Here's How To Make Him Your Boyfriend, Based On His Zodiac Sign

It happens all of the time. You're interested in a guy, and while it seems as though he's interested in you as much as you're interested in him, you still can't seem to get him to be your boyfriend. Whether he has trouble committing or maybe you're just not sure if he sees you as girlfriend material, finding out what type of traits he looks for in a girlfriend based on his zodiac sign will help the process. You can't force him to be your boyfriend, after all, but you can definitely use his sign to try and understand what he looks for in a girlfriend.

Each zodiac sign falls in love differently, just like each person does, so knowing his sign is one of the first steps to better understanding him and his relationship preferences. Once you've covered those bases, you can more easily understand what will get him to fall for you and, ultimately, get him to become your boyfriend. Who knows? After finding out what traits he looks for in a partner, you may realize you don't want to be his girlfriend, after all. Using astrology is a good baseline for understanding him and if you want to get to know him on a more in depth level, find out what his moon sign is. His moon sign will tell you how he handles his emotions, which is another strong tool to have in your pocket when getting him to become your boyfriend.


15 Be An Interesting Mystery Your Aquarius Guy Can't Solve

Not much can get past your Aquarius man. He's naturally intelligent and innovative, as well as a quick and efficient problem solver. So, if you're interested in making an Aquarius your boyfriend, then you can't be as easy to figure out as everything else in life is for him. You can play hard to get, but he may not even realize you're interested in him if you do that due to his own aloof and distant demeanor. You have to show your Aquarius guy you're interested in him, but also be mysterious to him, as well. Show him you care about him and want to spend time with him, but don't let him in on your entire life at first. Gradually, let him in on your life, just like he will do to you. Your Aquarius is, naturally, interesting and charming so he may be used to getting girls hooked on him easily. Let him know differently. This will get him hooked on you.

14 Extend Lots of Space To Your Sagittarius Guy To Snag Him


Have you ever noticed how much your Sagittarius love interest has traveled? Or that he's always traveling? That's because he's more on the wanderlust side of life. This correlates to freedom and this sign needs a lot of it. He doesn't like the feeling of being tied down and cherishes the feeling of being able to move freely within a moments notice. Which is why if you're trying to get this sign to be your boyfriend, your best bet is to give him a lot of space and let him come to you. With that in mind, it also helps if you're also well-traveled and adventurous to mirror him and his interests. With all of those three things in mind, plus initial mutual attraction for each other, it won't be hard to make your Sagittarius man your boyfriend.

13 Show Your Capricorn Man Your Most Polished Version Of You

If you're interested in making a Capricorn your boyfriend, you should also make sure you fall into the prototype girlfriend he has always wanted. Capricorn loves a disciplined, polished and traditional woman while in public, but also doesn't mind when you're quite the opposite in the privacy of your own home, to an extent, at least. You know Usher's lyrics of "Lady on the street, but a freak in the sheets" ? Well, that's, more or less, what a Capricorn man looks for. He keeps up a great professional appearance and wants his girlfriend to do the same. He also values honesty, loyalty and traditionalism so as long as your values fall close to the same lines, you'll jive perfectly with your Capricorn love interest. This sign doesn't mind being pampered, a little either. So, if you can cook for your Capricorn, you're sure to easily get to his heart through his stomach.

12 Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve Around Your Pisces


The Pisces man is the ultimate romancer. He can woo you and seduce you so you fall for him quickly. He's a water sign so he's sensitive in all the right ways when it comes to love. On the contrary, he has a mysterious sign. So, if he senses you're too mysterious just like him, he'll be harder to make your boyfriend. Show your Pisces guy how interested in him you are and he'll do the same. This sign needs a lot of reassurance in relationships so, if you know that right off the bat, it will be easier to lock him down. Making a Pisces man feel like he's your world is one of the surefire ways to get him to be your boyfriend.

11 Always Keep Your Aries Man Chasing You

This fire sign loves a good chase. He loves the thrill of it and everything that gets him to you and locking him down. He's an action sign so anything that will get him up and moving, he's all in for. With that said, if you're too easy to get with little action on his part, he's going to move on to his next conquest within a minute. So, let him chase you and don't give into his charming advances easily. Telling him no once in awhile will get him hooked. He's a charming sign with a lot of passion so once he puts his mind to something, he knows he can get it. Don't push him away to the point where he thinks you don't like him at all, just playfully string him along until he realizes how worthwhile you are. It's all worth it from there.

10 Show Your Taurus Man How Emotionally Stable You Are


The Taurus man is like a bull. He's slow and deliberate in everything he does. He's not lazy, but more methodical. So, if you have enough patience with him, he'll prove to be a worthwhile and amazing partner. But, it will take some patience to get him to be your boyfriend as he's not one to jump headfirst into a relationship. One thing you can do to show your Taurus man you're girlfriend material is to show him how stable you are. This sign values security and stability immensely. So, if you can show your emotionally strong and stable side to him then that's one step closer to making him your boyfriend. He comes off as strong, sturdy and manly, but he can also be tender and sweet in love when he finds the right person.

9 Be More Fun Than Your Exciting Gemini Man

The Gemini man is made up of a lot of charming aspects. He's fun, adventurous, spontaneous, charming and witty. So, with all of those great qualities, how can you show him your girlfriend material? Be all of those qualities and more. Showing him your appealing and adventurous side will make you irresistible to him. Leave your reserved and boring side at home when it comes to getting this sign's attention. Because of his, somewhat, flighty nature, it can be hard to keep his attention. If you're already an interesting and fun person, you have an advantage. If you're more reserve and introverted, then it's possible you'll have a harder time catching, much less keeping, a Gemini man's attention. Either way, having as much fun and letting loose when you're with him is essential to getting him to be your boyfriend.


8 Learn How To Handle Your Cancer Guy's Emotions


Your Cancer guy may seem like he has it all together on the outside, but on the inside he's just a big softy full of emotion. Duh, he is the sign of the crab. The way to becoming his girlfriend is by showing him you can handle any and all of his emotions he throws your way. From his possessive and jealous side to his sensitive and insecure side, there's no side of him you see and don't like (at least that's what you want him to think). Once he realizes you truly like him for who he is, plus all of his mood swings, then there will be enough trust to build a relationship with you. And while Cancer guys are moody and have their super sensitive moments, they make great long-term partners because of that.

7 Show Your Leo Man That You're Self Sufficient

Dating a Leo man is not to be taken lightly. Leos are the royalty of the zodiac and they, truly, take that to heart. So, if you're interested in becoming a Leos girlfriend, but you can't seem to do much for yourself, meaning you're more of the damsel in distress type, that's not going to win your Leo over. While he is an alpha male and loves to show off his masculinity, he only like doing it for show. He likes feeling and being treated like the king he is. So, if you're looking for a way to show your Leo man that you're girlfriend material, show him how self-sufficient and autonomous you are. He holds himself to high standards and expects his partner to do the same so if he sees you can hold your own, you've already won his interest.

6 Encourage and Emotionally Support Your Virgo Guy


While Virgo men may seem like they have it all together at all times--day or not, rain or shine--the truth is that they don't. Yes, they love helping a damsel in distress type and love doing acts of service for others, but deep down they require that type of emotional support, as well. It's OK to let your Virgo man do things he loves for you like fix your car, put up your shelves, and be your on-the-spot therapist when you need it, but it's important that you do the same for him (at least in the emotional sense) because he requires it just as much. Nothing shows a Virgo man that you're relationship-worthy more than encouraging his endeavors and emotionally supporting him in any way you can.

5 Be As Charming And Romantic As Your Libra Is

Libra's have an affinity for the finer things in life such as romance and luxury. So, if you're trying to get your Libra's attention, there's no better way to do it than to be just as charming as them, plus adding the romance factor. If you're dating a Libra man and he's yet to ask you to be his official girlfriend, try showing him (especially in public, i.e. in your group of friends) how charming you are. Once he sees how everyone else views your charismatic side, he'll fall head over heels. He's a romantic, as well so try making him a romantic candlelit dinner or surprising him on a romantic getaway to truly show him how compatible you are together. Just don't keep putting on these moves without getting anything back as Libra's are hard to get to commit. It's easy to get stuck in a revolving door of trying to pin him down, when that might never be the case.

4 Play Hard To Get But Show Your Scorpio He's The Boss


Always keep an air of mystery surrounding you with your Scorpio love interest. He does the same, so two can play at that game! Your Scorpio is intense, mysterious and completely loyal (when you've finally gotten him to be your boyfriend, that is), so there's a lot to say about being in a relationship with him. One of his biggest traits he looks for in a girlfriend is trust, honesty and consistency. If you're looking to lock him down, then you've got to show him those three traits for him to even think of you as girlfriend material. With that said, you also can't let him in on all of your feelings, at once. That mysterious side of you is what attracts him and keeps him hooked. But there's a fine line between mystery and secrecy, so make sure he doesn't feel as though you're hiding something from him because if that's the case then you can forget a relationship with him. Just remember that he always likes to feel like he's in control a.k.a. the boss, so play up to that if you want to speed the relationship up.

BONUS: These 3 Signs Are Extra Hard To Get To Commit:

3 Be Your Aquarius Man's Friend First

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You've probably noticed that your Aquarius guy has a lot of friends. Not just a lot of friends, but multiple friendship circles. Friendship is important to Aquarius. So, if you've got your sights set on an Aquarius, but nothing else going for the two of you, then try to become his friend first. Find out his interests and then ask him to hang out or hang out with a mutual friend circle you two have in common. Once he gets to know you on a friend level, he'll feel more comfortable getting to know you on a deeper level. Unless you two have some serious physical chemistry between you, that's the quickest way to becoming an Aquarius guy's girlfriend. But, to be honest, there's not really a quick way to becoming an Aquarius sign's girlfriend and boyfriend due to their unwillingness to commit most of the time.

2 Show Your Wifey Qualities To Your Taurus Man


The sign of Taurus loves stability and security. Besides sensuality, great food and luxurious textures, those other two qualities are the most important to your Taurus man. Showing him you can take care of him like a wife and be loyal and committed to him, will show you're definitely girlfriend material, even wife material. But, just because he may see you as the most ideal girlfriend in the world, it doesn't mean he will lock you down then and there. Taurus men are slow and steady (being the sign of the bull and all) so he will take his time to ensure you're worth settling down for. This sign has a lot of patience, more so than any other sign, so he will take his time figuring out if a girl is really worth cutting off his single life tendencies. The real decision will be if you have the patience to wait for him to make his mind up.

1 Let Your Scorpio Man How Much You Value Honesty

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Getting yourself into a relationship with a Scorpio is not for the faint of heart, so be completely sure you want this sign to be your boyfriend before you start showing him how much he wants to make you his girlfriend. He's an intense friend and even more intense lover. While you'll have to show him he is the boss, but you're also not just some easy score, it's also important to show him how much you value honesty. He's big on honesty, trust and loyalty and his partner needs to be, too. If he catches you lying to him, even about silly things, he will think twice about getting into a relationship with you or even being friends with you. Show him not only how honest your feelings are for him, but that he can trust you during good times and bad.


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