Here’s What The Cast Of One Tree Hill Looks Like Today

Before there was Riverdale, Gossip Girl, or even Pretty Little Liars, there was One Tree Hill. For nine years, the show garnered popularity and had millions of people tune in to see what the beloved Tree Hill residents were up to. The show became a huge phenomenon and was a launchpad for some of its luminaries who went on to star in other noteworthy movies & TV shows after it aired its final season in 2012. However, for some former Tree Hill residents, the end of the show marked the stagnation of their careers.

In case you're wondering what the cast of the popular teen drama looks like now, worry not because we have got you covered. Some of the show's alumni's transformations are so good, you have got to see it to believe it. Here’s What The Cast Of One Tree Hill Looks Like Today.

20 Danneel Ackles (Rachael Gatina)

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The stunning Daneel Ackles played Rachael Gatina so well on One Tree Hill that we loathed her. She would go on to star in projects like A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, The Roommate, and The Backup Plan. Ackles looks just as good as she did back then, thanks to an ageless beauty. Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is one lucky guy.

19 Jana Kramer (Alex Dupre)

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Jana Kramer played the troubled Alex Dupre on One Tree Hill years ago. The gorgeous country singer/actress has since worked on multiple other projects, though it seems Kramer has leaned more towards her music career. We aren't sure what her secret to looking so young is, but she should keep doing whatever it is that she's doing.

18 Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott)

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Chad Michael Murray gets better with age. If you thought he was good looking back in the day when he starred as Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill... you will definitely appreciate him even more now. The Tree Hill alum played hunky cult leader Edgar Evernever in season three of Riverdale. What's better than Lucas Scott? Definitely Edgar Evernever.

17 Austin Nichols (Julian Baker)

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Hunky Austin Nichols joined the teen drama series OTH in its sixth season as Julian Baker. The actor went on to star in some other TV shows after his role on One Tree Hill endedLike most former Tree Hill residents, Nichols is doing well and looking just as good as he did back then.

16 Shantel VanSanten (Quinn James)

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The gorgeous Shantel VanSanten joined the cast of One Tree Hill as Quinn James in its seventh season and has since appeared in Gang Related and The Messengers. With her model quality looks and incredible talent, she was one to watch, but she's only had recurring roles on Beauty & the Beast and The Flash. She later went on to star in Shooter.

15 Bethany Joy Lenz (Hayley Scott)

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Actress, singer-songwriter, and filmmaker Bethany Joy Lenz is a triple threat. The multi-talented actress played Haley Scott on One Tree Hill and after the show ended, she went on to work on other noteworthy projects, including designing her own jewelry line in partnership with Stilnest. She sure is one busy bee!

14 Robert Buckley (Clayton Evans)

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We can't help but notice that One Tree Hill Alum Robert Buckley is looking the best he's ever looked these days. Of course, he has always been extremely attractive, but the passage of time has worked wonders for his overall appearance. This is a look we wholeheartedly approve of– there's something about a man in glasses that's undeniably attractive.

13 Daphne Zuniga (Victoria Davis)

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Zuniga has had a long successful acting career; she was already a seasoned actress when she starred on One Tree Hill. She played Brooke Davis' mother Victoria. Zuniga is involved in environmental activism and was a founding member of the Earth Communications Office. She has also worked with the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Waterkeeper Alliance, and Environment California.

12 Lee Norris (Marvin "Mouth" McFadden)

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He played the lovable, stand up Marvin McFadden on One Tree Hill, but before that, Lee Norris was best known for playing Stuart Minkus on Boy Meets World. After One Tree Hill, he has since appeared in the film Gone Girl and the show Girl Meets World. We have a sneaking suspicion Norris found the fountain of youth. The 38-year-old actor doesn't look a day over 22.

11 Paul Johansson (Dan Scott)

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Dan Scott was probably the most hated character on the show. He was a cold-hearted villain to the core. Paul Johansson's sense of style is different from his One Tree Hill character and he may look like a regular Joe in the picture, but we still know not to mess with Dan ScottWe sure love our onscreen villains.

10 Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis)

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Sophia Bush played Brooke Davis, a sassy cheerleader embroiled in a love triangle. She was witty and soon become a fan favorite. After the show came to an end, Sophia Bush went on to work on some major Hollywood projects. She is stunning and effortlessly so– sometimes Brooke Davis tried too hard.

9 James Lafferty (Nathan Scott)

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Lafferty was 18 years old when he was cast as Tree Hill's star athlete and resident bad boy. After One Tree Hill concluded, he moved his focus off-screen and directed four episodes of the hit TV show The Royals. The 34-year-old actor teamed up with fellow OTH alum, Stephen Colletti, to work on Everyone Is Doing Great.

8 Antwon Tanner (Skills Taylor)

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When Antwon Tanner played teenager Skills Taylor on One Tree Hill, he was in fact 28 years old. Mind-boggling, right? The 44-year-old actor had some run-ins with the law in the past and it seems his career couldn't keep up the pace after One Tree Hill wrapped. He's had some minor some minor roles but his most notable one, of course, remains Skills Taylor.

7 Torrey DeVitto (Nanny Carrie)

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Our favorite on-screen bad girl, Torrey DeVitto, has played the villain on more than one occasion, fitting into these roles effortlessly. Before she played Melissa Hastings on Pretty Little Liars, she was an unhinged Nanny on One Tree Hill. DeVitto looks as good as she did back then and it doesn't look like she's aged at all.

6 Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)

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Peyton Sawyer was a broody cheerleader with a passion for music and Hilarie Burton was the actress who brought the character to life. Peyton Sawyer always had a sadness about her, but Hilarie Burton is full of life and often shares adorable pictures of her family. The One Tree Hill alum looks gorgeous in her floral pink frock.

5 Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams)

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Colletti went from appearing on popular reality show Laguna Beach to being cast as Chase Adams on One Tree Hill, back when he was just a fresh-faced teen. Though he still holds some of his boyish charms, Colletti's transition into adulthood has obviously transformed him into an extremely good looking man.

4 Joe Manganiello (Owen Morello)

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Way before his steamy role in Magic Mike, the ridiculously good looking Joe Manganiello played Owen Morello on OTH. He was good looking then, but Manganiello has now attained heartthrob status over the years. With his smoldering intense stare and perfect mane, he has stolen all of our hearts once more.

3 Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller)

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Hilton played the arrogant musician Chris Keller on OTH, with bad fashion and an even worse haircut. It's like the producers aimed to make audiences dislike Chris Keller and we sure did. Looking at Tyler Hilton now makes us change our tune. Age has been nothing but kind to this actor/musician.

2 Matt Barr (Ian Banks)

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Barr played creepy Ian Banks on the fourth season of One Tree Hill, but he is not the lanky kid we hated on the teen drama, that's for sure. It looks like he hit the gym pretty hard and has an impressive physique now. That coupled with his dreamy green eyes, crooked smile, and luscious locks definitely make him a dreamboat.

1 Jackson Brundage (Jamie Scott)

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He played the adorable chubby-cheeked Jaime Scott on One Tree Hill, and he was by far our favorite character on the show. Brundage doesn't look anything like he did back then, as he is a teen now. He has grown right before our eyes, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this bright star.

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