Here’s What He’ll Never Reveal To You About Himself, Based On His Zodiac

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Here’s What He’ll Never Reveal To You About Himself, Based On His Zodiac

Your guy might not be an open book. In fact, guys are known to hide certain things from the women they are in relationships with. Does your boyfriend tell you everything or do you find him keeping secrets from you on the regular? While we all want our partners to be open and honest with us, there are some topics that we really don’t need to know. Like is it really necessary to know that your dude thought the girl in line at the coffee shop was attractive? Or that he is self-conscious about his body?

While it will always depend on the type of relationship the two of you share, considering what is truly important information varies from person to person depending on their zodiac sign. Oftentimes, you can be in a relationship where it feels as if the relationship is one-sided. As women, we can be guilty of always being the one divulging anything and everything to our boyfriends without them reciprocating personal information. This scenario is fine if it works for you, but sometimes it can actually backfire. Whenever someone holds back in a relationship, the depth of the relationship suffers. As a result, learning what exactly your guy is likely to hide from you based on his zodiac sign can provide you with some much-needed insight into your guy’s mind.

12. Taurus: His Guilt Regarding His Past

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Taurus is a pleasure-seeking sign and an extremely generous one. In fact, Taurus men are known for their sensuality. However, when they start keeping secrets from you, it will probably be any regrets or shame his has about his past. Instead of focusing on the past, Taurus men will do anything and everything to ensure that their future and the present moment is the main focus. The bottom line here is, as a Bull, a Taurus man wants to make sure you are pleased with him. As a result, he will hide whatever shady past he may have from you for as long as he can. The only way to really tell that your guy may be hiding something from you is to notice when he stops wooing you like he used to.

11. Pisces: His Own Personal Drama

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A Pisces man wants to make sure that his partner is always happy. In fact, Pisces men are terrified that they will do something that will cause their partners to break up with them. As a result, when they keep something from you, it’s almost always something that they feel needs to be hidden like their hate for any of their partner’s drama. Women are notorious for bringing drama to any relationship, even if it only has to do with their friends. Therefore, when you notice your Pisces guy being extra romantic and affectionate, it’s probably because you have brought some drama to the table and he wants absolutely nothing to do with it but is terrified of letting you know. If you find yourself with a Pisces dude, avoid bringing drama, and your guy won’t need to hide anything from you.

10. Aquarius: His Desire For The Single Life

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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and also known as the genius sign. But when it comes to love and relationships, Aquarian men hate feeling trapped. An Aquarian man is able to be involved in multiple relationships at one time without getting attached. These are the guys that are considered players, since they are highly social creatures. Aquarian men are often most likely to be good friends with their partner before they actually commit to a relationship. Fortunately, being with an Aquarius man provides you with a ton of freedom, since they avoid clinginess at all costs. It is also important to note that although it may take an Aquarius man a long time to commit, once they do, they are unabashedly loyal and devoted to their partners.

9. Capricorn: His Deep Love Of Shopping

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Every single Capricorn man hides in a lacquered shell made of the hardest metals, reinforced by his life experiences. He does this to prevent someone from breaking his precious heart. More times than not, Capricorn men are so absorbed with their own goals that they forget about things like love. In fact, Capricorn men will generally seem detached when they begin to hide things from their partners. The most common thing that Capricorn men hide from their significant others is their deep love of spending money. Capricorn men want the best of the best and will pay money to make sure that they get the crème de la crème. Therefore, if you find yourself with a Capricorn man, consider checking his spending habits, so you can ensure that the relationship continues to stay healthy.

8. Sagittarius: His Constant Struggle With Boredom

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In a relationship, a Sagittarius is often very energetic and inquisitive. They are the adventurous ones that have a very open-mind when it comes to all their relationships. In fact, Sagittarius men are natural-born wanderers. That is precisely why they hate being bored. However, sometimes they end up with partners that may cause boredom to become rampant in this Sagittarius dreamer. Sagittarius men look to constantly find meaning in all their travels. As a result of their wanderlust, it can be really difficult to get a Sagittarius to settle down. More often than not, these are the guys that prefer an open relationship. Sagittarius dudes are always up for a change in their scenery and being tied down causes them to feel burdened or trapped.

7. Scorpio: His Need To Constantly Tap-Into His Authentic Self

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Scorpio males are extremely sexual beings. In fact, they will be the guys who have had their fair share of lovers over the years. When in a relationship, a Scorpio man is extremely loyal and devoted to their partners. However, they can struggle with being authentic and connecting to what he truly wants in his life or in relationships. Scorpio men love to set the rules in relationships. They are the ones who often take the lead, which can be extremely sexy for many women. More often than not, his animal instincts will always come out to play behind closed doors. Therefore, if you find yourself with a Scorpio dude, be aware that he may be hiding his true self from you. It may behoove you to try and extract his authentic self out of him when you notice him becoming distant or getting scared of commitment.

6. Libra: His Battle To Let Go Of Deep Grudges

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Avoid crossing a Libra guy. They will almost always hold a grudge if you do. Libras hold grudges like it’s their job. In fact, when they begin a relationship, they may hide this deep-dark secret from their partners for fear that their partner will leave them. In fact, Libras are very skilled at keeping their grudges a secret until everything boils over and they just unleash it all out on their partners. When it comes to Libras and their secrets, it can be quite difficult to get all the information out of them whenever there is some sort of disagreement or argument. While we all know that letting go of grudges is important for our mental health, it can be really hard for Libras to understand the positive side of letting go of grudges.

5. Virgo: The Fight With His Inner Demons

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Secretly, Virgo men are always battling their own selves every single day. In fact, if you are dating a Virgo man, he may be the one who shows up looking lost and off in his own world. The fact remains that Virgo men live life with a myriad of dark thoughts deep in their minds every day. As a result, being in a relationship with this type of man can be quite difficult and complicated if you are unprepared. Since most Virgo men understand this flaw in their personality, they try to hide it from their partners at all costs for fear of their partner leaving them for someone else with possibly a lot fewer issues. Be prepared for your Virgo man to be a little-closed off and not open up about all his personal worries right away with a new partner.

4. Leo: The Feeling That He Only Cares About Himself

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Leo’s are some of the best guys out there. However, they also think their sh*t don’t stink. In fact, Leo men are quite often the life of the party. They are extremely generous and kind when they find someone who can deal with their loud personalities. As a result, Leo men will always look out for themselves before anyone else. This manifests itself in the form of not really caring about their significant others. While it is extremely hard to resist the charming Leo man, if you have a personality that needs security and a partner who takes the time to make sure you are safe and protected, a Leo guy may really not be the best choice for you. Therefore, Leo men will try to hide the simple fact that they honestly don’t care about their partner’s well-being all the time.

3. Cancer: His Crazy Mood Swings

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Being in a relationship with a Cancer, male or female, is not for the faint of heart. In fact, Cancer men are well-known for their incredible mood swings. Determining whether a Cancer dude is upset because of their mood or if they are manipulating you can be quite the conundrum for any woman who finds herself in a relationship with a Cancer guy. You will almost always find a Cancer guy shuffling around the house without saying much and simply looking glum. Whatever the case, they are trying their hardest to keep their incredible mood swings away from their partners, especially in the early stages of any relationship. Therefore, if you find yourself in a relationship with a Cancer guy, remember that it isn’t your responsibility to change your entire personality just to appease his crazy mood swings.

2. Gemini: His Constant Uncertainty

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A true Gemini guy is a master wordsmith and will often lure you in with a ton of false promises. In fact, Gemini’s are known to be compulsive liars. As a result, they will likely tell you what you want to hear without having any actions to back anything up with. Real adult relationships can be quite difficult for Gemini dudes to maintain. Considered two-faced Gemini men are always keeping secrets from their partners. But the one thing that they always hide is their uncertainty about their life in general. They often don’t know what they really want out of life and that comes out in the form of compulsive lying. Instead of taking the time to discover themselves, Gemini men will always try to find the easy way out of looking internally at their emotions.

1. Aries: His Thoughts Of Cheating

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By nature, Aries men are extremely flirtatious. In fact, they are the guys that are super quick to declare their love to a significant other. Aries men are the ones that fall hard and fast. As a result, they often provide a false sense of security to their partner. In reality, Aries men are always on the hunt for someone who is better than whoever they are currently with. Since they are natural-born hunters, they are always looking for an adventure and challenge. They are always thinking that the grass is always greener with someone else. This makes them hide any potential thoughts of cheating from their significant others. Therefore, anyone who lacks confidence in a relationship would not be a good match for an Aries man.

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