Here’s What Kind Of Vixen You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Here’s What Kind Of Vixen You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Us women have our devious ways, there is no doubt about it. In fact, we are the gender that has a reputation for not having each other’s backs. Sometimes it seems like guys have that camaraderie and solidarity that we seem to sometimes be lacking. Like the Lana del Rey lyrics go, “this is what makes us girls, we don’t stick together because we put love first.” You get the idea. Fortunately, there are ways to decipher our own flaws by looking at our astrological signs. That’s right, we are all guilty of being trouble makers in our own right. This is what stirs up the pot and puts us in people’s memories as, “oh yea, I remember her. She is the girl who [insert quirk here]”.

However, what makes a girl a “vixen” by definition is her luscious appeal, and each of our signs have unique quirks that have it going on. These are certain little behaviors that make us act outside the norm and pushing the boundaries of other people around us. There are many different ways you can be attractive and guys will certainly have different types they are infatuated with. Bear in mind, that these are both things to be embraced and things to possibly correct. This is exploring aspects of your personality that you never knew you had (or maybe you did and you just don’t want to admit it). Embrace your inner goddess and vixen because believe me—she is there!

12. Aries: The Warrior Queen


This sign is ruled by Mars, the masculine planet. This not to say that you are manly, but you are definitely no girly girl either. You have the fire and tenacity that allows you to do what you want (and who you want) whenever you want to do it. Aries women are the first order of business as the first sign of the zodiac. You are a minimalist and unnecessary obstacles, obligations, drama and emotional involvements never impede on your stamina and sense of identity. The patriarchal double standard will never apply to you in the sheets. Men can be seen as erotic objects and you can leave their apartment the next morning no questions asked or strings attached. You are unapologetic, sometimes too much so. Many people say “I don’t give a f***”, but few really mean it like you do. You thrive on independence and primal instincts. Though you won’t ever lose your sense of identity, you need to learn to think about others too.

11. Taurus: The Barefoot Contessa


A Taurus girl is the zodiac’s hippie. Ruled by the feminine Venus, you indulge in all of life’s physical pleasures from fashionable clothes to the delicious food at every meal. Every one of the five senses is heightened when people are around you. You Taurus girls are the most sensual creatures of all the signs with your big doe eyes and kissable lips. Taurus women are women of substance and physical charms. You know how to use your body to get what you want because you are always aware of it. From the wine you drink to the perfume you spritz on your neck, you radiate a bodily presence that turns heads and cannot be ignored. Unlike the Aries woman, your approach is passive and subservient. Once people start to take notice, then you have them by the balls with your seemingly naive flirtatiousness. Be careful to know your boundaries and not sleep with your best friend’s boyfriend.

10. Gemini: The Fairy Nymph

Natalie Portman


Gemini gals are flighty creatures ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce. This makes you seem as if you are always on the move flying around on your little pixie wings. Since you are the sign of the twins, you know how to play both sides of the fence. You can bat your eyes and play the vulnerable babydoll to the aggressive boss with her own agenda. You know how to play coy and stir the pot with your unnerving social charm. Gemini girls know how spark the excitement in others as well as to cause a little bit of trouble and mischief along the way. Even though you put on a good act, you are not as innocent as you make yourself out to be. From a young age, you probably attracted the “bad boy” types seeking a bit of corruption. You always seem to be on the constant move, even if you are sitting still. You have busy body movements and even busier thoughts. As unpredictable as a pixie—you thrive on keeping people on their toes.

9. Cancer: The Elegant Broad


The Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon and its tides, making her moods go up and down. As a watery feminine sign, she is the zodiac’s damsel in distress. Cancer women tend to be the mother hens of their group of friends and families. She is the first person that loved ones turn to in times of need or to lend a sympathetic ear. Your romantic, sentimental nature radiates an authentic femininity that sends vibrations to your prince to come and rescue you from that tower. A Cancer’s intuition is the strongest of all of the signs which make her able to read other’s emotions and nurture them like a true matriarch. Men might find this either overbearing or will fall under your spell as the mothering comfort that they lacked in childhood. With soft features and an even softer heart, people find you irresistably adorable. You have a natural urge for dependence in your personal relationships so be careful not to attract the tyrannical types.

8. Leo: The Knockout


When a Leo lady walks into a room, get ready to roll out the red carpet. This sign is ruled by the sun, the center of the universe. Leo women find themselves to be the roles as the leading ladies but need men just as passionate as they are about life. You wildcat girls possess some of the most creative minds and you see many born under this sign as actresses and performers. Since Leo symbolizes drama and artistic expression, there is simply never a dull moment with you. As the lioness, you have no problem making the first move on your hunt to fulfillment. Since Leos are known for their mane of hair, yours is either big and lush or long and silky. You know how to dress yourself in the most decadent fashion without being too tacky. Though your showy persona probably earns you many friendships and attention, be careful not to become too much of a drama queen.

7. Virgo: The Girl Next Door


Virgo women know how to play up their good-girl image with their accessible, easy-going nature. Men find you down to earth and easy to talk to in everyday conversation. You have an unassuming demeanor about you that makes you approachable, yet not the easiest to figure out. Since Virgos don’t wear their emotions on their sleeve, they come off as a bit reserved. Though you are ruled by Mercury (like Gemini), you are not big on being the most talkative. You attract men by just doing everyday routine things, you don’t need anything flashy to stand out. You tend to dress in a practical fashion that gives an aura of familiarity. Even in a t-shirt and jeans, your body fills it out like no other natural beauty. More than any other woman, you know how to trick your man into thinking he is wearing the pants. However, you do have a tendency to be critical over little details.

6. Libra: The Good Wife



Libras are the most relationship-oriented signs of the zodiac making them the best long-term partners. Ruled by Venus (like Taurus), you thrive on harmony and beauty in your social and romantic relationships. You carry yourself with elegance and grace. Your words are never vulgar, but inviting and socially charming. You have mastered the art of conversation and make friends wherever you go. You tend to have a few casual relationships, but are fully devoted once you have found “the one.” Libras are excellent at handling confrontation in a diplomatic manner knowing how to see both sides of the coin. In your romantic life, you seek a partner who you see as an equal and someone who you would make a great team with. Though you may not have an overt sensuality, the sparkling gleam in your eye and stark white smile draw people in with elegance. Since your taste in art and literature tends to be highly evolved, be careful not to have a pretentious attitude.

5. Scorpio: The She-Devil


A Scorpio woman’s sensuality is overt and her gaze is piercing and sultry. Though you don’t really stand out in a crowd, you have a subtle intensity brewing under the surface. Scorpio is ruled by Mars (like Aries) and Pluto—the planet of transformation and control. Men tend to approach you by just looking at them rather than making an inviting flirty comment (unlike more chatty signs). Once they have your attention, you know how to continue the intrigue with mystery. This is the darkest sign of the zodiac so you are probably drawn to wearing black fashion or watching horror movies. You may even went through a gothic stage as a teenager. As you got older, your erotic blossomed and you have used it to your advantage ever since. You girls coined the term “a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets.” That and playing hard to get. Scorpion women live up to their name feigning innocence but having ulterior motives, but people seem to keep coming back for more. Try not to burn any bridges.

4. Sagittarius: The Firecracker


Sagittarian women are the most likely to win at beauty pageants or talent contests. This is because they have good fortune on their side and have multiple talents. Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, so you girls have no reason to not always be optimistic. You are vividly glamorous and tend to dress in bright, vibrant colors. With confidence to pull off a show-stopping presence, you attract men that are just as sure of themselves as you are. As the wild horse of the zodiac, you want someone to roam around and explore the world and all its wonders. You are drawn to men that have already found success and wealth. Vivaciousness is your strength as your high-energy acts as a magnet in your social life. However, you tend to get bored very easily and it’s on to the next one if someone doesn’t strike your fancy right off the bat. Learn to have some patience and to listen rather than speaking over others.

3. Capricorn: The Class Act


Capricorn women are ruled by Saturn which is the planet of karma and restriction. You know better than anyone that nothing in life ever comes easy. Women born under this sign are most composed and the least showy out of the entire zodiac. There is nothing more important to you than status and reputation (which you guard with your life). Capricorns believe that nothing worth achieving comes easily, and you are just like that in your relationships as well. You would rather allow bonds to blossom over time than put the pressure on a guy with the “what are we?” talk. Though Capricorn women can come off as shy and reserved, they have strong backbone and won’t be walked over. They know how to pull off that hot librarian act. You know how to balance acting like a lady and acting like a boss. It’s hard for you to see how others are not as disciplined as you are, so try not to be too judgmental.

2. Aquarius: The Professor’s Assistant


An Aquarian lady is the girl that all the nerdy guys fantasize about. Most likely, you are an intellectual who uses her eccentric banter and offbeat sense of humor to attract guys who are just as unique as you. You can be found in the hipster crowd and you have a vast intellect. You seem to know just a little bit about everything. Ruled by Saturn (like the Capricorn) and Uranus—the planet of unexpected changes and revelations, you are unpredictable and a bit of rebel in your own right. You are the most emotionally detached sign out of the entire zodiac, so that means you have the ability to be friends with your exes. This is something Aquarians are known for and it may cause jealousy in your relationships. Friendships are important to you, and your lover may sometimes have to take a backseat.

1. Pisces: The Ethereal Siren


Last but not least, we have the Pisces woman. Ruled by Neptune which is the planet of dreams and intuition. Pisces women are like mermaids or sea sirens that men seem to want to explore and navigate. Since you are the last sign of the zodiac, you are an old soul with multiple facets in your personality that are difficult to pin down. You represent all the preceding signs wrapped up into once package so you can be very hard to read. One minute, you are an emotional rock for someone to lean on and the next, you can be a backstabbing witch. All this change makes you mutable to your own emotions that are ever-changing. You seem to be perpetually be living in a delusion and men want to follow you into the abyss that is your psyche. Reality oftentimes alludes you, so try to keep yourself in check.

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