Here’s How You SHOULD Handle A Breakup, Based On Your Sign

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Here’s How You SHOULD Handle A Breakup, Based On Your Sign

Love hurts. Breakups are never easy whether you’ve been in a relationship for two months or two years. You’ve invested a lot of time and effort in your relationship and shared special moments together. Then, poof — it’s all gone. Kleenex becomes your best friend. You listen to every sad song you know and watch every sappy movie you own. You cry until there are no more tears left.

As if the breakups weren’t already hard to deal with, social media makes it even harder. First things first — block your ex from all social media. Delete, unfollow, unfriend immediately, so you’re not tempted to stalk them. It’ll only make things worse for you if you see how quickly they’ve moved on while you’re still moping in your PJs with a bucket of ice cream and your eyes are swollen from crying too much. Some of you might even wonder what might have been if you did this or that. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Falling out of love just happens, and it’s nobody’s fault.

We all cope with our breakups differently, but we eventually get over it. We have to accept that we just weren’t right for each other. Also, breakups can help us become better versions of ourselves.


24. How Aries Usually Reacts: You Pick Up New Interests To Forget About Your Ex


Aries are always down for something new and exciting because they’re adventurous. When they go through a breakup, they pick up new interests to forget about their ex. They want to keep themselves busy because they want less time to think about the breakup. Otherwise, they’ll constantly be reminded of all the good times they had with their ex and replay how the breakup went down over and over again. They want to numb their feelings. So — they pursue their passion that brings them joy. They put all of their energy into outdoor activities like skiing, surfing, rock-climbing, and etc. They get over their broken hearts by facing challenges, and Aries love challenges because they’re competitive. They’re too focused on winning that there’s no room for them to think about anything else.

23. How Aries Should React: You Should Take A Trip Alone


You know what they say — Paris is always a good idea. Aries are fearless and spontaneous. They should take a trip alone after a breakup to clear their heads. They should pack up their suitcase, pick up their passport, and get on the plane. A weekend getaway by train will do the trick, too. They need a change of environment to mend their broken hearts. Aries might act like the breakup had no effect on them, but that’s not true. They’re not as strong as they appear to be, especially when they’ve truly loved the person. It can be hard for them to stay in the same place where they’re constantly reminded of everything they did with their ex. Sometimes the easiest way to get over a breakup is to get away from it all.

22. How Taurus Usually Reacts: You Have Late Night Talks With Your Best Friends


Taurus is committed and devoted to their partners. They put a lot of effort into their relationship, so when they get broken up with, it’s obvious they won’t take the breakup well. They’re left confused, angry, and sad. They usually keep their emotions to themselves, but at a time like this, they turn to people they trust to talk about their feelings. When Taurus go through a breakup, they have late night talks with their best friends. They call or invite them over to be comforted because they feel insecure after the breakup. They tell their friends they don’t understand how this could have happened after everything they’ve done for their ex. There’s no one better to talk about their broken hearts with than best friends who accepts and loves them for who they are.

21. How Taurus Should React: You Should Whip Out Your Credit Card For Some Retail Therapy


After a breakup, Taurus should go on a shopping spree. They should whip out their credit for some retail therapy to feel better. They should buy themselves a box of chocolate, expensive wine, and things they wanted to splurge on but never got to it. Taurus love to indulge in the finer things, so it’s perfect. Shopping should brighten up their mood. They should throw out their ex’s favorites from their closet so they can shop for a new wardrobe — a sexy LBD and heels that go with the dress and maybe even a designer bag to finish off the outfit. When they look good, they feel good. It’s a way to boost their confidence since they’re insecure after a breakup. Sometimes a little retail therapy makes it easier to move forward.

20. How Gemini Usually Reacts: You Constantly Rehash The Breakup And Badmouth Your Ex


Geminis have a hard time dealing with their breakup if they’ve been broken up with unexpectedly. They look back at their relationship to see what went wrong before they move on, but not without talking about it with someone. Geminis love to talk. When they go through a breakup, they constantly rehash the breakup and badmouth their ex to anyone who will listen — friends or strangers. The more they talk about how much they hate their ex and every messed up thing their ex did like being late and forgetful, the faster they get over the breakup. They feel betrayed and hurt, so they put down their ex to feel better about themselves. Geminis also find rehashing the details of their breakup therapeutic because it helps them process their emotions externally.

19. How Gemini Should React: You Should Get A Haircut Or Even Dye Your Hair


It’s no secret Geminis love change. After a breakup, they should get a haircut or even dye their hair. The breakup haircut is cliche, but it works even if it’s only temporary. It’s true for Geminis because they’re pretty forgetful, so it’s only a matter of time before they forget about the breakup and move on to bigger and better things. So — they should cut off their hair to get rid of all the memories they had with their ex. It’s important especially if their ex liked the way their hair was. They should consider getting a drastic haircut like a bob with bangs to put their past behind them and start over. Maybe even dye their hair blue, purple, or get ombre. It’ll be fun and exciting for them as well.

18. How Cancer Usually Reacts: You Throw Yourself A Pity Party


Cancers don’t take the breakup well when they’ve been broken up with because they are sensitive, and they crave emotional security. They hide underneath their shell and let their emotions out in private. When they go through a breakup, they throw themselves a pity party. They listen to their heartbreak playlist and reminisce all the good times they had with their ex. They watch sappy movies like The Notebook for a really good cry. Cancers even stalk their ex on social media to see how they’re doing, but it only breaks their hearts even more when they see that their ex is fine while they mope and sulk for weeks. Kleenex is their best friend during a time like this. Basically, they deal with the breakup by crying until there are no more tears left.

17. How Cancer Should React: You Should Block Your Ex On Social Media


Social media makes breakups harder to deal with, especially for Cancers. They can turn full-fledged stalkers if their ex didn’t provide them any closure. After a breakup, Cancers should block their ex on social media. They should delete, unfriend, and unfollow immediately. Otherwise, they become private investigators and turn to social media to see how their ex is feeling — if they’re sad from the breakup. They check if their ex has moved on — if they’re dating or flirting with someone new. They also look at pictures they took with their ex and read every sweet comment their ex wrote to them. They can’t let go of their past relationship if they continue to lust over their ex who’s no longer theirs. Not all breakups have closures, and sometimes it’s better off not having one.

16. How Leo Usually Reacts: You Get A Full Makeover To Regain Your Self-Confidence


Leos have so much pride, but when they get broken up with, their egos get bruised. They get angry because they don’t understand how anyone could breakup with them, like how dare they! It’s no secret they can get a bit dramatic, too. It’s in their nature. When Leos go through a breakup, they get a full makeover to regain their self-confidence. Even if the breakup did some damage to their pride, they won’t let themselves have a breakdown. They also think their ex will come back running to them in no time because they’re too irresistible. Either way, they don’t mope around for long. They instead go shopping for a new wardrobe to look even hotter than they ever were. Then they try to bump into their ex to show them what they’ve lost.

15. How Leo Should React: You Should Get Your Flirt On And Meet Someone New


Leos need to be adored, and they love to be the center of attention. Since their egos were bruised when they were broken up with, Leos should get their flirt on and meet someone new after the breakup. They should attend events, parties, and other gatherings with their friends to meet new people. They should find themselves some rebound love to help them get over their ex. Because they’re outgoing and social, they shouldn’t have any problem getting the attention they want. They’re very charming, so they’re bound to find someone who will worship them and compliment how beautiful and gorgeous they are, sooner than later. Leos need to get back in the dating scene to know that they’ve still got it. Sometimes the best way to get over an ex is to date someone new.

14. How Virgo Usually Reacts: You Analyze What Went Wrong In The Relationship And The What-Ifs


Virgos are perfectionists, and they’re very picky when it comes to choosing their partners. When they get broken up with, they take their breakups way too hard because they truly believed their ex was perfect for them. When Virgos go through a breakup, they analyze what went wrong in the relationship and the what-ifs. They look back at everything that happened in their relationship to see what they did wrong and what they could’ve done differently so that the breakup would have never happened. They ask themselves all these what-ifs and analyze the details of the breakup over and over again — word for word. Virgos should stop analyzing because it will only hurt them more. Sometimes people just aren’t right for each other. Falling out of love just happens, and it’s nobody’s fault.

13. How Virgo Should React: You Should Organize And Clean Your Place


Virgos hate anything messy. Instead of dwelling on the what-ifs after the breakup, Virgos should organize and clean their place. They should compile a playlist with upbeat songs that will pump them up while cleaning. They should throw out things that remind them of their ex and put all of their ex’s stuff along with everything they bought for them in a box to give back, donate, trash, or burn. They should also replace a lot of the old with the new like mattress and bed sheets. They should rearrange their furniture and everything else for a fresh new start. Cleaning can be therapeutic for Virgos. It will distract them from thinking about the breakup. They won’t have the time to analyze anything because they’re too busy making their place spotless. When they’re done with cleaning, they’ll feel refreshed.

12. How Libra Usually Reacts: You Try To Make Things Work


Libras strive for balance and harmony, but all bets are off when they’re broken up with. They hate being alone. They need to have a partner to feel complete otherwise they’re off-balance. Libras are hopeless romantics. They love being in relationships because they love the idea of loving someone and being loved. They often dive into relationships quickly without thinking things through like Virgos. In a relationship, they do everything to please their partners. So when Libras go through a breakup, they try to make things work with their ex. They want to know what caused the breakup so that they can try to reverse it. They think the breakup might’ve happened because of something they did or didn’t do. Even if they weren’t at fault, they give it their all trying to win back their ex.

11. How Libra Should React: You Should Appreciate The Good Things About Your Relationship And Move On


Libras should avoid thinking about what they could’ve done differently or how to win back their ex after the breakup. They should do themselves a favor and focus more on what went right in their relationship instead. They should appreciate the good things about the relationship rather than only dwell on the bad things. Going through a breakup can be tough, but it can help them become better versions of themselves. Also, they’ll know what worked and didn’t work from their past relationship. They’ll know what they want and don’t want in their next relationship. Since Libras hate being alone, they might look for someone new pretty quickly. They’ll have no trouble finding one because they’re fun and outgoing. But sometimes spending some quality “me time” is a good idea.

10. How Scorpio Usually Reacts: You Plot Your Revenge On Your Ex


Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned. Scorpios’ feelings are very intense — they either love you passionately or hate you passionately. When Scorpios go through a breakup, they might act like they’re fine on the outside, but they’re burning with rage inside. They put on a smile, but behind that smile, they’re plotting revenge on their ex. Because Scorpios put up a good front, their ex will never suspect that anything is wrong. Their ex better watch out (or not) because Scorpios hold grudges. They’re patient when it comes to taking action on their revenge. They do it much later so their ex wouldn’t see it coming. Scorpios will ruin their ex’s most valuable things like breaking their car windows. They might even flirt with their friends or tell people their secrets. It’s how Scorpios deal with heartbreaks.

9. How Scorpio Should React: You Should Pour Your Heart Out To Someone You Trust


Scorpios are mysterious because they like to keep things about them to themselves. They also have trust issues, so it’s pretty self-explanatory. Moving forward — Scorpios feel everything intensely. When they get broken up with, they play the cool card, but they really feel betrayed, confused, and hurt. They plot their revenge on their ex to mend their broken hearts. Okay — bottling up emotions is never good. They will eventually explode. Scorpios should instead pour their heart out to someone they trust after the breakup. It might be hard for them to open up their feelings to someone because they think it makes them weak, and they have to be in control all the time. But sometimes talking about their feelings with a trusted friend can help overcome their overwhelming feelings of sadness and anger.

8. How Sagittarius Usually Reacts: You Decide To Take The Adventure He Didn’t Want


Sagittarius is a wanderer. When they go through a breakup, they decide to take the adventure their ex didn’t want. Nothing will hold them back from doing what they love, and they love to travel. Even if they planned the trip together with their ex, they’ll go solo or with friends. Free-spirited Sagittarius might even secretly be happy about the breakup. Also, breakups don’t have much of an effect on them due to their lack of commitment. But when they thought their ex complemented them like no one else ever had, then the breakup will be hard to deal with. Regardless — Sagittarius get their minds off of their ex by traveling to a new place for a change of scenery because they’re adventurers who are eager to explore. Traveling makes them happy.

7. How Sagittarius Should React: You Should Go Out And Party With Your BFFs


Breakups can be tough for Sagittarius when they truly loved their ex. They’re not really the committed type, so it will definitely be a challenge for them to move on. But Sagittarius are optimistic. They believe that everything will be okay, and everything will be. Because they’re adventurous, fun, and outgoing — they should go out and party with their BFFs after a breakup. They should have a girls’ night out to put the breakup behind them. They love to experience new things and explore new places, so it makes perfect sense. They should dance their night away sipping on drinks and mingling with other people. Upbeat music will put them in a good mood and help mend their broken hearts. They should dance their way to happiness. It will be a lot of fun.

6. How Capricorn Usually Reacts: You Put Your Time And Effort On What Matters


Capricorns don’t take unexpected breakups well. They hate changes — they plan things ahead of time and stick to their usual routines. They’re hard-working individuals who give it their all in everything they do, and when they get broken up with, they think they wasted so much time on their relationship. They come off aloof, but they’re crying inside. Instead of moping around, they do everything to keep themselves busy. They put all of their energy into work to avoid thinking about their ex. Capricorns are workaholics, so it’s only natural for them to fall back into work. They put all of their energy into achieving their goals. Success is their number one priority. Basically — when they go through a breakup, they put their time and effort on what matters.

5. How Capricorn Should React: You Should Do Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Capricorns are too serious. It’s easy for them to fall back into work after a breakup to avoid thinking about their ex and everything they had together. But they really shouldn’t. They should instead push themselves away from their comfort zones and release their emotions doing something different. They should take classes like yoga, painting, dancing, or even guitar lessons. If they dare, then maybe activities like skydiving and zip-lining. They should invite their friends to join them as well — the more, the merrier. If they want to take things slow, going to the gym will do the trick. They can get that revenge body. Overall, they should pick up new hobbies and challenge themselves. They might even like it. It’s also an opportunity to make new friends. They might even run into their soulmate!

4. How Aquarius Usually Reacts: You Smile As If The Break-Up Had No Effect On You


Aquarius doesn’t get too emotionally attached to their partners because they’re not the committed type, but breakups do make them feel insecure. When Aquarius get broken up with, they’re very good at hiding their emotions in front of their ex. They’re very nonchalant about it. They don’t talk about their feelings with their friends when they’re hurt from the breakup, either. They don’t want to burden anyone with their problems and also don’t want any sympathy. When Aquarius go through a breakup, they smile as if the breakup had no effect on them. If anything — they detach themselves from everyone to take care of their own broken heart. They’re independent to a fault. A day or two later, they’re back having a great time partying and socializing with people like the breakup never happened.

3. How Aquarius Should React: You Should Let Yourself Be Sad


After a breakup, Aquarius should let themselves be sad. They should give themselves time to grieve instead of appearing happy all the time when they’re really upset about the breakup. It’s understandable why they want to hide their true emotions from everyone. They’re independent, so they want to deal with it alone, but putting up a front must be hard. It takes a lot of energy to put on a fake smile when there’s sadness behind their smile. Look — breakups are not easy for anyone. They need to understand that it’s okay to be sad. It’s also okay to talk about their feelings with their best friends. They won’t judge. Sometimes a good cry or talk is all anyone really needs. No one should have to go through their heartbreak alone.

2. How Pisces Usually Reacts: You Listen To Your Break-Up Playlist


When Pisces get broken up with, they listen to their breakup playlist. They’re the most sensitive of the zodiac, so they obviously don’t take breakups well. All they want to do is lie on their bed in their PJs and listen to sappy songs. They constantly replay songs like Adele’s “Someone Like You” while reminiscing all the good times they had with their ex and think of all the what might have been. They also replay the breakup over and over again because they can’t believe that it’s really over. All of these thoughts make them feel even sadder. So they cry, cry and cry some more. Pisces find crying to sad songs therapeutic because they have a lot of emotions they can’t put into words and the songs express their feelings perfectly.

1. How Pisces Should React: You Should Enjoy Being Single


Pisces are sensitive, and they’re known to have self-pity. It’s probably one of the reasons why they jump from one relationship to another because they need to be comforted. Pisces are also hopeless romantics, so they’re always looking for their knight in shining armor. They want to fall in love and live happily ever after like in their fantasy world. Maybe they don’t like feeling lonely after the breakup, so they rush quickly into a new relationship. It can get a bit lonely when a relationship ends, but it’s important to take a step back and figure out what exactly they want. Meanwhile, they should enjoy being single for a while after the breakup. Taking a break from the dating world can be the best thing to ever happen to them.

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