Here's How You Deal With An Awkward Situation In A Relationship, According To Astrology

Awkwardness is kind of a fact of life. It's honestly something that most of us really don't know how to deal with. We've all been there: maybe you've met someone new and you didn't make the impression you wanted to make. Maybe you're on a date with someone you really like and you said something you really wish you had just left in your head. Perhaps you're a person who just ends up in awkward, weird situations without meaning to, kind of like a weird magnet who attracts awkwardness wherever you go. Either way, awkward situations can be a lot to deal with and smoothing them over is more of an art, not a science. More importantly, the way you handle awkward situations has a lot more to do with your zodiac sign than you'd think.

Perhaps you're a person who deals with awkward situations by sitting there and hoping beyond hope that it just goes away and everyone forgets about it. Maybe you're a person who actually doubles down on the awkwardness as a way to deal with it, to try and make it funny and not mortifying. Then again, you could be a person who actually handles awkwardness well on the surface, only to beat yourself up for getting yourself into that mess in the first place. As much as we want to be well-adjusted people who know how to deflect awkward situations with grace, we're human and we're not always that way, but we can learn to be better about it. Here's how you handle awkwardness according to your zodiac sign. Make sure you check out your moon sign for an added dimension on how you handle awkwardness!

15 Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn): Tries To Pretend The Problem Doesn't Exist

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Cardinal signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn create energy, so it makes sense that in an awkward situation, they want to create new, less awkward energy. Their way of doing that is just by powering through and acting like the problem doesn't exist. Cardinal signs are all about making up new and fresh ways of looking at situations, so they might even make themselves believe that they didn't do anything awkward at all. After all, coming up with a new way of looking at the situation is a lot easier than acting like the situation is awkward. They'll slip into an awkward situation and do their best to slip out of the situation by not acknowledging it.

14 Aries: Gets Really Fidgety And Sweaty

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The Aries is a leader sign, so they might not find themselves in too many awkward situations because they're the type to steer away from those situations before they happen. People born under the sign of Aries are secretly perfectionists at heart, they want things to go perfectly and they'll freak out if things don't go the way they want. Because they know they tend to be seen as leader types, though, they're going to want to keep it together for everyone around them. They might look like they're keeping it together, but anyone can see right through them. They show their stress physically, which makes sense since they are such physical signs: they'll get sweaty and fidgety, which is totally unlike them. They're so used to things going the way they want them to go, and when they don't, the Aries might lose control.

13 Cancer: Looks For Any And All Distractions

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Cancers don't like to socialize in situations where they're with all new people because they don't want to make things awkward, so whenever they are in an awkward situation, chances are they have someone they know to help them out. In the rare situation where that's not the case, they're going to look for any kind of distraction or subject change that can defuse the situation. They might even end up creating a second, even more, awkward situation on top of the first one in their quest to escape. That being said because Cancers tend to socialize among people they know and not throw themselves into these types of situations, Cancers are actually pretty good at avoiding these types of situations altogether, which is a pretty cool, unsung talent of theirs.

12 Libra: Will Just Leave Without Saying Anything

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If a Libra is uncomfortable and feeling awkward, they're just going to leave. That's just what makes the most sense for them to do. Libras are masters of finding an exit where no obvious exit exists, to the point that if a Libra stays in an awkward situation for a while, either they created that situation or there is literally no exit for them. It's not that Libras are timid as a rule or anything, although a lot of them are. They just hate conflict and will avoid it at all costs. Their awkward situation will probably involve the Libra having to take a side in a debate they don't want to make a solid, final decision on. Unlike other signs, they're not going to verbalize that they're feeling awkward, so if they can't leave, they'll just say nothing.

11 Capricorn: Laughs It Off And Doubles Down

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Capricorns are unique because when they create an awkward situation, they'll admit it straight out. Because the Capricorn is such an ambitious person, they're probably not going to be all that comfortable doing that because to them that's kind of a sign of weakness, so the way they'll acknowledge the situation is just to laugh it off. If they caused the awkward situation, chances are they did it for a reason, so they might even double down on what they're doing because they want to acknowledge that it's awkward but it's also kind of fun for them in a weird way. Just because a Capricorn isn't admitting their role in the awkward situation with words doesn't mean that they're not saying it, and even with that, they might not stop what they're doing.

10 Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): Is Horrible At Deflecting The Awkwardness

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Fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are absolutely at deflecting situations. They maintain energy, which is just astrologer speak for stubborn. Anyone who knows a Fixed sign knows how stubborn they can be. That's because Fixed signs are driven and consistent: they have to be in order to feel like they can function. Fixed signs have a hard time with unpredictability, which is why they might find comfort in being somewhere they know even if they're a little bored by that. The problem is that they're also pretty capable of prolonging the awkwardness when they try deflecting it. Fixed signs might end up doubling down on the awkwardness because they're just keeping up that energy, so over time, they learn to try and relax so awkward situations defuse themselves more quickly.

9 Taurus: Immediately Changes The Subject, But The Moment Will Haunt Their Dreams For Eternity

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The Taurus is actually pretty great at changing the subject in an awkward situation. This is because Tauruses are pretty great under pressure because they're such solid and reliable people to be around. They're also practical and realistic enough to know that nobody is perfect and it's very easy to end up in a situation like that. However, the Taurus's weakness is that they will never forget this kind of thing. They will ruminate on their awkward moment for as long as they live because they will hate that they acted that way or allowed themselves to be in a situation like that. Over the course of their lives, the Taurus will learn not to be so self-critical.

8 Leo: Will Steer Into The Skid And Be Upfront

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Leos are masters at both creating and escaping awkward situations. They'll actually do this by doing the same thing: relying on crude humor and being funny. The awkward situation a Leo would be in would involve the Leo saying something totally inappropriate and the joke just not handing right. Sensing the tension in the room, the Leo will use their sense of humor to change the subject and get the room laughing again. Leos are pretty upfront when they do things like this, making them really refreshing people to be around. Leos are charismatic, and it's that charisma that allows them to steer into the skid and get out of most awkward situations with grace and class.

7 Scorpio: Will Put It On Someone Else To Fix The Awkwardness

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Scorpios are pretty private people, and when they're caught in an awkward situation, that still holds up. Scorpios can fall into some self-destructive thought patterns, so when they're in an awkward situation, they're going to blame themselves and take the whole thing out of themselves. They actually avoid awkward situations by being that level of self-critical with themselves as well. After all, when you're always assuming the worst of yourself, you'll never be disappointed with yourself. Whether they created the situation or not, Scorpios tend to fall into the habit of expecting others to pick up the pieces for them because other people are clearly better and more socially adept than they are. That's how a lot of Scorpios think, but they're underestimating themselves.

6 Aquarius: Tends Not To Notice Things Are Awkward Until It's Too Late, Which Is When They Get Upset

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I'm an Aquarius myself, and I can tell you right now that Water Bearers tend to go barrelling into awkward situations just because they tend to forget certain social norms. They tend to just do what they feel and only notice that things got awkward after the fact, often making them the last in the room to know things got weird. When they do realize it though, Aquarians tend to be a little critical of themselves. After all, they're big picture people, how could they have missed something so crucial? That's at the crux of why they're upset over things. They'll try rationalizing everything and acting like nothing happened because they don't want to be the person who missed everything. That being said, a lot of being awkward comes down to feeling out of place, and Aquarians are so used to that feeling that they just do what they want.

5 Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): Will Get Self-Conscious, But Won't Dwell On It Because Life Goes On

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Mutable signs like Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces tend to go with the flow. They change energy, making these signs the signs that are most comfortable with rapidly changing situations. They're adaptable people who can navigate most situations and land on their feet with them. In an awkward situation, mutable signs are bound to feel a little self-conscious, perhaps really self-conscious. However, they tend to handle awkward situations a little healthier than most because they understand that sometimes these things happen. Even the most insecure Mutable sign knows this, probably because they've been stuck in an awkward situation before. More importantly, Mutable signs are capable of turning an awkward situation around because of their adaptability.

4 Gemini: Will Be Angry Instead Of Embarrassed About It

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Geminis actually don't get into awkward situations all that often. It's really hard to find a Gemini in an awkward situation since they really don't believe in taboos in the same way that others do. To them, everything is worth talking about and on the table. That being said, when they are in an awkward situation, they tend to take it pretty hard. They might not even feel embarrassed about the situation, instead choosing to go straight to anger. They're mad at themselves for getting into that situation and equally mad at themselves for not being able to get out of it. Geminis hate making mistakes and looking like they messed up publicly, and they especially hate feeling like they look dumb in front of people they respect, which is where the anger comes from.

3 Virgo: Will Straight Out Tell You They're Feeling Awkward And Get The Attention Onto Someone Or Something Else

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Virgos are people who tend to go with the flow and like working behind the scenes to help other people shine. They're pretty no-nonsense people, and while they can be pretty shy, it's not because they're people who can be walked all over. In fact, it's very much the opposite: a Virgo will tell you right away if they're feeling taken advantage of. They'll also be straight with you if they're feeling awkward. Unlike a lot of other signs, who will make it a point to beat around the bush to avoid making things more awkward, a Virgo will actually say the words that express their feelings without fear of making things more awkward. In the event that that doesn't work, they'll resort to cracking jokes to get people talking about something else.

2 Sagittarius: Acknowledges When They Make Something Awkward And Loves To Create Awkwardness For Other People

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Sagittarians actually kind of enjoy getting into awkward situations. They find the situation funny and interesting, almost like an adventure on its own. This fits in with the Sagittarian's general personality of being a rolling stone and flitting from one thing to the next without too many issues. However, that only counts if it's awkward for other people. If they find themselves in an awkward situation, they want to defuse it pretty quick. That being said, Sagittarians have no problem acknowledging a weird, awkward situation. They value truth above all things, so they don't see the point of acting like things are totally fine when they're anything but.

1 Pisces: Fixates On It By Trying To Deflect With Humor, But It Almost Never Works

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The average Pisces is either a sweet dreamer with a reputation for being adorable or a total savage with a take-no-prisoners sense of humor and a talent for social machinations. There really is no in-between here, and Pisceans love it that way. Actually, all Pisceans are both of these people at the same time, it's just up to the individual to choose how they want to present themselves. However, the way these people handle awkwardness is very much the same. Every Pisces gets kind of sassy and will try charging into making the awkward situation not awkward anymore. Unfortunately, Pisceans are not nearly as successful at this than other signs, so they can make the situation a lot worse. As they grow as people, Pisceans learn that the way to deal with awkwardness is to let things go and just live life.

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