Here’s Each Sign’s Monthly Love Tarotscope For November (His & Hers)

It's November! Just one more month to go until holiday season and the end-of-the-year festivities (woohoo!). And also, one more month until you realize you will be making the same resolutions this year again (aw shucks!).

Well, the cosmic love department seems to be feeling the same way with Venus in retrograde for the first half of November and Mercury ready to moonwalk right after that. So if you have been going through a dry patch in your love life for some time now, things are going to take a turn for the better (or worse) pretty soon.

Also, November is Scorpio season in the grand scheme of things (with Sagittarius bringing up the rear in the last week). And since Scorpionic energy loves to delve into the deep end and attract relationships that come in the flavor of "meant to be together," you can be sure that some major stuff is going to do down in your love life in the coming weeks.

It all depends on your sun sign, really. So are you ready to find out what this month has in store for you? Here's your love tarotscope for the month of November (both for him and her).

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24 Taurus Woman: She May Get Heartbroken


We have got bad news for you, Taurus woman. The card that has shown up for you this month is the 3 of Swords–the card of heartbreak. And it won't be a heartbreak of the ghosting or passive-aggressive kind. It will be the kind caused by harsh words that splits your heart into a thousand shards in seconds.

Also, if you are currently single and have been pursuing someone doggedly, make sure you aren't deluding yourself into believing that they return your affection.

Because the truth is, people tend to be polite as long as they can, and then explode when they think you aren't taking their hints at all!

23 Taurus Man: An Angel In Disguise


You have a special lady in your life right now, Taurus man. And you know how special she is because when you are in her presence, you are invigorated to be a better person, for both of you.

That's the message of the Strength card for you this month. And since it's a Major Arcana card, be prepared to experience a personal breakthrough if you have been working hard on improving some of your less-than-stellar traits.

Because the truth is, you may not like the idea of change much, but with her accepting you wholeheartedly just the way you are, a big part of you wants to change and be a better man just for her.

22 Pisces Woman: Establish Your Boundaries


You are an interesting lady, Pisces woman. On one hand, you are this strong person with a lot of passion for life and a big independent streak.

And on the other hand, you also have this weird tendency to give away your freedom to people who are nowhere close to your level of awesomeness.

That's the message of the 9 of Pentacles for you this month: know your strength and learn to establish your boundaries when people try to violate them. Otherwise, you will be turned into a tame falcon chained to a lesser human's arm.

21 Pisces Man: Take Time For A Solo Trip


Relationships can be draining, especially when you are stuck in a bad one. So if that's the story of your life right now, Pisces man, the 4 of Swords is urging you to take a break from all your responsibilities and recharge yourself in solitude.

Your beautiful, imaginative, and kind soul will thank you for that. After all, you do have a tendency to forget about your needs when you are with someone else. And that can take a toll on anybody.

Want some ideas for this sabbatical? How about a solo weekend trip off to the mountains or the countryside? If that's not possible, hide out at home for a few days with all your electronics turned off. Trust us, a detox is exactly what you need right now.

20 Cancer Woman: She Needs To Choose, Stay Or Leave


People tend to jump up for joy whenever the Lovers card comes up for them. But that's not its message this month for you, Cancer woman.

The truth is, this card also represents those choices we make in life that have far-flung consequences.

And we all know that love always forces us to make such tough decisions. So what's yours going to be? The choice of whether to stay or to leave.

Just remember: your past does not dictate your future. Your present does. So take only those actions that will help you manifest exactly what you want.

19 Cancer Man: Time To Take Action


Are you single, Cancer man? Yes? Well, that girl isn't going to say 'yes' if you mope around and never make a move, you know? That's the message of the Ace of Wands for you this month.

In fact, even if you are in a relationship (or dating someone), this card tells me that you have been thinking of doing something for a while now but have not plucked up the courage to do it yet. And the answer is still the same–it's not gonna happen until you actually make a move.

What are your odds? 50-50? A lot more than that? Use that watery intuition of yours to curb those fears and just do it!

18 Aquarius Woman: She'll Feel Her Heart Flutter


Something good is coming your way this month, Aquarius woman. It's the blush of love, says the Ace of Cups. So be prepared to feel your eyes go wide and your heart flutter suddenly this month.

But what is this weird thing I see? The colors of the rainbow are quivering slightly as if your heart will be seized by fear right after you are touched by love. That doesn't sound good at all!

So remember to take a deep breath if you find yourself shying away from a good romance just because of your past experiences.

Because love is just a potential. Your actions determine whether something good will come off of it or not.

17 Aquarius Man: Opposites Attract


An interesting card has come up for you this month, Aquarius man. It's the Sun, a Major Arcana card. And it is telling me that in the coming few weeks you will find yourself in the presence of a magnanimous someone who will charm your heart away.

Don't let the opportunity to shine pass you by when that happens. You might be an aloof person most of the time, but you have the same magnanimous spirit hidden away inside you.

Also, there's a good chance she will turn out to be a Leo. Or have a strong leonine influence in her birth chart.

16 Aries Woman: The World Is Her Oyster


The last month was not an especially good one for your love life, Aries woman. Thankfully, the stars seem to be aligned in your house of fortune this month, says the Emperor card of the Tarot.

And since it's a Major Arcana card, you can definitely expect awesome things to happen in the romance department in the coming few weeks... if you are willing to take your destiny into your own hands.

Because that's what the energy of the Emperor is all about! The energy of Mars, the planet of the go-getters, the conquerors, and the rule makers. And the best part is, your sun sign is ruled by the same energy. So it's a double whammy of good luck for you this month.

Whoop! Whoop!

15 Aries Man: Don't Go Breaking Her Heart...


Aries man, the card that has turned up for you this month is the Queen of Cups. And she is telling me that there's a special lady in your life right now who needs you to be a bit more conscious of what you say and do.

The thing is, while your impulsiveness carries with it a healthy dose of enthusiasm and Arian good luck, your luck does tend to run out every now and then, landing you in big soups when you (and someone who is directly affected by those choices) least need it.

So try to be on impulse-control mode this month. You will really ease the anxiety of your lady love that way.

14 Virgo Woman: Magic. Mischief. Mayhem!


An interesting card has turned up for you this month, Virgo woman. It's the Magician! And his card is sparkling with extra mischief right now.

So what does that mean for you? It means you are going to be the master of your love life's destiny this month.

You are going to envision the kind of relationship you want, and then you are actually going to manifest it out of thin air.

Not that it will be out of thin air. It will just look like that to your friends and colleagues. In reality, your conviction and actions will be the heroes behind the curtain.

13 Virgo Man: She's The One!


Oh yes, she is, Virgo man! And you feel it so deeply in your heart that you can't keep it still.

Well, with the 4 of Wands on the table before me, it seems like you are finally going to make the move that will seal the deal on this one this month. Whether that is asking her out finally, or popping the question to take your relationship to the next level, it doesn't matter. What matters is that you are dead-serious about this and your gut says she feels the same way.

So what are you waiting for? Plan it out and just do it! Trust us, overthinking isn't going to help you out right now. Only action will.

12 Sagittarius Woman: She'll Have A Bitter Victory


When your desire to win in a conflict is greater than your desire to find a resolution, your victory can often leave a bitter taste in your mouth, Sagittarius woman. So beware of this all-or-nothing thinking, says the 5 of Swords.

The truth is, when you love someone, their defeat is your defeat as well.

So hurting them is going to hurt you too. After all, can you really live with yourself (even if you do end up winning the argument) if that victory was bought with your beloved's tears?

So be very careful of what you say this month if you end up fighting with your partner (or your current love interest) over something.

11 Sagittarius Man: Team Work Makes The Dream Work!


The card that has shown up for you this month, Sagittarius man, is the 3 of Pentacles–the card of teamwork. And its message for you is this:

Relationships are a game of teamwork. They force you to work towards the same goal with someone who is similar to you in many respects but different in many others. And the conflict the latter brings up can be solved by focusing on the end goal and finding a way to make your differences complement each other.

So if you haven't learned to do this yet, this month is going to teach you this valuable lesson at last.

10 Libra Woman: Love Life In Shambles


You are not going to like what you are going to read next, Libra woman, because the card that has shown up for you is the Tower. The card of sudden events that tear down your pretty life in a flash and leave you crying over its ashes.

And with Venus, your planetary ruler, in retrograde in your own sign this month, your love life is going to suffer a serious blow sometime within the next few weeks.

But have faith. The Tower destroys only that which was built on false foundations. So if your love life breaks down into shambles soon, it will only be because you tried to force a round peg into a square hole.

9 Libra Man: Ugghh! What Do I Do?!


You can be pretty indecisive, Libra man. It's because your sun sign gives you the ability to see all sides of the story, which leaves you in a deadlock because all the options seem both good and bad at the same time.

And this month, your love life is going to face that same indecisiveness. That's the message of the 2 of Swords. The only difference is, this time your heart will know exactly which path you want to choose. But your past experiences and fears will prevent you from choosing that path. So beware!

8 Leo Woman: Basking In The Sun, But Pride Is Her Downfall


We've got good news, Leo woman. You are going to be serenaded and romanced like a queen this month! That's the message of the Empress for you.

Did that put a smile on your face? Awesome! Keep it there.

'Cause someone special is going to make this month the best month of your romantic life.

It'll be complete with sweet surprises of both the floral and non-floral kind. Just remember to be gracious when all this awesomeness comes your way because pride has helped many a woman snatch defeat out of the mouth of victory.

7 Leo Man: Anything For Her, But Let Her Love You Back


You are a sweet man, Leo. And your lady knows it with all her heart. How can she not when you pull out all the stops when it comes to showering her with tokens of your love and affection?

Trust us, she feels like the luckiest person in the world when you do those things for her. Not that we have to tell you, 'cause she does that quite well all on her own.

So what's this month going to be like? With the Queen of Pentacles on the table, it seems like you're staying a good course. Just make sure you let her show you some TLC in return too. You often don't give the other person a breathing chance to do something sweet for you in return.

6 Scorpio Woman: Stop Pushing People Away


You are a fighter, Scorpio woman. You have scratched and clawed for everything you have ever wanted in life.

Nothing has come easily to you. And that has filled your unconscious mind with a lot of unfounded fears.

Like the fear that people are out to get you. Or that someone will steal your boyfriend from right under your nose.

Well, the 7 of Wands is warning you to examine your actions this month because there's a high chance that you will end up fighting enemies who really aren't there, which will alienate the people who might have become your allies one day.

5 Scorpio Man: Karma Is Happy With You


You have heard of Karma before, Scorpio man. But unlike the popular saying, it's actually an impartial judge who gives you exactly what you have sowed, whether in this life or the ones you have lived before. Its job is to help you balance the scales so your soul can finally be at peace. That's the message of Justice for you this month.

So if you have diligently paid off your debts by forgiving people and living a good, ethical life, you will reap the rewards of your hard work this month. If not, well, you cannot hide from the cosmic balancer. So be prepared for some tough love.

4 Capricorn Woman: About To Start Something Sweet


The card that has turned up for you this month, Capricorn woman, is the Ace of Pentacles, which is a card of new beginnings.

That means if you are single right now, you are finally going to find yourself starting a sweet relationship with someone just as serious about life as you are.

Because the flavor of the suit of Pentacles when it turns up in love readings is that of relationships firmly grounded in reality. Doesn't that sound great?

Just remember: what you sow is what you will reap. So don't let the potential of this relationship fool you. Everything good in life requires constant investment. And relationships are no different.

3 Capricorn Man: Money Can't Buy Love


Many men have reached the zenith of success only to realize that their money and power cannot buy them what they truly wanted all along–true love and companionship with someone special. That's the message of the 5 of Pentacles for Capricorn this month.

So be very careful of the choices you make this month, Capricorn man. Because if you choose to barter the important people in your life for the siren call of money and success, it will be too late when you realize you should have read the fine print before you sold your soul.

2 Gemini Woman: Get Ready For A Getaway


You won't believe this, Gemini woman, but as soon as I picked up the card that has turned up for you this month (the 3 of Wands), I could hear the sound of seagulls.

And that tells me you will most likely find yourself by the beach sometime or another this month.

It could be a romantic getaway sprung on you by your partner or a work-related trip where you find yourself in a strange locale by the sea. However this turns out, keep your travel toes warm this month and be prepared to be whisked away somewhere on a short notice.

1 Gemini Man: A Journey To The Center Of Your Mind


You like to keep things light and friendly in your love life, Gemini man. An interesting conversation here, a few short text exchanges there. And that's because you are an air sign through and through.

Well, with the 6 of Swords on the table before me right now, you won't be able to keep things so light and superficial this month. Turns out you have been procrastinating a deep dive into your mind for some time now. And with Venus retrograde in the sky during the first half of November and Mercury retrograde in the second half, you will be forced to do this finally: right now, in fact.

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