Here's How You Should Make Your First Move, Based On Your Sign

Ugh, isn’t it the worst when you’re just sitting there and waiting for him to make the move? You’re scrolling through you phone and playing with your nails and pretending to be very interested in the football game that’s on, but really you’re just waiting for him to approach you. Have you ever been in this position? Well, stop waiting around for him. It’s 2017, girl. This isn’t a Disney movie or a bad romantic comedy. Stand up and get what you want! Make the first move, woman!

Okay, but how? How does one make the first move?

Well, it can be hard to imagine these days since we’re so attached to our phones. Also, please don’t whip out your phone and scroll through Tinder hoping to match with him. That is not the right way to make the first move. Instead, we have some real-life ways to make the first move. Yes, real-life! Remember that?

Below are perfect ways to make the first move - yes, in real life! - based on your zodiac sign. Because some signs are more outgoing, more introverted, more observant, or more sensual than other signs, some first moves may work better for other signs than other. So, below you’ll find the perfect first move for you based on your zodiac sign. And we also have bonus pro tips for the perfect body language while making the first move.

You can thank us later. For now, just go on and make the first move, girl!


15 Capricorn: Make Fun Of Someone Else In The Area

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Capricorn, as an earth sign, you’re very grounded and observant. In fact, you’re a bit too observant. You’re always looking around and noticing every single detail. You notice the wooden floors, the shoes your bestie is wearing, the chipped manicure on the bartender. That said, you can be a bit judgmental from time to time. But hey, you can’t help it if you notice everything! First of all, stop being such a judgmental brat. Secondly, put this observant mind to work.

Scan around and find something to point out. In fact, if you can find someone to poke friendly fun at that will work wonders. Nudge the guy you’re trying to talk to and point out the couple on an awkward first date, or the much older guy with the sugar baby, or the group of bros being very bro-like. Whatever it is, find someone to poke good-natured fun at.

Just remember to positive, as you don’t want to come off overly judgmental, y’know even if you are overly judgmental.

14 Pro Tip #1: Look Him In The Eye, Smile, Then Look Away

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Every sign should try this move, as it’s a foolproof move for everyone. What you do is make eye contact with him. You should home it for a good three-ish seconds. Obviously don’t hold it too long because that’s creepy. Also, don’t look away too quickly or he’ll have no idea you’ve made eye contact with him.

While you’re holding his eye contact, smile… because duh. You don’t want him to think you have resting B-face. But also don’t do a total cheeser. You want to smile in a way that’s friendly and seductive. A one-side smile works perfect here.

After you’ve done all of that, look away. This assures that you’ve both gotten his attention and you’ve made yourself a prize. By looking away, you’ve created a situation in which he must chase you. Boom, he’ll be coming over to you shortly.

13 Aquarius: Ask His Opinion On Something

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Aquarius, of all the signs, you value you progressive ideas and intelligent debates more than any other sign. No, it may not sound all that hot, but don’t underestimate how attractive this can make you to men. When a woman can hold her own in a debate, men are weakened. I mean, he may be bummed when you prove him wrong all the time, but that’s a bridge you’ll cross down the road. Right now, it’s just about showing off those intellectual skills.

So turn to him and ask his opinion on something. Make sure it’s a fun pop culture question and not about healthcare or another hot button topic. Since you’re not great at expression your emotions (aka flirting), this is a great way to show your interest without having to be oh-so-emotional.

12 Pisces: Ask Him To Do You A Favor

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Pisces, you’re a bit of the damsel in distress sign. Because you’re a water sign, you’re highly emotional. Your emotions are always on the tip of your tongue. On top of that, you’re also gentle and whimsical. Though, these features can also make you come off like the victim and like you can’t really handle the real world. This can sometimes be an issue in your long-term relationships. However, in the beginning of the relationships, part of your appeal can be the damsel in distress factor.

Men love being the hero, so play up the damsel in distress factor by asking for a favor. Simply ask for a napkin, a straw, him to hand you a menu, or a simple question. Whatever it may be, employ a narrative in which you’re in distress and he’s able to help. Because of your gentle nature, he’ll love coming to your rescue.

11 Aries: Challenge Him To A Game

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Aries, you’re the first sign of the zodiac, which is why you love being #1 in every single aspect of your life. This competitive nature can occasionally get you into trouble. I mean, you’ve totally thrown a Monopoly board across the room, right? While this competitive attitude can create problems down the line in a relationship, it’s very attractive upfront. You come off like a confident, determined, and passionate person, which you are.

These strong personality traits will attract a man to you right away, so show them off. Make the first move by challenging him in some way. If there is a pool table, darts, or arcade game, ask him to play against you. You can be fun and flirty, even if you suck at pool. If there aren’t any games around, challenge him in an intellectual way. Ask him if he can name all fifty states or all of the US presidents. You’ll see playful and challenging, and what guy doesn’t love a challenge?

Though, just make sure to temper that competitive edge. Breaking the pool stick when you lose may send him running the other way.

10 Pro Tip #2: Speak In A Hushed Voice

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When you want attention from someone in the same room as you, some of us have a tendency to raise our voices. It’s natural, as the logical thought would be that this louder voice will grab his attention. While the logical is there, it’s also flawed.

By being loud, you get the wrong kind of attention. Instead, he’s looking over at you, but not all that interested in you. I mean, you’re just being another loud girl in a bar or at a party. You’re like every other girl who scream-sings every Taylor Swift song. Also, we should all really stop that, okay?

The point is that you want to go against your impulse. Instead, lower your voice. This makes you more mysterious. When he does potentially start talking to you, keep you voice low. It will cause him to move in close to hear what you’re saying. This will make it easier for him to smell your perfume or rub against your soft skin. Genius!

9 Taurus: Ask Him If He's Seen A Popular Movie

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Taurus, as an earth sign, you are very grounded, realistic, and logical. In relationships, you are very loving and devoted. However, you don’t necessarily come into relationships showing those big emotional feelings right off the bat. Instead, your insecurity can make you standoffish when it comes to newer relationships.

Because of this, you need a friendly approach when making the first move. This is where an opener about a new television show or movie is key. Just pick any popular TV show or movie – Wonder Woman, Thor, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones – and ask if he’s seen it. It’s best to have a follow up conversation about something you loved about it or something you hated about it. You don’t just want to ask if he’s seen it and end it there. Instead, have something interesting to say about it.

And of course, if he answers no, you’ve still started the conversation. Switch gears to something else and keep the conversation going.


8 Gemini: Subtly Touch His Arm, Leg, Or Shoulder

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Gemini, one can already assume you’ve already started conversation with the hunk you want to make the first move on, right? I mean, you’re such a curious, outgoing, friendly, talkative sign that it’s usually not a problem for you to make conversation with absolutely anyone you bump into.

That said, we’ll go ahead and assume you’ve got the conversation going but you’re looking for a way to let him know you’re interested in him. You can easily let him know you’re interested by making a physical connection via touch. When he makes you laugh, grab his arm or his leg. Ask him for a napkin and let your hand graze his. Point out a tattoo and touch his skin. Point something out at the bar or party and touch his shoulder while doing so.

Whatever the case, making that physical connection will immediately make him feel more intimate with him, thus making the first move by letting him know you’re into him.

7 Cancer: Comment On His Clothing

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Cancer, like most other water signs, you’re a deeply emotional sign. Because of this connection to your emotions, you – like the Taurus – can be insecure and shy, especially when establishing new relationships. You fear being rejected. And so, you need a very basic opener. In comes his wardrobe. Pick out something – really, anything! – and compliment it. I like your shirt/shoes/watch/backpack/jacket/tie will work just fine. Well, one of them will work just fine. Don't actually compliment all of those things. That's totally creepy.

Complimenting his clothing is just about opening up conversation to something else. It's a starter, but a very good starter. Plus, your emotions will come through in this aspect. Since you’re such a sincere and sympathetic sign, compliments from you sound extra special.

To keep the conversation flowing, follow up your compliment with a question. You can ask him what he’s drinking or what team he’s rooting for.

6 Leo: Make Fun Of One Of His Physical Features

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Leo, you’re a very confident, very aggressive sign. When you see something you want, you go after it. That’s just the way you are. Since you’re not necessarily scared to approach people, going the assertive route works just fine for you. In this case, pick something out about him and make fun of him for it. Whether he laughs a certain way, he’s pulling at the label of his beer, or he’s wearing a t-shirt sporting a particular band – whatever it is, make fun of him for it. Of course, you shouldn’t be mean. Just be playful and use it as an opener. This works wonderfully, as it also creates a little inside joke between the two of you that you can fall back on.

Since you’re naturally warm and charismatic, you don’t have to worry about sounding too mean, as you generally come off as someone open and friendly. Though, do be careful not to pick out something he’s insecure about. Like, it would be bad to open with a comment about the fact that he’s short or has a blemish on his chin. Try to avoid something he's probably insecure about.

5 Virgo: State The Obvious

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Virgo, it’s not that you’re not creative. You can be wonderfully creative when you want. However, you tend to be more analytical, logical, and practical. You’re a sign all about working hard to get what you want. This kind of attitude, though, makes you loath extra attention. You hate when the spotlight is on you. All of these personality traits can make it difficult for you to flirt with people.

However, you can make this analytical nature work for you. Look at your surroundings and pick something obvious, but interesting to comment on. You can say to him that it’s cold out, loud there, the décor is cool, the cocktail list is basic, or the happy hour is very affordable. Whatever it is you want to comment on, try to think of something that will open up conversation. For example, only say it’s cold if it’s unseasonably cold and you can spitball with the conversation about that. Say away from dead-end observations. Like, don't say it's hot in August, because duh.

4 Libra: Use A Wing Woman

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Libra, you’re a social sign. You’re always concerned with fairness and people getting along. Because of this, you should use a wing woman.

First of all, a wing woman makes everything so much easier. She’s there as a buffer for any uncomfortable moment when you’re trying to hit it off with a guy. The best wing women, of course, know when to strategically back away from the conversation so you and your future husband can hit it off.

While a water sign is too possessive and a fire sign is too competitive to use a wing woman, you’re just fine with your BFF being right there talking up that cute guy with you. Of course, you have a habit of being a little quiet from time to time, so just make sure you don’t clam up and let your wing woman have spotlight.

3 Scorpio: Press Your Body Against Him

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Scorpio, you’re no afraid of much, especially when it comes to romance. That said, you should take the boldest approach out there and just press against him. Yes, it seems very suggestive, but YOU’RE very suggestive. You have a naughty side and those who know you best totally know this about you.

So, when you’re walking by him, simply press into him a bit. You could even place your hand on his lower hand and push into him gentle. Trust us, it will definitely get his attention. If you’re sitting down next to him, gentle lean into him next time you’re laughing. And the easiest scenario of them all: if you’re on the dance floor, dance into him.

Because you’re someone who enjoys secrets, this kind of quiet flirting is right up your alley. Plus, he’ll find it a sexy secret too.

2 Pro Tip #3: Use Your Hair And Neck To Your Advantage

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While we’re all tempted to show off our figures for attention, this isn’t necessary. You don’t have to have on the shortest skirt, lowest cut shirt, or backless dress to entice the male gaze. Instead, there are several PG features that men love.

First and foremost, men love hair. I mean, their hair is… well, there isn’t much there. So, if you have long, gorgeous hair, make sure to run your hands through it or flip your hair. This will also give him a good whiff of your shampoo or perfume.

Another body part that men are drawn to is your neck. Yes, your neck! Women have thin, lean necks, which are different from men with their stubble and Adam’s apple. You could simply elongate your neck or run your hand on your neckline. Playing up your neck and hair is an easy way to draw him in without saying anything at all.

1 Sagittarius: Use One Of Those Corny Pick Up Lines

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Sagittarius, you’re known for you cheerful personality. You’re upbeat and one of the funniest signs around. You truly value humor, as it’s what gets your through the good times and the bad times. So, play up this great sense of humor when trying to make a first move.

If you have something genuinely funny to say, say it! If you can’t think of anything funny that’s happened to you or is happening in the moment, bring up one of those corny pick up lines. It’ll work to crack the ice in a playful, funny way. Since you’re also one for off-the-wall theories and conspiracies, you could bring up the latest thread on Reddit that had you up all night.

Whatever you open with, just embrace your sense of humor, as it’s a core part of who you are and it’s really attractive.


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