Here’s How You Would Cheat Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Here’s How You Would Cheat Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The simple truth about cheating is that it happens quite a bit. It does not happen in every relationship, of course, but some people have been involved in or the victim of a cheating situation at some point in time. It happens. Being able to trust people is the best defense that anyone has against it, but even so, there are never any guarantees. That’s why knowing how different zodiac signs handle cheating situations can be interesting and helpful both for yourself and for other people you date. If you can be aware of your own motives behind it or why you wouldn’t ever do it, it can be easier to communicate your wants and needs to the people who you are in relationships with. Here’s how you would cheat based on your zodiac sign, if you were going to. Use this info to avoid hurting other people if possible.

15. Water Signs

Water signs are ruled by the moon and the tides which means that they are the sign that is the most in tune with their emotions. They feel everything — and sometimes, that means they feel things a bit too much — but that does make them pretty empathetic. They tend to be very aware of what real love is and what it’s not, and they don’t usually want to hurt the people that they love. It’s not that they won’t cheat, but they do it when there’s a reason to, like they fell in love with someone new. They’re not going to have random flings for no reason and then feel no guilt about. Even when they have a reason to do it they will still feel guilty. They’ll even feel guilty for wanting to break up with someone even when there was no cheating involved, just because they tend to feel heavily for the people that they care about even where there’s no more romance involved. They tend to see the good in other people even at their own expense.

14. Earth And Fire Signs

The earth signs tend to be the more grounded and stable signs, but they can also be the most materialistic of the signs. They’re the most likely to be perfectionistic and stuck in their ways, which also comes with it quite a lot of focus. Where they choose to place their focus is the question. It might be on their relationship at hand, or it might be on someone who they feel like cheating with. They’re stubborn and they’re the only one who will change their own minds. The fire signs are passionate and will either make you feel great or tear things up with their fire. They shouldn’t be feared, but people might like to know what they’re getting into with one. They’re more likely to turn around and do things that are self-serving than be looking out for everyone else, which can make them more likely to cheat than some of the other astrological signs.

13. Air Signs

If the air signs cheat, it seems like that would be out of boredom. The air signs are more likely to move with the wind than anyone else, which means that they can be less grounded than other people. Sometimes this means they can move on without anyone really noticing while other times, that wind force can head straight for people and throw them for a loop. They can bring a lot of adventure into relationships since you never really know what’s going to happen when you’re with them, but when they decide to move on, well, that can seemingly come out of nowhere as well. Sometimes they get bored in life and this can extend to their relationships. They can’t change everything that they’ve got going on but they certainly can be more in control of that, so sometimes they use that as an outlet to add some fun into their days. When they’re not happy in a relationship, they’ll take things even further without worrying about why.

12. Taurus

People who are the Taurus sign are very loyal and are one of the signs that are least likely to cheat. When they do it, it’s because they fell in love with the new person and just haven’t yet figured out how to end the other relationship. They’re not trying to be sneaky players, they just sometimes change their mind and move on but don’t handle it in the most smooth of ways. People in relationships with Taureans generally don’t see the cheating coming but in retrospect, they might notice where some of the passion was tapering away. Basically by the point that a Taurean cheats the other relationship is way over anyway so there isn’t much to do about it at that point besides walk away. They’ll probably end up marrying the person that they cheated with and then continue living in the same area and having awkward run-ins with their ex. Only the ex suffers in that situation.

11. Gemini

Geminis are the people most likely to start up an affair with their coworker or their significant other’s best friend. They do not have to go very far to find a distraction. They do tend to get caught up in their cheating since it is too complicated to hide that sort of a thing for very long but it can be extremely messy and embarrassing when it goes down. When cheating happens that close to home it tends to mess up more relationships than just the romantic one. The thing is that Geminis are not super monogamous naturally so they just never stop looking for the next hot thing to come along. They are easily distracted let’s say, and they won’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. A Gemini might even be sensitive about someone dumping them because they were cheating. They’re more likely to feel slighted instead of guilty.

10. Cancer

Being an emotional and sentimental sign, Cancer is less likely to meet a stranger and cheat but more likely to hook up with an ex that they still have feelings for. Cancers aren’t great at letting their exes go, and when there was both an emotional and physical connection they might not ever totally let it go. That’s why they don’t general pal around with their exes if they’re in a new relationship. However, when a Cancer hasn’t quite buried their feelings for a past love it’s possible that they’ll get back involved if that person happens to come back around again. Cancer can’t just walk away from someone if they think that there’s a chance that they might be able to revive the love they once shared, so it can put them in a pretty complicated situation. But since Cancer’s are also thoughtful and sensitive they’re likely to feel incredibly guilty about it and they might even break up their own relationship because of it. And then probably get back with the ex.

9. Leo

Leos are not big cheaters and they don’t generally stray very far unless there’s something seriously wrong with the relationship that they’re in. Leos like to be the center of attention but they don’t love drama, and they’d much prefer to get the sort of attention that people get from being in a hot power couple then the attention of a bunch of random people. Leos like the nice stuff that comes from having a serious relationship and are more than happy to trade in the player life for one of stability with a single person. If they do cheat, it’s probably because they’re on their way out of the relationship with the person that they’re cheating on and have already decided that they want to be with the next person. But usually, they’ll just break up with the one person before moving onto the next because they have no problem being straightforward about what they want.

8. Virgo

Virgos ultimately seek out stability and perfection in their relationships, but until they settle down, they can be cheaters. Virgos like to keep their options open and will be private about that instead of just being open about the fact that they’re dating multiple people. Because they’re pretty private in general with their relationships, they often get away with cheating pretty well. They’re the sign most likely to have a bunch of random lovers in their past that no one ever knew about unless it comes out for some reason. They’re a controlling sign and they like to keep their stuff clean literally and figuratively which makes it surprising that they might cheat, but that’s why they’re so good at it. They’re not going to accidentally leave a paper trail. However, Virgos do generally want something real and will do their best to commit to one perfect person. Since they’re perfectionists they might also feel really bad about cheating and try to avoid being promiscuous by being in a serious relationship.

7. Libra

Libras can be super flirty but they also care a lot about love and appreciate what they have if it’s something good. If Libras do cheat, that’s going to probably be for emotional reasons because they’re missing something with their current partner and are seeking it elsewhere. For the Libras who do cheat, they can actually get pretty good at it and might not see fault in carrying on two different relationships at the same time for a while. Well, it’s not that they don’t see the fault in it, but they have an easier time than many seeing how the benefits outweigh the risks. They’re not exactly concerned about their karma in the matter. Cheating can happen out of boredom and if they don’t think of it as a bad thing for themselves they might not think about how bad it might be for other people either. Until the other shoe drops, that is.

6. Scorpio

Scorpios are often thought of as a sort of wild sign, but they’re actually very sensitive and jealous lovers. They’re not likely to cheat because they’re more likely to be spending their time being possessive over their current partner. Since they’re sensitive they will think affairs through thoroughly before getting involved and if they choose to they are going to feel really guilty about it. Water signs are not the ones to make rash decisions and then forget about it, they’re more likely to regret something small and unimportant to the point that they can’t sleep at night. Scorpios fall in love deeply so they’re very in tune with the feeling and know how much it can hurt when things don’t go well. This makes them extra considerate about people that they’re in relationships with, unless they’re in love with the new person and then cheating will be a stop on the road to the relationship. Scorpios, on the other hand, often end up being the person that someone cheats with.

5. Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are likely to have a few options lined up when they are dating. They tend to take their work life and responsibilities really seriously and then might turn around and try to relax through their romantic life. For this reason, they also tend to move on really quickly when they do break up with people. Some people might even say that Sagittarius people enjoy cheating, and they often get caught simply because they like to brag about their flings to their friends. Any of their friends who are not cool with the concept might turn around and share the news with the person being cheated on. Although the Sagittarius is comfortable with the concept of cheating in the moment, they might get upset later on when they are called out for it if they actually like the person that they were cheating on.

4. Capricorn

Capricorn people are more likely to physically cheat than emotionally cheat. They’re less likely to date an ex again and bond over flirty texts, so they’re more likely to sleep with some random person from the office. They can be a bit more carefree than some of the signs that worry a lot, and the Capricorn might not even feel that guilty about cheating if they understand that there were no emotions involved. They don’t always see the issue in that, especially if a relationship is new or not really clearly defined. If they get caught cheating they might actually try to justify why they did it instead of breaking down into tears and begging forgiveness. They might even be so calm about it that they can make other people feel confused about why they had an issue with the cheating in the first place. Depends on the situation at hand.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians tend to get attached to people really quickly so they’re more likely to be emotional cheaters. They might seek out another relationship to supplement their current relationship because they feel like they need to have it all and aren’t always satisfied with the person that they are with. The problem is that they also tend to feel really guilty when they do end up cheating, and they might even want to be found out on some level so that they can stop carrying around the secret. The Aquarius is one of the signs that is more likely to fess up about the affair whether or not anyone else involved was ready for that admission. That can be a selfish move on their part, but they think that what’s best for them is the best for their partners too. They sort of hope that if everyone finds out about the affair, then things will just sort of fall into place with who they’re supposed to be with and they won’t really have to worry about it.

2. Pisces

The Pisces people are more likely to be sneaky schemers than some of the other signs, and they might actually enjoy planning their affair. This sign could potentially be the one who is running two different full-on relationships in completely different towns and getting away with it for quite some time. Of course, those types of things rarely last forever, and they do often get caught even though they were pretty secretive throughout. Sometimes when they are caught red handed they’ll even continue lying. Like trying to say that the person in their bed isn’t actually a lover but just a friend catching up. The thing is that because of the high level of deceit the relationship is generally over when the Pisces gets found out. This wasn’t a one time slip up, it was months of lying to everyone’s face which is hard to come back from and make nice.

1. Aries

Aries like to do what they want and don’t really like to take responsibility for it when it goes poorly, so they’re a sign that’s likely to somehow turn things around and blame their partner when they get caught cheating. You know those excuses: they can range from “It’s your fault for always working late” or “I just can’t be tamed.” If they can rationalize to themselves that it was for a good reason then they will try to rationalize it to other people as well. The Aries people are a very adventurous sign in general so if they aren’t fulfilled in the rest of their life they might try and seek out a lot of that fun and spontaneity with their love life. People who are on the receiving end of an Aries cheating don’t usually have a great time of it since the defensive Aries is unlikely to ever be nice about apologizing. They like to punish people who wrong them and to them being called out for their behavior is being wronged.

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