Here's How Each Sign Acts When They're Too Shy To Make A Move (His & Hers)

Let's face it, asking someone out and being struck down is tough, not to mention embarrassing... No one wants to be put in that position. That's why those who are in love, since time immemorial, have found creative ways to express their love (read: beat around the bush) without making themselves vulnerable. Eventually, the more confident person among the two gets tired of the roundabout tactics and asks the other out. Finally. Sounds a bit much, we know. But that's the game of love we all know and play!

So if there is a special somebody who has been acting weird lately, there's a big possibility this list will finally put your mind at ease. After all, our astro sign says a lot about our natural tendencies, especially about the matters of the heart.

So here's how each sign (both male and female) says "I love you" when they can't handle rejection.

Did we get yours right? If we did, we got theirs too. So read both the descriptions and let us know what you think in the comments below. And watch out for the signs that cut to the chase immediately. Cause these guys and gals will tell you exactly what they feel!

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24 Scorpio Woman: She'll Express Her Interest Through Body Language


A Scorpio woman is a mysterious soul. She likes keeping her secrets close to her chest and is very cautious about who she lets into her life. It's because life has taught her the pitfalls of being so deeply emotional and now she is not willing to let anyone ever take advantage of her heart ever again.

That's why when she falls in love (it's love or nothing for a Plutonian like her), she expresses it through her body language – her deep gazes, her intense smiles, and her flirtatious gestures.

It's her way of testing the waters and engaging your interest so you make the first move!

23 Scorpio Man: He'll Stare At Her Intently When She's Not Looking


The Scorpio man is a master at reading people. It's a skill he has honed over the years by watching them like a hawk when they were not looking. And this gives him a big advantage when he's interested in someone.

Why? Because when he falls in love, he doesn't admit it outright. Instead, he watches you closely and then observes how your behavior changes when he finally interacts with you. It's because body language easily reveals interest. And he isn't the kind to make a move until he's 100% sure that you are interested in him.

22 Gemini Woman: She'll Text Him Every Day


Of course, she does! She's a mercurial woman through and through and believes in using her best skills to attract the attention of the person she has fallen in love with. That means engaging you in conversation whenever she can and texting you. Every. Single. Day.

And because she is a master wordsmith, her messages are always surprising and evoke interest.

So no 'hey, wassups' for her. No sir! She will make you laugh and gasp in shock until you are dying to talk to her again and come up with the brilliant idea to ask her out. *wink*

21 Gemini Man: He's Always Trying To Make Her Laugh


Like his female counterpart, the Gemini man is great with words. Whether speaking to you in person or engaging you in a quick text-based exchange, this man can tell stories like nobody's business. And when he's genuinely in love with you, he'll double the entertainment factor and make you laugh all the time!

Just remember: Geminis can be quite fickle. So if you don't sound as entertaining to him, he will lose interest in you and move on. It's never deep love when it comes to a Gemini. No hard feelings.

20 Aries Woman: She'll Play Fight With Him


The Aries woman is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and masculine desire. That's why she tends to exhibit tomboyish tendencies more than girly-girl traits. And that includes play fighting with whoever she is interested in.

It gives her the perfect excuse to make contact with you and is also her favorite way of telling you that she loves you without doing so outright.

Not that she minds being forthright. For all you know, she might just blurt out her feelings in the middle of a rough-and-tumble one day!

19 Aries Man: He's Straightforward, He'll Say Those 3 Words


You weren't expecting that, were you? We don't blame you. After all, most people we encounter in life are dead scared of rejection and would never blurt out "I love you" until they are absolutely sure that you are interested in them.

Well, not the Aries man! He's a son of fire and is not scared of speaking his mind. It's his nature to use the quickest path to his goal, regardless of the obstacles in his way. And what can be quicker than saying "I love you"? It gets the job done, doesn't it?

18 Cancer Woman: She'll Be Curious About His Family


The Cancer woman is an ultra-feminine lady and a homebody to boot. That's why she loves to hang out with her family more than she likes engaging with new people or acquaintances. In fact, on her list of priorities, family always comes first.

That's why when she falls in love with someone, her first instinct is to find out everything she can about his family. Especially about his mother and siblings.

It's her subconscious way of figuring out if she would fit in well with your family.

Plus, she wants to know if family is as much priority to you as it is to her. Of course!

17 Cancer Man: He'll Introduce Her To His Favorite Movies (Or Books)


Here's the deal with the Cancer man: when he falls in love, he will want to bring you into his inner world. And that includes sharing his varied interests and hobbies with you.

So if you find him asking you to check out a particular movie or read a certain book quite often, it's because they are his favorite and he wants you to love them as much as he loved them. In fact, if he has really fallen hard for you, he will be very open to introducing you to his family as well.

16 Libra Woman: She'll Give Him A Nickname


The Libra woman is a social butterfly with a calendar full of events she is slated to attend throughout the year. She just loves hanging out with people (the newer the better) and knowing all the who's who.

That's why when she falls for you, her first instinct will be to give you a nickname. And it will be the cutest, most embarrassing name possible. (Just to get a reaction from you!)

In fact, if she's seriously interested, she will only use this name to address you, whether you are alone or in the company of people. And will make sure to use it whenever she comments on your social media posts.

15 Libra Man: He'll Ask Her Out On A Romantic Date


Just like his female counterpart, the Libra man is a social butterfly too! And just because he has got all the social niceties down pat and is very cool and suave when it comes to interacting with people, he will ask you out on a date if he's even mildly interested. He doesn't have the same apprehension about rejection as most other people.

But if this date turns out to be a super romantic affair in a high-end restaurant with all the bells and whistles, you can bet your bottom dollar that he feels a lot more for you than just mild interest.

14 Taurus Woman: She'll Find Excuses To Hug Him


The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Just like the sign of Libra! But what sets Taureans apart from their Libran friends is the earthiness of their astro sign.

That's why Taurus women are so much more touchy-feely when they are in love. Earth rules the body while air (Libra) rules the mind.

So if a Taurus girl is in love with you, she will find reasons to hug you just so she can feel close to you. And don't be surprised if these hugs are a bit longer than usual.

13 Taurus Man: He'll Give Her Honest Compliments (& Chocolate)


The Taurus man is a romantic soul...when he's seriously interested in someone. Otherwise, you can't even get him to change his regular brand of coffee!

So if you are treated to bouquets of roses every now and then with sweet notes that say "pretty flowers for a pretty lady", it's a big sign that he's in love with you and is priming you up before he tells you so.

And this romantic spirit isn't just restricted to flowers and chocolates. He's a Venusian man, after all, and so very creative in this department!

12 Sagittarius Woman: She'll Challenge Him


The Sagittarius woman is pretty chill. She loves meeting new people, traveling to exotic locales (even if they are not exactly exotic), and bantering it up with whoever has a pound of brain. Add to this, her propensity to be blunt as a hammer and you have the recipe for a straightforward gal who does not believe in beating around the bush when she is interested in someone.

But before she admits that she loves you, she will test out the waters (read: gauge your suitability as a brainy partner).

She'll do this by sparking your imagination with her colorful stories and judging your reactions to them. So, werk it!

11 Sagittarius Man: He'll Try To Impress Her With Stories


The Sagittarius man is the farthest thing from boring. He's too well-learned and traveled to be that! And that's his secret weapon when he's fallen for someone and wants her to like him right back. He will engage her in conversations and then pop open his treasure chest of fabulous stories.

And the stories will just keep coming until you tell him you have somewhere else to go. That, my friend, is the biggest clue that your Sagittarius is thinking of you as more than just an interesting diversion!

Just make sure you tell him some interesting stories back, otherwise, he might think he was deluding himself when he thought he was in love with you.

10 Capricorn Woman: She'll Invite Him To Be Her +1 At An Important Event


The Capricorn woman can be quite conservative in her approach to life. Especially when it comes to romantic affairs. She believes there's a proper way of doing things and no one can tell her any different.

And the first part of it is – the man always asks the woman out. Never the other way around. So even if she has fallen in love with you, she will never admit it first. But she is a smart cookie too.

She doesn't want to admit her affection, so she makes up for it by inviting you to be her +1 for an important event that she feels you would enjoy too.

9 Capricorn Man: He'll Have 'The Talk' With Her


Like his female counterpart, the Capricorn man is very traditional. He believes that you only fall in love once and then you must make it last by creating a strong family unit together. That's why he's not the kind to engage in frivolous summer relationships or casual college flings.

He wants the real deal – complete with marriage and the works. Therefore, when he believes he has fallen for someone, he stalls himself and first interrogates her (subtly) about her values, beliefs, and goals in life. And only when he is certain that she's a good match for him, does he allow himself to really love her fully (and let her know).

8 Leo Woman: She'll Hold His Gaze For For That Little Extra Second


The Leo woman lives for drama and camaraderie. She's a fire sign, after all! But unlike her Aries and Sagittarius brethren, she believes that a good romance is all about the story.

That's why she doesn't believe in blurting out "I love you" even if she has fallen hard for someone. Instead, she dresses to impress, engages him in flirty conversations, and says goodbye after holding his gaze for a while longer than usual.

She wants a Romeo and Juliet-esque romance (minus the tragedy), and uses these flirty tactics to pave the way for it!

7 Leo Man: He'll Make Himself Available For Her


Like his female counterpart, the Leo man wants a once-in-a-lifetime kinda romance too. But because he's a man, he prefers blazing out and getting the girl himself before anyone else can. Only, his pride is a fragile thing, which is why he usually takes a while to admit his affection.

Nevertheless, this generous lion cannot hide secrets. And so everyone (read: the whole world) knows when he's in love with her. How can they not when he keeps dropping out of plans with them just so he can hang out with her?

6 Pisces Woman: She's Shy, She'll Avoid Him


To each their own. *shrugs* But there's a good reason why the Pisces woman will avoid you if she has fallen for you. Her timid nature makes her very wary of rejection.

So she keeps her desire to herself and contents herself with dreaming about being with you in the safety of her imaginative mind and personal journals.

Although, she does break out of her shell every once in a while by engaging you in a very long conversation about all the things she is extremely fond of. Like her pets. Are these clues enough to figure out that she's in love with you? Maybe not. But you could ask her out and see. Trust us, if you read it all wrong, she will at least be very polite when she turns you down.

5 Pisces Man: He Has A Hard Time Speaking Around Her


Like his female counterpart, the Pisces man is very shy too. And if that doesn't sound like him, observe him closely. Have you ever seen him guffawing it out with people he does not know? Or is he like that just because he's always surrounded by his best friends?

That's why the best way to know whether a Pisces man is into you is by observing his behavior when he speaks to you (because he will try that often if he's into you). But each time, he will cut the conversation short because of a stammerfest.

Also, you could ask his best friends. He always confides his secrets to them!

4 Aquarius Woman: She'll Dress Up For Him


Aquarius women have shapeshifting abilities. Not literally. But they can transform themselves into beauty queens at the drop of a hat. But she won't go to that extent for just about anybody. She does it only when she has fallen in love with you!

You see, the Aquarius lady takes pride in her ability to think deeply about abstract subjects. In fact, her taste in movies, music, and culture can be called alternative at best and weird at worst.

She doesn't have a problem with the dressed-down look most days. But not when she knows you are going to be in the same room!

3 Aquarius Man: He'll Try To Engage Her In Deep Conversation


This Uranian man is, frankly, quite odd. One minute he's chatting up everybody in the room, and the next he's lost in his own world, unresponsive to even the loudest 'hi'.

That's why it's a big sign he's fallen for you when he goes out of his way each and every time to engage you in a conversation. And once he's got you cornered, he proceeds to talk about all sorts of abstract subjects in the known Universe, including your thoughts on how life on Mars will be like.

Does that sort of talk turn you off? If it does, don't worry. The Aquarius will stop pestering you when this becomes apparent. Because the truth is, they remain in love with only those who match up to their intellectual capabilities and can hold a solid conversation with them.

2 Virgo Woman: She'll Organize His Things (Without Asking)


This sweet woman fluctuates between down-to-hard and life-of-the-party. It's because Virgo is an odd sun sign. It's an earth sign that's ruled by Mercury. And those two things are as different as they get!

That's why when a Virgo woman falls in love with you, she will never admit it first. (She is a conservative earth sign, after all.) But because of the rulership of Mercury, will still make a conscious effort to hover around you in an intellectual manner.

How does she end of showing her affection? Organizing your stuff. Sounds weird, we know, but that's how a Virgo lady rolls.

1 Virgo Man: He Goes Out Of His Way To Help Her


Like his female counterpart, the Virgo man is also very odd. He's helpful and sweet one minute, and an obnoxious critique the very next! But that's because his mercurial intellect is frustrated by his more conservative and nervous earthy ways.

That's why when he falls in love with someone, the first thing he does is think of a hundred different reasons why she will reject him. And then, despite the "shortcomings" he has just thought of, goes out of his way to offer her his help.

Trust us, this dual nature can drive anyone up the wall!

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