Here's our Grey's Anatomy Soulmate Based On Our Astro Sign

With fifteen seasons under its belt, Grey’s Anatomy has been a show that has seen a lot happen to its cast: plane crashes, shootings, car accidents, cancer, drownings–the list of catastrophes is pretty much endless. Within those fifteen seasons, we have seen some beloved characters come and go and new ones arrive in their stead (some with more success than others). With so many gorgeous characters to choose from, we figured that it was worth it to look at what the stars might have in store for a cast of fictitious doctors when it comes to us regular people, the audience watching them!

If love is written in the stars, then seeing who our soulmate among the Grey’s Anatomy staff is worth a peek, don’t you think? We know, we know, most of these characters have either left the show, been killed off, or paired up happily ever after with someone else, but, for the purely fantastical purposes of this article, we’ve looked to see who we could end up with, based on our astrological sign. Who merits a Meredith Grey? And which lucky astro sign gets coupled up with Mark Sloan? You’ll just have to keep reading to see!

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24 SCORPIO: Cristina Yang


While Cristina Yang could be considered a Scorpio or a Capricorn, there’s no denying that the mysterious Water sign would be especially drawn to her fire, passion, and talent.

As a Scorpio, you often find yourself attracted to people who go all in with their lives, who live with an intensity that can match yours.

In fact, you’re one of the few signs who can comfortably couple up with one of their own!

Throughout her ten seasons on the show, Cristina also proved herself to be an incredibly loyal friend and partner; as Meredith’s “person," Burke’s cover, and Owen’s keeper, which is something you value very much.

23 SCORPIO: Jackson Avery


A mysterious presence when he was first introduced, Jackson Avery wanted to get by on his own merits, not for his famous last name, which is something a Scorpio like you can understand since you, too, often keep your cards close to your chest.

That being said, Jackson proved himself to be a passionate and dominating presence in both his professional and personal lives. As one half of the Japril coupling many of us know and love, Jackson did the impulsive Scorpio thing by objecting during April’s wedding so that the pair could run off together. Plus, in a show filled with hot doctors, Jackson–like many Scorpios–still manages to stand apart.

22 SAGITTARIUS: Callie Torres


If you’re a Sagittarius, you know that you can’t be pinned down. You refuse to do what anyone tells you and, in fact, sometimes you will defy them outright simply because they dared to control you.

You are fun-loving and loveable and drawn to people who are likewise optimistic and exuberant.

When we first meet Callie Torres, she’s dancing in her underwear, and she manages to keep up this free spirit for quite a while, at least until the amputation of Arizona’s leg, the death of Mark, and the custody issues. However, she is endlessly patient with a huge heart, something a Sagittarius like you values (and needs) above all else.

21 SAGITTARIUS: Mark Sloan


You rarely do committed relationships, Sagittarius. The idea of being tied to one individual for an undetermined amount of time is more claustrophobic than it is reassuring. You prefer something more fun and light, which is why Mark Sloan is the man for you! With his roguish good looks and buckets of charm, Mark could cause you to swoon and catch you before you’ve even realized you’ve fallen. You guys would have an awesome time together, and one that wouldn’t be constrained by normal boundaries. Plus, you’d definitely enjoy having that kind of arm candy by your side.

20 CAPRICORN: Teddy Altman


Focused, disciplined, and responsible, you require someone who can measure up to your ridiculously high standards before you can even think about romance, Capricorn. Fortunately for you, Dr. Teddy Altman ticks all your boxes!

She’s a doctor, served her country, married for a practical reason (hello, health insurance), and is beautiful to boot!

It’s not all about logic for you, though, Capricorn. You require someone who will stick by your side through thick and thin, one half of a power couple, and Teddy has got your back. Extremely devoted and a soft side that takes some digging to get to, she’s definitely your GA soulmate.

19 CAPRICORN: Preston Burke


A man who won a Harper Avery and was one of the most respected and revered cardiothoracic surgeons, Preston Burke is a luminous name that any Capricorn would be proud to call their better half. He’s determined and ambitious (dude was successful enough to gift an actual hospital to his ex-fiancée) but also deeply tied to his traditions, which is something your sign holds dear.

While you both may not be the most cuddly of people, your values definitely align, because you need someone who understands your goals without making you feel bad about occasionally putting your relationship on the back-burner to achieve them.

18 AQUARIUS: April Kepner


You’re such a softie, Aquarius, but sometimes you’re not quite so good at expressing your emotions. In fact, occasionally you’ll avoid the emotional side of things altogether and stick to the intellectual.

While other signs might require a like-minded individual for success, you need someone who can fill in the blank spaces, which is why a person like April Kepner is the ideal fit.

As a doctor, April understands that her emotions make her better at her work, something that has developed as the series progressed. You need someone who can comfortably express themselves without reservation to better communicate your own feelings in a relationship.

17 AQUARIUS: Owen Hunt


Perhaps not always the most assertive when it comes to expressing his feelings, Owen Hunt is nonetheless a passionate individual who is able to describe exactly what’s in his heart even when words fail him, like during his regular sojourns to the vents with Cristina.

To be fair, he could definitely be a lot of work for an Aquarius like you, who tends to run when the going gets tough. But he’s the type to prove himself over and over again with absolute loyalty and love. Plus, he knows when talking isn’t the answer, but a burned bum from a steam grate is!

16 PISCES: Lexie Grey


Bubbly and fun, Lexie could easily have been misread as weak-willed or insecure, but she was actually one of the strongest characters on the show! She refused to let Meredith push her around despite their initially fraught relationship and even managed to help her father, despite all the times when his health struggles drove a wedge between them.

Like you, Pisces, Lexie understands that humans have flaws and faults and are that much more beautiful because of them.

You need someone who will be your strength when you can’t be, but who won’t dominate you because of it.

15 PISCES: George O’Malley


The ideal best friend and sweet guy, George O’Malley did not exactly have the best track record when it came to relationships, which is something you two could definitely commiserate on since you’ve given far too many people the benefit of the doubt, Pisces! Like you, George is able to connect to people on a deeper level, which in turn made him a better doctor–but no less a mover and shaker! From managing to perform open-heart surgery in a broken elevator to pushing someone out of the way of an oncoming bus (RIP) George was a strong man and good friend that would take care of a sensitive Pisces like you.

14 ARIES: Amelia Shepherd


You live for a life of adventure, Aries. This is both a good and a bad thing, leaving you rushing into situations you haven’t given enough thought to or falling in love with people who maybe aren’t so great for you. However, you do need excitement in your life and, while a stable person might be better for you in the long run, it’s not the type of person to whom you’re attracted.

That is why Amelia Shepherd is your ideal girl.

Impulsive and spontaneous, Amelia is still incredibly passionate and determined, conquering her addiction and becoming a neurosurgeon, no less! You admire her strength of character without dimming her light, which is like catnip to you.

13 ARIES: Alex Karev


So Alex Karev can be a bit of a jerk and, even when we think he’s grown out of it, he surprises us by regressing and being a complete idiot all over again–however, this time around, it’s coming from a good place rather than insecurity, jealousy, and anger.

At his core, Alex is a sweetheart who will do whatever it takes for the people he loves, even when it gets him into trouble (or jail). An Aries like you appreciates these big grand gestures as symbolic of passion, and Alex is someone who will try to keep up with you for once–and fortunately for you both, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

12 TAURUS: Miranda Bailey


One of the most reliable signs, Taurus, you need someone who won’t play games with you and leave you guessing as to where you stand, which is why Miranda Bailey is the one for you.

Passionate and dedicated to her family and the interns she once swore she would never like, Miranda might be able to give you a run for your money when it comes to stubbornness.

She won’t back down from a fight but the two of you together will be able to work something out because you’ll have the same end goals.

11 TAURUS: Ben Warren


Miranda Bailey’s other half, Ben Warren, might drive you up the wall every now and then with his changing mind (first he wants to be a surgeon, then he wants to be a firefighter), but he’s someone who will finally take care of you once you’re done taking care of everyone else.

Ben is a sweet guy who is the only one who’s proven himself to be good enough for Bailey, and he’s tender-hearted with a soft spot for family–just like you, Taurus! A traditional mindset with an appreciation of the, ahem, sensual pleasures in life makes you both a match made in GA heaven.

10 GEMINI: Arizona Robbins


Extroverted and friendly, you need someone who won’t drag you down, which is why the bubbly and vivacious Arizona is your ideal match!

As a pediatric surgeon, Arizona has to maintain an optimistic attitude, which is something you need. 

While having her leg amputated was obviously a difficult part in her life, she has remained tenacious throughout it, even as her relationship with Callie crumbled. Communication is huge for you, Gemini, and you would be able to help her out of her rut without resenting her for it, providing you both with an enduring and invigorating relationship.

9 GEMINI: Derek Shepherd


An extrovert like Derek Shepherd would make him impossible to resist if you were the girl in the bar to his guy in the bar. You are a curious soul and find his mind fascinating, and you would be attracted to Derek’s desire to accomplish everything he can–no surgery or brain tumor is too daunting for this neurosurgeon!

You also want to be part of a team, and that’s something Derek would need, what with his clinical trials and with his work with Alzheimer’s research. Being his number two would be an equal division of labor, giving you both a fulfilling and flirtatious relationship!

8 CANCER: Jo Wilson


Emotions are important to you, Cancer. In fact, you see them as the undercurrent of all successful relationships and require vulnerability from both you and your partner to make things work.

Like you, Jo Wilson might be a tough nut to crack at first, but once you both open up to one another, you’ll experience a relationship in which you can acknowledge each other’s shortcomings and love one another in spite of them.

For an insecure sign like you, having someone lay themselves bare to you (i.e. confessing to being homeless in high school and having a fake name) allows you to be the strong one for once.

7 CANCER: Nathan Riggs


Cancers like you have a deep love of whirlwind romance and adore the idea of having someone pine after you, which is why Nathan Riggs is totally your type. Sure, he may have ended up with Megan, but the idea that he could carry a torch for someone for so long is incredibly attractive to you, Cancer.

While Nathan spent much of his time overseas, upon Megan’s surprise return he switches gears to become a man who wants a family and a steady home life, which is another major draw for a family-oriented sign like you.

6 LEO: Izzie Stevens


You’re a generous sign, Leo, but sometimes your generosity can be misconstrued as braggadocio. You are truly a warm-hearted individual who just so happens to love the spotlight every now and again!

In order to get as well as you give, you need someone who can be as generous and loving as you while also stepping back to allow you time to shine.

Izzie Stevens fits this bill perfectly.

As a friend, girlfriend, and fiancée, Izzie was always about giving more of herself than she was able (let’s forget about her time with Alex). Plus, while she was a good doctor, she wasn’t a great one, which means that she wouldn’t overshadow your own accomplishments–something you desperately need.

5 LEO: Andrew DeLuca


Leo, you’re a sucker for showmanship, so how could you not be instantly attracted to a man who first pretended to be an attending (or at least didn’t do anything to dissuade people of that opinion) when he was only a surgical resident?

Newcomer Andrew DeLuca is not only easy on the eyes, but he’s a good person, even trying to get the charges against Alex dropped when Alex attacked him over a mistake. Extremely confident and easygoing, Andrew’s presence is a magnetic one that you simply wouldn’t be able to resist, and you two would be straight fire together!

4 VIRGO: Maggie Pierce


Let’s face it, Virgo: you are picky. You are detail-oriented to the point that it can hold you back, but most of the time it’s because you want to prepare yourself for any eventuality. You require someone who can understand that without belittling you, and child prodigy-turned-cardio-god Maggie Pierce is where you need to be!

You need someone who is loyal and patient enough to wait for you to open up.

While Maggie may have rocketed ahead in her education, she understands the need for patience in a personal relationship (like not forcing the issue of bonding with Richard or Meredith), which is all the comfort you need.

3 VIRGO: Shane Ross


In the operating room and the on-call room, under the tutelage of Cristina Yang, Shane Ross became what we would call a “good student." While he had feelings for Cristina, they seemed to be more of the adoring variety rather than the lustful kind, even when he helped her, er, work things out physically. Sometimes, Virgo, you too need someone who can scratch an itch without making you feel exposed, and Shane was the paragon of discretion with his part-time partner (for the most part, anyway). His ambition, perfectionism, and drive are also qualities you definitely find attractive.

2 LIBRA: Meredith Grey


You are a naturally kind person, Libra, and many people are drawn to your own personal brand of vibes.

You tend to be a social sort who always looks for the good in others in order to keep a fair balance, which is why Meredith Grey would be ideally suited to you.

If Meredith is surrounded by negative people, she slips back into her “dark and twisty” place, but around you, you can draw out all the goodness that she possesses. Like you, she tries to avoid conflict and make things peaceful for those around her. Your relationship will need some communication from both sides, but ultimately, your desire to make it work and make one another happy will allow you to succeed.

1 LIBRA: Richard Webber


A teacher, a leader, a guide–Richard Webber can be the one to take charge when you feel anxious, Libra. He is just and fair (like you) but is willing to make the tough decisions, which more often than not leave you paralyzed. While you’re the sign of the scales, he’s the peacemaker, and it will be a relief for you not to feel as though you have to keep everyone happy when he makes you his top priority (something you have rarely allowed anyone to do before). Letting go of some control for a little is necessary for this relationship to work, but with his secure hands, you’ll still feel safe.

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