Here's How To Pick Up A Heartbreaker With The Help Of Their Zodiac Sign

If you’ve ever found yourself crushing on someone and you just can’t seem to figure out what move to make, then this article is for you. I’ve found that horoscopes and Astrology can be harshly accurate at times. And other times, it may just be a coincidence. But there is no denying that the stars and planets hold some kind of influences and answers over our lives, even if they are very minimal.

Plenty of people aren’t shy about communicating their zodiac signs, so maybe it may do you best to remember it when people tell you. You can discover so much more about a person once you’ve discovered their zodiac sign. For instance, you’ll know exactly how to charm them. You’ll know what keeps their interest, and what bores them.

Everyone is different and holds various interests, but this is more of just a set of general rules you can follow when you find yourself crushing on a certain zodiac sign and have no clue where to even begin. First, it never hurts to have an innocent chat. But when that’s said and done, where do you go from there? How do you keep the interest of any zodiac sign without seeming too desperate? There’s no need to learn the ways of each sign by detail, but a seamless string of guidelines can help you gain and keep any signs attention.

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24 Aries Guy: Feed Off Of Their Energy


Aries men carry a lot of energy themselves, so much so, that they can’t seem to live well around others who don’t express much energy. If you are looking to lure an Aries man, then you better show off your high-energy side. This is a good place to start.

Worst case scenario, you fake it until you make it. The Aries guy will be drawn to your confidence the moment he senses it. You need to be bold, and you can’t show your shyness. This isn’t the time to play wallflower. Talk about things you’re very passionate and knowledgeable. The Aries guy will pick up on this and totally oblige to your comments. Show him that you’re equal part beauty and brains, and he’ll be your before you know it.

23 Aries Woman: You've Got To Be Bold To Win Them Over


The Aries woman is not one to ever waste her time, so from the get-go, you need to be bold and upfront about your intentions. She is not looking for someone that will build up the kind of romantic situation that plays out in the movies. They need you to cut out all of the fluff because they’re not falling for it, and they’re not afraid to let you know.

If you want to woo an Aries woman, then just do it. The moment they sense any hesitation from your side, they’re ready to run off to the next person who will give off the confidence that they crave to be around. An Aries lady is not the kind of chick for the faint of heart.

22 Taurus Guy: Shower Them With Attention


A Taurus guy will usually be the guy that lurks on the outside of his friend circle, quietly observing. He can be social at times, but it takes him a while to get comfortable around new people. Show him that you are interested, and make sure that he doesn’t see you playing the field either. If he senses you’re straying from him, or maybe giving some of your attention to another guy, then he’ll take that as a sign of disloyalty.

He’s one of the few guys that won’t be put off by the constant attention you show him. Don’t worry about scaring him off. In fact, it will just draw him in even more. It’s also a good idea for you to make the first move.

21 Taurus Woman: Don't Play The Field


I wouldn’t say the Taurus woman is prone to jealousy, but if she does sense that you’re playing the field with other women, she will surely brush you off and never look back. She needs someone who is loyal, and who she can trust. If there is even an inkling of a feeling that your attention could be on someone else, then you may have lost her for good.

If you plan on flirting with a Taurus woman, then you better be sure that your sights are only set on her. She’s the kind of woman that you should invite on a proper date. Skip the hangouts and go out for a nice dinner. She enjoys the tradition of dinner dates rather than going for more casual flings.

20 Gemini Guy: Be A Good Listener

There’s a good chance that the Gemini guy that you’re interested in is quite the talker. Geminis are known for leading conversations. It makes sense since they’re a very sociable sign. Think of a Gemini man as an encyclopedia full of all kinds of knowledge. Even if it’s of no actual use to you, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of it interesting.

If you are on the quieter side, then you’ll enjoy the fact that all you have to do is introduce yourself, and he’s pretty much got the rest of it covered. Listen to his stories, and of course, ask questions. He’s pretty much an open book, and he’s totally at your disposal. Showing you’re interested is essential, and asking questions is just a part of it. He’ll happily reveal whatever you want.

19 Gemini Woman: Share Their Passion


The Gemini woman is outgoing and ready to talk circles around any party. She is spontaneous, and of course, enjoys a very good conversation. She needs to know that your attraction is more than a simple surface thing. She’s not really on for a fling.

If you are looking to pick up a Gemini woman, you have to appeal to her mind first. What are you truly passionate about? Figure it out, then voice it to her. She will be drawn in by your pure magnetism. In fact, she probably shares some of the causes that you love. She loves any kind of thrilling, spontaneous experiences so if you have a tale about that one time you went skydiving, then she is the perfect person to talk about it with.

18 Cancer Guy: Go Beyond The Surface

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If you have your sights set on a Cancer, then you better get in touch with your emotional side. They are not interested in any bull and can sense it from a mile away. You need to appeal to their emotional side. Looks are nice sure, but the Cancer knows that they quickly fade and they are looking for someone that they can be within the long run.

If you want to pick up a Cancer to take notice of you, then you better wear your charitable passions on your sleeve. They enjoy doing things for other people and lending a helping hand, so why not show how you could enjoy the same things? You need to connect with them on an emotional level in order for them to be interested in you.

17 Cancer Woman: Get In Touch With Your Emotions


Cancer women have a habit of taking care of others. So, she doesn’t need someone else to take care of her. Show her that you’re independent and maybe that you care about helping other people too. She is a very compassionate woman, so she can really understand any hard scenarios, and could even help you through some of your current issues.

But save that for after you get to know her! If you want to pursue a Cancer woman, take her for an intimate, romantic date. Try a picnic in the park, or a quiet dinner at a mysterious hole in the wall place. You need to show her that there’s more to you than meets the eye, otherwise, she’ll get bored and move on to the next real thing.

16 Leo Guy: Let Them Shine


If you’re looking to get the attention of a Leo guy, good luck. Just kidding…sort off. This guy is usually the center of attention, and often times is the loudest one in the group. But he can be charismatic and charming, which, of course, stirs your curiosity.

Put on your best outfit and show him that you can light up any room, without the need for attention. Just be sure to stand back and let him shine through after an eager introduction. Let him know that you couldn’t help but notice him—and only him. Tell him how gorgeous his eyes are, and that you just had to seek him out. You want him to feel like he is the star of your show, and be a little outgoing about it.

15 Leo Woman: Don't Be A Wall Flower


If you’re on the shy side, then I wouldn’t recommend going for a Leo woman. She doesn’t often fall for the wallflower or the brooding loner. She needs someone by her side that will help open up her social calendar and even take the reins every now and then.

Tap into your most confident self, and let her know that you have no problem sharing the attention. She wants to feel that she could be the center of your world, so why not start off by telling her about how you first noticed her? Let her know how she stands out from the crowd, and then she will be yours. You’re going to want to win and dine a Leo lady since she is primarily attracted to glitz and shine.

14 Virgo Guy: You Can Actually Talk About Work With Them


Forget what you think you know about dating and leave that at the door when you’re pursuing a Virgo man. He’s pretty serious most times, and probably won’t make the first move, so it’s up to you to make it known that you’re into him. Be sure you smell good, and you’re clean. Yes, that sounds weird, but I promise he’ll notice otherwise and even point it out.

He’s probably very into his job, so why not skip the idea that work is off limits, and talk to him about his job? He’ll be eager to share what he’s working on and what he’s doing on the job. He’ll be very drawn by the fact that you are also pursuing your own passion projects, even if you don’t have your dream job yet. He appreciates a go-getter.

13 Virgo Woman: Lead The Conversation

A Virgo woman is very tough at first—or so it seems that way. She’s really just very shy, and is often the quietest person. She is a great listener, so if you start the conversation, it makes it so much easier for her. She’ll never just come out and talk to you when you’re first getting to know each other.

You need to be the conversationalist. Don’t worry though, this is just temporary. Once she’s comfortable with you, it’ll be hard to get her quiet. She enjoys simple things, and loves the idea of doing something that you’re passionate about. So skip a regular dinner and take her rock climbing, or share an experience that you love with her. Don’t forget to be patient. Her one-word answers are just her trying to figure out how and what to respond.

12 Scorpio Guy: Keep Them Mystefied


Scorpios are the most mysterious of them all, and they crave as much mystery as they give off. Mystery tops everything with this guy, so don’t be the kind of person that gives everything away in the first few conversations. He wants to be kept guessing. And just when he thinks he has you figured out, throw him another curveball.

Unfortunately, it can often feel like an endless game with the Scorpio man. While you’re busy hiding things here and there for play, don’t be afraid to ask him about himself as well. He won’t give you much, but he will definitely appreciate the fact that you’re both very curious about one another. Plus, who doesn’t love talking about themselves? The Scorpio man surely won’t hold it against you.

11 Scorpio Woman: Play Curious About Them At All Times

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A Scorpio woman will never give it all away at once. She enjoys to keep you guessing, and in return, you must love to be kept guessing as well. Otherwise, you’ll both tire and move on in no time. If a Scorpio woman strikes your interest, ask her about herself.

And if you find her epically sarcastic, that just means she likes your attention. She hides behind her sense of humor often times. And like the Scorpio man, she doesn’t want to know everything about you. She likes that there’s mystery. The idea that you never really know everything about one another keeps her attracted and guessing as well. She doesn’t mind you prying, but you have to give her some answers back. However, keep the details to the minimum.

10 Capricorn Guy: Take Things Nice And Slow

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The Capricorn man appreciates the traditional art of seduction. He knows he’s being seduced and he will definitely enjoy the ride while he can. He isn’t a very rash person, so appealing to his mind and interests off the bat will get you much further than just hitting on him right from the get-go.

He is a very practical persona, so taking things nice and slow is your best bet. If you feel like things are lagging, you can bet he doesn’t feel the same. Everything is a process, and processes take time for him. He enjoys having someone reliable on his side, so be sure to always reply to his texts, and get ready for back to back dates. He takes his time, and so should you.

9 Capricorn Woman: Appeal To Their Minds


A Capricorn woman is interested in what’s on your mind rather than looks. Although, they appreciate that too. If you want to be around for the long haul, then you better be smart, however, don’t be a know it all. Talk to her about the current books on your reading list, or maybe an article you found interesting that morning. Chances are, it’s on her reading list as well and she’s looking for insight.

If you want to pick up a Capricorn woman then you need to appeal to her mind first. She is ambitious and most likely has unique career goals. Why not discuss this with her? She is definitely more traditional, so wooing her will take time, and you need to be willing to invest that time. Otherwise, she’ll find someone else who will.

8 Aquarius Guy: Be Your Quirky Self

Don’t be shy about your quirks if you want to attract an Aquarius guy. He loves the things that make you special, even if you think that’s you’re a little weird. Finally, someone who will appreciate you! He is not someone who follows along blindly, he is most likely a leader type, so appeal to this side of him.

Figure out what peaks his interest and talk to him about how you can get involved as well. There’s a good chance that he has dreams of changing the world. And those kinds of things always have to start small, so why not become his partner in something so powerful? He needs someone who is willing to support him and help him lead whatever projects he’s currently pursuing.

7 Aquarius Woman: Start Off As Friends

If you’re interested in an Aquarius woman, then you definitely have to take things slow. Start off as friends, and let this blossom into something else with her. She is the kind of person who sees her lovers as equal partners. She is also a rebel, so check your judgment at the door otherwise you will quickly lose her interest.

There’s a good chance that she enjoys extreme activities, so you better buckle up or get out. She enjoys breaking the rules, and she hates anyone who holds her back from this. Maybe don’t help break laws, but support her when she’s trying to make a change in something. Once she sees that’s you’re not leaving her side, she will be yours. She doesn’t want to go on the same type of dates all the time, so change it up every now and then!

6 Pisces Guy: Be Totally Affectionate


Usually, you’re afraid of getting too close to a guy and scare he’ll find you clingy. Not the Pisces man! He loves any and all affection that you throw his way. He enjoys cuddling and knowing that he has all of your attention. Attentiveness won’t scare this guy off.

He constantly needs reassurance that you like him at first, so you will have to be comfortable taking the wheel and letting him know how you feel regularly. Take him to a museum, or stroll through a bookstore where you can compare your favorite childhood literary memories. There needs to be a more meaningful connection than just surface attraction here. Don’t be afraid to take him somewhere weird, so long as it holds a deep connection to you. He wants to be brought into your world.

5 Pisces Woman: Show Them How Cultured You Are


A Pisces woman isn’t as predictable as you think. She needs someone who will take her places, from actual adventures to transporting her to your favorite places as a kid. She wants to know everything and needs someone who is cultured. She needs to feel that she’s not the only one sharing her personal experiences.

She is a hopeless romantic, but in order to really sweep her away, you need to be willing to change things up. That could be trying a new restaurant neither of you has ever been to, to exploring a new part of the city. She enjoys being a part of everything, so she needs someone who is willing to share their thoughts and feelings with her. If you seem closed off then she will assume you’re not serious about her and write you off.

4 Libra Guy: Be A Bit Of A Rebel

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The Libra man is drawn to someone who isn’t concerned about what’s currently going on and following the lines of that. They like a bit of a rebel. He is fun loving and a gallant, but he needs to know that his partner has their own quirks.

Just like any guy, he wants you to feed his ego. This is how he knows that you’re interested and that you like him. He wants to make sure that you know if you’re dating him, you shouldn’t be dating other guys…but don’t count on him actually saying this. Playing the field won’t work for him. He enjoys showing his affection in public, so let him hold your hands and kiss your forehead, otherwise, he’ll think that something’s up.

3 Libra Woman: Be A Charmer

A Libra woman will appreciate you bringing on your best charm game. She knows it’s coming, and she loves it. There’s a good chance many others are pursuing her, so you want to stand out from them and show your gallant side. Be a good kisser doesn’t hurt either.

She enjoys a good flirt and will continue dating you so long as you’re still interesting to her. She’s not concerned with finding someone forever, but if it so happens to blossom into something serious, that’s always great. She enjoys having fun and hates feeling pressured. She needs your undivided attention. She doesn’t care about what other people think, and neither should you. An open display of affection is nice, but don’t go too far.

2 Sagittarius Guy: Appeal To His Adventurous Side


The Sagittarius man rarely stays in one place long. Don’t be surprised if you find out that he’s a digital nomad, or travels for months on end. He enjoys going to new places and exploring them, looking for some kind of understanding. If someone can share these adventures with him, then he’s set!

Ask him about where he’s returning from, and what’s left on his bucket list. I’m sure he’s got a few favorite cities that he’s dying to share with someone. You should also ask him to see those pictures that no one ever gets to see. He’ll appreciate your interest, and if you’re willing to explore these new places as well I’m sure he’ll want to take you along as well next time.

1 Sagittarius Woman: Make Her Laugh


If you’ve been known to be a clown, then a Sagittarius woman would adore you. She loves a good laugh and someone who can keep the jokes coming. She’ll throw in some of her own. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to get her attention, but you need to have an open sense of humor.

She needs to remain active, so take her out to explore some brand new places and cityscapes. She hates feeling like she’s stuck doing the same old thing. Keeping things fresh and new is key. If you can thrill her, then she will be yours. She enjoys hearing about your own adventures as well. Be sure to share your latest trip and where you wish to travel in the near future.

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