Here's The 20 Top Rated Fenty Beauty Products That Are Trending Right Now

Rihanna is living her best life. Not only is she a super famous artist and dating a billionaire, now she's also the entrepreneur behind her own businesses, including the amazing beauty brand, Fenty Beauty — which we're breaking down for you today!

Not only was Fenty Beauty an overnight sensation, but this makeup brand is spreading the message that beauty is more than skin-deep. Rihanna's brand is inclusive, with nearly forty shades of foundation, including shades that normally get left out of the makeup color spectrum. Her highlighters keep in mind dark and light skin tones, and her products look beautiful on everyone, everywhere. Fenty Beauty has been inspiring men and women across the world to feel comfortable in their own skin and to have fun with makeup while looking absolutely fierce and channeling their inner Rihanna.

Last fall, people went crazy as Rihanna launched her first few products; Sephoras nationwide sold out almost instantly — and ever since then, Fenty Beauty has had quite the following. If you've never tried Fenty Beauty, we're doing you a solid and letting you in on the 20 highest rated products from the brand below, read on to find the perfect shade and product for you!

20 Fenty Beauty's Fairy Bomb Is Actually Bomb


Ladies! Look at this glitter bomb poof - is anyone else channeling their inner Cinderella over this fairy godmother realness?! We're just missing our glass slippers because Fenty Beauty's Fairy Bomb is actually so bomb! But keep in mind this product is limited edition and won't be around forever...

So if you want to get your glow on, get it before it's gone!

According to Harper's Bazaar, "Fairy Bomb is a fluffy powder puff filled with microscopic shimmering glitter particles. Pat it all over your body to set your Body Lava body oil and leave a dusting of sparkle." We can all shine bright like a diamond with this one!

19 The Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette Is Rocking


Fenty Beauty's Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette rocks, with a gorgeous color scheme of warm corals and golds, and cool blues, greens, and purples we're already obsessed.

According to Allure, "The intro video shows the kind of deep, rich shades you'd expect from a Moroccan theme: purples, blues, bronzes, and dusty pinks, in a combination of matte, metallics, and shimmer. There's also some sort of exploding eyeshadow moment in the beginning that I'd like to nominate for an Oscar."

With shade names including "Saffron" and "Spice Trip", this palette is spicy, in the absolute best way possible.

18 The Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette Is Out Of The World


The limited edition Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette is out of this world.

We're loving the spacey color scheme, it's giving us the most extraterrestrial vibes!

According to Allure, "The Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette is a perfect addition to the collection of anyone who lives for experimenting with eye makeup. Among its 14 hues, you'll find both bold and neutral shades as well as a couple of different glitzy formulas in the holographic compact."

The shade names include "Sunburst," "Mars on Fire," and "Midnight Bolt" – and this palette is absolutely bursting with color. We think it's fire, too!

17 Trophy Wife Is The Real Prize


Perhaps the most well-known item to ever launch for Fenty Beauty is Rihanna's go to highlighter Trophy Wife, shown above.

According to PopSugar, "On Sept. 7, Rihanna finally revealed her Fenty Beauty products to the world while wearing a yellow crop top and a ballgown-style skirt in NYC. She looked like a sexy-edgy Belle IRL. And to go with her sunny look, the singer topped her cheekbones and eyelids with a pigmented, glittery, gilded powder."

Although we wouldn't call this shade universally flattering, we certainly do think it is a standout and love this shade on medium to dark complexions!


16 Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation Is So Inclusive!


This foundation changed the game. Fenty Beauty launched their line with nearly forty shades of foundation — which is honestly incredible, to think that lots of big-time, major name brands have less than ten shades in their foundation lineup.

Fenty introduced their line with four times that is absolutely insane.

We're loving the inclusion. According to Glamour, Rihanna helped girls everywhere find their perfect match, "To put it lightly, fans are here for it. No, sorry, that's a huge understatement; fans have been living for it, with many at last feeling seen by a beauty brand. The latest example of the range's inclusiveness? A woman with albinism who was finally able to find her match." Fenty Beauty is making everyone feel beautiful and included and we couldn't be happier about it!


15 Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer Means We Don't Need A Filter!


Sephora's website describes the Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer as a "shine-stopping, pore-diffusing primer that smooths the way for better foundation application." There are a lot of us out there that don't believe in primer. But if a primer is going to deliver on all that, sign me up!

According to Fashionista, at the Fenty Beauty launch party Rihanna said this about her makeup line, "It was really important for me in every product, I was like, there needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl; there needs to be something for a really pale girl; there needs to be [something] for someone in between." We love that Fenty Beauty is all about being you!

14 Stunna Lip Paint Is Simply Stunning


Anyone else getting major Christmas feels from this red? Could there be a more universally flattering, insanely beautiful red lip? We don't think so! Fenty Beauty's Stunna Lip Paint is a fan favorite and literally looks gorgeous on everyone. The only complaint and we're guessing the only reason it's not a five star find?

It doesn't quite stay in place (according to a lot of people), but we've got a trick for that!

According to Allure, "When you're applying the Stunna lip paint, it's actually very pigmented so you only need a little bit and it goes a long way. Try to avoid layering the lipstick and it will actually transfer less."


13 Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Has Us Saying "Oui, Oui"


Another one of Fenty Beauty's ooh la la products is the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick.

According to Allure, "In a continuation of Rihanna's quest for a totally inclusive makeup brand, all of the shades are meant to work on any and all skin tones [becausee] 'Lipstick is all about having fun and expressing your mood at any given moment...'This collection makes it easier than ever because there’s a color for everyone.'"

Once again, we're loving the inclusivity; the range of matte lips includes pinks, blues, greens, purples, reds, and oranges, and the range is as bright as it is bold!

12 Full-Bodied Foundation Brush Makes Skin Look Air-Brushed


The Full-Bodied Foundation Brush from Fenty Beauty is a fan favorite and nearly a five-star product on Sephora's website with close to 50,000 loves! According to Sephora, the bush is "a medium-density liquid foundation brush designed to give seamless, air-touched, full coverage."

This foundation brush took the makeup world by storm with lots of positive reviews from beauty gurus on YouTube.

Sephora's site also claims, "[The brushes] unique paw shape gives it just the right density, with more than 140,000 ultra-fine synthetic bristles for a softer touch and better blending. After all, we all want more foundation on our face, and not in the brush." Agreed!

11 Fenty's Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick Is Unicorn Magic


One of Fenty Beauty's first products were the Match Stix. With magnetic, seemingly honey-comb inspired packaging, we all wanted to own the set. Perfect for contour, highlight, and concealer, these shades helped us all set our base, and shade our face, but something was missing. Then the shimmer stick was born and all of our unicorn dreams were realized.

According to Sephora, the shimmer sticks are "a magnetized makeup stick in a long-wear, light-as-air shimmer formula to highlight, blush, enhance, and bronze." The shades include names like "Confetti," "Ridiiic," and "Unicorn." They are sparkly and shimmery and give us some serious '90's vibes!


10 Invisimatte Blotting Powder Keeps Oil Invisible


Another super highly reviewed product from Fenty Beauty is the Invisimatte Blotting Powder, with over 50k loves on Sephora's website and a 4.5-star review, this product is for all the oily girls out there!

Get ready to blot, set, and rock your makeup look for hours on end, without anything interrupting that flawless face base.

According to Telegraph, the Invisimatte Blotting Powder pairs perfectly with the Pro Filt'r Foundation, "As it's matte, I find it doesn't need setting with powder, but if you have oily skin, I recommend the Invismatte Blotting Powder."


9 Eclipse 2-In-1 Glitter Release Liner Is Anything But Spacey


This limited edition liner by Fenty Beauty is goals! We're obsessed with glitter, especially as eyeliner. Okay, fine — we're obsessed with glitter in general.

According to Allure, "These transformative liquid liners are legit makeup magic. They appear, at first glance, like your fairly standard liquid liners — we're fans of the smooth pen-like brush, which makes them easy to apply. They go on iridescent, which gives a pretty sheen to your eyes, perfect if you want just a little low-key metallic, daytime shine. BUT — take a brush to your cat-eye and watch the look go from iridescent to flat-out disco-ready, as the glitter release leaves eyes with high-impact sparkle."

We want one in every color!

8 Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Has Epic Shade Names


Fenty Beauty's Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters have 4.7 stars on Sephora's website with over 2,000 reviews and nearly a quarter of a million loves!

With a shade name like "Mean Money", this highlight looks absolutely fierce.

According to Bustle, "Rihanna says it took a long time to perfect the cream-to-powder formula, which delivers a highly pigmented shimmer without getting blotchy or glittery. 'I wanted these shimmer crystals to feel so minute, so small, that it was a smooth finish.'" These highlighters are super Instagrammable and look gorgeous on everyone - just look at that glow!


7 Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer Is Legendary


When Fenty Beauty first dropped, they released only one lip product, a universally trendy rose-gold shade called Gloss Bomb, which is actually so bomb. Numerous lip products have followed, but this remains the highest rated Fenty Beauty lip to date and we know why.

According to PopSugar, "It's meant to look good on diverse skin tones. And yes, it's absolutely gorgeous and glassy, and you need it." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. This is the perfect your lips but better shade and according to PopSugar Rihanna just wanted lips to look more kissable, that's something we can all pucker up for!

6 Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo Takes Inspo From Our Favorite Beverages!


Nothing quite says "I'm a millennial and living my best life" like a mimosa, and obviously Rihanna couldn't agree more. We're talking full on Sunday brunch mode — mimosas and sangria — yasss!

Rihanna has taken two of our favorite things and we're totally up for it!

According to Bustle, "Sangria Sunset has existed since the Met Gala in 2017 (!!!) — Rihanna used it to create her insane pink makeup look to complement her Comme Des Garcons outfit. (Yes, RiH has been hiding this pink gold from us for over a year now!)"

We love you Rihanna, but not cool! We needed this color and now that we have it we can't get enough.


5 We Want To Hug The Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush


This Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush is another best seller from Fenty Beauty and I mean, honestly, it's revolutionary — a brush design that is literally the shape of your cheek for the most perfect highlighting moment, major!

According to Glamour, "In typical larger-than-life Rihanna fashion, this brush comes with a reputation. Where other highlighter brushes come in rounded, oval shapes, Fenty's highlighter brush was inspired by a shark tooth. Was Rihanna walking along a Barbados beach one day when she spotted a shark's tooth, picked it up, and used it to put on highlighter? I don't know. I wouldn't put it past her."

Neither would we; whatever inspired Riri we're so glad it did because this brush is changing the highlight game forever.

4 Island Bling 2-In-1 Liquid Eye Shimmer Is So Pretty


As part of Rihanna's Beach, Please! collection, she released these gorgeous liquid eyeshadow shimmers and we're pretty pleased with them! Rihanna's entire collection is inspired by that summer glow.

And we're loving all the glistening, dewy shades in this range.

According to Bustle, "These limited edition liquid eye shimmers are inspired by sunsets. One vial offers two different finishes, thanks to the dual-ended design. On one end, there is a sleek, metallic shimmer. The other boasts an iridescent glitter topcoat. Go solo or layer them for a custom, hyper-prismatic shade. The shades shift with the light, thanks to the micro-pearls."

With names like "Reignbow," we know Rihanna is Queen of the summer makeup scene!

3 Iridescent Lip Luminizer Trios Are The Shine Of The Summer


Just look at these jewels! These lippies are seriously so pretty and we're kind of obsessed with this summer trio. Shade names include shades "Single," "Bilingual," and "Ready To Mingle," and all we have to say is same, Rihanna, same!

According to Elite Daily, "Rihanna's Fenty Beauty line has taken over the cosmetics world by storm. The products just keep getting better and better, and with a 5-star rating on Sephora's website, and over 112 reviews, it seems as though the masses agree. This Lip Luminizer Trio is offered in two different sets...Both boast a gorgeous and smooth shimmer finish."

2 Fenty Beauty's Flyliner Is The Flyest Eyeliner!


We are all looking for that ride or die eyeliner. We all know what it's like to get one perfect winged eyeliner moment and to then have to try to recreate that success on the other eye.

Is there anything more difficult than making your eyes look like sisters rather than distant third-cousins?

According to Allure, "Flyliner sounds like something you'll want to make a makeup bag staple: 'A hyper-saturated, water-resistant liquid eyeliner.' The formula marries the ease of a sharp-tipped liquid pen with that smooth glide you get from gel formulas (a low-key beauty miracle)." Fenty beauty fans seem to agree; it's nearly a five-star product!

1 The Fenty Beauty Kabuki Brush Is Top Rated


Ladies! Here it is, we're talking our five-star moment. Rihanna is not only creating makeup that sells out instantly, she is literally crafting the tools of the trade – her number one rated item on Sephora is actually one of those tools!

It's this Kabuki brush, perfect for that all over body glow! According to PopSugar, the brush dropped as part of the Beach, Please! collection, "The second drop is an adorable face and body kabuki brush ($34) with pink bristles that can be used to blend the Body Lava like Rihanna demonstrated on her Instagram Story."


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