Here's The 14 Most Unlikely Couples Who Are Way Happier Than You

It's been said that opposites attract. In love, this is often true. People with different personality traits often compliment each other nicely by bringing to the table a blended variety of skills, assets and perspectives. A shy person might benefit from an outgoing partner to help them get out of their bubble. Likewise, a person who has a mathematical and logical brain might enjoy the carefree attitude of an artistic type.

When it comes to physical pairings, it can go either way in love. Some people seek out partner's that have similar, familiar features to their own. For example, someone who is super into fitness might appreciate a partner who keeps fit, too. Being attracted to someone based on their physical traits is all too common; many people have a "type" and don't stray too far away from it. On the other hand, some couple's are absolutely night and day, and we can't help but wonder what got them interested in each other to begin with. When couples are so shockingly different, on the physical level, it makes us really look deep into the reasons that they are together. Beauty is not just skin deep, as we know. Love can be found in the most unlikely places! Whether it's the tall guy hooking up with the mini-sized lady, the overweight woman with the bodybuilder, or the couple who met as transgendered women and married when they transitioned to men, we have it all here in the 15 Most Shocking Couples We've Ever Seen!


14 The Real Life Beauty And The Beast

13 This Couple Who Transitioned To Men Together


The 21st Century is an era in which people are more free than ever to be exactly who and what they are. Kate Bushnell and Abbie Games were a lesbian couple, living together for two years and very much in love. One day, Abbie confessed to Kate that she had felt like she was a man trapped in a woman's body and desperately wanted to transition into a man to live out the rest of her life. Stunned, Kate took some time to accept the news, but eventually supported Abbie's transition into a man named Finlay. To both of their shock, while watching Abbie transition, Kate developed feelings of wanting to be a man, too. Now transitioned into a man named Drew, the once lesbian couple are set to marry as gay men in the near future.

12 The Bodybuilder And His Obese Lover

Here's a married couple who never let size get in the way of their happiness. California lifestyle blogger Gloria Shuri Nava, 25, found love in a muscular and fit man, Ali, 22. Gloria is obese, but that hasn't restricted her from living her life and enjoying a happy relationship. Although she has a very supportive fan base on her YouTube channel, where she reviews beauty products and talks about her life, she was also the victim of some online bullying. When Internet trolls found out about her thin boyfriend, they blasted her comments section with criticism an critique. Luckily, Gloria and Ali are thick-skinned, and did not let the bullying get them down. They went ahead and followed their dreams of being together. They married in 2014.

11 This Strong Little Man And Transgender Woman


Now, here's a couple that definitely turn heads when they hit the streets together! Anton Kraft, a Danish-born dwarf, has spent most of his life working on becoming the strongest "little man" in history. He has been powerlifting for over 10 years, and has managed to sculpt his 4'4 frame into pure mass muscle. The famed midget, who now lives in Florida, has fallen head over heels for his girlfriend of 6 months, China Bell. China was born a man, but has since transitioned into a woman. She is 6'3, giving the pair quite a height difference! According to sources, China just can't resist Anton's sculpted bod. They might be opposites, but the passion and love in their relationship is definitely alive! The pair plan to wed in the near future.

10 The Tallest And Smallest Brazilian Couple

Here's another case of tall and short people falling for each other! In an unconventional twist of attraction, 18 year old Elisany da Cruz Silva (who is Brazil's tallest teenager, measuring in at 6'9) is set to marry her 23 year old boyfriend, Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, who is only 5'4. The couple have been dating for 3 years, and despite their young ages, are desperate to start a family soon. Elisany worries that her condition might make it hard for her to get pregnant, so they are equally considering adoption if natural conception doesn't work out. The aspiring model is quite the local celebrity in her small Brazilian village of Salinopolis. The tall and small duo won't let a little height difference get in the way of their very real love.

9 This Plus Sized Model Fulfils All His Desires


Amazon Amanda is a plus-sized, giant model who measures 6'3 and weighs approximately 280 pounds. For men with a "big woman" fetish, she is the absolute dream. She has actually been paid quite large sums of money, just to spend time with these men. As the tale goes, a terminally ill man once asked her if she could sit on him, so that he could asphyxiate and be put out of his misery. Amanda's most loyal "client" is a man named Sergio Miranda. He is only 5'3, and loves the fact that Amanda is so much larger than he is. As her biggest fan, Sergio enjoys spending time with Amanda and wining and dining her. He has said that he feels empowered by the size difference, and that being in her company has allowed him to boost his self-esteem and confidence level. It's a win-win situation!

8 The Couple With The Exact Same Legal Name

Viral Home

In the age of the Internet, everyone has Googled their name at least once. It's always kind of neat to find other people with the exact same name as you, living completely different lives in far off places. Such was the case for Florida gal Kelly Hildebrandt. She did a Facebook search of her own name, and found that there was a male Kelly Hildebrandt in Texas. He was cute, so she sent him a private message to point out the quirkiness of sharing the same name. Well, her flirty message was well-received, and not too long after, the name-sharing duo decided to meet in person. They hit it off, fell in love, and now the Kelly's are engaged! Now that's a wedding where I would like to be a fly on the wall at!


7 This Couple Who Met At An Eating Disorder Clinic

Two strangers met when attending meetings at an eating disorder rehabilitation clinic, for completely unrelated unhealthy eating patterns. Lizzie Elsburg was suffering from chronic bulimia and checked into the clinic when she weighed only 90 pounds. That's where she met compulsive over-eater, Chris Glasgow. The pair hit it off after chatting together dring group therapy sessions. Although they have opposite compulsions, they were able to help each other in adopting a healthier relationship with eating and food. After a few months, the pair started dating, and they've been together ever since. Lizzie has since gained weight and reached a healthy size. Chris is still working on shedding some final pounds, but he did lose an impressive 140 pounds (he started at 420 pounds!) Proof that true love can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

6 This Couple With A 60-Year Age Gap

Thirty-one year 0ld Kyle Jones, from Georgia, certainly likes his women...mature! For the past 5 years, his girlfriend has been 91 year old Marjorie McCool, a lady 60 years older than him. Kyle, who has admitted to having a fetish for older women, regularly dates women that are older than his 50 year old mother. His average age range is from 60-80  years old, so he got really lucky when he met Marjorie! She has 5 sons, with the youngest being 50 years older, or 19 years older than her boyfriend. Although they find it a bit bizarre that their mother is having an intimate relationship with a much younger man, they try to be supportive because they know that their mother is happy. Likewise for Kyle's family; he is of legal age, and isn't hurting anybody, so if he wants to date "golden girls" , so be it!

5 The World's Shortest Couple


The world's shortage couple title goes to Douglas Maistre Breger da Silva and his wife Claudia Pereira Rocha. Both Brazilian born, they are 36in and 35 in, respectively. They married on October 27, 1998, and have taken the Guiness Record title for the shortest married couple. Their combined height is less than 6 feet! This couple have been together for many years and have appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records numerous times. They boast near celebrity status in their small town of Curitiba, Brazil, where it's more common to come across tall, beautiful people. These two prove that size doesn't have anything to do with love! Big or small, you can find your perfect match in any type of package.

4 The World's Youngest Married Couple

Most young girls dream of their wedding day from the time that they are very young. 9-year-old Jayla Cooper didn't have the luxury of time on her side to make these dreams come true. The Southlake, Texas native was battling leukaemia for two years, with the knowledge that her fight was coming to a tragic end. To fulfil her last dream, Jayla married her best friend, Jose Griggs, 7, who was also a patient at the Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Her dream wedding took place in February, 2009, and included flowers beautiful bridesmaids and of course, a white wedding dress. The celebration joined all of her family and friends together, in what would be, sadly, a last party together. Jayla lost her battle with cancer in April, 2009. At least her final wish was granted before she passed away, and the family will hold on to the memories from her special day, forever.

3 The Largest Couple In The World


Now here's a couple that put to shame even the tallest people in the world. Anna Haining Swan and Martin Van Buren Bates go down in the history books as the largest couple to have lived. Anna was born in Mill Brook, Nova Scotia, weighing an astounding 18 pounds. By the time she was an adult, she measured 7 feet 5 1/2 inches. Her future husband, Martin, was American born and given the nickname "Kentucky Giant". He was reported to be 7 feet 11 inches, although a more likely estimate (based on photographs) is that he was 7 feet 2 inches. When visiting a circus in Halifax, he met Anna. They were both hired with the circus, and became a touring duo. Not long after, they fell in love and married in London in 1871. Together, they were close to 15 feet tall, and the record for the tallest couple has yet to be beat!

2 This Couple With A 95-Year Age Difference

If you thought 60 years was a big age gap, imagine a 95 year age difference?! In 2009, a 112 year old Somalian man allegedly took a sixth wife, 17 year old Safia Abdulleh. Mr. Ahmed Muhamed Dore already has five wives and eighteen children. According to reports, Mr. Dore and Ms. Abdulleh hail from the same Somalian village. He saw her growing up but waited until she was of marrying age before proposing. What a gentleman! Apparently, Safia fell in love with him for his humour and kindness, and her family has said that they are all very happy with her choice of husband! Ok! Well, we hate to break it to her, but her hubs probably won't be around for too much longer. She might have to find herself a second husband if she wants to start a family!

1 This Couple Who Won The Lottery Twice


New York Natives Eugene Sr. and Adeline Angelo, are no strangers to good luck. In December 2006, they won a $2,500,000 share of a $10,000,000 jackpot, along with their three grown sons, Eugene Jr, Steven and Michael. As if that wasn't enough money to enjoy, they went on to win a $5,000,000 jackpot in August of 2007. Within less than one calendar year, the couple swept up over $7,500,000 of winnings and made history by becoming the"one in 22 million" twice. Probability was certainly on their side! The Angelo family are now enjoying their life of luxury and retreat; they don't have to worry about money for the rest of their lives, and their future family members will be born into a nice legacy, as well!



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