Here's The 15 Worst Celeb Moms Who Seemingly Ruined Their Kids

Moms. You can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them. Everyone’s relationship with their mother is unique and special. Some in good ways, and other in terrible ways. We’re discussing the God-awful relationships that top celebrities have with their mothers and celebs that also have odd relationships with their children.

They say that our relationships with our parents affect most elements of our lives. If we’ve had turmoil, then chances are we live to repeat their same mistakes. Let’s hope that’s not true for this lot. These moms are something else and on a whole other level. From moms, more worried about partying than spending time with their children to those who let fame get to their heads, this list has them all.

One thing is for sure, you can try to learn a thing or two from this post. More specifically, you can learn what not to when you are a parent. Or if you currently are a mother, then maybe unload that mom-guilt by realizing that you could clearly do so much worse. But thankfully, you’re not. Being a parent is hard, and scary, I’m sure. I don’t know from personal experience, but I’ve heard enough to get nervous at the thought of having children in the near future. Thankfully there are plenty references nowadays that moms can look to so that they don’t make epically horrible mistakes.


15 It Seems Farrah Abraham Is A Brat Raising A Brat

Wet Paint

One of the worst moms ever is a reality TV star. How and why? Well because she got pregnant at 16 and MTV gave her a platform to sound off her bratty antics. Apparently, viewers couldn’t get enough and thus was born Teen Mom. She has moved on to become a major reality TV villain. Mostly because she’s a brat with a big mouth and no other reason.

Unfortunately, her daughter Sophia has picked up some major notes from mom. Sophia is often featured on Teen Mom when she is threatening to beat up her mothers’ on and off boyfriend, when she throws a tantrum for being refused something, and when her mom insists on plucking her unobrow. Like mother, like daughter. Hopefully, she doesn’t follow mommy’s footsteps by starring in bad movies from the "other industry".

14 Caitlyn Jenner Failed Both Fatherhood And Motherhood

Daily Mail

There’s no question that Bruce Jenner was a terrible father to his sons from previous marriages. He went years without contact or communicating with them at times. And when he transitioned and became Caitlyn Jenner, we thought we would come face to face with a better person. But Caitlyn is not a terrible mother. Her stepchildren refuse to have any contact with her, and her younger girls are often left in the dust.

It does seem now that since her transition, Caitlyn has been spending more time with her sons. But her stepchildren, who she has had more of an influence on are falling apart at the seams. It seems that Caitlyn’s ability to hold a grudge against their mother, Kris, is more important than her relationships with her stepchildren.

13 You MUST Follow The Rules With Kate Gosselin

Daily Mail

Kate Gosselin is still on our radar thanks to her very own persistence. They stay at home needs to make the money somehow seeing as she is now divorced, and raising her eight children on her own. On screen, she verbally abused her then-husband Jon until he finally worked up the courage to leave.

Even now, they are still at odds. Her kids have often said that she is too strict, and they would rather live with their father who they rarely get to see because of Kate. Just a couple of months ago the cops had to handle a situation where elder daughter Maddie refused to leave her father’s car after a visit. Kate tried to physically remove her and Maddie ended up in the hospital.

12 Dina Lohan Only Accompanies Lindsay To The Parties


It didn’t take long for them to turn on each other in the public eye, especially when Dina and splitting from Lindsay’s nut job of a father. Lindsay and her career spiraled. DUI after DUI and rumors of drug use raced across Hollywood. It got to the point where no one would hire her because she never bothered showing up for work.

11 Janelle Evans Chose A Dark Path Over Her First Child

Wet Paint

Janelle Evans has a womb that refuses to quit, apparently. Three kids in, the Teen Mom has barely changed her attitude. Her relationship with her mother, who has custody of her first child, has been documented on the show. And boy, is it a roller coaster. They often broke out in screaming matches with her son present.

Janelle has now had two other children with two other men, and recently married. But she has yet to make her son Jace a priority in her life. Between countless abuse ex-boyfriends and unreliable partners, it’s a wonder Janelle has made it this far raising her two other children. She admitted to having different drug addictions and entered rehab, and now claims to be clean. But Jace is still in the custody of her mother, Barbara.

10 Nadya Suleman Thought Her Kids Would Win Her Fame

NY Daily News

When you are publically nicknamed ‘Octomom’, do you really have very much going for you in life? Nadya made a name for herself by giving birth to octuplets. Apparently, that’s all you need to do to get media coverage. Think of her as the original Farrah Abraham, except she’s actually nice. Oh, and before giving birth to eight kids at once, she also had six other children beforehand.

She had all of her children through IVF treatments leading everyone to wonder why on earth you would try to achieve such a large family in little time. Nadya was also receiving public assistance to afford to raise her family. Later on she developed a lackluster line of adult toys and starred in an X-rated film. Don’t have 14 kids, please. Just don’t.

9 Crystal Workman: Mom From Hell, Says Ariel Winter


Ariel Winter of Modern Family fame went through quite the drama a few years back when she legally emancipated herself from her abusive mother, Crystal Workman. Ariel called a ‘stage mom’ and recalled painful situations where Crystal emotionally abused her young daughter. She had forced Ariel into working and becoming an actress despite her protests.

They had a drawn-out legal battle until Ariel finally got her wish. She now lives with her eldest siste and claims that she hasn’t spoken with her mother in years. Crystal recently showed up on a news segment to criticize her daughter for wearing revealing clothing and sold the anchor a sob story about how she lives in a storage unit since being forced to distance herself from her daughters.


8 A Mom When It's Convenient: Britney Spears


Things didn’t end well, and after Britney filed for divorce the judge gave full custody to Kevin. She even pays him child support. He still has custody, but that hasn’t motivated Britney who has gotten her act together to do much about the situation. We rarely see her out with her children, and she never really talks about them either. I often forget they exist.

7 Michelle Duggar Simply Needs To Be Stopped

Perez Hilton

When it comes to moms Michelle Duggar pops up in your mind as a mother of far too many children. She is the star of 19 Kids and Counting. Not to mention, various of her children were revealed to be involved in a not-so-PG scandal thanks to pervy older brother, Josh. While the family decided to handle this internally, we will never forget the horrifying stories.

I’d like to think after three kids your hands may be full, but nineteen…and you’re still holding out for the possibility for more? This is just irresponsible. Michelle really needs to stop. The family has been harshly criticized for their odd lifestyle, which begs the question: is having that many children a danger? There’s the idea that there’s far too little attention to be spread amongst two parents.

6 Kris Jenner Always Support Her Children When The Money Rolls In


Even her own children criticize for favoring cash cow Kim as her favorite in the group and loving whichever daughter makes her the most money at the time. Kris has encouraged most of her children to take on their own profitable spinoffs as well. It seems money is always on her mind.

5 Tori Spelling Doesn't Know What To Do With Herself

Daily Mail

Tori Spelling is a disaster that, unfortunately for her five children, just can’t stop herself. While her acting career plummeted, she came back to the spotlight after her husband’s cheating scandal. She decided to handle their reconciliation on camera, for the money of course. However, it is often said that Tori spends yet never has any money of her own.

Apparently, she’s run her family into debt, which has seeped into her husband’s accounts as well. Dean hasn’t paid child support in months and has been taken to court by his ex numerous times over it. Tori has never had a problem with airing out her dirty laundry out for the world to see so long as she can get a paycheck out of it.

4 Truth: Brandi Glanville Rarely Sees Her Kids

All About the Real Housewives

Brandi Glanville spends so much time drinking and starting drama on the Real Housewives of Orange County that we often forget that she has children. Even years after her husband publically cheated and left her for songstress Leann Rimes, Brandi refuses to let it go and move on with her life. She used to be our favorite hot mess in the Real Housewives franchise until her antics got her kicked off.

She has accused Leann Rimes of using her own children against her to make her jealous, yet we never see Brandi with her sons. In fact, you’d think Leann was their real mother since Brandi is rarely around her children. She recently signed up for a Celebrity Big Brother and claimed her children didn’t even know she ran off to film. They don’t notice when she’s gone, how sad.

3 She'll Date Your Good Friend: Linda Hogan

Her children were not having it and often fought with their mother about her crazy relationship. They even appeared on a season of Couple’s Therapy, where they left very little to our imaginations. Apparently, Charlie was living off Linda, and dragged the rest of the family in the mud in a lawsuit back in 2014. He claimed that she treated him like any other day laborer. Since then, Linda has been quiet in Hollywood. Perhaps she’s realized her mistakes.

2 Brooke Mueller Has Denise Richards Raising Her Children


No, this is not the nanny. That is Brooke Mueller in the image above. A while back social workers in LA were worried about Brooke’s recent behavior and paid the mom of two a visit in the middle of the night. Her sons Bob and Max were taken from her, and the wonderful Denise Richards stepped up to the plate.

She took in Brooke’s sons with ex-husband Charlie Sheen the instant she knew something was up. Brooke is known for her obvious drug use, and of course lost her children because of this. Due to Charlie’s ‘work schedule’ he couldn’t take his own sons himself. Brooke has depended on Denise multiple times to care for her children, but now that she has actual custody it is weird that she hasn’t found her rock bottom to try and get off drugs.

1 The Original Party Mom: Jaid Barrymore

Purple Clover

And the award for worst mom ever goes to Jaid Barrymore, the estranged mother of A-lister Drew Barrymore. A failed actress herself, she decided to live through her young daughter, Drew. Eventually Drew filed for emancipation at 14, and in 2015 admitted to still financially supporting her mother.

Jaid had Drew institutionalized when she was just 13 years old. She spent a lot of Drew’s hard earned money from starring in movies like E.T. She quit her small job as a store clerk to manage her daughter’s career. Instead of sending Drew off to school like a normal kid, Jaid brought her various Hollywood parties where Drew drank and took drugs. When your child has to go to rehab at 13 because you take her to parties, you know you’re not a good mother.


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