Here's How Each Sign Can Attract More Luck Into Their Love Lives, Based On Astrology

In this day and age, any extra bit of luck can go a long way to helping us achieve our dreams and goals. If we can do something more to attract additional luck—especially in our love lives—then why not give it a shot and see if it actually works? We all want a special someone in our lives to love and care for—as well as rely on and know that they will love and care for us in equal amounts of devotion. We all want that true love, long-lasting relationship with Mr. or Ms. Right who seems to be one bad date away from becoming reality.

Using astrology, we can match up our personalities for optimal compatibility so we aren’t wasting time with someone incompatible. We can play to our strengths and weaknesses based on our Zodiac signs, but we can also—to a certain degree—use astrology to attract more luck and success into our lives. Who knows? Maybe with the right combination, we can finally catch that elusive true love we’ve been hunting for all this time—or maybe apply it to getting that big promotion at work this year. It never hurts to have a little extra luck banked away in our pocket for a rainy day.

24 His: Aquarius—A Truly Progressive Man

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Aquarius is born between January 20 and February 18, with the water bearer as his representing sign. The Aquarius man is best known for being progressive, original, temperamental, aloof and will often run from verbal expression of his emotions. This isn’t because he doesn’t know how to express them. It’s more due to the fact that doing so makes him feel vulnerable and he doesn’t like that feeling. To attract more luck into your love life, Tana Hoy recommends that “giving a pillow with a ladybug design to someone you are fond of can work like a charm, and make that person look at you with desire or good feelings.”

23 Her's: Aquarius—She Lets Her Imagination Run Wild

The Aquarius woman is a match for her male counterpart and—in general—doesn’t have the same reservations about expressing her emotions. She chooses to express them with someone she truly trusts. She’ll be turned off by highly charged situations or emotional flip-floppy behavior from potential suitors. The Aquarius woman would much rather focus on her work and interests rather than waste time with someone. According to Elite Daily, “To bring in all of the good luck, you'll want to leave any sticky situations behind. You've always been good at doing your own thing, and this time you'll want to once again take the road less traveled—the high road.”

22 His: Pisces—Looking For Compassion? He's Your Guy

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Born between February 19 and March 20, Pisces is represented by the sign of the fish and is best known for being kind, gentle, wise, overly trusting, sad and rather hard to pin down due to an unpredictable nature that flees from reality when the going gets tough. They have a depth to their character that not many people can see and an imagination to rival those of bestselling authors. Sometimes taking the easy way in life is perfectly suitable to them but—according to Elite Daily— “if you're looking to upgrade your luck, then you'll want to ditch some habits and get the worm before the early bird.”

21 Her's: Pisces—Her Intuitive Side Sets Her Free

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Similar traits that apply to the Pisces man can often apply to the Pisces woman, with some appearing stronger and others appearing weaker. Once attracted and “caught,” the Pisces woman is full of compassion and unconditional love for her partner but demands respect from the relationship at the same time. In order to increase their luck in the romantic jungle of life, Tana Hoy recommends that they should “surround your home with pictures of the seas, lakes, oceans, or any clean and powerful-looking bodies of water. The larger the body of water, the bigger your luck in love will be.”

20 His: Aries—There's A Hero In Him

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Born between March 21 and April 19, Aries has the ram as his symbol and it is very fitting. Aries leads with their head, charging in to conquer any situation and loves to be the hero for his sweetheart. They also tend to be somewhat impatient, bold, impulsive and passionate which can all serve well, but also get them into trouble sometimes. According to Your Tango, “You're lucky in the way that you make opportunities for yourself; in essence, you make your own luck. You don't depend on some mystical magical force to make good things happen for you; you do what needs to be done and you profit from it.”

19 Her's: Aries—No Female Is More Fearless

A match for the Aries man—and just about every other man out there—the Aries woman is fully capable of taking on the world and ruling it without a hair coming out of place. She’ll show initiative within all areas of her life. Once in love, she’ll stick with the relationship for a long time. She’ll have bouts of jealousy though so watch out for that. One of the best ways to attract more luck is to wear a garnet gem. According to Bustle, “If Aries wants to see a big payoff in their love life next year, they need to start laying the groundwork for that change ASAP.”

18 His: Taurus—This Bull Sure Is Stubborn

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Born between April 20 and May 20—with the bull as their representing symbol—the Taurus is the most grounded and reliable of all the signs. He is also the most stubborn and taken for granted, unfortunately. When they have finally had enough, they’ll disappear and everyone will wonder where he went. The materials of iron, clay, copper and such are tangible and can provide him with a little extra luck. According to MSN, “You need someone in your life who can provide a sense of strength and security. You appreciate the beautiful things the other person can bring in your relationship.”

17 Her's: Taurus—She'll Seduce You With Romance

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This is one sign that loves romance and the slow build-up of a relationship complete with candlelit dinners, romantic moonlit walks along the beach and spontaneous displays of affection. This is often the key to winning over a female Taurus. To increase luck in life, they make it a habit to appreciate what they have and to compliment someone on what that person has, even if they don’t have it. According to Elite Daily, “ People will always take a compliment with open arms, and your luck will surely improve because of all the good vibes you're sending out into the world.”

16 His: Cancer—There Is No Man More Secure

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Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancer is represented by the crab and best known for being moody, pessimistic, tenacious, loyal and sympathetic. He likes things (especially the home) to be safe and secure, without too many exciting adventures but to have just enough to keep them from becoming stuck in a rut. The appeal of a long-term commitment is too strong to him. According to Your Tango, “You were born under a lucky star and even though you can't always see it, you're truly lucky. You get all kinds of serendipitous breaks and opportunities that most people don't get.”

15 Her's: Cancer—Just Call Her Susie Homemaker

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It might seem a bit stereotypical in this day and age, but this is the perfect woman to be a traditional homemaker. The Cancer woman already values family time and traditions more than other signs and truly enjoys being at home more than out partying, traveling or doing whatever it is other people do. That’s completely fine. To increase their luck in love, Tana Hoy recommends that you “keep an aquarium or a fish bowl in your residence, make sure that you have of a couple of goldfish in it. Feed them well, and keep their swimming habitat clean and well lit, to attract lucky energies for love.”

14 His: Leo—He'll Keep You Laughing

Born between July 23 and August 22, Leo has the ferocity to match the heat of summer and combat it. The male Leo is known for their sense of humor, an enormous amount of energy, passion, arrogance, and laziness. He is fully capable of commanding armies if he decides to get up and do it. Already pretty lucky, but he’s carrying around three keys that will help increase his luck in love. According to Tana Hoy, “Leo is also a Fire sign, and typically, Leo people can be relied on to handle leadership positions. They can take charge of crisis situations, and bring a sense of control and order back.”

13 Her: Leo—This Lioness Roars Loudly

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Similar to her male counterpart—but considerably more terrifying when angered—is the female Leo. She lights up a room simply by entering it and takes charge of almost any situation with power behind every word she utters. She’ll get the job done and still have time to paint her nails and tan by the pool in a leisurely fashion. According to MSN, “You can be quite generous when it comes to relationships. People are fortunate to date you as they will never be devoid of any affection. Not only this, you are also faithful to your partners so there should not be any trust related issues in your relationship.”

12 His: Virgo—So He's A Shy Guy

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Born between August 23 and September 22, Virgo is known for being kind, shy, overly critical and analytical and something of a neat freak. This can strain a lot of personal relationships unless Virgo has the power and can organize things their way. Virgo likes to take his time forming a lasting relationship and is often very shy at first. According to Elite Daily, “You're an Earth sign, so the best way to clear your head is honestly to get outside. There's nothing that a mountaintop can't put into perspective, and the fresh air will leave you with an even fresher mind—and, dare I say, some luck as well.”

11 Her: Virgo—She'll Match Your Intellect

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Similar to her male counterpart but with a slight tendency toward control, the Virgo woman also keeps a nice neat house and runs it like a ship. She is often called cold when in reality she is very practical and likes to analyze the situation before diving in, saving herself time and trouble. Fresh fruit in season—eaten or given as a gift—can often bring her luck in love. According to Your Tango, “Everything you have is from your gifts of learning and focus. You've never done anything the easy way and that's made you the incredible person you are.”

10 His: Libra—He Comes Bearing Peace


Born between September 23 and October 22, Libra is known for being cooperative, indecisive, non-confrontational, diplomatic and social. He likes people and being out and about in social situations, but people can cause drama and awkward situations that he’d prefer to not become involved in. That’s why stays neutral when he should probably take a side. Tana Hoy recommends that “when you are feeling stressed because a relationship that isn’t going the way you want, do some bird watching. It’s best if you soothe your nerves by watching the beauty of birds in flight. For greater luck, listen to some birdcalls.”

9 Her's: Libra—This Social Butterfly Takes Flight

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Very similar to your male counterpart (except with arguably better fashion sense), the female Libra is one of the most sought-after signs for a long-term relationship. She brings so much peace and balance to the relationship—especially if she’s willing to let someone else make most of the decisions. According to Your Tango, “You're extremely lucky and you don't take it for granted. Your luckiness has helped to give you a positive outlook on the world and your life. You try to see the good in every situation and that attitude plays out in wonderful ways in your life.”

8 His: Scorpio—He Will Lead You On The Right Path

Born between October 23 and November 21, Scorpio is represented by the scorpion and is known for being reliable, resourceful, distrusting, loyal and stubborn. He makes a true friend and is in the relationship for the long haul. They make a great leader in any situation and are already pretty lucky as it is. According to Elite Daily, “Scorpio—you trust the people in your life who have been there for a long time the most, because you know their personalities and where they're coming from. But, in order to get luckier, you'll have the surround yourself with positive people who just don't attract any distrusting vibes.”

7 Her's: Scorpio—Curiousity Killed The Scorpion?

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Similar to their male counterpart, the female Scorpio is reliable and resourceful. She is also curious and likes to show off her wild side once she’s in a committed and lasting relationship. Taking the reins will be easy for her and she’ll get the job done twice as fast with time to spare for something she’d much rather do instead. To increase her luck in love—according to Tana Hoy—“Clean surroundings increase lucky energies for you, particularly when it comes to relationships. Wear crescent-shaped jewelry when going out on a date. The moon is a friend of water signs and luck will be with you.”

6 His: Sagittarius—They Call Him The Wanderer

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Born between November 22 and December 21, he is best known for being very impatient, generous, having a great sense of humor and the habit of saying anything no matter how undiplomatic it may be. This often gets them into trouble with the in-laws. He loves his sense of freedom and liberty more than anything, so the idea of a long-term relationship might scare him a bit. According to Your Tango, “You're definitely one of the luckiest of the zodiac signs. It doesn't matter if you're traveling in a foreign country or at home, you seem to attract good fortune.”

5 Her's: Sagittarius—This Girl Is A Frequent Flyer


Always hopping a plane (or train, car, bicycle, they’re not super picky) and traveling to new places can exhaust other people but she thrives on the change of scenery and sense of adventure as much as her male counterpart does. While she does want a romantic relationship, it can take awhile for her to fully commit. The female Sagittarius is considerably smarter than people take her for. According to Tana Hoy, one way to increase their luck in love is by “keeping a picture or illustration of the Roman goddess Diana in a place where you usually stay, can help you to develop strong romantic relationships.”

4 His: Capricorn—He Works Hard For The Money


Born between December 22 and January 19, the male Capricorn is represented by the goat and best known for being responsible, hard-working, condescending, unforgiving and amazingly self-controlled. He tends to keep his emotions under a strong lockdown—which can make communication in relationships difficult. He usually achieves the goals he sets out to conquer. Similar to Cancer, he is very rooted in tradition. According to Elite Daily, “Establishing your very own lucky routine will bring a lot of good fortune to your life. Maybe you'll get into the self-care Sunday ritual, or just always follow the same steps when you're getting ready to give a big presentation at work.”

3 Her's: Capricorn—Ambition Won't Let Her Slow Down

If anyone can outwork a Capricorn man, it would be a Capricorn woman. She would get three times as much done as her male counterpart. She’s ambitious which can turn off a lot of guys, but if they are scared by her? Well, it’s no loss to her. She doesn’t want someone who scares easily anyway. She wants a calm, responsible and hard-working partner who will provide a sense of security for her to relax in when she comes home. To increase their luck, Tana Hoy recommends that you “carry around an amethyst stone when you are intent on becoming attached or romantic with someone you care about.”

2 His: Gemini—He's Up For Adventure

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Born between May 21 and June 20, Gemini has the twins as their representing symbol. Their dual personality shifts can leave others confused or reeling, but at least they don’t have the inexhaustible energy levels of a Leo or an Aries, too. The Gemini man loves adventures and trying new things, mainly to satisfy that wanderlust and partly to stave off boredom. According to Tana Hoy, to increase luck “when courting, try a little old-fashioned approach and give your beloved some flowers. Just make sure that you choose the blue ones to help you move ahead with your romantic plans, because blue flowers are reminiscent of clear, airy skies.”

1 Her's: Gemini—She's Got Standards, You Know


Known for being inconsistent, indecisive, gentle, affectionate, curious and able to adapt and exchange ideas quickly, the Gemini woman won’t be shy about getting into a serious relationship. She will take her time to fully commit as there is a lot at stake for a serious long-term relationship and she doesn’t want to make a mistake. To increase the luck, stop procrastinating and make a decision sooner rather than later. According to MSN, “Geminis are considered one of the luckier signs but that's okay because you're intelligent, driven, and cunning enough to handle any challenge or obstacle that comes your way.”

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