Here's The Least To Most Flirtatious Signs Of The Zodiac (His & Hers)

So, you're interested to see if you're as good at flirting as you think you are? You might be interested to discover a secret the stars have been hiding from you; the male version of a sign might be better at flirting than the female version of the same sign, AND vice versa. What, you say? Am I trying to tell you that the Leo man might be worse than the Leo woman when it comes to flirting up a steamy storm? Oh yeah, that's exactly what I'm telling you. Aren't you wondering if you're the better half or not?

Flirting is an integral part of our society, but it's a complicated one. What if you're exceptional at flirting over texts, but fall flat in person? I'm talking to you, Capricorn ladies. Maintain eye contact! It's true that certain aspects of flirting are more important than others; if you can't invest yourself in a sensual conversation in person because you're shy, I have news for you: you don't have game. If you need someone to hold up a mirror to you so you can work on your cheeky chats with a crush, or you're seeking validation because you know you're awesome at flirting, this is the list for you. We've ranked your game based on astrology, for him and her.

The Worst Of The Worst:

24 A Libra Man's Ego Might Interfere With His Game


What's scarier than looking silly? Nothing to a Libra man. One of the most important parts of flirting with talent is letting innuendos roll off your tongue without thinking them through. Unfortunately, it's painfully obvious how desperately this man is thinking everything through. It's not attractive, but you must be wondering, does this really make him the worst flirter out there? After he's tried to say something witty, you'll find yourself walking away from the Libra man hoping you'll never run into him again. If you consider the point of flirting is to attract the other person, this failure makes the Libra man drop to the bottom of the list. It doesn't mean he's hopeless! It just means you shouldn't expect to be swept off your feet with his words. His actions are more impressive.

23 Failure? An Aquarius Man Thinks He's Flirting, But He's Usually Being Weird


This sign is incredibly emotionally detached, and it shows when he tries to flirt. The Aquarius man is typically on the eccentric side to boot, so his definition of flirting is out in left-center field. The combination of detachment and weirdness make it so flirting won't be a delightful tango with this man. Instead, he'll probably make a dozen puns, and none of them will be funny. If you're lucky enough to be on the same planet as this man, or you love men that make lame puns, flirting with him might be right up your alley. Unfortunately, a strong pun game doesn't equal a strong flirting game, which is why the Aquarius man lands almost at the bottom of the list. If you're not good at flirting either, perhaps this is the man you need.

22 Is Every Steamy Conversation With An Aquarius Woman Awkward?


Like her male counterpart, the Aquarius woman lingers towards the bottom of the list. While she isn't as terrified as looking foolish, the reason she's a poor flirter is because she tends to overthink everything. Before they go on a date with you or make a move, the Aquarius woman will plan out the exact conversation in their head, word for word, and run through it fifty times before they talk to you. You might think this means they can flirt without flaw, however, they come across as tense and fake instead of relaxed and playful. Unfortunately, these women struggle to even reach the flirtatious encounter - they're petrified that the other person won't feel the same way, so instead of risking the pain of rejection, they talk themselves out of it. You can't be good at flirting if you never flirt, and it's why they tend to be awkward when they do flirt.

21 Is He Disinterested Or Lazy? A Taurus Man Might Make You Ask This Question


If you don't act interested, you're not going to be good at flirting, and if you're too lazy, you're not going to be good at flirting. Sadly, the Taurus man isn't interested enough to care. He's never seen the point in flirting. Why bother? It's so much effort. If you're lucky, he might say a charming quip from time to time, and that always makes you crave more from him. You know he can be clever and flirtatious, but he chooses not to. This is why he lands so far down the list. You're going to be below average if you don't try! The Taurus man tends to struggle with women that need attention and gratification. Whether his interest hasn't piqued or he actually is lazy can be established on a case by case basis. Sorry Taurus men, but you know your game needs work.

20 Can You Flirt In Real Life The Way People Flirt In Films? Gemini Women Know The Answer


Nope, you can't. The Gemini woman tries to channel their inner Serena van der Woodsen eating chocolate covered strawberries on a bus, but they end up smearing food all over their face and staining their shirt. It ends up being an uncomfortable ordeal for both parties. These fun women tend to try too hard. They haven't learned the lesson that copying moves from magazines and movies never translates well into real life, and this is why their game is sub-par. It doesn't mean they can't improve, but it means flirting with them might be painful until they learn this lesson. The Gemini woman isn't oblivious to the fact that she's acting awkward; she's an intuitive woman, and she knows she's making herself look foolish. That's why after a couple embarrassments, they try to avoid flirting.

19 Flirting With A Libra Woman Might Send You Running For The Hills


She's nowhere near as embarrassing at flirting as her male counterpart, but it's difficult to say she's skilled at it. What gives? You're known for being social and sweet, but apparently, that isn't the formula for flirtatious. Her biggest weakness is how indecisive she is, and this leads to the Libra woman psyching herself out. If you can actually get her to the point of being comfortable with you, she might allow herself to be timidly witty, and she might say something flirty enough to surprise you. However, she never does anything impulsively or on a whim, which means flirting isn't her strong suit. The truth is, they might believe their crush is out of their league, and treat them like flawless, inhuman entities. Love does strange things to a Libra woman, and it's why a conversation might be filled with blushing and stumbling.

18 If You Don't Befriend The Taurus Woman First, Flirting Is Below Average


This woman is an enigma. Dramatically different than a male Taurus, the Taurus woman will be a tender and passionate person with sweet flirtations... if you're close friends or in a serious relationship. You might think she doesn't belong in the bottom third of this list if this is the case, but you don't have game if it takes years for you to be comfortable enough to flirt. Part of having a steamy flirting game is being willing to put yourself out there with total strangers. If a Taurus woman tries to do this, it's awkward because she's forcing herself into a situation that feels counter-intuitive. If it doesn't come naturally to her, she'll forget about it, and you should too. If you're in love with this wonderful woman, eventually you'll be delighted with her flirtations later in the relationship, but that's the only scenario in which this woman will want to flirt and flirt well.

17 If Having Food In Your Teeth Is Flirtatious, The Pisces Man Is A Stud


Dang it! He nearly said something really clever and steamy... but is that spinach in his teeth? And what is he rambling about now? You poor Pisces men. If you weren't so clumsy, you'd be much higher on this list. This man's game isn't stellar because of a lack of skill, but because his mechanics take away from his words. He's the type of man that will stumble over his witty punchline. Right when he's about to say a flirty hello to his crush, he'll trip over his own feet and fall on his face. Sometimes it feels like he's trying to sabotage himself. With more shameful embarrassments, his game becomes more talented and he won't be as clumsy, but he usually finds a way to trip up. At least he's charming about it. Pisces are rarely good under pressure.

The Hits And The Misses:

16 The Gemini Man Isn't Interested In Flirting - It's Why He's Only Average


Two of the strongest traits you'll find within a Gemini is their inconsistency and indecisiveness. These characteristics are more noticeable in the men than the woman. You might be thinking to yourself, flirting is thrilling, why isn't he interested in it? It's simple, but it's why he ranks low on this list. He doesn't believe flirting is genuine. It's a fake side of yourself meant to portray the smoothest face. All the edges of your personality have been buffed away. You cannot be talented at flirting if your heart isn't in it, and while a Gemini man isn't necessarily a bad boyfriend, don't expect to date him if you won't make the first move until he flirts with you. He's not interested in someone that isn't genuine by his standards, and that's why flirting with him is rarely fun.

15 Eye Contact Is A Must When You Flirt, But A Capricorn Woman Avoids It


Girl, why you so shy? When she gets going, this woman can flirt until your heart is fluttering. Unfortunately, her target's heart will falter when she refuses to let him stare into her beautiful eyes. Stop looking away! I'm over here! It's because of their tongue knots when they can't think of what to say, and it's harder to think when you're gazing into someone's soul. She's similar to her male counterpart in that she is very talented at texting. That's when her flirting will be the steamiest, and you'll be yearning for me. However, it might be an anticlimactic experience when she becomes shy in person. Even when she's known the person for years, she'll be timid with the flirtations if you get into her personal space!

14 A Cancer Woman Can Flirt With Sweetness, But It's Not Steamy


Aw, she's adorable. She's blushing a little bit and she's giggly. Your heart is melting - she's the embodiment of a puppy. You'll only get to this stage with a Cancer woman if you've made the first move because she's too shy to approach someone she considers to be smoldering hot and worth her time. If you're looking for someone that considers flirting to be dropping food off at your house, making your bed, or straightening up your tie, this is the woman for you. That type of flirtation is rare and endearing, however, the Cancer woman can't rank any higher on the list because of it. You might be cute, but your game lacks confidence. Confidence is key when you're flirting, but confidence isn't natural for this lady.

13 A Cancer Man Can Be Too Timid, And Only Flirts By Accident


Similar to his female counterpart, he's typically a bit more confident than the Cancer woman, which is why he lands a spot above her on the list. However, he is too timid to be considered fantastic at flirting. If you're a confident woman who knows what she wants, that is the desired formula to get this man to loosen up and say something steamy. If you can make him comfortable, you might be lucky enough to peek at his game. However, the Cancer man is timid by nature, and you'll never be able to climb high on this list if you're not naturally confident. Flirting is more sensual tenfold when someone comes after what they want, but the Cancer man isn't the type to do that. Instead, he'll only flirt by accident until he becomes comfortable with someone.

12 If She's In The Right Frame Of Mind, The Pisces Woman Has Game, But...


Considerably better at flirting than a Pisces man, the Pisces woman is known for her long lashes and smoldering stare. This flirtatious look creates fireworks without even saying a word, and she can seduce you with these sensual eyes, which is why she's higher up on the list than many other signs. However, a Pisces is notorious for existing in another world, and if her mind isn't anchored to the earth, flirting with her tends to be... bad. She'll stumble over her words, she'll stutter, nothing will roll off her tongue with ease. It's because she isn't fully present in the moment, and she's dreaming about the abstract. If this woman finds 'the zone', her game is remarkable and she'll be one of the steamiest flirters you meet. Unfortunately, you'll never know which Pisces woman you'll get.

11 Grading A Capricorn Man: A+ Over Texts, B- In Person


After you text this man, your expectations will be soaring. You'll feel flushed, and your heart will be beating irregularly. A sensually planned date will be all you can think of, you just know the sparks will be flying and he'll say the most charming things... and then he ends up being a dud. Sort of. The Capricorn man is exceptional at flirting over texts, where he has time to craft the perfect response to work you up. However, when you flirt with him in person, it doesn't feel like his heart is in it. You'll set him up to say something clever, but he'll just awkwardly laugh and look away. He isn't socially inept - he can flirt in person, but you'll feel disappointed in comparison to what was said over texts.

10 Flirting & Forgetting: Why The Sagittarius Man Is Confusing


If you don't make it clear to someone that you're interested in them or not, that can impact your flirting game. The Sagittarius man is notorious for leaving unanswered texts and acting like he's too busy. In reality, this man doesn't want to appear clingy. He loathes attachment unless he's in love; if you're casually seeing this man, be prepared to be VERY confused all the time. While he's only average at flirting for all of these reasons, there is an upside to his lack of investment. He rarely cares enough to think about what he says, and he can be steamy naturally. This allows flirting with the Sagittarius man to be relaxed and exciting. Neither of you has to think too hard about what to say next, and he knows exactly where to touch you on the waist and back to increase the connection. Confusing? Hell yes.

9 The Leo Man Has Game, But He's Missing Something


This sign loves flirting, and when you love something, you're usually good at it. That's the case with the Leo man; this boy has GAME. Some serious game, too. They're typically good looking, they draw you in with steamy conversations, and they'll have you squirming in no time. You can't get enough of this man. Sometimes, however, you feel like he's missing something. It's when he becomes flippant when you don't text him back fast enough. It's when he becomes self-centered, and wants all your undivided attention. You feel like you're not quite putting your finger on it, but these blips in a Leo man's personality does take away from his game. Instead of flirting up a storm, he can make a woman feel awkward by demanding the attention he feels he deserves. He's a definite hit, but he can be lacking.

OMG! They Flirt SO GOOD:

8 Behold, The Aries Man - He's The King Of Steamy Texts


There are a few signs on this list who climbed the ladder based on their flirty texting abilities, but the Aries man is royalty. He's potentially the best texter on this list. He won't wait for his game to warm up; he'll create tension immediately. His dirty jokes will make you blush, and you'll be craving more with a deep desire. Is that him making your skin all tingly? If he's this good (he sounds practically flawless), why isn't he ranked higher on the list? He's exceptional over the phone and he's charming in person, but out of the Zodiac signs ranked towards the top of the list, they all out duel him in person. A champion flirty texter cannot compare to someone that champions flirting in person. Regardless, it's difficult to be disappointed by the Aries man's flirtations.

7 The Mysterious Sagittarius Woman Wants You To Know You Can't Have Her


Her male counterpart confuses people. His behavior is erratic, creating confusion. Her behavior is planned, precise, and steamy; this creates mystery. Part of the Sagittarius woman's desire not to be pinned down is what allows her to be an enigma. She knows how to say the most sensual comment in order to create mystery, and it makes men yearn after her desperately. She's an unbelievable flirt. Men pine after her because she knows exactly what to say. She's never clingy, and she's never the first person to call, which drives men and anyone she flirts with wild. Rarely bashful and always confident, flirting with her is a treat, but she isn't interested in committing. Everyone wants her but she doesn't want anyone to have her, which is why she can't be the best of the best - flirting requires investment.

6 A Leo Woman Will Seduce You With Words


Her unparalleled beauty gives her the confidence to be sensationally flirty. The Leo woman is one of the most confident signs of the Zodiac, and she's cute in an incredibly sensual way. If you try to tell her she's hot at the club, she isn't the type to say "thank you" - she'll say "I know." You don't need to tell her. The Leo woman won't give you a second look if you don't have game, too. You have to match her flirting level and wit. If you can handle her, you'll be privileged enough to enjoy a woman who can talk you out of your pants. She'll say things you couldn't even dream of, and you'll worship her cheeky comments. Her only downfall is her ability to be self-centered, which is the chip that knocks her down a couple spots on the list.

5 Meet The Queen Of Steamy Talk and Innuendos: The Aries Woman


This woman is bold, which is why she's a champion flirt. She's filled with honesty and passion that practically burns off of her skin, and you can hear it in the words she spins at you. Dirty talk and innuendos that will drop your jaw are a staple of this flirty spitfire. The Aries woman is exciting to date because she can be impulsive, but it's even better to flirt with her because she's impatient. Hm? How does impatience make you a desirable flirt? This lady will always take the initiative. She has no interest in waiting for you to make the first move, so she'll approach you with a steamy wink and a sassy comment that will immediately pique anyone's interest. It's hard to top her game.

4 A Goddess Must Be Good At Flirting, Right Scorpio Women?


For all the bad reputations the Scorpio's endure, they are good when it comes to romance. You can't have passionate romance without flirting, so it isn't a surprise the Scorpio woman lands in the top five. A Scorpio will always naturally draw attention, and this woman is one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac. This heated emotion creates electricity between her and a lover; this is the type of connection you find only one or twice in a lifetime. There's no doubt the sparks and bolts stem from the flirting. The Scorpio woman embodies a goddess who's fallen to earth, and part of that allure is her sensual game. What's the best part of captivating this woman's attention? Many people say her body language is the most flirty thing about her. Those are some lucky flamingos.

3 A Recipe For Obsession Written By The Scorpio Man


First, you need half a cup of mystery. Second, four tablespoons of wit and passion. Make sure you add some eggs that are known being social; these eggs need the ability to captivate a crowd. Throw in some sugar and a pinch of attractiveness, and viola; the Scorpio man. If you're lucky enough to be graced with this man's attention, you won't be able to control yourself. He's addictive, and it's frighteningly easy to become obsessed with him. He almost has it all; he can say a subtle compliment over texts that will have you wondering about him all day. When he sees you in person, he knows exactly what to say, but he never gives you enough; you will always be craving more with this flirting expert. You might be wondering, who could possibly be better than this man? He sounds perfect. Well...

2 It's All Body Language With Your Virgo Lady, And It's Why She's Almost The Best


This woman is pure magic. The Virgo woman truly lets 's loose when she's flirting. She has the rare ability to flirt with an entire crowd without saying a word; she'll walk into a room and with a swivel and sway of her hips, no one can take their eyes off her. If you had to pick one word to describe her, it would be 'elegance'. She never moves in for the kill until she's worked you up with her body. Whether it's sitting close enough to you that you can feel her body heat, or touching the inside of your arm when you make her laugh, she'll set your skin on fire before you see the true scope of her game. She creates an aura of regal royalty, and when she starts flirting with you, you'll be staring at her lips and hanging off every word. Her use of body language gives her the edge over the Scorpio man - but who could possibly beat her?

1 The King Of Flirting: Accept Your Crown, Virgo Men


Bow down to your king. He's the only one on this list that's mastered body language, texting, dirty talk, and more. He'll fulfill your wildest dreams and then some. The Virgo man's actions speak louder than his words - at first. Once he lures you in, he'll create mystery and use proximity to his advantage. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to graze my hips against yours. He can growl out a spicy phrase in the heat of the moment, or say an innuendo that will make you shudder in the middle of a crowded restaurant. His smile alone is too flirty to handle. The Virgo man can take you by storm, but he's elegant like his female counterpart. Why does he rank higher than the Virgo woman? The Virgo woman can be intimidating and unapproachable at times, but woman flock to this man for obvious reasons.

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