Here's How To Make These 16 Incompatible Zodiac Matches Work

We can read all day about astrology summarizing whether our boyfriend is compatible with us or not. At the end of the day, many of these tests don't really matter. They are more like blueprints depicting how easy of a time you will have with a certain sign compared to others. What really matters in a relationship is the amount of effort that both parties are willing to put in. Regardless of what the stars say, both parties' willingness to make the relationship work will be what, well, makes the relationship work.

There is still hope for even the most incompatible zodiac matches. Yes, you heard that right. There is actually hope for when you find out that your significant other isn't good for you, based on your astrological signs. However, there are special precautions that you need to take and watch out for more so than other relationships you could be in. Sometimes, it will feel like more work compared to some dudes that you have dated in the past. As long as both you and bae are aware of that, then you will learn how to understand each other better.

Here is a list of 16 incompatible zodiac matches that can still be attainable.


16 Taurus Man & Aries Woman: Taurus Needs To Be Able To Accept A Woman's Leadership


Here we have the match between the assertive Mars-ruled Aries girl and the demure Venus-governed Taurus guy. This is a tricky match because both signs are head-strong but in different ways. She has no problem making the first move, and he loves to be chased. Although he will like her taking the reigns, she might be too much for him because she is emotionally expressive. She is likely to lose her temper and throw tantrums when upset. He is all about responsibility and accountability, so this won't sit too well with him. His temper escalates slowly until he can't take it anymore. As long as he is always on the receiving end of the relationship and she is taking the lead, this match can work out fine.

15 Aries Man & Scorpio Woman: Don't Be So Hotheaded


Both of these signs are firey and like to keep things spiced up in their love life. The Scorpio woman is the seductress of the zodiac and gives off that come-hither vibe that the Aries man will go wild for. The Aries man can't help but want to get to know her more because she is mysterious and doesn't give away anything at the beginning. She will try to give him subliminal messages during their courting that will just fly right over his head. Their passion will turn into rage against one another because of some misunderstandings. Rather than the Scorpio just imply things, she needs to be more straightforward with her Aries man otherwise their communication styles will clash and neither party will get the message across to the other.

14 Taurus Man & Libra Woman: Acknowledge When There Are Problems


Both the Taurus Man and the Libra woman are ruled by Venus but manifested completely differently. The Taurus takes on the rule of physical beauty and loves anything that is attractive, including his women. The Libra lady is all about the poetic beauty and isn't superficial in terms of appearance. She will give him a hard time about his social awkwardness and he might find her to be a real ball buster. Both of them will struggle to bring up important issues in the relationship since both like to avoid confrontation. This can cause frustration on both ends where they dwell in unhappiness until in boils to the surface. If they can learn to speak more frankly with one another, then the relationship has a chance.

13 Gemini Man & Virgo Woman: Stop Talking Over Each Other

We Heart It

Both of these signs are ruled by Mercury which is a fast-moving and fast-talking planet. Both the Gemini man and the Virgo woman have a million thoughts generating in their minds at the same time. That is why they will both have a lot to say and the deep conversations will never end. The Gemini guy is the zodiac's eternal rascal who refuses to grow up. The Virgo girl will play a natural caretaker or den mother to her Virgo man. She will unknowingly be enabling him and his sometimes irresponsible behavior. This will lead to them getting into silly arguments. Since they are both mutable, that means that they are both hard to pin down. When they argue, it goes in circles. What they really need to learn how to do is listen to each other rather than always having to be the one to talk.

12 Cancer Man & Sagittarius Woman: Give Each Other Space


This type of pairing typically happens between an older Cancer man and a young Sagittarian lady. Think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes before they got divorced. This is typically a match made in the boardroom where they met at work. She likes to live life on the edge but he retreats into his crab shell when uncomfortable. He plays it a little too safe for her liking. She has a big personality that can be too much for him. He will become obsessed with her intelligence, almost to the point of obsession. She will struggle to have freedom and not feel isolated. As long as they both have their alone time away from each other from time to time, they can manage these differences.

11 Leo Man & Aquarius Woman: Understand That Your Values Are Different


These two will enjoy each other's company right off the bat. He will have a warm, inviting demeanor that will compliment her aloof, far away presence. He will never believe that this late-bloomer Aquarian beauty used to be a nerd when she was a kid. He has always been used to being center of attention and was that hot athlete in high school. He has a need for his ego to be stroked and she will do it but only for a certain amount of time. These two are opposite signs so they won't see eye to eye on a lot of things. He values family where prefers to spend her time with friends and new people. There will need to be a lot of compromising in this relationship.

10 Aries Man & Virgo Woman: Resist The Temptation To Pick Each Other Apart


The Aries man loves to play the role of the knight in shining armor. He will love the Virgo woman's good girl demeanor and she will love his uber-masculine energy. The attraction will be him trying to win her approval and try to act as chivalrous as possible. Once he has it, then he is in like Flynn. Though Virgo presents herself as demure, she will not shy away from an argument with an Aries. Both signs like to debate and they will do it too often. Aries is a loose cannon and clumsy with his words. Virgo likes to nitpick little details that he could care less about or even acknowledge. This is going to be a recurring problem. Both parties need to learn to agree to disagree.

9 Libra Man & Capricorn Woman: Understand That Your Idea Of A Good Life Differs


The Libra man will be able to break through the Capricorn's shyness and the wall that she hides behind. She might find his charm to be clownish, but goofy nonetheless. She wants to climb the highest mountain being the goat. She wants to be successful and is highly ambitious. She likes the designer labels and those high rise apartments. This might seem shallow and superficial to the un-materialistic Libra man. She could find him to be self-righteous and condescending with his words towards her and she can become resentful. In order for this match to work, Capricorn needs to understand that the Libra needs an equal partner. The Libra needs to understand that the Capricorn loves to be seen by people that she deems important.

8 Scorpio Man & Leo Woman: Calm Your Tempers Down

We Heart It

The coupling of a Scorpio man and Leo woman is one of the most passionate out of the entire zodiac. It is also one of the most difficult ones. Sparks are going to fly all over the place and there will be plenty of chemistry. This will be a match of ice and fire with both elements fixed. This means that they are both stubborn and like to have it their way. The Leo lady likes to be the center of attention and he will make sarcastic remarks to knock her off of her throne. She will be annoyed but still turned on by it in a weird way. Both these signs are hard-working and ambitious and they will start competing with each other. They know how to push each other's buttons which they both find infuriating. Both of them need to let go of control from time to time.

7 Sagittarius Man & Pisces Woman: Try To Stay Grounded


The Sagittarian man is an archer and he will badly want to capture the elusive and ethereal Pisces. Both these signs are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune. Since both of these signs are almost too optimistic, they don't plan ahead very well. There will be some good times ahead because they are both all about spontaneity and new experiences. Think of that hippie couple that you met at Coachella. However, they are liable to spend all the money in the joint bank account after not keeping tabs on the amount. This is because neither one will be able to be the stable partner in the relationship. If they can learn to be more realistic, then it has a chance of working out.

6 Capricorn Man & Aquarian Woman: Stop Talking Down To Each Other


These two will have some intense chemistry because they are both ruled by Saturn. This is the planet of restriction and tough lessons. These two will certainly teach each other a lesson or two. He is rigid and feels the need to take responsibility in the relationship. She is a freedom-fighter and free spirit, which he will find irresponsible at times. She will put him in his place with her erratic behavior and back talk. He will want to take the higher road and not even entertain any of that with a response and just shut her out. If they can work out a deal where they don't act superior to one another, then this relationship might have a chance. Neither one likes being condescended.

5 Aquarius Man & Scorpio Woman: Be More Sensitive To Each Other's Needs


The Aquarian man presents a mental challenge for the Scorpio woman, which will drive her wild. He is like an alien specimen of a human being and she just can't quite figure him out. He sees her as a dark black dahlia that he wants to chase around. She gets emotional and he doesn't understand why and sometimes even minimizes her feelings. He will feel like she doesn't appreciate him and his uniqueness. He really does try to please her but in a way that she can't always grasp to the fullest extent. She might feel like he doesn't understand where she is coming from. Both of these signs will have to go out of their way to be receptive to each other's needs and feelings.

4 Pisces Man & Gemini Woman: Understand That You Operate On Different Wavelengths


The Pisces man is friendly but unassuming at the same time and the Gemini woman will want to get all up in his business. He can see past her little manipulation tactics because he goes beyond the surface. He knows how to figure people out and she will get frustrated. The Pisces won't play into the Gemini's flirtation that seems to work on most guys. He will even call her out on her silly traps that she tries to put him in. She needs to know that he can read her and he needs to cave into her intended playfulness. Both signs are mutable so that means that they are difficult to pin down. As long as they can spend enough time together, then this relationship has a chance.

3 Cancer Man & Libra Woman: Always Remember The Positive Side


This pairing will be one of the most romantic in the entire zodiac. The Cancer man loves to give affection and the Libra woman loves to receive it because it makes her feel special and adored. However, they will both begin the relationship emotionally guarded and afraid to open up at first. The Libra woman wants balance and fairness in her life and the Cancer rules with his emotions. This is something that she can't fathom. She will get frustrated with his outbursts. Both signs will be prone to mood swings because their minds and hearts change so easily. In order to avoid this relationship to go off the tracks, they need to appreciate one another and focus on the positive aspects of the relationship.

2 Leo Man & Virgo Woman: Learn To Take Criticism


These signs will be attracted to one another because they are both good-hearted people and they want to bring out the best in each other. The Leo man needs to feel special and adored by his Virgo girlfriend and she can only do that if he meets her standards. Granted, her standards can be quite lofty. The Virgo woman can dish out criticism but she cannot take it as easily. The one thing that a Leo can't stand is to be picked apart and told how wrong they are (even if they are clearly wrong). If these two signs can learn to not take criticism personally but constructively, then they have a chance to walk down the aisle later down the road. This will, however, be a big hurdle that they will have to overcome.

1 Libra Man & Scorpio Woman: Talk About Your Differing Needs


The Libra man is debonair and lives in a world of idealism and assuming that everything will work out for the best. The Scorpio woman can be a cynic and she likes to delve below the surface of things and get to the nitty-gritty. They will be fascinated by each other's intelligence and they will have meaningful conversations. They will clash when it comes to where they get their thought processes from. The Libra wants so bad to see the beauty in people and the Scorpio is quick to sniff out any shady behavior in others. He might write her off as being judgmental or even too suspicious. This couple needs to talk out their problems more so than average because only then they will understand where the other person is coming from.

Source: Cosmic Coupling by Starsky & Cox

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