Here's What The Royal Family Really Thinks About Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is a brilliant woman. She’s kind, very talented, and very smart. She’s got the world at her fingertips, and a great support network of fans. Her role on Suits has given her tons of publicity and notoriety, and has helped her achieve even more of what she wants in the world. Her relationship with Prince Harry has skyrocketed her publicity coverage as well, and has made people who have never even seen Suits become big fans of this incredible lady. She’s not to be defined by her relationship though; she has her own achievements and her own life, though it’s awfully interesting to listen to the gossip about her that’s out in the world. And it’s even more interesting to listen to what Prince Harry’s family has to gossip about her. As the potential in-laws, no doubt they’ve got a lot to say. We’ve brought all the nasty (and nice) dirt straight to you, to learn 15 secret opinions the royal family has about Meghan Markle.

15 Prince Harry is WILD about her

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There’s nothing more exciting than young love. While some people might think of it as infatuation, others are more inclined to jump on the love train right away. Usually the younger or less experienced someone is, the more inclined they are to say they love their significant other. Prince Harry, as the older, suave man as all his paparazzi photos suggest he is, doesn’t tend to get swayed by the new and fun infatuations in his life. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his fair share of relationships though! However, he’s got the love bug more seriously this time. Apparently Meghan Markle is the one who’s really captured his attention. He’s much more serious about her than any of his past lovers. It’s no surprise; Meghan Markle is awesome, and we’re glad that she’s found an awesome guy too.

14 Slow Down Bud


No matter how awesome she is, the royal family is a little skeptical about his intensity. Prince Harry is an emotional guy, though not in a bad way. He just gets very passionate, and it's the type of thing where he feels too much… All the time. Apparently Meghan is the most serious girlfriend he’s had in the past, though he’s been just as emotionally invested in some of his others. He jumps in hard and deep, and commits pretty fully right away. No doubt the family was rolling their eyes at him over Meghan before she stuck around for so long. While she might be extraordinarily kind, smart, and hardworking, she’s maybe not the first one who’s captured his heart. Thankfully he’s moved past his exes to land on Meghan, and the royal family is breathing a sigh of relief.

13 Wedding Woes


Every source you read says something different about Pippa’s wedding ceremony and reception. Was Meghan in attendance? Was she deemed too common to be invited? Would Prince Harry show up if his girlfriend wasn’t invited? There seemed to be tons of questions, and none of the answers are being provided by anything reliable. Normally, we’d leave it up to the photos to do the talking. It’s hard to fake paparazzi shots at a £700,000 wedding, which no doubt the photographers were swarming all over. If there are no pictures of Meghan there, how can we be sure either way? The most compelling piece of evidence we’ve seen is the one where Harry showed up alone. He used the private entrance to the wedding ceremony, with no Meghan in attendance. Was it jealousy? Was Pippa worried that Meghan would upstage her on her big day? Does the royal family have royal beef with Ms. Markle?

12 Actually, no


Pippa was happy to invite Meghan to her big day. In fact, Prince Harry was over the moon that Kate and William, Pippa, and the rest of his family was so happy to have her involved. Maybe it was the fact that she and Harry had already gone to a wedding together, or maybe it’s the fact that he’s so clearly in love with her. Either way, it was Meghan’s choice to not arrive to the ceremony itself. She was worried about attracting too much attention, and taking away from Pippa’s moment in the spotlight. She knows that family comes first, and she ended up joining Harry and fam for the reception. He went and got her from the Palace, bringing her back in time for her to congratulate the happy couple and watch the spectacles Pippa and James Matthews set up.

11 Sister Siting


Okay, Meghan is in Pippa’s good books. But that’s a small feat. As an addendum to the royal family, Pippa Middleton is a far cry from the queen. Sister to Kate Middleton, she might get a little more leniency when it comes to the who’s who of the royal world. But what about Kate, the world’s most popular regular-turned-royal? Does she hold any grudges against this pretty actress who’s fallen into the world of the Queen? Nope. In fact, she’s almost as smitten with her as Harry is! Meghan met both Kate and Princess Charlotte. Not only did they get along well, but Meghan was her normal thoughtful self. Kate’s birthday was just days earlier, so she brought her a small gift as a belated birthday wish. It set things right right off the bat, and has put her in Harry’s sister-in-law’s good books. Which is important if Kate’s ever going to be in Meghan’s wedding party (hint hint)!

10 Why’d it take so long?

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The meeting of Meghan Markle with William and Kate took much longer than expected. It surprised many people to hear that Harry made her meet his father before meeting his brother; normally the two bros are as tight as can be. Has Meghan started to come between them? Or was Harry so worried about the family’s opinions that he decided to get the big one out of the way first? Some sources say that Harry was so nervous about introducing her to his family that he was putting it off for a while. Other sources are adamant that it’s actually the fact that she wanted to play it safe, making sure the relationship is a strong and stable one before getting involved with his (very royal) family. The real answer? It’s just their schedules. William and Kate were jam packed around the times of Meghan’s visits, which kept them from being able to meet. Now that they have met, Kate and William are just as charmed by Meghan as the rest of the family… Or are they?

9 Daddy Dearest


What does Prince Charles, father of William and Harry have to say about this new woman in his lovely boy’s life? Well, he’s pretty okay with it. While he hasn’t out and out said that he likes her, the fact that she’s still around is a great sign. If Prince Charles didn’t approve of Meghan, she’d be out faster than you can say “Royal Flush”. While some people might think that royals need to marry other royals, it’s actually not the case. Common folk are just as able to be picked, as we’ve seen in the semi-recent wedding of Will and Kate. Yes, there’s still room for love in the royal family, even if it’s thought to not be the top priority. We like to think that even if Charles wasn’t a huge Meghan Markle fan, he wouldn’t say anything. Harry is just so in love it would be a shame to break them up!

8 Veto Power


There are two people in the world who could break up Harry and Meghan, if it came to light that they were actually a bad match. One of those is the Queen (we’ll go into details on that later), and one of those are their friends. While they had quite a few mutual friends, and started off their relationship just as friends, they still have their special circles that stay close to each of them individually. These are the “bffs”; the ones you get snapchat streaks with and go to visit without warning. They know each other better than anyone else knows them, and we believe that they know what’s best for Meghan and Harry, respectively. Meghan had met a few of Harry’s friends, but not many. It wasn’t until his birthday that he ended up introducing her to his whole circle. Was there a reason for this, or was it just the fact he didn’t have the right time or place?

7 Schedule Woes


We also haven’t seen much about Harry meeting Meghan’s friends. While she might not have the same sort of inner circle of bros that Harry has, we’re sure she’s got her baes. Why haven’t we heard anything from them? Maybe the fact that they’re both so busy! Meghan is often in Toronto filming, while Harry lives in the UK for most of the year. It’s going to be difficult to get their lives to match up, unless Meghan wants to move into the London film scene. She’ll have to pick up the accent first though, which might just make her even more adorable. Thankfully, they both have the means and the motivation to make their cross-ocean romance work. Meghan often goes to him, spending time in the palace and country castles that are part of his family tradition.

6 Is that fair?


Harry certainly knows how to treat the ladies, with Meghan visiting him often at the palace. She’s reportedly spent many visits there, with other weekends in various cabins and apartments around his neck of the woods. Not to mention their romantic getaway to watch the northern lights. She also came to his birthday party, and Pippa’s reception (but not the wedding itself). Is this fair? No doubt Harry has many important engagements at the castle, but we can’t help but feel that he’s maybe placing too much importance on himself. Meghan seems to only be hanging out in TO when she’s filming or Harry’s unavailable. While he has visited her in her neck of the woods once or twice, it doesn’t seem quite as balanced. Is this because the queen is worried, having her precious grand prince running around Canada?

5 Queen’s Opinion DOES Matter


It very well could be. While the laws surrounding the royal family’s marriage proposals have become more lenient, the Queen still holds veto power on all relationships. If she doesn’t like the significant other that was brought home, or she thinks they wouldn’t do anything to help the public image, she’s not afraid to put a stop to the marriage. And no, we don’t mean hiring assassins or getting a restraining order. The Queen can withhold her permission, and refuse to consent to the marriage in question. William and Kate needed to get a special order signed by the queen before he could propose. He then waited two months before popping the question! Harry’s going to be in the same boat, and we expect that that’s still a long way off… Meghan and Ms Queen haven’t even said “hello” yet.

4 Why?

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You might be wondering what the big deal is. If the Queen is more a traditional force of power, why would it matter who the royal family members marry? Well, the Queen believes in the image of the family. She wants to preserve the happy and healthy family life that everyone sees. She also hates drama, and doesn’t want anyone to get caught in any ugly divorce battles, money grubbing schemes, or politically abusive relationships. As a matter of fact, the Queen has never said no to any potential partners family members have brought to her. She has encouraged a few to divorce, who then ended up marrying others. (Often the side chicks these royal guys were cheating on their wives with). Yes, you read that right: The Queen cares less about divorce, and more about keeping public scandal to a minimum.

3 Good News


This is good news for Meghan Markle, who’s a divorcee. Some people have been speculating that this hurts her chances of marrying Prince Harry, but it’s actually irrelevant. While she was married for a couple years in the very early 2010s, she’s since gotten divorced from that less-than-ideal relationship. Whether it was the age gap (her ex hubby was 8 years her senior, while Harry is now a few years younger than her), or the fact that she and he just weren’t compatible, it must be a happy split now; Harry and her are happy, even if they haven’t been together for long. She’s let herself find true love, and because they’re both out of their wild and wacky 20s, they know more about what they’re looking for. Meghan doesn’t need to be concerned about whether or not she’s a divorcee, as it doesn’t matter in the long run. All that matters is whether or not they’re happy.

2 And Happy They Are!


It’s true. Harry is sure that he’s found The One, and we’re happy for them. Meghan also seems eager to jump into the relationship with both feet first, wearing small rings and other jewelry that Harry has gifted to her. They’re compatible, too. While some people think this might be puppy love, it seems to go a little deeper. Eventually Meghan will have to decide if she’s willing to move in with Harry and the royals, or if she’s more inclined to continue pursuing her own career. Filming in Toronto means there’d be a lot of flying involved if she wanted to continue with Suits. While we think she’s hardworking enough to deal with it, it might not look good on Prince Harry… And the rest of the royal family. Distance can help a relationship, but it can also hurt. Hopefully this doesn’t detract from their happiness right now!

1 To Sum Up

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They’ve really added to each other’s lives. Meghan is passionate about animal rights, and so is Harry. They have similar tastes in friends, hobbies, and interests, which is shocking when you take a look at their backgrounds. They’ve grown up quite differently, and come from opposite sides of the world. Meghan has none of the refined royal aristocracy that Kate has, but that doesn’t matter; Harry is also not the groomed and polite old boy that William is. Harry is a little saucy and is much more passionate. Exactly what Meghan needs! The royal family can see that they’re a good match, though they’re hesitant. And with good reason. While the Kate/William marriage happened after 4(ish) years, it’s looking like Meg and Harry will be tying the knot sooner, if at all. We take the side of the Queen on this one: Have fun, but take the big life decisions slow. The entire world is watching.

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