Here’s How Young These 20 Celeb Couples Were When They First Got Together

Hollywood is full of unconventional couples, ones that we ordinary folk never would put together in a million years, and yet somehow theses odd couples are the peanut butter to each other's jelly.

Many of these famous faces seem off to us because of their age difference, others have opposite physical appearances, and still others have incredible backstories to their romances. And we the adoring public certainly love an odd duck Hollywood romance.

So we love these particular twenty couples since they're the ones who met when they were just kids. When youth and inexperience in life are paired with massive amounts of fame and fortune, the outcome is almost always a mess.

So many young and in love partners take Tinsel Town by storm, only to have their flame suddenly fizzle out. It's a familiar tale among the rich and famous. Too much, too soon. Rarely do the young, wealthy and in love weather the storms and come out on top.

But these are some of our favorite stories because, considering the odds stacked against them, they were probably never meant to last forever—yet they have!

Here are some of our favorite Hollywood love stories. Check out these twenty married folks who fell in love young and made it last forever.

These are serious relationship goals.

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20 Billy And Ami Brown Needed Parental Permission

These reality wilderness stars first locked eyes back when Ami Brown was only fifteen years old. According to Radar Magazine, Ami was so young that her mother had to grant permission for the pair to get married! Bill was young too, but indeed not a teen like his bride!

Billy was 26 when they wed, had already been married once before, and was a father to two children. The Alaskan Bush couple is still married to this day, and they have seven grown children between them. Such difficult beginnings can do a number on young couples, but in this case, hardships only made the pair stronger.

19 Bey And Jay Had An Early Start Too

Say what you will about hip hop's reigning king and queen, but these two entertainment giants are together for the long haul. Bonnie and Clyde forever guys! Artist Beyonce and rap god Jay Z first started dating when the songstress was only 19 years old and he was 30.

The union between Bey and Jay hasn't always been smooth sailing, however. The rapper, mogul, and father of three recently opened up to David Letterman regarding the couple's years of relationship troubles. Somehow this couple's love was strong enough to survive, and the two now appear to be crazier in love than ever before. We don't see them ever parting ways.

18 Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Brad Hall Were College Cuties

Funny gal Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn't joke around when it comes to true love. She met her future hubby, Brad Hall, back in 1979 when the two were both attending Northwestern University. According to Country Living, Dreyfus was auditioning for a play that he was directing. She landed the part as well as the man!

While it was love at first sight for these campus sweeties, they put the wedding off for some time, marrying nine years after they started dating. The couple now has two grown sons—one is a singer and the other attends his mom and dad's alma mater, where he plays basketball.

17 Sharon And Ozzy Osborne, Standing The Test Of Time

Sharon Osborne is the rock that often keeps metal man Ozzy Osborne from tumbling down and self-destructing. Hers has never been an easy job. Sharon has weathered the storm that is her chaotic music man practically since the beginning of time. According to Hollywood Life, she began working with him when she was only eighteen years old. Her father, who managed the offbeat music sensation, sent Sharon out to Hollywood to L.A. to look after the trainwreck rocker's needs.

The two struck up a friendship and even began dating, which was eyebrow-raising considering Ozzy was wed to another woman at the time. Eventually, the pair made things official, marrying in 1983.

16 Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman, Parents In Business And Love

via youtube.com

Actress Elizabeth Banks knew that Max was the one for her as soon as she set her sights on him back during their college days. She was only eighteen years old when she first locked eyes on her future husband during that very first day of college back in 1992. Ten years after falling in love on the campus of The University of Pennsylvania, the couple wed and have since welcomed two sons into their family.

According to Us Weekly, the husband and wife team, who also run Brownstone Productions, have excellent "yin and yang." She is a passionate artist, and he brings the level-headed, even-keeled politician vibe.

15 Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr., Young Love On Set

This celebrity couple has basically grown up together. They were practically kids when we first saw them doing their thing on screen. They were cute back then, but after years of marriage, they might even be cuter now. Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. were 20 and 21 respectively when they fell in love on the set of the film I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Being that young and successful in Hollywood is often a recipe for destruction, but not for these two. They are the proud parents to a son and a daughter and are still madly in love after all these years.

14 Dolly Parton & Carl Dean: Opposites Attract


Sometimes opposites do attract, and more than attract, they stay together forever. Country crooner Dolly Parton loves the spotlight, but her hubby, Carl Dean, has made it a point to keep out of the public eye for the entirety of his and Dolly's relationship. For them, this arrangement has worked out nicely.

Parton married her business owner husband in 1966 when she was only twenty years old. Dolly Parton is a lot of things, but indecisive she is not! Ms. Parton is a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go for it. Her "go get 'em" attitude has helped her achieve her dreams in both love and work.

13 Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman Make The Ultimate Tag Team

The couple that rocks fashion together stays together. This powerhouse team has managed to achieve their wildest dreams all while staying faithful and true to one another. Rachel met her investment banker partner when she was eighteen years old. She went on to create a monster fashion line and entertainment empire, while he did his thing in his realm. Together they starred in their own reality television show and took on the wild and wonderful world of parenting.

When it comes to being mom and dad, Zoe told People magazine that they are most definitely a tag team. It seems like no matter what they choose to put their energy toward, as long as they are together, all will work out perfectly.

12 Snoop Dogg & Shante Taylor Have An Everlasting Love

No video vixens for rapper Snoop Dogg; his heart lies with his first love. Calvin Broadus Jr. (aka Snoop Dogg) and his longtime love, Shante Taylor, have had their fair share of ups and downs, but no matter the bumps, they have supported each other since their high school days. The couple even managed to overcome their 2004 divorce and ended up remarrying in 2008.

Snoop claims that Hollywood got him twisted, and he thought he wanted to be a single guy, but after going home to his wife and kids, he fell in love with them all over again. He had been devoted to Shante and the family ever since his revelation.

11 Loretta & Oliver Lynn Weathered Their Storms

They weren't perfect, but they were forever. Country great Loretta Lynn was only fifteen years old when she wed a 21-year-old Doolittle. These two had a famously rocky relationship riddled with arguments, accusations, and struggles with the bottle. Doolittle even left a laboring Loretta right in the middle of childbirth.

That would be the end of many of us, but not these two. When they said "I Do," they meant it. According to Citypages, Loretta was not only hitched before she could drive a car, but was also a mother to six kids before she turned 33 years old! Despite Doo and Loretta's bevy of marital woes, they never divorced. Doo passed away in 1996, making Loretta a widow.

10 Bo Derek And John Were Love At First Sight

Before John Corbett, there was John Derek. Beautiful Bo and John got romantically involved when she was sixteen years old. For him, there was no turning back after setting his sights on Mary Cathleen Collins, who he renamed Bo. He was thirty years her senior and married at the time of their budding romance, making it an absolute no for them to be together.

The young and in love couple fled the country to avoid legal troubles, and when they returned stateside, they began acting and producing alongside one another. They stayed committed to each other until John passed away in 1998.

9 Woody Allen & Soon-Yi Previn Were Odd, Even By Hollywood Standards

They made the messiest marriage in all of Hollywood, which is no small feat! Yet here they are, together after all this time. The bizarre marriage of Soon-Yi and Woody started early enough to make us all shudder. According to Insider, Previn was twenty years old when their love story began, while Allen was fifty.

A thirty year age difference is startling enough, even by Hollywood standards, but Previn is also the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow. Allen, of course, was Farrow's longtime partner. Essentially he started dating, and eventually married, Mia's adopted daughter. Like we said, messy, messy, messy. Somehow they are still together, that's all the nice we can say here.

8 Victoria And David Beckham: Perfect From Day One

They are the prettiest pair in all of the land. These days Becks and Posh are household names on both sides of the Atlantic. They are also the adoring parents to three strapping sons and one perfect little lady. If you look at them and think, "Darn, how did they get so perfect?" it's likely because they have had a lot of years of practice.

Posh was only 23 years old when mega footballer star David Beckham requested a meeting with the pop singer. Even though they were both young, single, and beautiful, they didn't waste too much time dating. The couple married just two years after that fateful meeting.

7 Kevin And Danielle Jonas Were Marital Pioneers

via aol.com

Nick and Joe Jonas are just now tieing the knot, but older brother Kevin got into the marriage game early on. He and his wife Danielle met when they were twenty and married two years later. Considering the Jonas Brothers were at the height of their success when Kevin and Danielle started courting, no one thought this relationship would stand the test of time.

They have proved the world wrong, though, and not only are they still wed, but are now the proud parents to two darling little girls. The Jonas family most recently welcomed baby Valentina into the family in 2016.

6 Sam And Aaron Taylor-Johnson Defied The Age Odds

The Fifty Shades of Grey director and her dreamy younger hubby have 24 years between them, but they don't see their age gap as a love deterrent. According to Elle Magazine, they got together during the filming of Nowhere Boy, a biopic about singer John Lennon that Sam directed and Aaron starred in. Sam was 42 years old, a mother to two and divorced. He, on the other hand, was only eighteen years old.

The world was abuzz with gossip and opinions about the couple, but they just kept on loving and supporting each other. Years later they are still one another's biggest fans.

5 Jon Bon Jovi & Dorothea Hurley

Theirs is a love that has no bounds. At no point in Job Bon Jovi's longstanding musical reign have groupies not been hurling their bodies at him. Through all of the chaos and fame, he remained a devoted one-woman man. The rocker met his future wife in high school and married her right at the peak of Bon Jovi's mega success.

As to how they have managed to stay together for all of these years? The answer is simple: her. He credits his wife as his glue. Of her, he said, “I’m the crazy visionary with all kinds of things flying, and the seams are all splitting. She’s the one following me with the glue and the thread and needle, keeping it all together.”

4 Thomas Rhett Akins And Lauren Akins Grew Up Together

We can call these two country music's prom king and queen. This married duo could not be any sweeter. They are the picture of love and respect, but both husband and wife admit that they were way too young to get married. They tied the knot at twenty-two years old but had known each other for an entire lifetime already.

According to Country Living, the Akins first met as children in grade school and started dating during their teen years. Some couples seem specifically designed for one another, and this is one of them. The perfect pair has two kiddos now, Willa Gray, whom they adopted from Uganda, and a biological daughter named Ada James.

3 LeBron James & Savannah Brinson Were Down From Their High School Days

This basketball-loving pair fell in love as high schoolers and has managed to stay together through his massive rise to success in the sports world. The two teens went on their first date to The Outback Steakhouse in their hometown of Akron, Ohio, where they both excelled at all things sports. He was a prodigy, playing basketball and football, and she was a cheerleader and a softball player.

According to Business Insider, LeBron and Savannah first met at a football game, but she had no clue he was the sports genius that we have come to know. To her, he was just a cute boy from her school. Now they are the parents to three darling children, owners of two massive mansions, and multimillionaires.

2 Bono And Ali Stewart Had A Growing Love

U2 rocker and all around excellent human being, Bono, and his bride Ali recently celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. In the land of rock and roll, 36 years is about the equivalent to an eternity.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Bono and Ali met when they were teenagers, and their first date concluded with Mr. Chivalry walking his lady love to her bus stop. He was smitten with her from the get-go, but Ali didn't experience the whole "love at first sight" thing. She had to work up to that. We can see how a guy like Bono could grow on a woman!

1 LL Cool J & Simone Smith Were Always The Cool Couple

LL Cool J might talk a big game when it comes to the ladies, but don't let his lyrics fool you. He is about as dedicated a man as they come. According to Essence Magazine, the rapper/actor has been with his wife since they were teens. They got hitched in 1995 after being set up by a mutual friend. He was nineteen, and she was only 17.

They now have four children together and will be celebrating 24 years of marriage later this summer. The groupies and video vixens had no chance of ever landing this star; his head was never going to turn from Simone. Their love is true and real.

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