Here's How To Win Him Back After Breaking His Heart (Based On His Astro Sign)

Nazareth wrote the song Love Hurts because it hits home to a lot of people. Whether we stay together or break up, love with inevitably hurt us at one point or another. Breaking up is definitely the worst of it though and there are times when we have regrets about the breakup.

We’ve all had at least one really bad breakup in our lives and even though it doesn’t feel like it will get better, it certainly will with time. After a breakup, you may be having some regrets. Maybe you really didn’t want to break up, or maybe once your man was gone you realized how good you had it with him. It may have dawned on you that you want him back. Whether this is a healthy choice or not, depends on why you broke up in the first place. Usually, breakups happen for a reason.

Getting a guy back after breaking his heart isn’t always easy. But depending on his astro sign, there are ways to go about it to get the desired effect. His sign can tell you a lot about him and the more you can learn, the better chance you have of getting him back. Here’s how to win him back after breaking his heart (based on his astro sign).

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24 Aries: She Must Be Subtle

Via Martha Stewart Weddings

Aries have a strong personality and you have to adapt to that. Since you have already been in a relationship, there is no point in convincing him that you are a great catch because he knows what it’s like to be with you.

You must be subtle in your approach and let him see for himself that you are the one. Stay in contact with him, but keep things light and friendly.

It’s best that he thinks that getting back with you has been his idea.

23 Aries: Remind Him Of You And Tag Him On Social Media

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If you are ever going to contact him throughout the breakup, morning and evening is the best. You want to be on his mind before he goes to bed and as soon as he wakes up in the morning.

Tag him on Instagram or send him a Snapchat and ensure that you are the first person on his mind at the start of the day.

By keeping his thoughts on you, he is likely going to start missing you in all the ways that you want him to.

22 Taurus: Be Sweet As Sugar, But Not Desperate

Via People Magazine

Taurus men are romantic, so that’s something you should keep in mind when you are questing to get him back. Now is the time to put on the charm and be as nice to him as possible.

Don’t be a doormat, just be sweet. You can do this in simple ways that aren’t desperate.

If you happen to work together you can bring him a coffee in the morning. If you see something on social media that reminds you of him, then tag him in it. He will start to wonder why you guys ever broke up in the first place.

21 Taurus: Show Him You Care By Helping His Family

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Again, being sweet and nice is the key to his heart right now. He loves public displays of affection, but you may not get away with that now that the two of you are broken up.

Focus on things that you can do. If you were close to his parents, help them out when they need it and that will show him that you have the kind heart that he’s looking for.

Whatever you do, don’t be overbearing or creepy, you want to remind him of why he loves you.

20 Gemini: Let Loose And Show Him Your Fun Side

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Maybe your breakup happened because he got bored. If that’s the case, you need to show him that you can be the fun girl that he craves. The kind of person that he wants is someone who is open-minded and spontaneous when it comes to having fun.

That doesn’t mean you have to jump out of an airplane and then send him pictures of it.

Just suggest the two of you do something fun together and that may open his eyes to another side of you that he didn’t see before.

19 Gemini: Be Vocal About Your Feelings

Via Daily Mirror

When it comes to a Gemini, it’s okay to tell them exactly how you feel about them. He will want to hear that you love him and want him back. Being straight forward and passionate is the best thing that you could do. He will love that you aren’t afraid to say how you really feel.

If he does take you back, you need to be better at communicating your feelings to him.

Give him some freedom to think about what you just told him and don’t be clingy.

18 Cancer: Get Close To His Friends, But Don't Stalk Him

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Hopefully, you did this before you guys broke up because it would definitely be hard to get in their inner circle now that you are broken up. But if you became close to his friends during your relationship, they may be just as sad that the two of you broke up.

Friends are important to a Cancer and he is likely to take the advice of a friend. It’s also important that he is allowed to hang with his friends and not just be around you all the time.

That may have been why you broke up in the first place. Let his friends know that you aren’t taking him away.

17 Cancer: Be Friends With Him Without Staying In The Friendzone

Via Harper's Bazaar

Friends are important to this guy and if you are trying to get back into his heart, then being his friend throughout the breakup may be a great way to do that.

Don’t act like his ex-girlfriend and don’t make it obvious that you are trying to get him back.

Go out with him as a friend and even hang out in groups with his friends. It will show him what a cool girl you still are and getting close to his friends sure wouldn’t hurt either.

16 Leo: Be Your Spontaneous Self, Without Trying Too Hard

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A Leo likes his relationship to be exciting and fun. That can be hard to do all the time, but there’s no doubt that he loves doing unexpected things. You need to wow him in order to get him back, so be creative.

Buy tickets to his favorite band or take him out on a date that he won’t soon forget.

These are still things that you can do as friends. You just want to let him know what he will be missing without you in his life.

15 Leo: Be Unpredictable, But Not Crazy

Via Collider

You are going to have to break out all your resources to win a Leo back. It won’t be an easy feat. The best thing you can do is be unexpected in every way. Be bold and passionate about what you want.

Suggest doing something that he would never think to do, and you will surprise him in all the good ways.

You can be his friend during this time and it will allow you to spend time together. Before long he will start to wonder why he isn’t with you.

14 Virgo: Try To Stay As Calm As Possible, If You Can

Via Popsugar

A Virgo isn’t going to be the first to admit that he wants you back. He’s not going to react well if you start crying in front of him. You have to show him that you can commit before he will let you back in the door.

You may have even broken up because he thought you were flaky.

He needs to see that you have your life together, so quit bouncing from job to job and don’t go running and cutting all your hair off. He doesn’t want to see unpredictable movements at this point.

13 Virgo: Just Sit Back And Wait, As Hard As It Can Be

Via Journal Post

Your Virgo guy is probably already thinking of getting back together with you. Regardless of why you broke up, he’s likely to be having mixed feelings about the breakup. You need to sit back and relax, don’t make any sudden movements.

Try being friends with him first, that way, you are still able to be in his life. You can show him once again why the two of you belong together.

Be patient because he’s likely to remember exactly why he was with you in the first place.

12 Libra: You Have To Put A Ton Of Effort In, If You Have The Energy For It

Via People Magazine

Make sure that he’s someone that you really want to be with because getting him back is going to require a lot of effort. Chances are, the reason he broke up in the first place was that he decided you weren’t the one.

Leos want big love and he may have made his mind up about you. If you’re going to get him back, you have to respect him.

Explain what went wrong and let him know you care about him. Be honest about things and show him that you are willing to work on things.

11 Libra: You May Have To Sign A Contract

Via Hollywood Life

Libras are going to be firm when it comes to letting someone back into their life who have hurt them. If he’s willing to take you back it may be under numerous terms and conditions.

He thinks a lot, which means he’s probably thinking about getting back together, but he has to work it out in his head to see if it makes sense.

Don’t beg him but let him know you are willing to do whatever it takes to make things work, but be careful what you wish for.

10 Aquarius: Be Creative With Your Plan

Via Pinterest

An Aquarius won’t get into a relationship in the first place if he doesn’t think you are the one. So, if you break up, that’s going to be devastating to him because of the fact that he thought you were the one. It could be hard to win this one back, so you are going to need to be creative.

He loves having fun, so think about how much fun you had in the relationship and then take it up another notch.

He will appreciate the effort you put into having fun.

9 Aquarius: Show Him You Deserve Another Chance And Fess Up To Your Mistakes

via justjared

In order to get back with your Aquarius man, you have to show him that you deserve another chance. It’s always best to be honest with him and tell him how you feel.

If you have made some mistakes, let him know that.

You need to make it clear that there will be changes in the future. An Aquarius wants a friend too, not just a lover, so show him that you will truly be his soul mate this time around.

8 Scorpio: It’s Going To Be Tough, But Hang In There

Via WWD.com

If there is ever a sign that will wash their hands of you, it will be a Scorpio. He’s not going to be impressed with you getting emotional or by not getting straight to the point. There is no point in trying to BS a Scorpio because he won’t buy it.

The problem with a Scorpio is, if he broke up with you, he probably had a good reason to.

He may forgive you but not before you have to prove yourself worthy. You have to prove that he can trust you and that might be a hard thing for you to do.

7 Scorpio: Don’t Be Fake, He'll See Right Through You

Via Popsugar

You are going to have to be upfront and honest with a Scorpio and that means telling it like it is. Don’t pretend you don’t want him back because that’s not going to help. The worst thing that you can do is make a Scorpio feel like the break up wasn’t that big of a deal.

You are going to have to put yourself out there and tell him you want him back.

If you are just pretending to be friends in order to get him back, he will see right through it. It’s better to just be upfront with him.

6 Sagittarius: Solve The Problems And Show Him There's Hope

via Gossip Extra

Sagittarius may seem carefree, but they really aren’t. When it comes to his relationships, he’s a perfectionist.

During a break up, he’s going to feel like a failure because he really wanted to work it out. He lost you and that’s going to be heartbreaking for him.

If you want to win his heart again, you need to be the thing that relieves his stress, not increases it. He needs someone to tell him to relax, that everything is going to be okay. If you make him feel better, he won’t want to let you go.

5 Sagittarius: Be Wonder Woman, Because You Definitely Are

Via PopSugar

You need to be the girl that picks up all the pieces. It might not seem fair but if you want him back bad enough, it will be worth it. In his mind, he wants the perfect relationship and you are going to have to show him that you are the perfect girl that he is looking for.

He needs to know that he doesn’t have to worry about you because you can handle your own life.

You need to tell him that you guys are a team and that you’re in this together.

4 Capricorn: Use Your Brain, Not Your Heart

via pressfrom.info

He will need to be able to take you seriously when you talk to him, so it’s best to lead with your brain.

You don’t want to be emotional, you need to be calm when it comes time to talk things over.

Be logical in your approach. If you start crying, it’s likely to just push him away. You are also going to have to be a listener to and respect the things that he wants. Ask for forgiveness and be practical when you ask for another chance.

3 Capricorn: Keep In Touch With Being Too Needy

Via Instagram

It may appear as if he has broken contact with you because he’s not responding to your text but he hasn’t blocked you from social media, so we know that he still wants some contact with you.

He’ll act like he’s too busy to talk, but he’s really not. The best thing you can do is to keep in touch with him but don’t go out of your way.

Don’t pry into his life but ask him how his friends and family are doing. Also, let him into your life as well.

2 Pisces: He May Never Take You Back, But Hang In There

Via Celebzz

We don’t like to lead with “never say never,” but once a Pisces is hurt, it’s really hard to get them to want to take you back. Nothing is impossible, but it’s not going to be easy.

He is likely to want to discuss how he feels and how you hurt him, so make sure you listen. This has to be a two-way conversation, however, and he needs to know how you feel.

Don’t make an emotional scene with him because he won’t like it.

1 Pisces: Show Him You Miss Him, He'll Appreciate It

Via First We Feast

A Pisces is always in touch with his emotions, but when he’s been hurt, he’s likely to shut down.

You need to break down those walls if you have any hope of getting back together with him.

He will act like he doesn’t care even if he does. Be upfront about your feelings and let him know how much you miss the two of you together. If you are honest with him, he will appreciate that and see you as a genuine person.

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