all done and making a strong, stable life for her kids.

Aleeah seems like a happy and well-adjusted little girl. At eight years old, she's hard at work in the second grade with her sister by her side. You can watch her continue to grow on Teen Mom 2. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this bright little girl.

6 Leah’s Daughter, Aliannah

via Radar Online

Do you remember Aliannah from Teen Mom 2? You might know her by her nickname, Ali. Ali has been Leah's most challenging child to raise, and maybe the show's most unique kid to date. She was born with a type of muscular dystrophy that makes her health decline while other kids grow stronger.

Look at this girl now! From a fragile little baby with adorably round glasses to a stylish eight-year-old big sister, she is living life to the fullest and making her mom proud. We're proud of you too, Ali! Keep looking cute and being an important piece of your sweet little family.

5 Maci’s Son, Maverick

via Cafe Mom

Maci Bookout has been a Teen Mom fan favorite since all the way back when she was on the first-ever season of 16 and Pregnant. We watched her battle it out with then-boyfriend Ryan Edwards over choices concerning their son Bentley (more on him later) and find love and stability on the currently-airing seasons of Teen Mom OG.

This sweet kid is part of Maci’s happy home with her husband Taylor McKinney. Named Maverick, Maci’s youngest son was born in 2016. Viewers got to see Maci mother a newborn again on Teen Mom OG when he came along. She did it like a pro!

4 Maci’s Daughter, Jayde

via PopCulture.com

Look at this sweet little girl! Maci’s baby Jade is now a long-haired four year old with a loving family including little bro Maverick and big bro Bentley. You wouldn’t guess it, but Maci actually had a hard time when she found out she was unexpectedly pregnant with Jayde in 2015. According to People, she was able to get ready for baby Jayde with her son Bentley’s help. She said,

“It took me a couple of months to wrap my mind around the change. It helped that Taylor and Bentley were very excited about the baby, but if truth be told I was terrified.”

3 Maci’s Son, Bentley

via Us Weekly

Bentley is the oldest Teen Mom kid, born way back on October 27, 2008. Over the years viewers have watched him grow from an adorable little redheaded baby into a loving toddler and finally into a smart, independent 10 year old. These days he’s a peewee baseball player, superhero fan, and devoted big brother to his siblings.

You might also recognize Bentley’s dad, Ryan, in this recent pic. His life is less happy and stable than his son’s these days. Maci has even stepped between them from time to time to protect Bentley from the reality of Ryan’s addictions. Ryan was arrested in 2017.

2 Catelynn’s Daughter, Novalee

via US Magazine

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have given Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant some of their most touching moments This pair have always been committed to supporting each other and doing the right thing for the kids in their lives. They put their first daughter up for adoption in 2009 because they weren’t ready to raise children yet.

Since then they have gotten married and had another daughter, Novalee, in 2015. Check out how much this cutie has grown! An adorable blend of both her parents’ features, we can’t wait to see how much of a stunner she grows up to be. If she takes after her parents’ personalities she’ll be beautiful on the inside, too.

1 Farrah’s Daughter, Sophia

via InTouch

Now we’ve come to the kid who feuded with Nicki Minaj. Is anyone surprised she’s Farrah’s daughter? Sophia called Nicki a “total loser” after the rapper called out her mom for having a bad attitude. Sophia is growing into a social media celebrity herself and appearing on episodes of Teen Mom OG. Her mom is incredibly proud of her famous daughter, as she told In Touch Weekly,

“My baby, Sophia is kind of taking over the world. She had her first Twitter fight with Nicki Minaj, and she’s, like, hosting New York Fashion Week this weekend.” Sure, Jan.

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