Here's What Kylie Should Name Stormi's (Possible) Future Sibling, According To Which Astro Sign They'll Be

Whether we're curious about the name of the next Kardashian or we're scoping out unique names for our own future children, this list includes a breadth of rare nature names with celebrity caliber. Even if motherhood is decades down the road, everyone is always storing away their favorite baby names for the future. I can guarantee there is a handful of names on this list most have never heard before, yet they will make jaws drop. Do we want to steal them from Kylie? Yes.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott surprised the world when it was discovered Kylie was an expecting mother. They surprised the world again when they named their baby girl Stormi Webster. Stormi is an unusual name filled with nature imagery and connotations, which is why we can see Kylie deciding to follow a similar path with future baby number two. If Stormi ever gets a sibling, they deserve to have a name just as rare and precious.

For each astrological sign, there is a name more fitting than the next. Are you curious to discover which astro sign holds claim to the name Wisteria? What about Zion? For their own individual reasons, certain names are meant for certain constellations, and Kylie should keep this in mind if she's planning for her next baby. Here is what Kylie should name Stormi's possible future sibling, according to astrology... and you'll be surprised when you see how fitting the names for Gemini babies are.

24 If She Has A Baby Scorpio Girl, Her Name Should Be Brooklyn


This is by far the most common name on this list, but it is too perfect for a Scorpio girl to be overlooked. The name Brooklyn originally meant "stream" or "lake" before it meant Brooklyn, New York.

This offers Kylie a few avenues to take with this beautiful name; as Scorpio is a Water sign, she could coordinate the sign with a water name, or she could name her baby girl Brooklyn, similar to how Kim named her baby girl Chicago.

It's a strong name for a strong girl, as all Scorpio daughters are filled with a fierce passion and inherent honesty. Communicating with these girls can be difficult, but they always grow up with the determination to make their dreams come true.

23 A Baby Boy Under The Scorpio Sign Would Thrive With The Name Orion


A Greek name that means "rising in the sky," we can see Kylie loving the meaning behind this name. Many people associate Orion with greatness, which is clearly important to Kylie and Travis. It is also the reason it would be the perfect name for their son if he is born a Scorpio.

Strong-willed, passionate, and intense, this baby boy would likely grow up to remind Kylie and Travis of themselves when they were teenagers. Male Scorpios love to dominate the family and be in charge, which can be frustrating for parents, especially when he's certain he knows more than the adults.

22 For This Special Reason, Kylie Should Name A Baby Sagittarius Girl Abilene


This is an exotic name that is easy to spell, which all parents love. Abilene means "meadow" in Hebrew, allowing Kylie to continue her theme of nature names. However, Abilene is more subtle than Stormi and even sounds more beautiful.

Abilene is fitting for a Sagittarius daughter for several reasons.

First, it is charming, as all Sagittarius daughters are. Second, it is unusual, which all Sagittarius daughters are; Abilene would have a bad habit of saying things before she thinks them through. An embarrassing amount of topics would surface in Kylie's household due to her Sagittarius daughter speaking her mind, which is where all that charm will come in handy.

21 If Kylie Really Wants To Stay Close To Nature Names, She Could Name A Baby Sagittarius Boy Eco


As Kylie has shown an interest in nature names (which many of the names on this list are) the epitome of a nature name would be to name their baby Eco. A Latin name with the meaning "of the environment," it is definitely a name that has yet to appear in the celebrity sphere. It would be a first, and Kylie loves to make headlines.

This is the name she should give a Sagittarius boy, for few signs love the world as much as a Sagittarius does. Travelling will become his passion, and he will grow to feel very grateful he was born with the wealth to go wherever he wants in this world.

20 If Stormi Has A Capricorn Sister, Her Name Should Be Ela


Ela is a simple name that means "Earth." It could be perfect if Kylie has a chosen second name picked out and wants a soft first name to complement it, as many celebrities choose to do. It is also a perfect name for a Capricorn girl.

Many parents of Capricorn children notice their babies never really have a 'kid' stage.

Capricorn children grow up fast and act like adults well beyond their years. If Kylie has a Capricorn daughter, her daughter will be telling Kylie how to run her life before she's even in grade school.

19 A Simple Name For A Capricorn Boy Would Be Eben


Simplistic and short, Eben is a nature name that means "stone." As Capricorns are known for craving simplicity, this would be a fitting name for Kylie's second baby. It's not a name you hear every day, but it isn't frilly or showy like many celebrity baby names are.

Kylie would have to put in extra effort to make her Capricorn son feel secure at every turn. As a busy celebrity, her schedule could have a negative impact on an Earth sign who needs to feel grounded. He won't appreciate change, which is why these celebrity parents need to give their baby boy some sanity and a routine.

18 Stormi Is An Aquarius, So If Her Sibling Is An Aquarius Too, Her Name Should Be...


Would Kylie be thrilled or terrified to have two baby Aquarius daughters? If she ends up having astrological twins, Kylie should name her second baby girl Misty. Stormi and Misty sound like they're meant to be twins.

Kylie could easily turn Misty into Misti if she wanted to add to the symmetry of her baby girls' names.

An Aquarius daughter is eccentric and popular. She is always surrounded by friends due to her unique imagination. She loves adventuring and will display a youthful interest in science; Aquarius girls are always incredibly intelligent. While this could mean double trouble, Kylie would certainly feel blessed.

17 If Kylie's Second Aquarius Baby Is A Boy, He Should Be Named Gachie


The African Kikuyu origin name for 'river,' Kylie would know for certain few others have this unique name. This is another baby that could bring Kylie challenges, as an Aquarius boy will be determined to forge his own path. He may even intentionally stray far from his parents' paths. This is why Gachie is the perfect name because it is a nature name for an unusual nature-lover.

An Aquarius boy will have an overactive mind, and he will constantly forget to ask for permission. Tight supervision will be important with this one, otherwise, he'll be eager to run off on a woodland adventure. That would be sure to scare Kylie!

16 Deniz Is The Perfect Name For A Pisces Girl


In Turkish, Deniz means sea. It's a nature name that isn't too challenging to spell or mispronounce, and it's a water name for a Water sign, which is deliciously perfect.

Kylie pays attention to detail, which is why she'd appreciate coordinating her baby's name with their elemental sign.

A Pisces daughter will be as cute as a button but a bit of a hippie, which could be challenging for Travis and Kylie when she wants to deviate from the path they've laid out for her. You can expect this girl to vanish off the face of the Earth one day to go backpacking in a remote location in order to escape the celebrity world.

15 A Jaw-Dropping Name For A Pisces Boy Would Be Risco, Which Has A Unique Meaning


A name that doesn't chart anywhere in the name statistics, Risco would be jaw-dropping. It is perfect how unusual it is, as Kylie's first baby has a strange name. If her second baby is a Pisces boy, this is the name he was destined to have. It's unique, plus, it means "waterfall." There's something special about naming your baby according to their elemental sign.

Pisces sons are always born with a ton of curiosity. He is also a nature lover, which is why he'll be especially proud if he has a nature name. As a Water sign, Kylie will have a handful with his emotional personality, but he will be one of the most loving sons in astrology.

14 We Can See Travis Loving The Name Genesis For A Baby Aries Girl


It might be unusual to name their second baby Genesis, but it's a rare name with "origin" at its meaning. There is a certain amount of success surrounding being the first at something, which is why Travis would want to give his baby this name.

To be the first or original is to be successful, and who doesn't want that for their baby?

It is also a fitting name for an Aries daughter who will love walking on the wild side. She is original, a leader, and likes to experiment. She loves adventure, and many Aries daughters develop the adept skill of perfecting the "evil eye." Kylie will surely love that.

13 Without A Doubt, An Aries Boy Should Be Named Wolfe


An Aries boy is a natural born leader, which is why he should be named Wolfe. The name itself is exotic and it is filled with powerful imagery and holds a leadership connotation. Plus, adding the extra 'e' on the end is an unusual way of spelling the name, just like Stormi with an 'i' at the end is unique. Kylie would be all over this idea.

For someone who will likely grow up to be arrogant, aggressive, and aristocratic due to his celebrity upbringing, this is an instigator who deserves to have a fitting name. Kylie should definitely name her baby boy Wolfe if he is an Aries.

12 Lana Is The Hollywood Name A Taurus Baby Girl Would Need


A Taurus baby girl is bullish by nature, which is why a softer name like Lana might help balance her. Lana is one of the more common names on this list, but it is beautiful and has a celebrity air to it.

It is easy to see Kylie and Travis falling in love with the simplicity of this name.

Her stubbornness will be apparent from day one, and she never outgrows it. If Travis or Kylie need any help in learning how to be patient, Lana would be the perfect lesson. The defiance of a Taurus baby girl is exhausting.

11 Kylie Would Be Taking A Risk Naming Her Taurus Baby Boy West, But It's A Risk She Should Take


Obviously, Kylie might be starting a family feud if she names her next baby West. Considering her brother-in-law is Kanye West and she is related to North West, Saint West, and Chicago West, it might be confusing and frustrating if she has West Webster. However, despite what Kim and Kanye may think, she should take the risk. West Webster could be the most successful West in the family with a name like his.

It is perfect for a Taurus baby boy, who will be grounded, stubborn, and an alpha male. With a natural physicality and determination to Taurus boys, perhaps he'll grow up to be a famous athlete.

10 Solstice Would Be A Beautiful Name For A Unique Gemini Girl


A solstice might be an astronomical event, but it is also a beautiful name. It's soft, feminine, and unusual. Solstice Webster sounds like a celebrity, right? It's unique just like a Gemini baby girl will be, filled with curiosity and a wandering mind eager to explore.

The night sky will fascinate this baby girl, as everything in nature does with a Gemini daughter.

This is why Solstice is the perfect name for Stormi's sibling. A Gemini will become very unhappy if their mind is not being challenged, so the Kardashians will have to work hard to nourish this little genius.

9 A Gemini Boy Who Will Be A Born Celebrity Should Be Named Hyperion


If you say this name out loud, you'll feel the power reverberating off the syllables. Sounds like he should be a superhero, right? How about a god? This name is derived from Greek mythology, as Hyperion was the name of a titan who presided over the sun and light. It is easy to see Travis and Kylie falling in love with this magical name.

It is fitting for a Gemini boy who is bound to be wicked smart. His mind itself is a titan, as they're born with the ability to communicate and write with excellence. While it is not clear how he would fare in the celebrity world, a Gemini boy named Hyperion would be blessed.

8 Kylie Could Shock The World By Naming A Baby Cancer Girl Itsaso


If your baby is born under a Water sign, why not give her a water name? If you're raising your eyebrows at this name, it is only because you have not heard it before. It is not particularly unusual, but it is Spanish, so Western culture isn't akin to hearing it.

Itsaso means "ocean" and "water," which is fitting for a baby girl born under a Water sign.

Kylie should feel blessed if her next baby is a Cancer girl. This star sign is compassionate, peaceful, and will develop a very close bond with her mother. While following her emotions is an uphill battle, she is a wonderful daughter to have.

7 If Kylie Wants A Water Name For A Cancer Baby Boy, Dillon Would Be A Clever Choice


This name has bountiful meanings, such as faithful or lion, but the Welsh meaning for this name is "to be by the sea." It's subtle, unusual, and perfect for a Cancer boy. Plus, the Water imagery behind this name gives it hidden astrological meaning.

If Kylie has a Cancer boy, this little guy could struggle with the spotlight. Even with nurturing from his parents, this child will be shy and secretive. While he's thoughtful, he's very emotional, which could make the celebrity world challenging for him. A name like Dillon would certainly embody this sweet boy's gentle personality.

6 A Leo Baby Girl Should Be Named Phoenix


A Leo represents both royalty and fire, which is why many of the most successful and beloved celebrities are Leo. They have the personality for it, so for a baby who will be a celebrity the moment she is born, she needs a name to set her apart from the crowds. Phoenix embodies all of this.

If Kylie has a Leo baby girl and names her Phoenix, she will be chatty and always speak what is on her mind.

Despite the regal attitude, this little girl will have a very sensitive heart, which could make her a challenging child for two busy celebrities.

5 Based On What It Means To Be A Leo, A Little Lion Boy Should Be Named Blaze


The fire to the water imagery within Stormi's name, Blaze is the perfect name for a Leo boy. A Leo son adores the stage, and he seizes the spotlight at every moment. He demands attention at every turn, which means he'll eventually rule the celebrity world. With a ton of natural born charisma, many Leo children have big heads and ongoing parental tempering. Good luck with this one!

A name that means fire is bound to be a good name, and it is perfect for someone with all the traits of a Leo: a fire name for a Fire sign.

4 If Her Second Baby Is A Virgo Girl, Her Name Needs To Be Wisteria


Wisteria is a flower, which makes it a delicate and beautiful nature name to fit in with the name of Kylie's first baby. The name is frilly yet unpopular, making it unusual enough to catch Kylie's eye. Plus, the alliteration of Wisteria Webster would be sure to make headlines.

After all, she sounds like a born celebrity with a name like that on her birth certificate.

It's perfect for a Virgo girl, as a Virgo girl often embodies feminine beauty. She oozes charm and humor and she values tradition and convention more than anything. This girl would easily become the new face of Kardashians.

3 A Virgo Boy Might Need Help Feeling Strong, So Travis And Kylie Should Name Him Beaumont


Celebrity parents have a way of turning old-fashioned names into the next biggest name boom, which is why Beaumont would be the perfect name for a Virgo boy. Everyone would call him 'Beau' for short, and isn't that adorable? The name itself means "beautiful mountain," giving the gentle-spirited Virgo boy a powerful name.

A strong name could give him the confidence he needs. Just because he would be Travis and Kylie's son doesn't mean he'll avoid the Virgo habit of worrying. Luckily for Travis and Kylie, Virgo children are known for their superior intellect, so Beau would grow up to be just as talented as them.

2 Cascade Is A Cute Name For A Libra Girl, Right Kylie?


Venus will rule a Libra daughter, which makes Libra girls the most adorable babies to be born. Cascade is both a cute name and a beautiful one; when she grows out of her adorable childhood and grows into a woman who looks like her mama, Cascade will still be as alluring a name then as it was when she was little.

Libra daughters are often successful under the scope of famous parents as they love having the camera turned in their direction.

The name Cascade is often associated with a waterfall, which would fit with the theme of her older sister's name Stormi.

1 A Born Star Like Kylie's Libra Baby Boy Should Be Named Zion


Zion is an unusual name, but it is actually biblical. Zion means to be monumental, raised up, or sepulcher. While you may raise your eyebrows at this name because you have not heard it before, it is soaring in popularity over the last thirty years. Still, it proves to be unique enough for a celebrity baby with a Hollywood ring to it. As a Libra boy, he'll have the personality of a natural pacifist. For someone growing up in the Kardashian clan, it would be the perfect name if Kylie wants her baby to stay away from the drama.

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