Here's His Weird Ticks, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Everyone has their little ticks. Whether it’s having a little extra OCD or even being a little superstitious, we all have something that’s a little odd about us. But did you ever notice that some men have some really off the wall habits about them? For example, some of them shovel down food like there’s no tomorrow and others will blab out a random train of thought like it was nothing while you sit there with your eyebrows raised. What gives?

Did you ever connect these behaviors with their zodiac sign? Maybe you’ve noticed that your Aries man just abhors socks. You don’t know why or where this is coming from, but he just doesn’t do them ever. It doesn’t matter what shoes he’s wearing. Matter of a fact, neither does your Aries buddy either—what the heck? How about those Scorpios? Those guys are always vicious. You’ll sit there and they’ll look chilly mid-conversation despite their mood. These little quirks make you want to start keeping tabs on which zodiac sign has what little tick. If you want to know which sign does which tick, read the list we’ve compiled for every sign and see if you agree!


12 Aries: Hates Wearing Socks


Socks are confining to an Aries. You don’t get to be truly free the way an Aries needs to be! Sure, all of the other sign’s eyebrows are raised right now, but the Aries people get it. You need to be ready for an adventure and in an Aries’ mind, that means a serious no socks mandate, regardless if he's wearing business shoes or sneakers!

Not to mention, what matches better with your skin tone than—your skin tone? Aries doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with matching socks to their ensemble. What a dumb detail. It’s just another thing that takes away from their adventurous spirit and we can’t have that. The whole ordeal is just a waste of time and effort when socks aren’t necessary to begin with. Might as well just do away with them altogether.

11 Taurus: Eating Sans Manners Like He's Never Seen Food Before


A Taurus is an emotional person, and do they ever enjoy their food. In fact, they use it for their emotional needs too. Whenever they need some healing, food is where they turn because food will never hurt them. This means that food could really get a beating from their emotional eating style.

I’m talking shoveling down Ben and Jerry’s, not coming up for air when plowing down a pizza, or going all in on a burger (you know…being way too into the moment kind of eating.) They can’t help it, they just really get joy out of the food they eat, especially if they had a particularly bad day at the office. You better believe if you two fight that he’s mowing into a major meal when he gets home too.

10 Gemini: Way Too Comfortable With Awkward Silences


You never can tell with a Gemini. Are they in a good mood? Are they plotting against the world? It’s so hard to pinpoint what they’re thinking, it’s actually kind of scary. That’s why they are so comfortable with silence, like way too comfortable with it to the point that you’re wondering if you said something offensive or something.

A Gemini will just sit there coldly not saying a word making your mind race, when in reality, they’re just in a chill mood. If you ask what’s wrong, they might even look at you funny. They’re just comfortable with sitting in silence. It a sign that you’re someone they can trust, since they don’t always have to be talking. It’s actually a good thing.

9 Cancer: Constantly Leaves Wet Towels On The Floor

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Cancer’s are very emotional beings, and, as such, they need to speak out but in a passive-aggressive way. They will likely show they are frustrated by doing small things that you nag them about like not hanging up their towel after they’re done in the shower. It’s his way of getting you to ask him what’s going on because his feelings need attention.

The behavior will stop after you key into him but will repeat itself when he gets needy again, and Cancer’s do get needy after a little time has passed. So, don’t think he’s doing this just because he “doesn’t get it.” Oh, he does. He just wants you to key into him more. Also, make sure not to fold and do it for him, he’ll just find another outlet.

8 Leo: Weird OCD Behaviors With His Beauty Routine


Leos are very vain. Everything on their body needs to be perfect at all times. It doesn’t matter if you’re running down the street to quickly pick up a gallon of milk, your Leo guy will primp and priss himself up to look his best for that five minutes spent in the store while you’re rocking sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Notice that he has almost as many beauty supplies as you do? And how often does he apply Chapstick for crying out loud? By the way, did he really just compare shampoos with you? Yeah, that’s your man. He takes longer than you to go out on a date and looks prettier than you do when you’re out and about. It is ridiculous what effort he puts into his look. But hey, the end result is rewarding.

7 Virgo: Nervous Laughter


Virgos can be wound up a little tight, and they put a lot of effort into trying to impress other people, so laughing to keep the conversation going is definitely something they do. Even if the comment you make isn’t really all that funny, they’ll nervously force laughter out about it. Yes, the key word there is nervous because it’ll come off that way.

It also doesn’t seem completely genuine. Not that they don’t care about what you’re saying, they are just so concerned about leaving an impression with you that they want to come off as overly positive. Sometimes, you want to remind them to just chill out and that you like them for the person they are, not the person they want to be. You don’t want a yes man following around—you want a friend.

6 Libra: Checking Himself Out Every Time A Mirror Is Around


Libras mean serious business, and when it comes to themselves, they like to look good. A Libra takes themselves very seriously, so they always need to make sure they are looking their finest. Every time they see something that resembles a mirror, they are checking themselves out to ensure their hair is still looking good and their shirt is on straight.

You might even notice on a date that they are checking themselves out more than they are looking at you; it’s an insecurity thing. God forbid they slip up and have something look a little off for a half second while they are out and about. They always need to be spot on and ready to take the world on. Those mirrors are a necessity for him.

5 Scorpio: Resting Mean Muggin' Expression

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Ever notice that your Scorpio guy is always staring off looking like he’s going to rip someone’s face off? His looks are vicious! But it’s not like he can help it, the poor guy has a chronic resting b***h face. He’s deep inside of his head thinking about god knows what, but his face shows pure hatred in the meantime.

It’s one of those things that makes everyone around him feel uncomfortable because they always think they’re on his crap list or wondering what they did to upset him, but many times it’s just the face he was born with. He’s not trying to stir up trouble or cause a scene, it’s just his look. The next time you're out with your Scorpio just remind him that his stare is sending some vicious vibes.

4 Sagittarius: Vocalizing Random Trains Of Thought To Everyone Around


A Sagittarius can’t sit still for the life of them, so how would you expect their thoughts to follow suit? Their head is everywhere with all of their crazy and adventurous ideas, so their mouth is just processing where their head is taking them—which doesn’t make sense to everyone else that wasn’t along for the ride for the entire mental journey.

Not to mention that a Sagittarius loves to be the center of attention, so they’ll just vocalize whatever they think is a fun thought to get the attention they want. You might be enjoying dinner with friends when he abruptly interrupts with some random excerpt that he expects everyone to follow. Say what? Just remember that his brain is moving quickly, and you’re on step one while he’s on step seven or eight.

3 Aquarius: Imitates Actors And Singers So Accurately It's Creepy


An Aquarian is a showman. Although they are pretty aloof for the most part, they absorb information like a sponge. This includes impressions of actors, rock stars, and the like. They can do impressions until the cows come home, and it’s kind of weird how accurate they can be. It makes you wonder how many hours they spend sitting in front of their television.

The point of the whole thing is the attention. An Aquarius doesn’t like the attention on their own personality, but they still like people’s approval, so why not achieve it by impersonating someone else? Thus playing into their aloof personalities. They aren’t really letting you into their lives while they are achieving your attention. You could say he is getting his cake and eating it too.

2 Pisces: Aimlessly Humming Songs All The Time

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A Pieces lives in his head, so music is a logical thing to inhabit his brain. No matter where he’s going or what he’s doing, he always has a song to hum while he’s out and about. Many people might view it as he has his head in the cloud, and maybe he does—what’s so bad about that? He’s a creative soul, so he likes that outlet. Plus, a Pisces is usually pretty talented when it comes to the musical arts, so it might not be a bad thing to listen to him.

The only thing that could get a little under your skin is if it is the same song over and over again all of the time, or if it’s during an awkward situation like the middle of dinner. Just remind him that humming doesn’t belong in every moment.

1 Capricorn: Always Pen Clicking


Those Capricorns are all business all the time, so of course they always have a pen on them. They also get nervous really easily, so what’s the first thing they grab for when things are ever so lightly askew? Their pen. Clicking that pen let’s them know that they still have control of the situation because that’s what they need at all times of that day—control.

A Capricorn is a planner to the core, and their plans can never change or else their world falls apart. Their handy dandy pen is next to them more than their cell phone because it is always helping them pencil in their schedule and their plan, so they are always subliminally clicking it whenever it’s in their hand. Quite the obnoxious habit!

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