Here's The Surefire Way To Win Him Back, According To His Sign

Have you ever dealt with a particularly devastating breakup? Everyone has at least one. That's totally normal, and if you're dealing with that right now let me preface all of this by saying that it will get better and at some point, it'll all work out. Sometimes, however, you might not want to just let a relationship go. You might end up really wanting your ex-boyfriend back. This might not be the smartest thing you ever do because relationships tend to end for a reason, but if you're the type who wants him back, you're going to have to go about it differently depending on the guy. More importantly, you're going to need to know his zodiac sign to know how to play this.

A person's zodiac sign can tell you a lot about them: think about how much you can learn about yourself from astrology. You can use what you've learned about the different signs to figure out what you need to do to win him back. For some guys, you won't need to do all that much at all. You might need to be a little patient, but you won't need to put in an effort to make him come around. For other guys, you might need to put in a lot of effort to get your guy to see you in a brand new way or even just the way he saw you before. Regardless, here's what you need to do in order to win him back, according to his zodiac sign. Make sure you also check out his moon sign if you know it, and stick around to the end for a secret, special way back into his heart.

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15 Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): Play To His Personality

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Fixed signs also value authenticity, but to be honest, the thing that really speaks to a Fixed sign guy is when a woman plays to his own strengths and personality a bit. This doesn't mean don't be yourself, but it does mean that you should show him that you're a person whose baggage goes well with his. Fixed signs are extremely stubborn because of their stance as the signs that maintain energy, so they're not the type to push you to get back together. In their minds, if you two broke up for a reason, that reason still stands and should be stronger than any feelings the two of you have on the subject. If any reunion is to happen, the ball is essentially in your court. Just make sure you're not desperate or trying to do too much, and you'll have him back in time.

14 If He's A Taurus: Be Extra Sweet And Kind

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When you're trying to win a Taurus back, you need to keep in mind his romantic side. This is the kind of guy who loves affection when it's displayed, whether it's publicly or privately. While you shouldn't really do that until you've won him back because that's a major display of breaking set boundaries, you can show your feelings in other ways. Be extra nice to him without becoming a doormat: again, don't be desperate. Maybe pick up a cup of coffee for him on your way to work if you work together. Perhaps you can tag him in something on social media that reminds you of him (without being creepy or overbearing). Maybe if you know his parents and they need help with something that you know about, pitch in for them as a friend and not as an ex-girlfriend trying to get him back. He'll honestly appreciate that and wonder why he ever broke up in the first place.

13 If He's A Leo: Be Fun And Unpredictable, Never Boring

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If you're trying to get back with a Leo, know that you're going to need to break out all of your fun resources. Leos are attracted to spontaneity, they kind of follow it like flies to light. Leos want to feel as excited and entranced with the person that they're dating as everyone else tends to feel around them. If you're looking to get him back quickly, be your most unexpected self. Show him that you can get out of your shell and be bold, and he'll totally love it! If the two of you are feeling out what to do next or are on a tentative break, do something like take him out somewhere he'd never go on his own, or even better, somewhere he'd never expect you to choose yourself. You can totally do these things as friends if you have that friendship, too, and the more time you spend together doing things that are fun, the more he'll wonder why you guys broke up in the first place.

12 If He's A Scorpio: Don't Deny That You Want Him Back

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If you're trying to get back with a Scorpio, the last thing you need to be thinking about doing is acting like nothing happened. Your Scorpio guy might not show it right away, but he's carrying his breakup with you like an anvil around his neck and if you act like it means nothing to you, it's going to make him move on. This is when you're going to have to get a little brave and actually tell him that you still have feelings for him and aren't over him yet. However, don't tell him that you want him back because then he'll never believe that you want to be his friend. If he asks whether you want him back, tell him that you're open to it, but what you want most is to get to a place of friendship with him. He'll appreciate your directness, and it'll be from that friendship that a potential relationship can re-grow.

11 If He's An Aquarius: Be Creative And Don't Overwhelm Him

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Let's be real, when an Aquarian guy decides to get into a relationship, he's getting into it because he thinks that you're the one. Aquarian guys don't put a label on someone that they don't deem vitally important to them, so when the two of you break up, it's going to hurt him a lot not just because he's losing you, but because he feels like he's going against all of his values of only taking a relationship seriously if they're "the one." While winning back an Aquarian guy is really hard and can backfire if you're not careful, it's definitely not impossible. Basically, all that you're going to need to do is be fun and creative, because that's what these guys appreciate. Think about how fun you were in your relationship, and be more fun and spontaneous than that.

10 Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): Let The Universe Take Care Of It

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If your guy is a Mutable sign, you might need to take a step back. Try your best not to panic and cling to him like white on rice, because that will make him run away faster than a hummingbird flaps its wings. If he wants space, make sure he has it. If he needs to not see you for awhile, make sure you make yourself scarce. On the other hand, if he wants you around, stick around as much as it makes you comfortable. Let things happen to and around you guys and whatever happens, will happen. Mutable signs change energy, so if anyone is going to jump back into a relationship with an ex, it's going to be these guys. They don't always stick to decisions they make, so if they dump you, expect them to waffle on that decision and ask you back relatively quickly. If they don't, then sorry, but it wasn't meant to be.

9 If He's A Gemini: Don't Ever Lie To Him Or He'll Run Away

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If you're trying to get a Gemini back, you need to remember that these guys absolutely hate making the same mistake twice. It's one of the things that gets them really anxious: they like to know that if they're going to learn a lesson that they won't need to learn it again. What you need to do is remind him that there were good times in your relationship as well. This is the guy who wants people to be all good or all bad because then there are no shades of gray to get hung up on. Just be honest with him. Tell him that things were bad and how they were bad, and also tell him what things were good. Get him to understand that while there are bad things in a relationship, they don't cancel out the good things or make them unimportant.

8 If He's A Virgo: Just Wait, He'll Come Crawling Back In Time

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If you're trying to win back a Virgo guy, you're going to need to know one thing: he's always going to be considering getting back together on some level. Sure, the two of you broke up for a reason, but he's going to have a lot of mixed feelings on the issue. I can't promise that he'll be chomping at the bit to get back with you, but I can predict that he's going to be a little conflicted. All you're going to need to do is hang around for a while. Don't become his best friend or try to overtly win him back, but reestablish your friendship outside of the romance. Even if you guys ended terribly, he's going to remember the nice things about your relationship, especially if he still associates you as a friend. The more he associates you that way, the more likely it is that he's going to want you back as a girlfriend.

7 If He's A Sagittarius: Be A Problem Solver

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The average Sagittarius guy comes off as really laid-back and almost carefree, but he's not. In actuality, he's kind of a perfectionist when it comes to relationships, which is pretty ironic considering that people, by definition, aren't perfect. When a breakup happens, he's not just going to feel bad because he's lost you, he's going to feel like a failure for even trying at a relationship in the first place considering how much of a rolling stone he is at heart. When it comes to you trying to win him back, you need to be a stress reliever, a problem solver. Be the hero he kind of needs at that moment. He wants things to be perfect so badly and will shoulder that burden even if it kills him, so what he needs more than anything else is someone who will tell him to relax and that he has others to rely on. He might have forgotten that in a relationship, you're a team, and when he sees you being awesome and making him feel better, he's going to remember what a great team the two of you were.

6 If He's A Pisces: Show Him How Much You Miss Him

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A Pisces guy is majorly in touch with his emotions, but he's going to kind of shut down after a breakup. He won't be over you, but he'll consider it a sign of weakness if he actually admits that to you, so he'll kind of freeze up around you and act like the breakup doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. In order to win him back, you need to crack this facade, and the only way you're going to do that while making him feel safe is to crack your own. You don't have to get too emotional about all this (although he probably will so be prepared for that), but you should be upfront about how you feel and vulnerable about what you want. He will appreciate your honesty and that you're the same genuine person he loved in his relationship with you, and your willingness to do that and show that you're willing to try again will make him want to jump back in with you and take the relationship seriously for real.

5 Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): Be Yourself In Every Way

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If you're dealing with someone who's a Cardinal sign, you need to make sure that you are always authentic. The last thing you ever want to be is someone who's pretending to be someone they're not. Cardinal signs are the ones who initiate energy, and they do it by the strength of their personalities and their skills. They're not the types to rely on other people for anything, even the most emotional of the lot (we're looking at you here, Cancer). If you feel like you need to be someone else in order to get a Cardinal sign back, to be honest, you two might need to be apart and he'll be the first to tell you that. If you want him back, be open about that, don't be manipulative about it. If you want to just be his friend and let the chips fall where they may, say that, and then actually do that. Your honesty might just bring him back to you.

4 If He's An Aries: Play To His Strong Personality

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When you're trying to get an Aries back, you need to play to his strong personality. Aries guys are leaders at heart who make decisive decisions, so if he broke up with you, in his mind, it's for a good reason. That being said, he also made that same confident decision when he got with you in the first place, so you're not going to need to convince him that you're a catch. He knows that already by virtue of being with you. If you're trying to get him back, you need to play the long game. Don't try and overdo it or he'll just get turned off. Instead, be subtle and low key. Show, don't tell. By being subtle and patient about it, you'll show him the parts of yourself that he already knows are great about you and he'll want you back soon enough. The key is for him to think it's his idea.

3 InstesIf He's A Cancer: Be His Friend, Not His Ex-Girlfriend

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Say what you will about a Cancer guy, but he loves, well,  love. He loves being in a relationship and will do what he can to stay in one, but this honestly comes from a place of idealization. He wants the perfect girl, which tends to leave the girls he dates feeling inadequate, or leaves him to feel like he'll never find "the one." That's honestly part of the reason why the two of you aren't together right now. If you want to win this guy back, you're going to need to be his friend. Don't act like his ex-girlfriend hell-bent on getting him back, because that is simply not going to go well for you. Hang out with him and his friends as a friend and his friends will eventually be won over by you because they're going to see you as a bro and root for you guys. Once his friends approve, he won't be too far behind.

2 If He's A Libra: Give Him Proof That You're Awesome

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When it comes to Libra guys, they're in their heads a lot when it comes to relationships. These are the ones that will turn the question of getting back with their ex into a strange sort of mental puzzle. They won't do it unless they can make sure they won't get hurt or that no one will end up upset by it, which can make winning back men under this sign particularly difficult. He might even seem totally not open to getting back with you under any circumstances, which could be enough to make you give up. Remember this, though: Libras are intelligent people, but they are notorious fence-sitters who have a horrible time making a decision without that security of knowing that they're right. It's your job to give him that security by hitting him with everything that makes you awesome, not with your words but with your actions.

1 If He's A Capricorn: Keep In Touch, But Focus On Yourself

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If you're trying to get a Capricorn back, you're going to need to fight against his radio silence for a bit. Capricorns tend to do things logically: if there's a breakup they're going to be cutting off all contact and burying themselves in their work for awhile. However, this definitely doesn't mean that he doesn't still care about you. In actuality, he cares about you a lot and is probably stalking you on social media like crazy. Make an effort to keep in touch with him without stepping all over his set boundaries. Don't go out of your way to do this either, because then it'll seem like you're being obsessive. Rather, just keep up with him and show that you care about your friendship with him rather than getting him back. Also, stay open to whatever questions he has for you: the more he asks you things about your life, the more he's weighing his options for getting back together.

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