Here’s The 15 Types Of Ladies Guys CANNOT Resist

When we fall in love, it's literally the best thing ever. Sure, when we're single we want to play it cool and act like we could take or leave being in a relationship. We're doing just fine on our own, right?! And we definitely don't need any of that hopeless romantic stuff that we see in the movies. Nope. Not us. Of course, as soon as we're in a new relationship, we forget all that and we're totally in love with being in love.

We all have a type of guy that we're into. Maybe we're into hot nerds or musicians or funny guys. Our BFFs might tell us to be more open-minded, but hey, sometimes the heart wants what it wants. But what kinds of girls are guys into? It's probably something that we've thought about at least once before. While it's technically true that any guy can fall for any girl, depending on what he's into and what the situation is, there are some types that are universally considered to be super attractive.

Check out the 15 types of women that men fall for 100 percent of the time. Yup, 100 percent! We've all been one or two of these girls before, haven't we?!


15 The Girl Who Started Out As His Best Friend

It's pretty awesome when we fall in love with our best guy friend. We know him super well and we can tell him anything. In fact, we already have, since we've been close for so many years. One of the types of women that men always fall for would definitely be the girl who was his best friend.

We care about feeling really comfortable with the person that we decide to be with, and honestly, guys feel the same way. We might think that they're not that sensitive, but of course they are. Well, the good ones are, at least. When friendship turns into love, it's amazing and epic and magical and seems like something out of a movie... but it's even better because it's totally real. Swoon.

14 The Girl Next Door


This is one of the hottest types of women ever. She's chill, cool, and not at all concerned with what she looks like. She's definitely beautiful, no doubt about it, but not in a showy way. She wears her hair in a ponytail most of the time because she can't be bothered with fancy hairstyles and she's more comfortable in a pair of jeans and a sweater than anything else. And she drives men totally crazy without even trying.

This is totally the girl that we all want to be. Sure, we might care about what our nail polish looks like and we might want to look as good as we possibly can, but other than that, we've probably all got a bit of the girl next door in us. It's more fun to just be ourselves instead of wasting too much time on hair and makeup, right?!

13 The Girl Who's Just One Big Mystery

Every guy has probably come across a mysterious woman at least once in his life, and it always drives him pretty nuts. He just can't get over her. He's always wondering what she's thinking and what she's doing. It might be super frustrating, but for the most part, he's thrilled that she's so interesting.

If we've been this girl, we might have not even realized how mysterious we were being. Maybe we're just a bit on the shy and quiet side and we're not used to sharing our feelings and opinions all the time. Or, hey, maybe some of us are being super mysterious on purpose to get this guy's attention. Stranger things have happened and we've all played dating games, even if we know that it's not the best strategy ever.

12 The Girl Who Can Always Make Him Laugh


We all want to be the funny girl who can always make our crush laugh. It's the best feeling ever. This is even truer if he's super hilarious himself. When it happens, we feel like it's only a matter of time before he falls hopelessly in love with us because he just can't get enough of our jokes. Just kidding. Kind of...

We want a guy who can make us laugh and it's nice to know that guys want the same thing in a girlfriend. After all, what's the point of dating someone who is incredibly boring and never even cracks a smile, let alone makes a joke? That sounds like the plot of a horror movie, not the basis for a happy relationship. Guys just can't resist a hilarious girl. So let's all agree to be as funny as possible, okay? Okay. Deal.

11 The Girl Who's So Hot And Doesn't Even Know It

We can relate to this one for sure. We hate nothing more than a hot guy who thinks that he's hot. That's honestly the fastest way that he can get super ugly in our eyes. It's funny to think that guys feel the way: they want to be with someone who is really good-looking but basically has no idea. We have more in common with the opposite sex than we ever even thought.

Men can never resist the girl who's so hot and doesn't even know it. There probably isn't a male on this planet who doesn't feel that way. This is definitely the type of girl that we all want to be and hope that we are. Being conceited is never a good idea and never a good look, and that goes for both guys and girls. If we're this type of woman, we've probably had guys tell us that we're super beautiful and that we should hear that from absolutely everyone.

10 The Mean Girl


Oh, the mean girl. This is, unfortunately, a type of woman that men always fall for. We totally wish that this wasn't the case because (hopefully) we just aren't mean girls.

Think of the hot girl who everyone wants to be. Every man wants to date her. Every woman wants to be her. We all know the kind: she's almost too attractive, she looks perfect all the time, and what's more, she's all too aware of how hot she is. She believes that she can have any boyfriend that she wants... and she probably can. Ugh. We wish that guys would realize that this kind of girl isn't the best girlfriend material ever since she's crazy conceited and maybe even just plain crazy. It takes a really great, mature guy to realize the truth, but before that happens, every guy is going to fall for her. It's just the way that it goes.

9 The Girl Who's A Straight Up Boss

There's nothing more attractive than a guy who has his sh*t together. We're all searching for this type of person, aren't we? We want a guy who can cook, who can clean his apartment, who is genuinely nice, who knows what he wants out of life, and who enjoys himself. He loves his friends and family and just treats people the way that they should be treated. We can tell that he knows what he's doing, basically, and it's the hottest thing ever. Can we say boyfriend material?!

Guys can't resist us when we've got our lives together, either, and they think of us as girlfriend material for sure. They like when we love our jobs and work hard and know how to take care of ourselves, whether that's in the gym or that we're just nice to ourselves.


8 The Girl That Has No Problems Kicking His Behind When She Needs To


Oh man, we love being this type of girl. Just because we love a guy doesn't mean that we don't think that sometimes, we have to speak up and tell him that he's upset us or even hurt us, and we have to work through the issue or situation. We want to feel comfortable enough with our boyfriend that we can talk honestly about this kind of stuff.

Guys love girls that can kick their butt because they think it's super hot. They love a girl who can be strong and confident and get what she wants. They also love a girl who can tease them and make them laugh even in the worst times. When that happens, they're pretty much on their way to falling in love with us.

7 The Girl Always Up For An Adventure

There are two types of people in this world: those who love adventure and those who hate it. We all know what kind we are. We either love doing things on the spur of the moment and making spontaneous plans or decisions... or we're all about being homebodies and getting cozy at home. There's really no right or wrong way to be. It's honestly just our personalities and there's nothing that we do about it.

Guys always love the woman always up for an adventure because she just seems so attractive and carefree and interesting. They never know what she's going to do or say and to them, that's just super exciting. They know that life will never be boring if they can make this woman their one true love.

6 The Girl Who Will Do Everything To Care Of Her Man


When a guy has a totally devoted girlfriend who does romantic things for him all the time, he's in it and he's not going anywhere. He loves that she can take care of him when he's sick, making him soup and buying him an unlimited supply of tissues and cough drops, and he loves that she takes care of him the rest of the time, too.

It's easy to understand why men would always go for a woman like this, right? A lot of men want to be taken care of and to feel like the person that they've chosen to spend their life with cares about them as much as they care. It's just super nice to be taken care of. We want a guy who can do the same for us, of course, so this one totally goes both ways.

5 The Girl Who Plays Video Games

When women play video games all the time, guys find that incredibly attractive. Why? What's the secret? Probably because most guys are just so obsessed with video games, it's not even funny. Well, okay, it's a little funny. We do love to tease them about it.

When a girl plays video games, it proves that she's a cool person and that she doesn't take herself or anything else too seriously. Guys find that crazy attractive. There's nothing that guys hate more than when we complain all the time and act really high-maintenance. A girl who plays video games can chill out on the couch for hours and doesn't need fancy things. That's like catnip for most guys. It also proves that they could hang out together and play video games as a couple. Again, for most guys, that sounds like the best thing ever.

4 The Girly Girl Who's Also Innocent


Guys can't resist a girly girl. They might complain about all the time that she spends doing her hair and makeup before they go on a date. They might think that she spends too much time worrying about her appearance and choosing what she's going to wear. But ultimately, at the end of the day, most guys are attracted to a girl who takes care of herself and cares about looking good. After all, how could they not be?! Exactly. They have to find this stuff hot.

When a girly girl is also on the innocent side, she's the type of girl that guys fall for 100 percent of the time. There's just no doubt about it. Guys want to take care of this type of girl and protect her. Call it their primal instincts. That definitely has something to do with it.

3 The Girl Who Loves Sports And Drinks Beers

Call her a tomboy or just a sporty girl whose fave drink is beer, but this type of girl is always going to be hot. If we're this type of girl, then we probably have our pick of boyfriends because no one can believe how chill and cool we are. It's not like we're looking to go to a fancy restaurant on date night. Nope. We're all about hanging out on the couch and watching a movie and drinking beer.

And if we love sports, then guys love us even more. This means that we're not going to tease them when they want to watch hockey/baseball/football on Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons. In fact, we're going to be right there with them, cheering our favorite team on and drinking beer and eating junk food. Sounds like total perfection.

2 The Girl Who Always Goes For What She Wants


We're not surprised that guys love this type of girl. This is the type of girl that we all strive to be. We want to be someone who gets what she wants and is a successful career woman. We want to kick butt at our jobs and get promoted and feel like we're really doing exactly what we want to be doing.

Guys are really attracted to us when we're this type of woman since ambition and confidence are both really hot qualities. They don't want to be with someone who is super lazy and does nothing with their time or their life. They want someone who gives a crap. If we're like that, then we should be patting ourselves on the back because we're total girlfriend material.

1 The Girl Who Wears No Makeup

While no guy would say that a girl who wears makeup is ugly or anything like that, the truth is that men like a girl who looks totally and completely natural. This is why most guys tell us that we look so beautiful when we first wake up in the morning. They love when we've got absolutely nothing on our faces because they can really see us for who they are. So romantic, right?! We definitely love hearing this from our boyfriends.

If we're all about the natural look and know that we can be just as pretty without a bunch of beauty products on our faces, then we've pretty much figured out the secret to getting guys to fall for us. And that's great, since let's face it, dating can be the worst and most confusing thing ever. Anything that we can do to make it easier is cool with us.


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