Here's The Zodiac Signs Who Are Most Likely To Get Pregnant In 2018 (Ranked)

The blessing of pregnancy can come at any time. Sometimes it’s the result of a lot of planning and effort, and other times, it happens when you least expect it to. Only to a certain extent can we control when it happens, and the rest is up to the stars.

Star signs might also have something to do with when you finally fall pregnant. After all, they say that the zodiac sign we’re born under is part of what shapes us into who we are, and if we’re careful, who we are can influence when we become parents. Typically, some signs of the zodiac were born to be mothers; they are strong, selfless and natural nurturers. Other signs are still strong, but they’re much less turned on by the thought of cradling a baby to sleep. The category you fall under could help to determine whether you’ll fall pregnant in 2018.

Of course, nothing is definite when it comes to the zodiac, and you might find that the typical qualities of your sign don’t embody you at all. But if they do, they might just be a hint as to whether or not 2018 is the year you become a parent!

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15 Least Likely: Work Comes Before Babies For Capricorn


Capricorn is the sign least likely to fall pregnant in 2018. Why? Typically, babies tend to fall pretty low down on the list for the career-driven sign. When she finally does have children, Capricorn does make a great mother because she’s extremely caring, intelligent and firm. But most of the time, she doesn’t want to make that commitment until she knows she’s ready for it, and that usually comes after she’s achieved her work goals!

If you’re a Capricorn who’s achieved the other goals on her list, then things might be different for you in 2018! But on the whole, Capricorn isn’t a sign who’s crazy about babies and dying to grow the family, so there are many other signs who you’ll probably see getting pregnant before this one!

14 Virgo Has A Long List Of Things To Do Before Children


Virgo is another sign who isn’t in a rush to have children in 2018. Like Capricorn, Virgo has a long list of goals she wants to achieve before she becomes a mother. It’s not that family isn’t important to this sign, but being the perfectionist she is, she couldn’t think of anything worse than having a baby before she’s ready. When she’s a mom, she’s going to put her all into it and she doesn’t want to be distracted by anything at all, so she needs all those other things ticked off her list before that happens.

The other thing to remember about Virgo is that she doesn’t do accidents. Nothing gets past her, so if she doesn’t want to have a baby, she doesn’t find herself accidentally pregnant like a less careful sign might.

13 Though Loving, Sagittarius Craves Freedom More Than Pregnancy


Sagittarius has a lot of love to give and will make a great parent one day. She’s understanding, lenient, open-minded and knows how to have fun and stimulate those under her care. She also loves to nurture and make the people she loves happy. Serious mom material! But still, she probably won’t be the first sign you’ll see falling pregnant in 2018.

As much as Sagittarius can’t wait to give her all to a little bundle of joy, she’s not in a rush to have kids because she values the freedom that not being a parent gives her. She loves to travel and wander without too many ties, and she hates being backed against the wall. Let’s face it: children can back you against the wall sometimes! That’s not to say that Sagittarius won’t ever have kids, but she probably wants to make sure she’s seen the world first.

12 Dreaming About Babies Beats Having Them For Pisces


There are so many things about Pisces that will make her a great mother. Out of every sign in the zodiac, Pisces is the best to talk to: she’s understanding and uses her intuition to give the best advice on the market! She’ll encourage her kids to chase their goals and will bring a creative flair to the art of parenting.

However, Pisces does tend to take her time before making major decisions and going through life transformations, and having kids is no different. Even if Pisces spends all day dreaming about having kids in 2018, it doesn’t mean she’ll actually make the move. This sign typically spends a long time imagining things before bringing them into reality. But make no mistake—eventually, she will manifest her desires into reality. It just might be later rather than sooner.

11 Committing To A Baby Is The Deal-Breaker For Aquarius


Depending on where Aquarius is in her life, she might think the idea of a baby could be a lot of fun, or she might be scared stiff by it. After all, she loves having her freedom as much as Sagittarius does, and doesn’t like anything that’s mundane or repetitive. Even if she is ready to have a baby, it still might not happen in 2018.

One of the biggest obstacles Aquarius faces in life is commitment. She doesn’t like to be locked into anything, and with a baby, you’re usually locked in for a good 18 years. Aquarius will probably find that they will be the best 18 years of her life once she gets there, but it still might take her some time to actually work up the nerve to take the plunge.

10 Leo Prefers To Party Than Read Bedtime Stories


The main reason why Leo isn’t the most likely sign to get pregnant in 2018? That would mean that she has to give up her lifestyle, which is going to take some time for her to come to terms with! Sure, individual Leo ladies might be ready to make the change from bar hopping on Saturday night to putting a baby to bed at seven and catching up on some sleep. Generally, though, this isn’t the sign most likely to spend 2018 with child.

Like the other signs, Leo has her own qualities that will make her a superb mother one day. But she knows what she wants and isn’t one to be pressured out of it, so it could be a while before she decides to say goodbye to that part of her life.

9 But Leo Has A Lot Of Love To Give, And Who Knows Where Passion Can Lead?


While Leo might think she wants to wait a while before having kids, she is generally a little more impulsive than careful signs like Virgo and Capricorn. That means that she might just find herself pregnant in 2018 anyway, even if it wasn’t what she was planning!

Leo tends to be overwhelmed by the love she has for her partner, and might decide on impulse that kids are a great idea, even if she thought differently about it two days ago. That kind of passion could lead to a baby in the coming year. Leo tends to be more unpredictable than some of the other signs, but whatever happens, she’ll find a way to make it work. If there’s anything this strong sign can do, it’s adapt and embrace!

8 Scorpio Likes To Think Deeply Before Big Decisions Like Babies


We can all agree that having a baby is a huge decision. It’s a commitment that is going to affect the rest of your life, and like it or not, most parts of your life will change dramatically. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to think long and hard before trying for a baby, and nobody knows this better than Scorpio!

This curious, calculating sign tends to plan out most things, and spends large amounts of time just thinking about what she want sand why she wants it. She likes to go deep and really understand everything, including her own actions and the reasons behind them. It’s this sort of approach that could mean Scorpio takes longer than other signs to finally settle down and have a baby.

7 But Impulse Can Make It Happen Sooner Rather Than Later For Scorpio...


Although Scorpio does like to plan, study and analyze things to no end, what makes her super interesting is that she has a whole other side that is driven by passion and impulse. She ideally likes to plan her decisions out, but it doesn’t always happen that way in reality.

Scorpio happens to be one of the most passionate and emotional signs in the zodiac, so even though she likes to think about things, her heart usually wins out. This means that even if she doesn’t think she really wants a baby enough to make the commitment, a passionate night with her partner could turn things around in two seconds flat. If this is the case, she could very well end up pregnant in 2018.

6 Gemini Feels Locked In By The Thought Of Parenthood


On one hand, Gemini is unlikely to find herself pregnant in 2018 because there are so many things about it that she’s not into. Like some of the other signs, Gemini doesn’t like to be stuck in a repetitive routine. Being a parent is by no means boring or monotonous, but it can seem that way to someone who is used to trying something new every day.

Gemini is the sort of gal that likes to attend a different class every week, try new forms of exercise after work, go to a fresh bar or restaurant every Friday night and socialize with a new group of people at a party every Saturday. Parenthood means all that will change, which might make this sign hesitant to have a baby in 2018.

5 But Gemini Does Like To Try New Things...


On the other hand, Gemini could end up pregnant sometime in the next year. As we mentioned, she loves to try new things and feels her purpose is to experience life to the fullest. Any parent will tell you that having a baby is one of the best experiences that a person can have, so Gemini is likely to crave that at some point.

It all comes down to timing for the individual. If Gemini has a lot going on and is stimulated by her life as it is, she probably won’t want to change it by getting pregnant in 2018. But if she is at the point where she’s starting to crave a really big change and a new, exciting challenge, she could end up heading towards motherhood very soon.

4 Taurus Loves People, Families And Babies, And Could Pursue Them In 2018


Taurus is a sign who is more likely to get pregnant in the next year than some of the other signs. Typically, this sign loves the thought of being a mom, and will make a great one when the time comes. She’s patient and caring, and although she can be a tad stubborn, she will teach her children all about having a strong work ethic and being a kind person.

The life of a Taurus tends to revolve around other people—she loves socializing and being surrounded by people who make her happy, and whom she can make happy. Naturally, she can’t wait to extend her family and surround herself with little people who will make her the happiest of all! Individuals vary, but as far as signs go, there’s no pressing reason why Taurus wouldn’t get pregnant in 2018.

3 Aries' Passion And Courage Make The Ram Likely To Get Pregnant


One of the reasons why people take so long to take the plunge and have children is because it’s a really scary thing to do. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing (which is basically everybody in the beginning!), taking responsibility for a life you love so deeply is extremely daunting. But if anybody has the courage to face this fear, it’s Aries.

Not the actual birth process nor the years spent raising kids are scary enough to turn Aries off. She is one of the most courageous signs in the zodiac, and is excited by challenges—she doesn’t shy away from them. That combined with her huge, loving heart and urge to provide and care for kids makes her pretty likely to have a baby in the upcoming year.

2 Romance And Relationships Are Everything To Libra, And Pregnancy Will Probably Follow


Love means more to Libra than it does to any other sign. Of course, love is important to all of them, but Libra ladies live especially for romance and intimate connections with the people they’ve chosen. It just makes their worlds spin!

Once a Libra gets close enough with her partner, the next step most will want to take is to have a baby with that person. She might find herself at a point where her heart is all but bursting with love and she needs to create another person to give some of it away. Libra girls also tend to make fantastic mothers, seeing as they’re so fair and level-headed. They provide a sense of stability for kids, even in the craziest of households!

1 Most Likely: Cancer Was Born To Be A Mom


The sign who’s most likely to fall pregnant in 2018 is Cancer, hands down. Generally, Cancer girls have babies on the brain, all day, all night, all year long. No matter what other important things she’s got on her mind, she has a natural desire to care for others, and this tends to manifest into a craving for children. You could say that she was born to be a mother and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Though Cancer can seem cold from the outside, she is soft and gooey inside and radiates with love and compassion for others. She is selfless, considerate and caring, and can’t wait to apply those qualities to being a mom. Because of this, she’s the one sign who’s the most likely to get pregnant in the year ahead.

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