Here's How He Shows He's Just NOT Interested (Based On His Sign)

When a guy likes us, it's obvious. Yet, we girls have this bad habit of dissecting every text he sends us and going over the minutes of our conversation with him with our besties in the hope that something will stand out as a sign that he's into us. Many times, we just don't want to admit the truth!

Well, if we're reading this, it's most likely because a part of us has caught on to that heartbreaking reality but still wants a sliver of optimism to hold onto. And maybe we will find it here! Who knows?

The point is, while he may not exhibit all the characteristics of his sun sign to the 'T' when it comes to showing interest in someone, we all tend to fall back upon the characteristics of our astro signs. And he's no different.

So here's how he behaves when he's just not that into us, based on his sign.

We recommend checking out our own sign first (males and females of the same sign tend to behave in a similar manner) and then read the description of his sign. That way we'll know whether we are spot on or dead wrong.

And watch out for the bonus content for each of the elements! You just might find some extra tidbit about your guy in one of them.

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20 Cancer Man: He Runs Warm And Cold


The Cancer man is ruled by the Moon. And like our dear celestial body, he too is changeable. In fact, his moods and behavior tend to follow the natural waxing and waning phases of the moon. That's why Cancerians are so darn happy on full moon nights and so depressed when it's the new moon.

But however changeable he might be, if his behavior towards you runs hot and cold (read: interested one day and then "couldn't care less"), he mostly isn't interested in you but likes to bask in the attention you are slathering on him. It's a nice ego boost for this otherwise underconfident man.

19 Scorpio Man: He Hasn't Shared Any Secrets


The Scorpio man is a well of secrets. His and many others. It's because he is ruled by Pluto, the planet of mysteries and power. And all Plutonian individuals, in one way or another, peddle in secrets. It gives them power over other people.

But while he isn't selective about whose secrets he collects, he is always selective about the people who get to learn his own deepest secrets.

So it doesn't matter if he listened intently when you shared your personal stories with him. If he never shared anything back in return, he's most likely not interest in you.

18 Pisces Man: He's Just... Nice


The Pisces man has a good heart even though he does have a tendency to fib the facts a bit when he feels cornered. That's why it can be quite hard to pinpoint when he's truly interested in someone. His introverted nature, kind demeanor, and general helpfulness make it difficult to figure out whether he's doing something special for you or if he's like that with everyone.

But that's the thing! If you can't tell without a shadow of a doubt that he's interested in you, the truth is, he's not. Trust us, Pisces men can't help but follow your every move with their eyes when they think you are not looking.

17 Bonus: When A Cancer Man Is Interested, He'll Go Out Of His Way To Be Around Her


While this is the case with all men in general, the reason why it stands out more when a Cancer man does it is that he never goes out of his way to hang out with strangers or acquaintances.

He is a crab, after all, and so prefers sticking close to those people he's comfortable around, like his buddies.

So if you realize one day that your Cancer man has been popping out of odd places and engaging you in short conversations for quite some time now, it's because he's really interested in you and wants to test the waters before he asks you out. Trust us, this man is really afraid of rejection, and therefore, goes to many lengths to prevent such a scenario.

16 Water Signs: She Can't Tell Whether He Likes Her Or Not


Water signs–Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces–are yin in nature. Feminine. It's because the nature of water is changeable and deep.

That's why if you cannot tell whether he likes you likes you or is just polite and friendly, it's a big sign that he probably isn't into you.

Trust us, the adage that says "when a guy likes you, it's obvious" is absolutely true in the case of these watery men too. The only difference is, since water signs are more private in nature and introverted, they express their interest by focusing on you intently, even in the company of other people, and giving you special treatment.

15 Gemini Man: He Never Asks Her Anything About Herself


The Gemini man may like to talk more and listen less, but when he's genuinely interested in someone, he will zip up tight and listen to every word that drops off your lips with bated breath.

So if that's not your experience with your Gemini, it's very likely that he isn't interested in you.

In fact, if all he does is talk, talk, and talk some more about his own life, and never asks you any questions about yours, he's definitely not interested in you and thinks you might bore him to death if he gives you an opening to speak.

14 Libra Man: He Hasn't Introduced Her To Anyone He Knows


The Libra man is a social person through and through. He is ruled by a social planet (Venus), after all, and so loves to be in the company of new people every day of the week (if he can help it). In fact, this social spirit is the reason why he's never truly part of any distinct friend's circle. He doesn't like being boxed in like that.

So if such a social man has never introduced you to anyone he knows, even though his schedule seems to be always full of parties and get-togethers, then it's because he's not interested in you and doesn't want to give anyone the wrong idea that the two of you are together.

13 Aquarius Man: He Doesn't Remember The Important Details About Her Life


The Aquarius man is a box of conundrums. On one hand, he's an air sign, and therefore, very good at striking up conversations with people and finding acquaintances wherever he goes. But on the other hand, he's ruled by Saturn and Uranus, which is why he always feels like a black sheep in every circle.

That's why when he finds someone who genuinely piques his interest, he goes out of his way to learn everything about her.

It's because deep inside he's driven to feel accepted by someone, anyone. So if that's not your experience with your Aquarius man, it's very likely that he's not interested in you.

12 Bonus: When A Libra Man Likes Her, He'll Keep Tagging Her Everywhere On Social Media


As discussed earlier, the Libra man always has a full social calendar. That's why his social media feeds are so full of #funnightwithfriends and #hangingoutwithmybros.

In such a scenario, if you happen to pique his interest, you will be inundated with invites to attend some or another social event with him. And if you say yes and then end up clicking a lot of pictures later on that night, you can bet your bottom dollar that the best ones are going to find themselves on his social page the very next day! He just can't help but allude to a happy ending.

11 Air Signs: Aloof Always


Here's the thing with air signs: they talk too much. But then again, that's the domain of air–communication, intelligence, and intellectual activities. So if the air man you have your target set on–Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius–seems to be awfully quiet around you, even though you have noticed them talk the ears off of other people, it's because they are not interested in you at all.

In fact, it's a bigger red flag when their attention seems to always wander whenever you strike up a conversation with them! After all, if you're not able to keep their attention, there's no way they're infatuated with you.

10 Aries Man: He Doesn't Sound Enthusiastic When He Talks To Her


Aries is the first sign in astrology. Therefore, all the natives born under this sign tend to have a conquering, brave spirit about them. Especially the men, since the martian energy of Aries is more in sync with their natural masculine gender.

So is it really that hard to believe that unenthusiastic behavior is a big sign they are not interested in you? After all, they are pretty forward in every other aspect of their life and tend to bulldoze through obstacles when they set their sights on something. So if they're not moving hard and fast with you, it's not meant to be.

9 Leo Man: He Treats Her Like She's One Of The Crowd


The Leo man is a natural charmer. He's magnanimous, loveable, and very generous. No wonder he's the crowd favorite! But does he think of you as his favorite?

The only way to answer that question is to observe his behavior.

Because if he treats you just like he treats everybody else (which is pretty awesome to begin with), then he most likely does not think of you as someone special.

Trust us, the one who captures this leonine man's heart can't get him off of her doorstep! So if you don't feel like a queen around him, you are not it.

8 Sagittarius Man: He Never Contacts Her On His Own


The Sagittarius man is a free spirit. He loves striking up conversations with people from all walks of life, taking off on short notice to distant places, and learning voraciously. That's why it's never wise to dissect his behavior and words and conclude that he's into you. He's a jolly guy and has a wide range of interests.

So if he seemed very keen on speaking to you when you met but never followed up later, either on text or through calls, it's because he was more interested in what you had to say than you as a person. No hard feelings.

7 Bonus: When An Aries Man Is Interested, She'll Know It Immediately!


What else did you expect? He's not a wishy-washy water sign, after all. And neither is he a stoic earth or crafty air. He's a fire sign. A man of many passions and a drive to conquer the world (at least, whichever field he has chosen as a career).

Therefore, when an Aries man is into you, you'll know it immediately!

No second guesses. No nothing. His desire to date you will smack you in the face like the cuteness of a puppy. He'll probably even come right out and approach you right away. Maybe that's why he is rarely turned down!

6 Fire Signs: There's No Chemistry AT ALL


Truer words have not been spoken. After all, fire is hot, passionate, and loves to spread the cheer. That's why sizzling chemistry is number one on the priority list for all fire signs–Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius–when it comes to selecting a partner.

So if your interactions are lackluster–or worse, he treats you like any other acquaintance, he definitely isn't interested in you.

Trust us, you wouldn't feel the need to even question whether a fire man is into you, if he really is! After all, the flames and/or fireworks (or lack thereof) will tell you everything you need to know!

5 Taurus Man: He Tells Her He's Not Romantic


What a liar! Don't believe him if he tells you this. Because Taurus men are kings of sensual romance when they are super duper interested in someone.

Just take it as his polite way of turning you away without hurting your feelings and go find someone better to fixate on.

Trust us, if you don't do it, you will be blindsided when you find out from the grapevine that he's dating somebody else and has been doing all sorts of romantic things for her.

After all, we only romance those people who we are interested in. Tough love!

4 Virgo Man: He Keeps Finding Faults In The Way She Dresses And Behaves


The Virgo man is a sweet guy. He's helpful, hard-working, and very giving. The only problem is, he is a very passive kinda guy and so often ends up dating people he really isn't into all that much.

In fact, some Virgo men have been known to be in relationships with people they are not into. And when asked about it later, say that their ex basically thought they were together and they couldn't find the right time to tell them that they weren't!

Well, that just weird. But if you find yourself being criticized incessantly by your Virgo man, it's because he's unable to speak up and tell you that he's not really into you.

3 Capricorn Man: He Is Only Interested In Playing Hooky


Career always comes first for the Capricorn man. Nevertheless, when he's interested in someone, he will make an effort to stay in touch with her because she will be number two on his priority list.

Well, a fair-weather buddy does not count as number two. They fall way down the list of priorities... if they rank at all!

So if your Capricorn man has a habit of inviting you over for dinner and Netflix at hours that are not really appropriate for dinner, he's definitely not interested in you and is, instead, using you as a placeholder until the right one comes along.

2 Bonus: When A Taurus Man Likes Her, He'll Pull Out All The Stops


What did we say? He's a good liar when it comes to getting people off his back, didn't we? Because the truth is, a Taurus man will pull out all the stops in romancing you if he really likes you.

He's ruled by Venus, after all. The planet of love, sensual desires, and social niceties. And Venusian men are masters in the romantic field (Libras too!).

So if he has been treating you to love poems, bringing you flowers every now and then, and generally behaving like a lovesick puppy, you can bet your bottom dollar that he really wants to date you and sees you as someone special. Yay!

1 Earth Signs: He's Snarky And Mean


Earth signs–Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo–are pretty chill. They like to do things a certain way and prefer it when the people around them are just as traditional. It's because deep inside they are afraid of the instability wild cards bring with them.

Therefore, if an earth sign is into someone it's mainly because she ticks all the boxes on his "comfort zone" list. And if you don't do that, well, we did say he does not like wild cards, didn't we? So don't take his snarky behavior and meanness personally. He knows you are not his type (and neither is he yours if you think hard about it) and so doesn't want to waste time interacting with you.

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