Here's The Best And Worst Zodiac Signs When It Comes To Handling A Breakup

A breakup is always a difficult life event. You once spent a majority of your time with your boyfriend and then, poof, he’s out of your life. Who are you supposed to send those funny memes to? Who are you supposed to binge-watch season two of Stranger Things with? It’s a big adjustment.

Not only is it an adjustment to your life, it’s an emotional moment of rejection. When you’re broken up with, it can bring up feelings of insecurity, rejection, and sorrow. Though very uncomfortable, these are all normal feelings to feel when someone decides to end an intimate relationship with you. However, we all handle these feelings of rejection and hurt differently. Some of us refuse to deal with the pain. Some of us lay in bed for 10 days straight. And some of us jump into a brand new relationship.

There are plenty of ways to handle a breakup that range from very healthy to stop stalking him and get some sleep, girl. Below we ranked the zodiac signs based on just how healthy and unhealthy their breakup behavior is. So go ahead and find out if you handle breakups like a champ or more like Taylor Swift. (JK, Tay Tay.)

There’s also some tips and tricks to help you handle your breakups like the zodiac signs that handle breakups the best. So even if you fall low on the list, read on to learn how to be a breakup queen. Not that any of us really want to be a breakup queen, but you get it.

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15 Worst: The Stubborn Taurus Will Hold A Grudge

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Ah, yes. The Taurus is THE WORST sign when it comes to breakups. Though, that shouldn’t necessarily shock anyone. I mean, the Taurus is very well known for just how stubborn of a sign it is.

The Taurus is an earth sign driven by their relationships. Sure, a Taurus will work and have hobbies, but their biggest passion in life is their relationships. This what they care to nurture the most. However, this allows them to go to that dark Taurus place. Because they put so much time and energy and passion into their relationships, they expect the same in return. So, breaking up with a Taurus is… ROUGH. The stubborn Taurus will not even think about looking at the breakup from other angles. Instead, the Taurus can only really view things from their one side of it. This often leads to the Taurus dwelling on their hurt, sorrow, and betrayal.

When you breakup with a Taurus, don’t ever expect the Taurus to forget it. A Taurus will take this breakup to her grave. Yes, even if it seems like she’s over it. Trust us, she isn't over it.

14 Worst: The Competitive Aries Will Be Hungry For Revenge

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The ambitious Aries strives to be the best at everything in life. She'll want to have the best career, the best apartment, the best wardrobe, and the best set of friends. And also, she'll want to be the best girlfriend ever. She wants all her partners to be the most in love with her ever. So obviously, an Aries can be very hurt by a breakup.

When someone breaks up with an Aries, she will have to face the fact that she isn’t the best in this aspect. Instead of getting down about it – not the Aries way – the Aries will turn it into a competition. Post-breakup, an Aries will seek revenge. Whether it’s about dating someone new before their ex does, winning back their ex, or simply smashing all the ex’s leftover belongings to bits, the Aries is a revenge thirsty goddess.

If you break up with an Aries, be prepared for some retribution.

13 Worst: The Ridged Capricorn Will Cut All Ties Forever

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The Capricorn is known for their love of tradition and manners. They truly care about how things look to outsiders. That said, they aren’t the greatest at dealing with breakups because it looks bad.

The Capricorn doesn’t like the fact that everyone knows about the breakup. She will feel down about the breakup and then feel even more down about the fact that everyone knows and can judge her for said breakup. It’s a whole mess.

Because the Capricorn can be very black and white, she is likely to completely cut out her ex. This means she will defriend, unfollow, delete, and throw out anything and everything to do with her ex. While this can be advisable during a breakup, the way the Capricorn does it is not. The Capricorn gets real joy from cutting out her ex. It isn’t so she can heal, but rather so she can punish him.

If you breakup with a Capricorn, she’ll really enjoy never speaking to you again.

12 Worst: The Emotional Cancer Will Have A Lot Of Feelings

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When you are on the good side of a Cancer, it’s bright, warm, and loving. Being in a healthy, happy relationship with a Cancer can be one of the greatest things in the world. Unfortunately, breaking up with a Cancer can be difficult.

This emotional water sign often lets their emotions control their thinking. So yes, when in the relationship this is good because the Cancer will be loyal, sympathetic, and nurturing to their partner. Post-breakup, the Cancer is left feeling insecure, angry, and rejected. The sensitive Cancer will let these negative emotions control them, resulting in various reactions to the breakup. The Cancer will be sending you I-miss-you texts one minute, unfollowing you another minute, and then flirting with your best friend the next minute.

Because the Cancer will just go wherever her feelings take her, you can be prepared for a lot of different not so good reactions to this breakup.

11 Worst: The Arrogant Leo Won’t Let You Forget Them

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The Leo is a warm, charismatic, cheerful sign. Because of their natural charm, the Leo draws others towards them at all times. The Leo doesn’t mind the fact that everyone seems to gravitate towards them because the Leo really enjoys being the center of attention. And yeah, the way the Leo constantly needs the spotlight on themselves can be annoying to some. I mean, just try dating a Leo. You’ll see what we’re talking about.

If you decide to breakup with a Leo, expect this need for attention to go sky high. A rejection will make the Leo feel unwanted and unimportant, two things a Leo cannot deal with being. Because of this, the Leo will focus more on being a supernova in their ex’s life. The Leo will wear out that revenge dress. The Leo will post 10 bikini selfies in one day. The Leo will not ever let their ex forget them.

If you breakup with a Leo, expect her to suddenly transform into a better, stronger, smarter version of herself as if overnight. There is nothing that motivates the Leo to be their best self quite like a breakup.

10 Worst: The Gentle Pisces Will Need Some Help

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Yes, Pisces is classified as one of the “worst” signs to breakup with, but the Pisces really falls somewhere in the middle.

The Pisces is very connected to emotions, both theirs and the emotions of other. They are gentle, intuitive, and wise. This said, they will be able to process the reason for the breakup. Unlike some of the other "worst" breakup signs, the Pisces will be able to sit down, see the situation from all perspectives, and understand why. However, understanding why doesn’t necessarily mean the Pisces is completely okay with it.

The Pisces has a lot of emotions and will have trouble dealing with them. Because the Pisces longs to escape harsh reality from time to time, she will do so post-breakup by having a binge-watching marathon, taking a bath, and drinking wine. If you breakup with a Pisces, try to be understanding and comforting during the hard post-breakup time.

Hey, if you’re there for a Pisces during the breakup, you could parlay that into a very healthy friendship with some time, some space, and some effort.

9 Best: The Intellectual Aquarius Won’t Express Any Emotions

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The Aquarius is a hard shell to crack. When you’re dating an Aquarius, they are generally more stoic about their emotions. The Aquarius may be the most head over heels in love ever, but their way of showing it is very veiled.

The same can be true with the breakup situation. An Aquarius can be the most heartbroken, rejected, and shocked ever, but they won’t express that to their ex or even their friends. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Obviously, it’s good for the ex who won’t be getting the emotional wrath that other signs (um, Cancer) can inflict. However, the Aquarius needs to understand that expressing emotion is a healthy part of dealing with things.

Though, the Aquarius does have ways to deal. Since they are so intellectual, the Aquarius will take time to really think, process, and breakdown the relationship. An Aquarius eventually moves on though thinking it out.

8 Best: The Flighty Gemini Will Probably Dump You First

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The Gemini is a very indecision, curious sign. Because the Gemini hates repetition, routine, and any sense of being boxed it, it’s a feat to even get a Gemini to commit to you. I mean, this is one flighty air sign.

That said, the Gemini is often the one to end a relationship rather than being the one broken up with. On the rare occasion that you are the one dumping a Gemini, you’ll find that they will be okay. You won’t see the Gemini understand your decision right away, but the Gemini will move on very quickly. This social sign will indulge in going out with her girlfriends and meeting new guys right away. Seriously, don’t be surprised if the Gemini is downloading Tinder mid-breakup.

Though, the Gemini is also known as the sign of the twin, meaning there are multiple personalities and feelings at odds in a Gemini always. So a Gemini may seem like she’s moved on, but then her ex will receive a 2:27am text on a random night. That’s just the Gemini way.

7 Best: The Secretive Scorpio Will Play It Close To The Chest

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The Scorpio is a very passionate sign. Like all other water signs, the Scorpio has a deep and direct relationship with their feelings. They feel a lot. However, unlike the Cancer and the Pisces, the Scorpio keeps a calm and cool head even while their emotions are bouncing around the place.

This cool approach helps the Scorpio be in touch with what they are really feeling. Some signs are too overwhelmed by the initial feelings of hurt and rejection to realize that they are actually relieved to be done with an unhealthy relationship. The Scorpio can see through the hurt and rejection, realizing much sooner that they’re relieved to be free of an unhealthy relationship.

The Scorpio is also known for their secrecy. They will take their secrets and other’s secrets to the grave, even if you’re their ex. That’s right, you never need to worry about a Scorpio spilling the beans about your most embarrassing moments after a breakup.

6 Best: The Analytic Virgo Will Try To Understand

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When breaking up with a Virgo, you’re in for some good news and some bad news.

In a breakup, a Virgo’s critical side will come out. The Virgo is always very critical of themselves. Seriously, the inside of a Virgo’s head is not a pretty place. In the breakup though, a Virgo will release this highly critical side on the person who dumped them. However, it’s also this critical and analytical side that makes the Virgo very good a getting through a breakup. The Virgo’s critical and analytical side will take over. This will help the Virgo see why exactly this breakup is happening.

On that note, the Virgo is also a very practical sign. In a breakup, the Virgo will both see the breakup through practical lenses and react to the breakup in a practical, normal way. This means the Virgo won’t suddenly turn into a dramatic, crying, screaming version of herself. She’ll nod and take the breakup with grace.

5 How To Be More Like The Analytical Virgo

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If you want to handle a breakup more like a Virgo, you need to embrace reason, logical, and practicality.

Breakups don’t happen for no reason, so trying to understand his side of it will bring you to enlightenment. Also, on the most practical level, you could just remember that you truly don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

When dealing with a breakup, the workaholic Virgo will indulge in their career aspirations. All their energy go towards impressing their boss and getting that promotion. Follow the Virgo’s lead here, as earning a promotion is preferable to spending that energy crying to The Notebook or spending 6 hours Facebook stalking your ex. Turn that breakup energy positive and put it into your work.

The Virgo faced breakups by being a practical, logical workaholic. Do the same, girl!

4 Best: The Idealistic Sagittarius Will Think It’s For The Best

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Not much can truly get a Sagittarius down. This fire sign is optimistic through and through. The Sagittarius has a great sense of humor, which helps with difficult times. While other signs may breakdown and cry, the Sagittarius likes to see the humor in everything. The Sagittarius is the type to make a joke about the passing of a relative or their broken leg. It’s not that the Sagittarius doesn’t care. It just that humor is their coping mechanism.

On top of that, the Sagittarius hates feeling back into a corner. They enjoy freedom and travel. Their optimistic mindset will remind them that this breakup isn’t a negative, but rather a positive as now they have time to travel. When it comes to a breakup, the Sagittarius will see it as the start of something new rather than the end of something.

Of course, the Sagittarius gets sad like the rest of us, but this is a sign that bounces back quickly.

3 How To Be More Like The Sunny Sagittarius

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In order to be more like the Sagittarius, you must embrace that bright, adventurous side of yourself.

While a breakup is a sad ending in one aspect of your life, it’s also the start of something new. You’ll be free of a failing, unhealthy relationship, thus giving you time to pursue someone new. I mean, your next boyfriend could be that special, magical, one-of-a-kind love of your life. This breakup is allowing you to find THAT guy!

Embrace your free time and overall freedom by booking a trip. The Sagittarius loves new places, new people, and new culture. If you can’t actually travel, just try something new! Take a cooking class, a wine tasting class, or a new fitness class.

Whatever it may be, embrace newness and freedom, all with a touch a good humor, and you’ll be handling your breakup like the Sagittarius.

2 Best: The Diplomatic Libra Will See All Sides Of It

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Yes, it’s the Libra. The Libra is the #1 sign when it comes to dealing with a breakup.

What makes the Libra so stinkin’ good at dealing with a breakup? Well, it really comes naturally to the Libra. This is a sign that thrives from harmony and peace. The Libra enjoys, more than anything else, when everyone is getting along.

This fair-mindedness makes the Libra especially concerned with seeing all sides of an issue. The Libra is great at understanding where someone else is coming from, even if it hurts the Libra’s feelings.

One downside is that the Libra hates confrontation. This said, if a Libra is having some feelings about the breakup, she won’t say anything. Instead, she’ll hold it in to avoid the conflict. The Libra will do everything possible to make the breakup easier for the person who dumped her, even if it hurts her.

1 How To Be More Like The Diplomatic Libra

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To be more like the Libra, you must see things from the other perspective. It’s about taking yourself outside of yourself. You need to see the big picture, not just the right now of it. In the long run, ending a failing relationship is healthy and proactive. It allows the people in the relationship to freely and happily pursue other partners, with whom they will be healthier and happier.

When a Libra is going through a breakup, this social sign will lean on her friends. Do the same, as it can help remind you of the joyful moments in your life and keep you from dwelling on the bad relationship feelings. It’s hard to accept that breakups are usually for the best, but channel your inner Libra.

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